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Annotated bibliographies are of two types – informative or descriptive and critical or analytical. Both of them are quite different from each other and critical bibliographies require a little bit of extra hard work in comparison to the other one. Our annotated bibliography assignment guidance covers both of these types so that you can get help from us regardless of the type you have been assigned. 

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How to write an annotated bibliography? Do it in three easy steps.

Students often search ‘how to write an annotated bibliography’ when they are unable to write. Though provides the required assistance, and you can opt for it at any point of time, you can also write it in three easy steps.

However, when you are doing this task, you can go through different annotated bibliography templates available on the Internet. You can also go through some samples of annotated bibliographies and understand how to apply those templates.

Remember to note down the annotated bibliography format as well. Have a look at the guidelines of your university and follow the instructions. Have a look at the general format that we have given below.

Prior to writing the annotated bibliography, always cite the source according to the citation style stated in the university guidelines like APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.

  • Write two to four sentences that will summarize the chief idea of the sources. You can include the topics that are covered by the book, the objective of writing, the main arguments, etc.
  • Write one or two sentences that will evaluate the source. You can write this section by comparing the information given by other sources. You can also speak about the credibility of the information.
  • Write a few sentences to include your opinion on the source. Mention if the information that you have got from this source was helpful to you, if the source was able to change your thinking process, etc.

Therefore, when you are asking how to make an annotated bibliography, remember these steps and follow them. However, the format is subject to change depending on the word count which is usually 150 words.

Keep in mind that all annotated bibliography is not written in the same way. Some bibliographies include a summary, whereas others may include a critical analysis of the source. Therefore, ask your professor and ensure which style you have to follow.

Allow us to present an example of annotated bibliography as an answer to your request “how to do an annotated bibliography?”

  1. The first step

Cite the source in the APA, MLA, Chicago or any other required style.

For example:

  • MLA

Thoroddsen, Ásta. The role of standardised nursing languages in representing nursing and supporting nurses as knowledge workers. Diss. Örebro universitet, 2010.

  • APA

Thoroddsen, Á. (2010). The role of standardised nursing languages in representing nursing and supporting nurses as knowledge workers (Doctoral dissertation, Örebro universitet).

  1. The second step

Summarize the primary ideas of the source. Keep in mind that your examiner must understand the objective of the source by reading this summary.

Therefore, the summary from the example stated above would be:

Thoroddsen’s doctoral thesis explains the role of standardized nursing languages and its importance to present nurses as knowledge workers. Nurses have to make complex clinical decisions so that they can provide the best nursing care to the patients. The use of standardized nursing language helps to record nursing data accurately.

  1. The third Step

The last step is to state your opinion about the source. Therefore, the evaluation would be like:

Thoroddsen’s doctoral thesis does an accurate study of the practice of the use of SNL. This article is cited numerous times. The information helped me to gather strong arguments to prove that SNL is necessary.

‘How Will You Do My Annotated Bibliography Assignment Without Any Errors?’ Here’s How! 

We completely understand that you have questions regarding our services in your mind and we’d be more than happy to entertain them. Queries like ‘how will you structure, draft and write my annotated bibliography assignment’ are all but natural, and we are here to answer them all. Here’s how our experts ‘do my annotated bibliography assignment.’ 

  • Select authentic source 

An ideal annotated bibliography is one that makes use of the right sources. Our experts possess the good judgment to know which sources need to be included and which need to be excluded in order to best cover the scope of your research. Hence, they pick only those sources which are relevant to your topic. They make sure that these sources are genuine and not fake ones before citing them. 

  • Summarize the evidence of the source 

The objective of an annotated bibliography is to offer an explanation of how the source you have chosen is relevant to the arguments you have made in your paper. Our writers are excellent in doing that and make a pretty convincing argument when stating why they have chosen that particular resource for your paper. They analyze various factors of your paper in this regard such as its research question, the repetition of ideas in the paper, the organization of the text, etc. 

  • Use only the style prescribed by you 

As mentioned before, annotated bibliographies can be categorized into two major types. While doing this section of your paper, our experts make sure that they only use the style prescribed you. They also mention all the resources used for your paper in their alphabetical order, so that is easy to go through them. 

If there is any other thing you want us to keep in mind while we do the annotated bibliography of your assignment, you can feel free to reach out us. Our aim is to offer you fully customized annotated bibliography assignment help. 

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