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You have written your paper carefully, and all that’s left is to create a list of references and insert in-text citations for mentioning the external sources. However, you may end up losing your precious grades due to incorrectly cited sources, so why take chances when you can simply entrust the task to us.

Yup, you read that right. We can help you create a flawless list of references and accurately cite external sources with our updated Oxford referencing and citation generator. And you know what the BEST thing is? You can use it for free and create swift reference lists!

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Tackle Citation and Referencing Troubles in Style

Yeah, creating an error-free list of references and citing the sources following the accepted referencing style can be troublesome indeed. However, you can do the same following Oxford referencing style using our online tool in a jiffy though!

Our online citation and reference generator – developed by the in-house scholarly experts – is not prone to punctuation or formatting errors (which are responsible for deduction of marks) when creating the list of references or citations. This wondrous tool is thus simply the best in town!

Quick Overview of Oxford Referencing

  • Referred to as the documentary-note style of referencing, has two primary elements namely footnote citations and list of references.
  • Footnotes citation is used for in-text citations or citing the sources within the body of your paper in the form of footnotes while itemising each external source with a superscript numbering system.
  • List of references are more detailed and alphabetically arranged at the end of the paper that have special formatting techniques for enlisting external sources.
  • Footnotes, signified by the footnote identifier (superscripted numerical), follow a chronological order and are alphabetically listed using the author’s first name.
  • List of references in Oxford style of referencing have the full details of publication and include all works cited throughout the footnotes as well as the ones that you have paraphrased for your paper.

Benefits Galore with Oxford Referencing and Citation Generator

  • Auto-generated list of references and in-text citations available in a matter of moments
  • Free to use online tool that is reliable for each referencing style
  • Designed by PhD-qualified experts, has all the necessary formatting and structuring specifications for creating footnotes and list of references following the Oxford style of referencing
  • Save valuable energy, effort and time through auto-generated and accurate reference and citation generator in Oxford style of referencing
  • Can generate lists of references and citations for all documents – be it academic or professional – using Oxford style of referencing

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