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What Makes a Plagiarism Checker Essential For You?

Imagine being assigned with the task of picking the most well-written piece for an essay on the current chapter of study for your psychology class. That is basically your instructor’s job, but try to place yourself in his or her shoes for a moment. You see an insightful essay packed with relevant information and engaging quotes that reflect the thought process and analytical views of the writer and it is no surprise if it impresses you. On the other hand, there lies an essay among that pile that is equally well-written but lacks originality for some parts of it is directly lifted off from other external sources and as a result, the essay, however, well-constructed, does not reflect the author’s thoughts. As an instructor, aren’t you more likely to grade the original essay way higher than the unoriginal one? It is the same for all your documents indeed.

Since originality is a highly valued factor for academia and industries likewise, it is imperative that you get all your academic and professional documents checked through a reliable plagiarism detection service online.

Perks you get through My Assignment Plagiarism Checker

Sure, there are plenty of other plagiarism checkers online, but why should you pick us? What sets us apart from the rest and makes us the most sought-after free plagiarism detection software available online? The answers lie below.

  • Review and plagiarism detection done for free
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Online Plagiarism Checker: How Does It Work?

The way to having entirely flawless and A-grade documents lies right through our up-to-date plagiarism checker. Use it today and be rid of all document scrutiny stress in a jiffy for no extra costs at all!


Log in and upload your document through our hassle-free process for expert checking for plagiarism.


Then we scan your document for the errors and plagiarised portions and prepare an in-depth analysis.


At this stage, we provide a comparative analysis of your academic and professional documents.


Finally, you receive an insightful and detailed report of plagiarism from our end for free.

From pointing out the structural errors to highlighting plagiarised portions of your documents, our free plagiarism checker works with clockwork precision. Going through all the sections within your document one by one with great care, we ensure a thorough scan of the documents that make sure that you get a flawless copy in return. A good quality of writing style and error-free content within any sort of document impresses all, so why not have all your content, including offline and online documents scanned through our world-class plagiarism checker service online? Sail through in any field – be it your academics or professional life – with ease through the flawless perfection that you get through our online plagiarism checker.

We Ensure a Flawless Document for You

Be it a PowerPoint presentation in your psychology major class, or the term paper for history, the need for flawless content in documents is undeniable. Leave a lasting impression through error-free content in all your academic documents using our free online plagiarism checker.

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Why waste time going through tedious revision and plagiarism-checking tasks after composing elaborate documents when you can simply opt for our top-notch plagiarism checker and get the job done for no added charges at all?

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10 Mar 2018

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Our Steadfast Guarantees for You

Here are our guarantees that have made us the most trusted assignment help provider in the world.

Timely Deliveries

Rapidly scanning all your academic and professional documents, our state-of-the-art plagiarism checking software provides swift reports and analysis on the dot.

Robust Money Back Policy

We also have a strong money back policy that ensures that you get all your money returned in the rarest of cases that you are somehow dissatisfied with our services.

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You will get a full list and detailed report of the errors within your document as well as a full scan of plagiarism in offline and online archives.

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Wherever you turn in our scanned and reviewed copies of your documents – whether for academic use or professional purposes – you are sure to leave a lasting impression.

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We guarantee you the finest quality for all our assignment writing services that ensure you flawless documents every time.

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No matter what, our confidentiality guarantees are absolutely robust and ones you can fall back on. We are sure to keep your identities a top secret.