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Expository essay is basically an explanation from a writer’s perspective on any short theme, issue or idea. This means you explain an issue, theme or idea to your proposed spectators in precise and straightforward manner. This can be accomplished through comparing, discussing, contrasting, analyzing or telling a story. If you are intending to write an expository essay, our expository essay help experts’ suggestion is to read through this article on how to write a successful expository essay within the given time limit

Expository essay structure

There is a proper format about how to write an expository essay. Like any type of essay writing, expository essay is also composed of head (Introduction) body (main body) and tail (conclusion). Usually this type of essay writing is an ideal example of five-paragraph essay, but you can still increase the number of paragraphs in the main body section. Consider the following pattern while crafting an expository essay. 


• Opening sentence
Begin your paper with an opening sentence that is most relevant to your topic. Use interesting quotations, questions, anecdotes, facts, definition or analogy so that it fascinates the readers in one go.
• Context of topic
This part includes the information through which readers will know about the topic you are handling.
• Thesis statement
This is the most important part of the essay where you will tell about your position in the argument that will be in favor of or against the provided topic. 


Topic sentence
This part states the basic idea of the paragraph which the writer is going to write in the essay.
• Evidence for support
The essay writer will assemble evidences which he has taken for supporting his argument.
• Analysis of evidence provided
You have to analyze the evidence provided as to how much it supports the thesis and why did you chose that particular evidence to support your statement.
• Transition sentence
This is a sentence that connects each paragraph to another and demonstrates the connection between the ideas. 


While concluding the essay, the writer should refer back to the thesis but not just restate it. That will not work in this case. Refer to these following questions in order to evaluate the quality of your conclusion:
• Did you propose any solution? Are there any solution yet to be discovered?
• What are those questions that still demand answers?
• What is the large significance of the topic you choose to write about?
• What do you want your readers to think or conclude after reading your paper? 

Guide to write expository essay

The above is an ideal structure of an expository essay. Now let’s get started with the writing part. Follow the step-by-step guide and compose an essay excellent quality expository essay:

• Step 1 Evaluate the prompt

The prompt of one or two sentences mentioned by your examiner is used as a basis of discussion. Evaluation of prompt is crucial in terms of maximizing the chances of getting high marks. Try to understand the meaning of every sentence mentioned in the prompt.
For example: If you are given a prompt that states,
“In George Orwell’s novel ‘1984’, we see the adverse effect of dystopian society.”
Make sure you know the meaning of words like ‘adverse’ and ‘dystopian’. Refer to a dictionary to gain descriptive knowledge.

• Step 2 Identify keywords within prompt

Label the words (keywords) that define the essence of the prompt.
For example: The prompt is, “The matrix demonstrates how individual can overcome the many.”
Here, in this case, two words are considered as keywords: “The matrix demonstrates how individual can overcome the many.” 

• Step 3 Compose your response and decide your stance

While composing your response, you are mainly commenting on the given prompt.
For example: Let’s take the above the example. Matrix is a film based on computer hackers where the audience watches how villain involves corrupting computer system that has intention to enslave the human kind. Later the audience witnesses a prophesized hero who frees the humanity from enslavement.
Your prompt is, “The matrix demonstrates how individual can overcome the many.”
Your response should be,
• The individual can be mediatory to a higher purpose
• In times of crisis, people always follow greater leader
• The hero figure is a reflection of how great we can become
• A real hero sees the needs of many outweigh the needs of few
• The certain periods of history many cry out for a savior.
Your response will tell the readers that whether you agree or disagree with the prompt. The above given responses certainly agree to the prompt, but you are more than welcome to disagree. 

• Step 4 Write the introduction

The introduction of an expository essay follows a formula:
A rewarded sentence on the prompt
For example: “Hansel and Gretel’ by the Brothers Grimm tells how obstacles can be overcome.”
The rewarded prompt: “Grimm’s classic children tale ‘Hansel and Gretel’ speaks of facing challenges.”
Your contention/thesis: ‘Success is only achieved through great sacrifice.’ Combine the rewarded sentence and thesis.
A summary of topics and details/evidence that will be analyzed: Mention those topic ideas that will be discussed in three body paragraphs. Stating the ideas in the introduction tells the readers to what the essay will be all about. 

• Step 5 Compose body paragraphs

Follow the T.E.A.L. method while writing the body paragraphs.
Topic: Mrs. Dubose is known to have kept a secret. Atticus had revealed the secret to Dubose’s children: Jem and Scout.
Evidence: Mrs. Dubose has secret addiction to morphine and it was until her death that Atticus spoke of his addition to his children.
Analysis: Although she tried her best to hide her addiction, after her death, Atticus felt that her children deserved to know the truth about the reason of her illness.
Link: Even those who follow the law, such as Sheriff Tate, keep their secrets.
This is an outline of the main body. After you add details to your paragraphs, your readers will find richness and depth in your writing that enhance your chances to acquire high grades.

• Step 6 Write a paragraph of conclusion

While concluding your essay, you need to restate the thesis and division of essay to bring the essay to an appropriate close. Conclusion is composed to leave the most immediate response on your readers’ brain.
Keep in mind that you must avoid introducing new ideas in the conclusion part.

• Step 7 Revising

Essay writing cannot be concluded without revision. In this phase, you review and modify your work in order to hand in a great quality essay. Keep these considerations in mind:
• Has the information clearly been communicated to the readers?
• Identify if you have any ‘paragraph sprawl’ that occurs when you lose focus.
• Do the transition between sentences and paragraphs help the readers understand?
• Does the concluding paragraph reflect the value of the subject and key supporting ideas?

• Step 8 Editing and proofreading

Proofread and correct the grammatical errors. Conduct editing in order to improve writing style and clarity. As experts say, expository essays should be live and engaging. In order to create a clear and concise essay, have your friend or family member comment on your writing. This way, you can have a fresh perspective. 

Topic suggestions for expository essay:

These unique ideas will inspire you to choose an interesting topic for your paper. Here are five exclusive topic ideas assembled by our experts:
Topic 1: How best to decide which college to go to?
Topic 2: How can one pay for college without getting into too much debt?
Topic 3: Describe the major stressors in student life
Topic 4: Explain why you are interested in the particular career
Topic 5: Many people volunteer their time to help others either through non-profit organizations, churches or other charitable venues. Write an essay convincing readers to find a charity and volunteer their time.

It becomes easier when you have a comprehensive guide in front of you. You can readily fill in the gap by referring to the suggestions. Remember, in standardized tests, college applications and academic writing, you will be asked to write an expository essay. If you still think that the above suggestions will not help you when you have only few hours left to submit your essay, we have the perfect solution for you. 

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