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Get Help From Online Homework Helpers

A research was conducted by the team of Stanford University with 4,317 students from 10 top high schools in California. The respondents were asked to answer how much time they gave to homework? The study revealed that the students invested more than three hours in homework each night and 56 percent admitted they considered homework as their primary source of stress. Many of the students also claimed to have sleep deprivation and other health problems due to homework.

Get Help From Online Homework Helpers

This statistics is the reflection of our minds. Yes, deep down inside us, we know that homework is a bitter pill. Homework is always at the bottom of the do-list of every student. The reason is homework comes with ample amount of pressure.

Importance of homework in your studies

Homework is considered to be a controversial topic. Proponents and opponents make cases to support their views on the necessity and importance of homework in the development of the student and the construction of knowledge. Here are few evidences of homework as an important extension of in-school opportunities to learn.



Homework reveals quality measures like managing distractions (there are so many lucrative options for students rather than doing homework, but they keep themselves engage in the task) and self efficiency and perceived responsibility (finishing the task within given time is prior obligation for students).

Managing time

Students learn to implement many strategies in completing homework. They set goals to perform the task by managing time. Managing time is one of the significant self-regulatory behaviors that students develop or adapt while engaging in homework writing.

Independency and efficient studying

With homework tasks, students must carry out the work on their own, while researching and gathering data from other sources. They have to find a suitable place to work and motivate themselves to accomplish the task so they become more self-directed in managing their learning.


Completing homework assignment also engage students in metacognition as they set goals and monitor their progress. Students develop metacognition while showcasing why they do not understand a text or a problem during homework completion and use strategies for reading text or seeking help in solving problems.

The adverse effects of too much homework

Many versions of educational reforms focus on the homework. But generally the presence of homework has a disruptive effect, reducing the time available for social activities and diminishing the quality of family interactions. According to recent studies, a startling fact came to the fore that high school students who get an average of three hours of homework per night actually experience more stress and physical health issues. Here are the major outcomes of too much homework in students’ life:

Greater stress

Most of the students consider homework as the primary source of stress. The pressure to get good grades in tests and assignment writing are viewed as the primary stressor. A survey has revealed that less than one percent students regard homework not as a stressor.

Deterioration in health

It is very common for students to suffer from sleep deprivation due to homework load. They undergo many health issues like headaches, exhaustion, weight loss and stomach problems because of the pressure of completing homework task.

Less time for extracurricular activities, friends and family

Spending too much time on homework forces students to not meet their developmental needs or nurturing other critical life skills. Students, who engage themselves in homework too much, are more likely to drop activities. They restrain themselves from seeing friends and families or pursue hobbies they usually enjoy.

Types of homework

There are few types of homework that students need to accomplish. The most common purpose is to have students exhibit their knowledge garnered in the class room. Here are five categories of homework:


This type of homework is implemented to reinforce learning and help the students to master specific skills such as memorizing mathematical tables, writing essays and reading for gaining more knowledge.


This category requires students to gain background knowledge in order to prepare themselves for future lessons on a particular subject. For example reading an article or journal on Gold Rush to learn the lesson of Australian History.


This demands students to pursue knowledge individually and imaginably. Assignment includes dissertation, book reviews, research proposals, case studies, coursework and term papers.


This requires students to implement many skills to a single task such as science projects, book reports or creative writing.

Group assignments

This can be the most effective homework as the assignments need to be carefully structured and monitored. Group assignments always encourage the students to develop their team spirit and skills to work as a team member. Typical examples of group assignments are presentation, debates.

Why should you get help on homework assignments?

It is true that homework helps to establish study habits, concentration and self- discipline. But there is gloomy side of the picture too; the students are burdened by too much homework that draws them into more stressful situations. We know that student usually have several balls in the air and need to complete numerous assignments to get good grades in very short period of time.

While engaging in homework, students feel frustrated over the lack of help from others. Writing assignment involves many stages that start from collecting raw material from the authentic sources, outlining the topic and finally elaborating the key points in writing. Gathering the material and reflecting them in writing takes a lot more effort than it seems. There are so many details that students need to take care of:

  • Maintain reference style
  • Meet teachers’ expectations
  • Meet university parameters
  • Present plagiarism-free content

These are few reasons owing to which students crave for expert help to deal with assignment problems.


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