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Statistics is the science of grouping data and extracting meaningful results by using different tools and techniques. It is the methodology of collecting, analyzing, interpreting and drawing conclusion from the acquired information. Our statistics assignment help encompasses a broad area that consists of different numbers of fields. In other words, online statistics assignment help assists you to understand that statistics is much more than tabulation of number and graphical presentation of the tabulated numbers; rather it is the science of gaining information from the numerics and categorical numbers. If you find it complicated, take statistics assignment help from our expert tutors.

Methods used in statistics

Through our online statistics assignment help you get to know that the chief purpose of statistics is to analyze individual variables, relationships among variables and differences between groups. Later, the requirement of the particular method to complete the task is felt by the observers. This is why a body of methods is developed to conduct these analyses. Statistical methods are used in various disciplines such as life science, economics and agricultural science. These methods also play significant role in study of the measurement errors of random phenomena such as radioactivity or meteorological events. For further statistics assignment help, we describe the three different but most popular statistical methods:

1. Analyzing individual variables

This method is implemented to analyze a single variable describing a group (such as population) that consists of the measures of central tendency (a typical value for probability distribution) and measures of the variables. To illustrate the point, our statistics assignment help experts give an example, DNA profiling. This method is highly used to identify individuals and the characteristics of the DNA. You can gain essential information regarding implementing the method through online statistics assignment help.

2. Analyzing difference between groups

While implementing this type of statistical tests, our statistics assignment help experts help to find the reports that demonstrate the difference in the scores of two or more groups. Here our statistics assignment help experts give few examples of statistical tests that are designed to identify the differences between the groups.

  • T-Test: A t-test is appropriately formulated to determine the differences of scores of two groups on a single variable. For example, t-test could be used to witness whether the writing ability differs among the students in two classrooms. Through online statistics assignment help, you can get more relevant example like this.
  • Matched Pairs T-test: This type of t-tests reports difference of scores of the same participants under different conditions. Our statistics assignment help experts make you understand with an example that this type of test are capable of telling whether participants write better quality essays after taking writing classes than they did before taking the classes.
  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA): Our statistics assignment help experts point out that this statistical test makes a single but overall decision whether a significant difference is present in three or more samples. Our statistics assignment help experts further divide this test into two categories:
  1. One way ANOVA: This tests study a group or groups in order to rectify the difference on single set of scores. For example, a one-way ANOVA can tell whether freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior differ in their writing abilities. If you want any assistance to implement this test, take online statistics assignment help from us.
  2. Multiple ANOVA (MANOVA): Our statistics assignment help experts make sure that while implementing this test, it must reflect differences on two or more variables within a group or groups. This test could tell whether freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior differ in writing abilities and whether the varied writing skills are the reason of gender difference.

Analyzing relationships among variables

To identify statistical relationships among variables, the notions of correlation and regression is applied. These two concepts describe how one variable relates to another.

1. Correlation

These tests are used to determine how two variables are strongly associated with one another. Our statistics assignment help experts demonstrate an example. This test could be used to see whether there is relation between students' placement scores and their scores on standardized tests such as the ACT or SAT. Our online statistics assignment help material contain all sorts of example to make the learning process more easier.

 2. Regression

Regression analyzes and identifies which is the best fit between two or more variables. It allows the observer to determine how two or more independent variables decide the values of the dependant variables. Regression is categorized in two segments:

  1. Simple Linear Regression
  2. Multiple Linear Regression

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Types of data

When working with statistics, our statistics assignment help experts always suggest that it is important to recognize the different types of data. Data are the pieces of information that you come across while conducting your study or research. Our statistics assignment help experts classify data in three categories:

1. Numerical

It is expressed by numerical measurements not by any descriptive language. But it is also true that all numbers are not measurable or continuous. For example, social security number is just a number not that you can add or subtract.

Further our online statistics assignment help experts divide numerical data in two segments —

  1. Discrete data: It represents items that can be counted, but they take on possible values that can be listed out.
  2. Continuous data: It represents the measurements and their possible values that cannot be counted.

 2. Categorical

 According to our statistics assignment help experts, categorical data is only categorical measurement not the numbers. It is expressed by descriptive language. You can articulate person’s gender, marital status, hometown or the types of movies by categorical data. To know more, take online statistics assignment help.

  3. Ordinal

Our statistics assignment help experts define ordinal data as the mixture of the numerical and categorical data where categories have more impact but numbers placed on the categories also have meaning. For example, you are asked to rate a restaurant from the scale of 1 to 10. But here the number represents highest and lowest quality.

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Types of statistical tests

Statistical tests are designed mechanism for making quantitative decisions about a process or processes. According to the statistics assignment help experts, the intent of conducting statistical tests is to determine whether there is enough data to accept or reject the hypothesis about the process. Our statistics assignment help experts divide the statistical tests in two broad categories:

1. Parametric tests

This kind of test is carried out on the basis of the assumption that sample data comes from a particular distribution, generally from the normal distribution and makes the inference about the parameters of the distribution.

2. Non-parametric tests

Non-parametric tests make no such assumptions about the distribution of data. While testing the data, one must ignore absolute values of data points instead of focusing on the ordinal properties (such as which is the smallest or which is the common). But this type of test fails to demonstrate the statistical difference.

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