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‘Essay’ commenced its journey in the 16th century when Michel de Montaigne coined the term to describe his ‘attempts’ at self portrayal. American author and essayist Chuck Klosterman, later, described essay in a pristine manner:

“The essays are different because ultimately its things I'm interested in, and I'm really just writing about myself and using those subjects as a prism.”

Both were absolutely right in their assertion. Essay helps to express one’s opinion on a certain topic or matter. It involves methodical analysis and detailed evaluation of the topic. Get well-written essays by taking professional essay help online if you are searching ‘help with my essay’ in search engines. You can search for authentic essay assignment help online among numerous options.

Custom Essay Help

What is academic essay writing?

Academic essays are scholarly pieces of writing that is executed in order to get a conclusion to certain affair, experience, subject, topic or issue. The authors are committed to present relevant arguments from their opinion concerning the subject in order to move towards a conclusive part. Get essay help or essay assignment help to improve your knowledge.

In many cases, students get confused with the term ‘academic opinion’. They acknowledge scholarly opinion and stick to reporting the facts, but forget about their own opinion altogether. Personal opinion and scholarly opinion, however, differ from each other. Take essay help to understand the differences; otherwise read this article.

Types of Essay

Writing different types of essays is immensely popular in academic world. Students are asked to write custom essays in exams/homework assignments/college admission application. There are several types of essays that tutors and professors ask students to produce throughout their academic years; so the rate of essay help and essay assignment help has increased rapidly. It can be pretty confusing if you are not aware of the different categories of essays. Thus, the students often search help my essay online. Get essay help or essay assignment help to comprehend the procedures. To provide you custom essay help, we are explaining major types of essays here:

Admission Essay

Admission essays are written by college aspirants so that they can speak directly to the screening committee and demonstrate how they fit to the program. This type of essay is sometimes referred to as a personal statement in which the applicant discusses his or her life. Get college admission essay help and admission essay assignment help for better results.

Comparison Essay

Comparison essay writing is a practice in which you either make a reasoned comparison or contrast something. Your comparison essay should put emphasize on the similarities and differentiations of the objects, such as which university to choose and which Smartphone to buy. Comprehend the concept by taking essay assignment help or essay help online.

Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay writing is a type of academic essay writing in which the authors communicate their opinion on a topic using evidence from personal experience, literature and research to support their viewpoint. Essay help highlights more information on this.

Deductive Essay

Deductive essay writing is the process of using deductive reasoning where the author has to implement known facts, assumptions and principles in order to come to a conclusion and result. This type of essay writing involves every disciplinary student, especially law and humanities students. Get essay help or essay assignment help to improvise your writing skills.

Definition Essay

Definition essay writing is executed by defining the term or concept in a detailed manner. The function of definition essay is to provide a personal and extended description of terms by linking or comparing the term to the previous definition. Increase your grades with essay assignment help or essay help online.

Classification Essay

Classification essay allows the authors to organize the things into categories and give examples of things that fit each category. When you write a classification essay, you need to arrange people, objects or ideas with share characteristics into a particular group. Unaware of the steps? Take essay assignment help or essay help online.

Informal Essay

Informal essay is a piece that can be informative or persuasive. This type of essay is written mainly for enjoyment but also encourage informative style in less rigid form than a formal essay. Learn more by taking essay assignment help or essay help online.

Narrative Essay

Narrative essays offer an account of something to readers from the authors’ perspectives. In this form of essay, the writers tell a story in the narrative manner along with specific details as suggested by our essay help experts.

Personal Essay

Personal essay is a tool for self-expression. In a way, all essays are personal essay because it represents what you think on a given topic. Get well-written personal essays and essay assignment help from essay help experts.

Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay is based on reasons and logic in order to convey that one idea is much more legitimate than the other. This essay is designed to pursue readers for adopting a certain point of view or to take a particular action. Explore ideas by taking essay help or essay assignment help online.

Our essay help/essay assignment help encompasses all types of essays.

How to write a good essay

Writing a good custom essay is not only reviewing and re-stating the existing facts, but it also involves various opinions and judgments and put forward an argument that mirrors your extensive knowledge. Our essay help experts are going to explain the structure of three-paragraph and five-paragraph essays so that you can implement it in your custom essay writing. Opt for essay assignment help or essay help online for betterment.

Three-paragraph Essay

The format of the three-paragraph essay is quite simple and easy to understand; if you find it hard, take essay assignment help/essay help online. When you structure the three-paragraph essay, you need to use this classic model:

1.  Introduction – First Paragraph

2.  Main Body – Second Paragraph

3.  Conclusion – Third Paragraph

Our essay assignment help or essay help include the above mentioned paradigm.

