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    How It Works?

    A Step-by-Step Explanation To Get Your GPA

    Enter Your Subject Name and Course Grade

    In the first column, enter the course subject name, whose grades you know or has received. In the second column, enter the grade and in the third enter the course credits.


    Add The Optional Course and Select Weightage

    Select "Add Course" option to enter your optional subject along with the course name and the credit hours availed. Select the weightage button. Then Repeat step 1-2


    Add Another Semester

    To get the cumulative GPA, add another semester and repeat the steps (1-3) for every subject of that semester. Your cumulative GPA is shown at the bottom right corner of the box.

    What Is GPA Calculator

    A GPA (Grade Point Average) calculator is a tool used to calculate a student's academic performance. It calculates an average of the grades earned by the student during a specific period, typically a semester or academic year.

    To calculate a GPA, each grade received in a course is assigned a numerical value based on a grading scale (usually 4.0 in the United States). These numerical values are then multiplied by the number of credit hours for each course, and the resulting products are added together. Finally, the sum is divided by the total number of credit hours attempted.

    The resulting number is the student's GPA for that specific period. This number is used by universities and colleges to evaluate a student's academic performance and determine their eligibility for scholarships, honors programs, and other academic opportunities.

    Take Advantage of’s Free GPA Calculator

    Are you looking for a hassle-free method to determine your GPA?

    Don’t worry!, your premier assignment tutoring platform, offers a free GPA calculator tool to make your endeavour easier.

    Our GPA calculation tool is one of a kind and calculates all school/college and university grades without making you break a sweat!

    Using our GPA calculator will be a cakewalk. You can calculate GPA in mere seconds by entering the correct variables in their rightful slot. Our tool presents 100% accurate results every time. And there are no restrictions to the number of times you use it.

    Countless students of all levels frequently use our overall GPA calculator to determine the accurate grade point average.

    Whether it’s (simply) calculating GPA or computing Cumulative GPA, rest assured our Free GPA calculator tool will do it for you with 100% precision. So, stop searching the web for answers on - how to calculate GPA. Instead, try our reliable and simple GPA calculator today.

    Key Essentials to Know When Using Our GPA’s GPA calculator for university students is (pretty) straightforward to use. However, you must know certain essentials beforehand to achieve a precise Grade Point Average score.

    The GRADE FORMAT is the first essential you must know before using our overall GPA calculator.

    You must pick the course you wish to calculate GPA. Carefully select the letter grades existing in the drop-down of the tool 2nd column. It will showcase all letter grades from A+ to F. Right beside each letter grade is the % score/grade.

    The next essential you must know prior to using our GPA calculator is the CREDITS EARNED.

    Every college or university presents credit scores depending on how many hours you’ve met in your tenure.

    Your credits earned will typically be between 12-15 credits each semester. So, when using our GPA calculation tool, you must precisely input the sum of credits earned for all subjects in your course coverage.

    Once you enter the correct credit scores, our overall GPA calculator will determine the accurate GPA score in seconds.

    Furthermore, you must also know about your CLASS WEIGHTAGE. Each class comes with its specific weight.

    Remember that honours classes get additional points in the GPA ladder, whereas unweighted classes don’t receive extra points.

    To calculate GPA, you must enter the correct weightage of your batch. In doing so, our GPA calculator will accordingly update the GPA result. Now that you know the key essentials – try our GPA calculator without hesitation.

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    Besides our assignment tutoring services, we present academic tools – including the GPA calculator.

    Speaking of our overall GPA calculator¸, if you wish to use it – here’s how you do it.

    You don’t have to hit any button. Enter the variables, and that’s about it. To learn more about our Free GPA calculator tool, speak to us immediately.

    But if you’ve understood how to use our GPA calculator, feel free to take advantage of it whenever you see fit.

    How to Calculate Semester GPA?

    Use the Following Method for Calculating Your Semester Grade Point Average (GPA) Score. You divide your credit score against the credit hours.
    Thus, Semester GPA = total credit score /total credit hours
    For Example,

    Refer to the tables below to get a clearer picture.

    Overall Academic Grades GPA – equivalent
    A+ 4.00
    A− 3.67
    B+ 3.33
    B 3.00
    B− 2.67
    C+ 2.33
    C 2.00
    D 1.00
    F 0.00
    Class Academic Grade GPA- Equivalent Credit Points Grade Points Earned (multiply GPA-equivalent with credit points)
    English B+ 3.33 2.00 6.66
    Mathematics C 2.00 3.00 6.00
    Accounts A 4.00 3.00 12.00
    Economics A- 3.67/3.70 2.00 7.4
    Total A- 3.67/3.70 10.00 32.06

    To calculate your semester GPA, apply the formula – (credit points earned) / (grade points earned)

    Thus, your semester GPA calculation= (32.06/10) = 3.206

    How Do You Calculate Unweighted Cumulative GPA?

