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No situation is more fraught with anxiety for the high school students than to present a college application essay in front of admission officers. But the most frightening part that might give you jitters is that it is the last opportunity to impress your admission officer. So any how you don’t want to miss the chance, no matter how bizarre the college application essay subjects are i.e. ‘If you could choose to be raised by a robot, dinosaur or aliens, who would you pick?’ (Brandies University, US) or ‘Are we alone?’ (Tufts University). Students tremble at the thought of writing college application essay.
To help you get started, our essay experts have combined college application essay writing process in three simple steps for easy understanding.

Three elementary stages of writing college application essay

Step 1 Choose a topic that highlights you

Your college application essay should reveal something important (obviously positive) about you. So make it all about you rather than focusing on great aspects of the particular college. The limelight should be on you, mention the extra-curricular activities you took part in your senior years.
Take a creative approach towards college application essay writing. Highlight those areas that are not covered yet like your high school records.
Don’t embellish your achievements in order to get attention. You will feel better if you do not strain to inflate yourself. 

Step 2 Better showing rather than telling

Simply stating facts drably in college application essay will not gain you points. So here is the trick: include specific details, examples, reasons and so on to describe your ideas and make them more alive.
For example: Do not write – ‘I like to be surrounded by people with a variety of background and interest’.
Instead, portray the situation by telling the reader what were you doing? Whom did you talk to? What good things you got from the experience?

Step 3 Use your own voice

Your college application essay writing should be strong enough to be heard. So try to be honest (Not everybody has to be good at everything, just be yourself), concise (don’t break the upper limit of essay word count), coherent (make it a series of snapshots of what you do) and individual (ask yourself how you can distinguish yourself form thousands of individual applicants).
Do not use the phrases and ideas that people have already used so many times now. Avoid statement like this, ‘There is so much suffering in the world I feel I have to do something about it.’ Do not try to be overly formal or use business like tone in your writing and most importantly don’t use unnecessary words.

Do describe things in your own rather than paraphrasing someone else’s ideas. Taking the above example, you can write about the incident that you had experienced recently and made you think of taking some actions in your college application essay.

If you think this is not easy for you, then you have an easier alternative to create a high-quality college application essay. It is taking expert college application essay help from application essay writing services.


How can assist you in writing A-one quality college application essay?

College application essay writing can cause a lot of pain. But you will not counter any of it if you have the support of We as a writing service provider deal with every sector of assignment writing. So our college application essay help writers know what an applicant wants in his or her college application essay and also an educational institution seeks in college application essay.

If you think you are capable enough to develop your own ideas, our college application essay help experts have some interesting fact to share with you. Here they list the four most crucial things that colleges search for in their applicants. Once you are done reviewing four important things, you can read five colossal mistakes that you have to avoid in college application essay writing.


4 things colleges seek from applicants

Is it not confusing to understand what a college wants from an applicant? Yes, every college possesses their own list of requirements. But in general there are certain qualities that most colleges search for in their potential applicants. Here are they:

• Extracurricular activities

What you do outside reflects a lot about you. This is why some applicants are asked to tell about their extra-curricular activities. If you have not been asked yet, include this part in your college application essay.
Remember: It is not the number that’s important, admission officers want to evaluate what you have learned so far and how you have grown through participating in those curriculum. Describe your experience so that your officers can understand you properly.

• Summer jobs

The truth is that gaining experience from a job in a mere food-joint is equivalent to any prestigious summer learning program.
Remember: It is all about what you have gained and not missed. So describe that in your words in your college application essay and you will be one step ahead of everybody.

• Letter of recommendation

A letter of recommendation reflects what kind of person you are. This holds grave significance in your application because it offers insights of your characters through another person’s eye.
Remember: A teacher who knows you well can give you insights into just about your academic strengths but also the qualities that carry in the class.

• College application essay

We will not remind you how crucial it is, when you are applying for a college. College application essay is a parameter to tell your admission officers how you are going to contribute to their institution.
Remember: This reveals more information about you than test scores.

If you are fazed by the thought of writing a college application essay, simply opt for college application essay help from application essay writing service.


5 common college application essay writing mistakes – how to fix them


1. Submitting inauthentic ideas 

Admission officers review thousands of college application essays every year, so they know who is catering to them real facts and who is cooking them up. So don’t write something that admission officers want to hear. Write something you want or else take college application help from application essay writing service.

2. Repeating oneself

College application essay is a chance to show who you really are. Do not waste time by writing those things that you have already stated in your application. Compose your essay in such a manner that your admission officers understand the reason why he should select you over others. A college application essay help provided by application essay writing service would be a better option in this case.

3. Using thesaurus words

Readers (admission committee) want to read your words not some alien words that you picked up from thesaurus. So be yourself and give them your genuine feelings. But it would also not be proper if you use casual tone that you usually use with your friends. So chose expert application essay writing service to get custom college application essay help.

4. Forgetting instructions

If you are asked to write a college application essay of 500 words, you need to wrap it up within 500 words. And 500 words mean 499 (maximum) not 2000 words. This is because you are being evaluated whether or not you can you can stick to instructions. College application essay help writers know how to implement specifications in their writings.

5. Failing to answer all questions promptly

Answering college application essay questions evaluates whether you have the skills to perform well in college. The admission committee wants to make sure that you live up to the expectation of your professors and tutors.
By avoiding these five major mistakes in college application essay writing, you eventually enhance the likelihood of being accepted in college. If you are still confused as to how to do it, avail college application essay help from application essay writing service.

So this is the story about college application essay. If you are heading to college, university or MBA school, crafting good quality college application essay is the most daunting task you might find. To put you a step ahead of other applicants, we have found an efficient solution for you. Here is your answer.

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