Five-paragraph essay

If you want to write a five-paragraph essay, you must remember the following model:

1. Introduction – First paragraph

2. Body – First Paragraph

3. Body – Second paragraph

4. Body – Third paragraph

5. Conclusion – Fifth paragraph

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Steps to write a good essay

Essays are shorter pieces of writing and so students must stick to the pre-defined measures like researching, taking notes, writing, editing, proofreading and finally referencing to come up with effective work. In case you counter difficulty, opt for essay assignment help or essay help online. There are several must-dos for writing an essay as suggested by our essay help experts and incorporated in our essay assignment help material.

Let’s start with the stages of essay writing.

Step 1 Understanding the topic

Before you jump into the sea of books for research purpose, you better think through the topic that has been assigned to you, or avail essay help. It is vitally important for you to remember that your essay should not just reflect facts but also demonstrate your reasoning skills. Improve your paper by taking essay assignment help or essay help online. When you are reviewing the subject, our experts providing essay assignment help and essay help point to the following:

1.  Note the key terms or instructions words in essay question

2.  Find out which concept or methodology is applicable to your topic

3.  Formulate a tentative thesis statement at an early stage to take your writing in the right direction

4.  Know how to answer your essay question properly and effectively

Step 2 Reading and researching

When you are done with choosing and analyzing the topic, you need to concentrate on reading and researching to get all the required material on the topic; get improved research ideas by essay help or essay assignment help. For custom essay help, here are three important questions that you need to answer while reading:

1.  What does the author say?

2.  Why does the author say it?

3.  Where is the author’s weakness in the arguments?

If you are good at researching skills, there is no doubt that you are one step ahead in your bid to produce an effective essay; if not then take essay assignment help or essay help online. Our essay help experts offer simple guidelines:

1.  Be selective with your research source; use only those that are relevant and accessible. Know more with our essay help samples or consult with essay assignment help experts.

2.  For books, scan the preface, table of contents and index to see the general outlook and argument. Opt for essay assignment help or essay help if you find it hard.

3.  For journals, read the abstract first to see whether the article will be any use or not. Get essay help from your professor for better results.

Step 3 Taking notes from research reading

Our essay help tutors draw attention to notes. If you want to take notes efficiently, you need to execute the following four principles as done in our essay assignment help material:

1.  Know what kind of ideas you need to record

2.  Don’t write down too much

3.  Write the notes in your words

4.  Label your notes intelligently

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Step 4 Structuring the essay

If you try our essay help material or essay assignment help samples, you will realize that drafting is an important part of essay writing. To make your writing part more efficient, you need to focus on your introduction and conclusion as shown in our essay help samples. To give you custom essay help, here is the standard outline to write a well-structured essay:

1.  Introduction: It should open the discussion and engage the readers.

2.  Main body: It involves consecutive paragraphs, ensuring each point is given in a new paragraph. The facts should be backed by relevant evidence.

3.  Conclusion: It summarizes the main ideas and demonstrates how you have proven your point.

Our essay assignment help or essay help online primarily consider this structure. Get reasonably priced essay help here.

Step 5 Editing and proofreading

When you edit your copy, you have to look at the overall organization. According to our essay help experts, you need to consider the following questions while revising:

1.  Does your introduction make it clear where your rest of the paper is headed to?

2.  Is each section in the right place to fulfill your purpose?

3.  Have you drawn a connection between the paragraphs?

4.  Is anything repeated?

This was only about editing. You also need to proofread your copy before handing it over to your tutors. You can always take essay help or essay assignment help for betterment. Our essay assignment help highlight the following points.

1.  Check spelling, grammar, and punctuation

2.  Choose most relevant words to express your opinion.

Step 6 Referencing

Acknowledging your references is the final stage of essay writing where you give due credit to the authors of any sources you may have used in your writing or researching. It also demonstrates your understanding and familiarity with the resources. Opt for essay help to gain knowledge.

The place where you cite your resources are:

1.  Bibliography

2.  Reference list

Every reference that makes an appearance in your text must be included in the referencing list or bibliography at the end of your work. This list should consist of full details of the references in alphabetical order, carefully formatted in accordance with your college/university guidelines. Essay help experts emphasize on APA, MLA and Harvard as important examples of referencing styles. Without the proficient knowledge of how to reference or acknowledge your resources, your essay will counter failure in reflecting your knowledge on the area; thus essay help is the best solution.

Learn perfect referencing through our essay assignment help or essay help online.

Step 7 Style and clarity

Presentation does count in your custom essay writing. You have to make sure that your tutors do not get annoyed by looking into your document. It should be readable to them; improve writing by taking essay help online or essay assignment help. To ensure high standards, you can easily consult our custom essay help services to come up with an exclusive essay help with effective presentation.