    The truth is that most colleges and universities will consider the student’s unweighted cumulative GPA to determine how well they’ve performed in different subject classes. Fortunately, calculating unweighted Cumulative GPA is straightforward enough. The foremost step is converting the % of grade into a grade point which ranges from 0.0 (the lowest) to 4.0 (the highest).

    Check Out This Table to Understand Clearly

    Overall Academic Grades GPA – equivalent Grade %
    A+ & A 4.00 93 -96 (A) & 97-100 (A+)
    A- 3.67 90-92
    B+ 3.33 87-89
    B 3.00 83-86
    B- 2.67 80-82
    C+ 2.33 77-79
    C & C- 2.00 73-76 (C) & 70-72 (C-)
    D+ D 1.30/1.00 67 -69 (D+) & 65-66 (D-)
    E & F 0.00 Under 65

    After you have the grade point for every course you’ve taken- add all the grade points to calculate your GPA and divide it by the total of the courses taken.

    Doing so will give you a precise unweighted GPA.

    Let’s Explain Better with This Example & Table

    Subject/Course Class Letter Grade Grade Point
    English Literature A+ 4.0
    Physics B+ 3.3
    Statistics B 3.0
    Latin A 4.0
    Political Science A+ 4.0
    Economics A 4.0

    To calculate GPA (unweighted), you must consider must add all grade points for each subject class! The total grade point is 22.3.

    Next, divide the grade point (22.3) by the number of subject classes (6).

    The unweighted GPA calculation will be = (22.3/6) = 3.72

    However, we recommend trying our excellent Free GPA calculator tool to save time and effort. Our tool is specially crafted to be reliable during students’ times of urgency. Check it out. You will not be disappointed.

    How Important is GPA in College?

    GPA is crucial for acquiring a Master’s or PhD course certification. An impressive GPA will increase your chances of enrolling in whatever course program or university you choose. Your GPA score should be 3 or 3.5 to give you a good chance. While the onus is on you to ensure your GPA is up to standards, can ease your GPA calculation hassles. Our Free GPA calculator tool is perfect for getting accurate Grade Point Average scores in the blink of an eye. Feel free to try our GPA calculator tool today.

    Manual GPA Calculation

    If you want to know how to calculate GPA manually, here are the steps!

    However, you can achieve faster GPA calculations and save time with our overall GPA calculator.


    What is the formula to calculate CGPA and GPA?

    For calculating CGPA, the formula is GPA*C (credit score) divided by the sum of the credit score. For calculating GPA, the formula divides the sum of all earned grade points by the sum of attempted credit hours. If you’re wondering how to figure out your GPA - feel free to use our GPA calculator tool.
    The maximum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) will be 9.5 to 10. To know more about CGPA or GPA calculations, speak to our experts immediately. You can also try our user-friendly GPA calculator today.
    The formula for calculating the percentage of GCPA for engineering students is dividing the % by 9.5. For example, if you have 90%, your CGPA will be – (90/9.5) = 9.4.
    Try our overall GPA calculator to simplify all your grade point average computations.
    Converting the cumulative GPA to a percentage is straightforward. You multiply the CGPA by 9.5. For example, if your CGPA is 9, multiply it by 9.5. Your CGPA % will be (9*9.5) = 85.5%
    To make your calculations easier- try our GPA calculator today!
    Grade Points Average (GPA) denotes the total points you acquire/earn in one college semester. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) entails all the GPA points you have acquired throughout all your college/university semester. So, the two are not the same.
    The cumulative GPA is the average sum of all GPAs received in your college or university tenure. You calculate the cumulative GPA by dividing all quality points earned by the total credit hours in your enrolled courses.
    To calculate a precise cumulative GPA, we recommend using our GPA calculator for college.
    You don’t have to fill in all relevant blank spots in the GPA calculator to get accurate results. Off course, you must also enter the correct data or else the results will be incorrect. So, be sure to check all variables you have inputted before hitting the calculate option.
    Our Grade Point Average – GPA calculator is 100% accurate and reveals the same as you get in your report cards. Our tool uses the same formula to determine precise GPA scores, is easy to use and gives accurate results in minutes. If you wish to calculate GPA accurately - use our reliable college GPA calculator today.

    Other Free Academic Tool

    There are other free tools so that all critical challenges become piece of cake for you. Not only that we are providing a plethora of tools for calculating your GPA and referencing.

    The magic tool box of have been displayed below. Use any of them and overcome all challenges,









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