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What is Online Psychology Assignment Help? is world’s No 1 assignment help service provider which provides online psychology assignment help to the students of Australia, UK and USA. Our online psychology assignment help aspires to help students with their psychology assignments. It is a subject that studies individual and collective action and exposes the underlying reasons which guide such actions. Our psychology assignment writing services are proficient to assist you in this academic field.

History and Development of Psychology

According to our psychology assignment experts, the study of human mind has been present since the Greek times. However, it was only in the 19th century that the subject became a disciplinary enterprise. It developed in Europe in the late 19th century and branched out into several forms. Some of the most important aspects which are also discussed in our psychology assignment help are:

1. Structuralist psychology

Structuralism in psychology is one of the most important schools of thought. It seeks to analyze the human mind in terms of various components and sees it as a sum total of all these components. Wilhelm Wundt and his mentee Edward B. Titchener are credited with the introduction of structuralist methods in psychology. Refer to our psychology assignment help for more information.

2. Functional psychology

It developed in the United States of America as an alternative to structuralist psychology. In this school, the human mind is understood in its relation to environment and its ability to adapt. You can consult our psychology assignment help to get detailed information.

3. Psychoanalysis

According to our psychology assignment help, it is a set of experimental processes and practices developed by the famous Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. According to this school of thought, it is generally believed that all our actions are driven by certain irrational drives. These irrational drives are called the unconsciousness. Liberation from the unconscious mind is achieved through the bringing together of the unconscious and the conscious through psychoanalytical intervention. Some of the most famous theories associated with Sigmund Freud are the theory of Unconscious, the Oedipus complex, Castration complex, Eros and Thanatos etc. Our psychology assignment experts can provide psychology assignment help in this regard.

4. Behavioral psychology

This school developed in the United States of America in the 1950s. It studies the behavioral patterns of the individuals in the public places. It believes that human behaviors are determined by the responses to external stimuli and the consequences which follow. For more details, refer to our psychology assignment help.

5. Humanistic psychology

A strong critique of all the branches particularly those of behavioralism and psychoanalysis, the humanist school of psychology believes that the psychological framework of the whole person should be done instead of fragmented analysis. To understand their theory, refer to our psychology assignment help.

6. Cognitive psychology

It emphasizes on cognitive behavior like leaning.

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Main Areas of Psychology

l. Biological

Biological psychology deals with the biological substrates of human behavior. It applies biological principles to study the psychological mechanism of human and non-human behavior. If this is our assignment topic, take our expert psychology assignment help service.

ll. Clinical

This is the most important sub-field of psychology. Clinical psychology deals with the distress and dysfunction of the brain in order to promote psychological well being and personal development. Get more details about it in our psychology assignment help material.

lll. Comparative

Comparative psychology deals with the comparative behavior of different kinds of animals.

lV. Developmental

Developmental psychology relates to the psychological development of human beings, how they understand and react to the world and how to they change. Our psychology assignment experts can assist you more through psychology help online service.

V. Evolutionary

This field studies the evolution of the different psychological traits using modern day evolutionary theory. Refer to our psychology assignment help for more details.

Vl. Educational

Educational psychology deals with the psychological basis of various learning techniques and how students behave in different educational settings such as school. Our psychology assignment writers can provide psychology assignment help to give more details about educational psychology.

Vll. Industrial

It applies psychological methods in corporate settings in order increase the performance of the employees.

Vlll. Personality

It deals with certain personality traits.

lX. Social

Social psychology tells us about human societies and how humans relate to each other and the psychological reasons for such behavioral patterns. Our online psychology assignment help can assist you more on social psychology.

X. Positive

According to our psychology assignment help, positive psychology deals with human happiness and how scientific methods can be applied to increase human happiness and strength.

Research Methodologies

You need to develop your psychology assignment on these specific research methodologies. For any assistance, you can take the help of our psychology assignment experts through psychology assignment help service.

1. Lab experiments

Experimental psychological research is based on psychological experiments done in controlled environments using scientific data.

2. Survey questionnaires

Survey questionnaires are lists of questions pre-prepared which reveals insights into the mind.

3. Neuropsychological methods

Neuro-psychological methods use neurological data of the brain in psychological methods.

4. Observations in natural settings

Non-human animals are often studied using these methods. Animals are usually studied in their natural habitats.

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