1.  Include a cover page (the title of your paper, the name of the course, your name, the date, and the instructor's name)

2.  Number your pages

3.  Double-space your text

4.  Use a standard font in twelve-point size

5.  Put the reference list

After going through the above guide by essay help experts, your doubts about essay writing may have got cleared. If not, then try our essay help/essay assignment help samples. You can definitely know more with our essay assignment help or essay help online.

Specific forms of essay writing

There are few distinct types of essay writing that are implanted in many writing formats according to our essay help experts. Here they highlight the specific essay writing forms incorporated in essay assignment help or essay help online material.


A book review is a critical evaluation of text, event, object or phenomenon. Reviews can be of books, articles, entire genres or fields of literature, architecture, art, restaurants, exhibitions and many other forms. Students are mainly asked to present their views in this form of custom essay writing. You can easily assign an essay assignment help expert to get custom essay help.

Academic proposal

Academic proposal is the first step to producing a thesis or major project like dissertation. The students have to submit the proposal in an essay form to convince their supervisor or academic committee that your topic and approach are sound. Internet is populated with essay help and essay assignment help services and where you can easily delegate your task to experts who have years of knowledge in essay help.


The abstract is a significant part of academic writing because it gives the first impression of the document that follows, letting the readers decide whether they want to continue reading. If you want the abstract to be truly attractive, you have essay assignment help or essay help online option to meet your desires.

Admission letter

Admission essays play a significant part in applying for graduate and postgraduate and professional school. You as a student need to a write a letter or personal statement to convey your message to college admission committee and the best way to do so is, to assign a professional writer to offer you custom essay help or essay assignment help online.

Lab report

A lab report is more than presenting data. It demonstrates the writer’s comprehension of the concepts behind the data. It is the most frequent kind of document written in all science disciplines especially in the engineering field. In most of the cases, the science students need custom essay help to finish their task; get essay assignment help or essay help online for better results.

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Common difficulties faced by student while writing an essay

Essay writing is the most common type of written assignment that students counter in almost all disciplines. Starting with an essay is pretty challenging and often students face a number of problems, the majority of which are in no way unique and plague writers throughout the writing and hence they take essay help. Thus, in order to write a successful essay, you need to know what you are fighting against. Our essay help experts have come up with a list of the common dilemmas faced by students,

Weak structure

Unstructured essay is synonymous with poor quality essay. Most of the students counter this complication while producing an essay and seek essay help online. You need to understand that without a proper essay structure, your readers have to hunt for details; hence essay help is the best solution.


Straying from the topic is one of the most common problems faced by students which lead them to take essay help. Your essay may be a great piece, but there can be substantive sections that are not relevant to your writing. Take essay help for better results.


Your readers are the ultimate evaluator of your essay. But many a times, the readers are not clear about what exactly is being said. Take essay help from the best essay helpers to present it in coherent manner.

Insufficient information

A good number of arguments should correspond to the extent of the discussion in essay writing. But in many cases, students fail to introduce sufficient arguments backed by relevant source; hence they hunt for essay help. Try our essay assignment help and get relevant write-ups.


Failure to acknowledge your sources is a serious issue in academic writing. Copying directly from another text without acknowledging is a severe act of plagiarism. Combat these flaws by taking essay help online. Essay assignment help promises 100 percent plagiarism-free articles.

Incorrect referencing

Quotations from the text should be followed by a page reference. You should mention all the source and citations used in your writing properly and maintain the same reference style throughout the content. Learn more about referencing by taking essay help online.

Time constraint

Another situation where one may be prevented from producing good creative content is lack of time. It makes you rush through the task and end up with inadequate and substandard quality content. Get essay help to turnaround fast.

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To ensure that you do not get trap into these complications, get proper custom essay help online from proficient essay helpers.

Why students need expert help in custom essay writing?

Struggling to impress your tutors? Searching help my essay online? We understand writing an effective essay is not a walk in the park. You have to put a great effort to come up with a well-constructed and grammatically correct custom essay. You may confront one of these above problems or unfortunately all of them. This is where essay help plays the significant role. Expert writers, tutors and researchers provide custom essay help that makes you avoid creating unclear unstructured plagiarized task. If you choose to go for expert custom essay help, the professionals will be by your side throughout the essay writing process to make sure you get best possible essay help online.

Is essay help a good option for students?

If you want to get your work done within deadlines without compromising the quality along with the extra bonus of interacting with the essay experts, then YES custom essay help services are designed for you. Every tutor expects students to deliver well-written non-plagiarized content that matches their exact guidelines. But this only can be possible when you are under the guidance of essay help experts who give you the chance to achieve higher grades with exclusive essay help that you could not think of.

How can help students to write an effective custom essay?

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