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Vancouver Referencing Style


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Extensive Overview of the Vancouver Referencing Style

Vancouver is a form of the numbered referencing style commonly used in the fields of Science and Medicine. Students often take the help of the Vancouver referencing generator as they are unaware of the citation format. Vancouver citations can be recognisedby the use of the author-number system.ICMJE or the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors has established the rules of Vancouver referencing. Even though the US National Library of Medicine now maintains the format and its guidelines, the rules remain intact.

If you are grappling with this particular referencing convention and looking for concrete ways to get the hang of it, you can easily verify your knowledge using a Vancouver reference generator.

1. How do you use the Vancouver Referencing Style?

The Vancouver referencing style follows citation rules based on the kind of source you are citing. If you want to know how to include the Vancouver citation machine-generated references in the reference list, here are the guidelines.

  • Number all references in a sequential format.
  • Arrange your reference list in a way that the references appear in your text.
  • In case there are more than 6 authors, list the first 6 authors using “et al.”
  • Use official abbreviations for the titles of the journals.

If you check out any Vancouver style generator, you will see that these guidelines are followed for every source. To know how to insert the referencing Vancouver generator obtained results in the text, read on.

2. How do you do in-text citations in Vancouver?

In-texting gets easier when you have a freeVancouver reference generator at your disposal. Follow these guidelines to do in-text citations in Vancouver:

  • Assign a number to each reference within the text as you cite it.
  • Number new sources consecutively as they occur in the text.
  • Use commas when multiple references are cited at the same place in the text.
  • Use hyphens if multiple references are cited at the same place in the text.

However, if you struggle to cite it, do not hesitate in using a Vancouver citation generator for instant results.

3. How do you Reference a Book in Vancouver?

You can cite E-books and printed textbooks using a Vancouver style referencing generator. You can also check this sequence to cite the sources by yourself.

  • Authors (s)
  • Initial(s)Editor (s)
  • Year of publication
  • Title of the book and edition (if not 1st edition)
  • Place of publication
  • Publisher

When you use a Vancouver referencing tool, you will see the exact order. If you are required to cite chapters from an edited book, then consider including the following elements.

  • Chapter author (s) surname (s)
  • Initial (s)
  • Title of the Chapter
  • Name of editors
  • Editors
  • Title of the book
  • Place of publication and the publisher
  • Year
  • Page number preceded by “p”

Now let us check out the templatebased on the results derived from the citation generator of Vancouver.


Name of the authors, Title of the book, Publisher Name, Place of Publication, Date, Year.


Hobson J, Smedley J, editors. Fitness for Work: The Medical Aspects. Oxford University Press, USA; 2019 Feb 21.

Just check this example using a Vancouver style reference generator to grasp the format.

4. What is the Vancouver style citation?

The Vancouver citation style or the author-number system is a format that uses numbers within the text referring to numbered entries in the referenced list. The referencing style is popular in the field of physical sciences. It is one of the two referencing systems that are generally used in medicine, the other being Harvard. If you are not sure how to cite sources, you will find plenty of reference generators of Vancouver.

5. How do you cite a thesis in Vancouver?

If you intend to cite a thesis paper, you have to follow the format mentioned below. Even for a Vancouver cite generator, you have to type in the same specifications.

For unpublished works:

Author AA. Title of thesis: subtitle. Unpublished thesis type [format]. Location of University: University; Year.


Morgan, T.Using Machine Learning for Understanding Polymorphism. PhD [dissertation] Stanford, Stanford University; 2018

For published works:

Author AA. Title of thesis: subtitle. Place of publication: Publisher; Year of publication.


Rubingh KE. Structural geology, stratigraphy, and gold deposits of the New Britannia Mining District of the Paleoproterozoic Snow Lake arc assemblage (Snow Lake, Manitoba, Canada) (Doctoral dissertation, Laurentian University of Sudbury), 2019

From full-text database:

Author AA. Title of thesis: subtitle. Thesis type [format]. Location of University: University; Year. Available from: Database Name.


Gaethje, A. Pollution Reduction Planning in the Coming Years: The Scientific Way. PhD [dissertation] Boston: Boston University; 2018. Available from:

If you are unable to grasp the format, it is better that you use Vancouver referencing style generators available online.

6. How do you cite a dissertation in Vancouver?

Dissertations and theses are important resources. One can easily acquire interesting information in the form of graphs, charts and statistics. If you don’t want to rely on a Vancouver style citation generator, go through the following guidelines.

  • Enter author’s surname with no more than two initials.
  • Capitalise only the first word of the Dissertation title.
  • Use the place of publication, i.e., the area where the conferring academic institution is situated.
  • Source the location if the place of publication is not mentioned.
  • Abbreviate the months to their first three letters.

When you use an online Vancouver citation generator, you have to type these prerequisites. Now, we will take a look at the format along with an example.


Name of the author, Dissertation Title, Place of Publication, Publisher, Year.


Reynold, M.K,Cellular Structure Topology and Modeling, New York, BioLabReports and News, 2018

If you want you can verify the result using a Vancouver citation machine.

7. How do you cite a Website in Vancouver?

To cite a website as per Vancouver conventions, stick to the following template.

Format: Name of the author, Title [Internet] Publishing Year [cited Date Accessed] Available from: URL

Example: Scholero G. Satellites will start malfunctioning with deteriorating Earth's magnetic field. Happenings Around Us. 2020 [cited Jun 25 2020] Available from:

You can also verify the result using are rferencing generator of Vancouver.

8. How do you cite Conference Proceedings in Vancouver?

To cite conference proceedings in Vancouver, follow the format stated below.


The contributors/editors. Title of the conference [conference proceedings on the Internet] Year Month Date of Conference, Conference Location, Place of publication, Publisher, Year, [date cited] Available from:URL

If you have been using the free AMA Vancouver referencing generator for citing conference proceedings, you should be able to grasp it. Nevertheless, here is an example for you.


Graham, P.ed.Proceedings of the 7th Medical Conference on Prevention of Cancer [conference proceedings on the Internet] Baltimore, Arizona, New Horizon Publication, 2017, [cited Jun 26, 2018] Available from:

9. How do you cite social media sites in Vancouver?

People not only use social media sites to post photos or to stay in contact but also share important updates. No wonder, students find this information to be useful. If you had been taking the help of the Vancouver bibliography generator, you would be able to understand the format easily.


Name of the account holder, Title of the Post, Date Posted, [cited date, month, year] Available from: URL


Adam McNealy (@mchere_12)The Collision of the Andromeda and the Milky Way Galaxy after trillions of years [Instagram Photo], 2019 Oct 5 [cited 2020 Jun 15]; Available from:

If you practice one or two, you will get the hang ofit.

10. How do you cite a newspaper in Vancouver?

Newspapers contain all the important news around the worldon sports, fashion, politics, medicine, etc. If you want to cite it in your academic paper, follow the structure below.


Name of the author/ authors. Title of the article, Title of the newspaper: Section Year Month Date, Page Numbers


Lehmann, J. Prehistoric fossil excavated in Peru, The Washington Daily News [Internet] 2018 Jan 25 [cited 2019 Oct 14]. Available from:

In this blog, you got to see how you can cite both traditional and non-traditional sources in the Vancouver referencing style. If you are still unsure about citing the sources, you can use the Vancouver reference generator online for free. Makes Vancouver Referencing as Easy as Pie

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