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The special genres of essay writing in which the students are required to provide their personal opinion in the first person are known as response essays. Also known as reaction essay, the students evaluate or review a subject provided to them, stating their preferences in response essay writing. The personal stand should be logical and unbiased with strong views about the subject. If you are not comfortable with writing your response essay, you can take the assistance of It is the most trusted online essay writing help services that provide impeccable response essays. With a strong team of 3000 plus academic experts, we provide response essay writing help at affordable prices.

6 ways to write a response essay

The approach to writing a response essay can vary significantly. Experts comment that there are six different ways to answer a reaction essay. The response essay needs you to provide your personal opinion. There are six different ways you can express your opinion comprehensively through a response essay. All these six responses depend on the issue or the topic that needs to be discussed in the response essay.

  • You can agree with the topic and all your responses will support the issue. You need to explain why you agreed with the subject.
  • You can disagree with the topic and provide concrete reasons why you dissent.
  • Sometimes it so happens that you partially agree to the topic. You can take this approach and provide adequate reasons to express why you do so.
  • Sometimes other than providing reasons, you can also share your personal experiences (relevant to the topic) through which you can express your response towards the issue.
  • You can take the assistance of some strong and practical examples through which your perspective can get justified. Expand the idea to complete the essay.
  • Most probably quite a number of studies have already been completed on the topic provided to you. Quote those studies in the essay and accordingly justify your stand.

Choose your approach according to the need and requirement. Generally, the essays need at least three strong arguments but if required may exceed too. It should be written in a proper response essay structure as properly structured essays earn the appreciation of the examiners.

Get perfect response essay examples from

Often the students feel the need for professional assistance while writing their essays. They fall short of ideas or are unaware of the ideal response essay structure. If you are one of them, then is your ideal destination. This proficient online educational assistance portal provides impeccable response essay examples at cheap prices. These response essay examples are available in varied topics. The academic experts of have vast experience in essay writing. They are competent to write flawless write-ups according to the guidelines of the universities of western countries. They also remain updated with the time to time guideline changes of the universities of UK, USA and Australia. You can ask these experts to make a response essay on any topic.

The response essay examples are especially beneficial to increase the knowledge and to widen the thinking spectrum. You will understand in what format these essays should be written and what should be the approach. The essays will include the strongest arguments which will help to persuade the reader. Other than response essay examples, you can also take the response essay help services. In this service, apart from getting an impeccable response essay, you can also receive online tutoring from the Ph.D. qualified experts.

How to write a response essay?

A response essay is often said to put forward a set of beliefs and opinions guided by logic and reasoning. Three things are necessary in a response essay, namely, the values and characteristics of the subject or topic, the personal views and its contribution. The best essays are written when the writer identifies with the topic. It brings the actual feelings of the writer.

Generally, the response essay is written in first person where the phrases like ‘I believe’, ‘I feel’, ‘In my opinion’ etc are common. The writer should not hesitate to write about their reactions in this form of essay writing. The response essay can be more than five paragraphs. Many students are oblivious about the procedure to write a response essay. After consulting with the experts of the response essay help services, this is a general procedure to prepare the essay. Following it will also help to understand the ideal response essay structure.

As in all other types of essay writing, it is divided into three major segments, namely, introduction, body and conclusion.


The introduction of the response essay is longer than the other essay formats. It ranges from 2 to 3 paragraphs which provide substantial information about the subject topic and what will be the approach of the writer. The introduction contains:

  • Details about the topic (if the essay is reviewing a book then it will be title, author, publication)
  • Thesis statement
  • A short synopsis

It should be concise and intriguing enough to get the attention of the reader. It can begin with an anecdote, statistic or an example which will engross the readers.


In the body, the statement is expanded and explained. Depending on the viewpoint of the writer, these body paragraphs are written. In each paragraph, the characteristics of the topic are discussed, followed by the perspective of the writer. So, it will follow either of the two systems, feature with the similar opinion or feature with the contrasting opinion. The body paragraphs of response essays can be three or more than that.

  • First body paragraph- The strongest argument for/ against the topic. Relevant explanation of the writer beginning with, “I agree with…” or ‘I disagree with…”. The essay will become enriched if the students also include practical examples and experiences.
  • Second body paragraph- The second strongest argument for/ against the topic. If the first body paragraph includes an example, the students can include a quote in this paragraph.
  • Third body paragraph - This paragraph will discuss another such trait of the subject and the writer will provide his/her opinion accordingly. The students can use reasoning in this paragraph according to the thesis statement.
  • Other body paragraphs- If the essay comprises of more body paragraphs, then it may discuss other arguments in favor of the stand. The students can also include their personal experiences or they can even discuss previous studies on the same topic.


Many students add new information in the conclusion which is wrong. In the concluding section, the students should summarize the arguments and state the contribution of the write-up. It can also call for the attention of the readers on the broader and larger issues with a subtle appeal to the readers to support the argument. It should be distinctly different from the introduction and should not look similar to it.

The students should remember these crucial points before writing their response essay. It will help them to write a better response essay according to the expectations of their professor.

Response essay topics

In the response essays, the professors look for some fresh and innovative approaches by the students. The students who take a new perspective in the essay score more than the others. Response essay topics are very diverse and they can be from any subject, field or concern. From a rising social issue to a comedy film, everything is a potential response essay topic. Few examples of such response essay topics are as follows:

  • The movie that you can watch again and again
  • Critically describe the favorite character of a novel
  • Football is the most adored sport in the world. Your views
  • A book that changed my outlook
  • Describe a fairy tale that you read in your childhood

Generally, the professors assign the response essay topics from the fields like cinema, sports and books. The students can expect questions on response essay from other fields too. They can also take the assistance of the professional response essay writing help services of, if they feel helpless with their essays. It provides diligent assistance on any response essay topic.

Response essay: Useful suggestions

Many students find response essay and evaluative essay similar to each other. They often get confused and write an evaluative essay instead of a response essay that is assigned to them. There are the significant differences between the two genres of essay writing. While evaluative essay is based more on reasoning, reaction essay is more concerned with the personal opinion and responses. Evaluative essay tells the reader whether the subject is good or bad according to the criteria, while response essay just provides the personal views and tells the reason behind the opinion. The students should not mix them up while writing these practical tasks. Some other useful suggestions for the students writing a response essay are as follows:

  • Though the essay asks for personal opinions, they should be backed with strong facts and evidence.
  • Response essay is a little different from other forms of essay writing. So, the students should start writing the essay only after a precise planning.
  • The most effective way to write the response essay is to use the compare and the contrast method. It clearly provides your stand without any ambiguity.
  • The students should have a back-up of relevant examples which can make their position stronger.
  • Every expert says that it is imperative to proofread the content after writing. Editing out the mistakes and providing an impeccable look to the content will make it more worthy.

These expert suggestions will help the students to write their response essays. If you too are looking for expert suggestions then you can contact the response essay help services of - serving students around the globe

The proficient services of are available around the world. It has a team of 3000 plus academic writers who have completed their education from the most reputed universities of UK, USA and Australia. With a profound experience, they are the ideal source to provide the best assistance to the students around the world. Other than essay help services, the students can also avail expert assignment help, dissertation writing services, case study help, term paper help and many more effective services. The team of works with a simple objective: to provide the best assistance and on-time delivery of the content.

It has received enormous praise from the students around the globe. With an increasing customer base, the services are enriched with enthralling features:

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So, look nowhere else and settle for This proficient website provides the best response essay writing help to the students. You can secure the highest grades in evaluation with our impeccable response essays.

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