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Plagiarism Free Essays

Plagiarism-free essays are those that are written with authentic and original data without copying the language, ideas, expressions and thoughts from the work of another author. Rephrasing the content in a much different way from that of the original work by using diverse sentences and words is a way to create plagiarism free essays. Plagiarism refers to the violation of copyright act which is subjected to serious consequences like suspension and penalties.

The trend of plagiarism is more pronounced in academics these days which is considered to be a serious ethical offense.

Plagiarism Free Essays

How to write plagiarism-free essays?

It has been observed that majority of students are unaware of the concept of plagiarism and end up duplicating the sources of information available in books or journals. This is a serious blunder that can hamper the academic career of students. Plagiarism-free essays can be accomplished by following certain fundamentals mentioned in details below:

Intricate and innovative research work

The reason why most of the leaers cannot avoid plagiarism in their work is due to inadequate research work. Majority of students are casual in their approach and pen down all the points from a single source of information. To avoid such circumstances, students should undertake intricate research work to find some unique sources of information. All new research over the specified topic will help you to bring innovation in your content with 100 percent originality. Come up with some new ideas and thoughts that will relate to the topic. This will reflect practicality and novelty in your essays.

Alter the writing style

Bring a change in your writing style to that of the source you are using to implement ideas from. You can effectively implement the ideas presented, but in a different language, sentences and by using different words. Altering the style of writing will also help you to compound your ideas with the content resources. This is one of the effective ways to avoid plagiarism in your academic essays.

Use of synonyms

If you have limited information resources to research on, then the only option left for you is rephrasing the available content. The chances of plagiarism are high while rephrasing or paraphrasing the information. The effective way to avoid plagiarism is by using relevant synonyms in major part of your content. Integration of synonyms will completely alter the theme as well as presentation of the essay.

Citation to your work

This is an essential and constructive way by which a writer can avoid plagiarism in their work. The original author is acknowledged by means of citations. The ideas and thoughts derived from the work of original author can be cited in a particular style to avoid copyright infringement. Get relief from any kind of plagiarism guilt by using a significant citation style to show the gratitude. There are various types of citation styles that include Harvard form of referencing, Chicago referencing style, APA and MLA citation. Select any of them in your essays as specified by the instructor.

Check by using Software

Even if you have prepared a fresh set of essays, you never know that it may contain traces of plagiarism. Check your content using anti-plagiarism software available online to eliminate unintentional plagiarism in your essays. This is an effective way to present 100 percent original and authentic information.

Consequences or academic penalties for writing plagiarized essays

Plagiarism is a serious offense and an illegitimate act that leads to serious punishments of the accused. However, the trend of plagiarism is increasing at a fast pace in academics. Reputed universities and accredited institutions are undertaking exclusive measures to report plagiarism and punish the culprit who are charged of committing the offense. Online businesses should take adequate steps against the corrupted writers who steal the content, pictures and codes available in web. Moreover, students, writers and also the content buyers should be well-aware of the punishments and penalties charged for stealing somebody else’s work.

Some of the major penalties charged for academic plagiarism are:

  • Professors penalizes the unintentional and unwanted plagiarism by asking the students to rewrite the entire essays
  • Students are generally offered with ‘Fail grade’ as a regular punishment for their deed of presenting plagiarized essays
  • The intensity of punishment gets stiffer at higher education levels
  • In case of direct copying and huge percentage of plagiarism, there is a risk of academic probation
  • Many reputed and accredited universities put a ban on the enrolment of students for the next five years as a punishment to plagiarism
  • For post-graduate and PhD students, the consequence of plagiarism is extremely severe. The universities withdraw student’s degree as a punishment for violating copyright act
  • Junior faculties who are found to commit plagiarism are fired from their jobs
  • In some severe cases of copyright infringement, the accused person is sentenced to jail for a tenure of more than 5 years.

Some common mistakes by students while writing their assignments

It has been observed that students commit unwanted and unintentional plagiarism in their essays by committing some common mistakes. They are:

  • Students, who are unaware of the concept of plagiarism, are often found to submit someone else’s work as their own
  • Habit of incorporating passages from the previously written essays
  • Using chunks of quotation without citing the author
  • Interlinking various sources of information without changing the same essay structure and writing tone
  • Rephrasing of each line or sentence leads to plagiarism
  • Inaccurate citation of the information source is also a great blunder committed by the students
  • Amalgamation of un-cited and cited sections from a particular piece of article
  • Negligible citation in a content missing out the important parts
  • Extreme dependence on the sample work would restrict the creativity and originality in essay content

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