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Procedure for writing an Essay

The basic steps of writing an essay

An academic work requires excellent essay writing skills by the student. It is true that all students do not acquire the skill of writing impressive essays from the beginning but constant practice, and useful guidance can lead the student to write better essays in the years to come. Students can go through a variety of essay samples from reputed essay writers over the Internet. Initially, a student can go through this article for a first hand idea on how to start working on an essay assignment during a coursework.

Get started with your Essay

At first it is crucial for a student to examine the essay question. Many students tend to start writing over a subject they know very well without adhering to the actual question being posed. This may result in the writing of many irrelevant things.

You can even focus on the keywords contained within the question to understand how you can proceed in writing an essay. Examples of Keywords are like ‘Analyze’, ‘Compare’ and ‘Examine’. Such keywords can give you an idea of the way you will discuss the topic.
Even while you are developing your argument, make sure to back it with concrete evidence, still adhering to the question.

Go for a Topic Research

You should always go for researching over the topic by gathering all the relevant evidence from various sources. Make sure to note down all the evidences on a rough draft, mentioning about all those sources. You will have to distinguish between your own ideas and other author’s work within your work to avoid any plagiarism.

Planning is a must

Make sure to plan your essay content well. Planning includes things like sticking to the word count, stating all the evidences correctly and allocation of paragraph headings. This technique will help you in saving time for your essay making.

Ultimately write your Essay

When it comes to writing, you should make sure to avoid any spelling or grammatical errors, especially with the names of the authors and the titles of the books being referenced. Do not just rely on the spell check of your computer but also go for proofreading which involves yourself and even your friends for a second opinion. Lastly, you can work your essay’s introduction first or with the body whichever you like depending upon how elaborately you can stick to your thesis.
Make sure that the Introduction is to the point. It should not be too small or too big and should end with a hook statement leading to the next paragraph.

Main Body
Your essay’s Main Body can consist of three to four body paragraphs. Each paragraph can consist of three to four sentences. Remember to end each paragraph with a hook statement that leads to the next one.

Make sure to avoid adding anything new into the conclusion of the essay. It should only consist of the summarization your topic. It can also include some quotations, unlike the Introduction part. It should not be abrupt and should reiterate the essay thesis.
General Points:-
Make sure to avoid writing an essay in First Person Language like “I think”. You should also avoid writing in List Format as it may give the impression to the teacher that you are avoiding sufficient explanation while presenting your information.
Final Checking
While you proof read your essay then make sure even to read it aloud so that you can track any typographical errors if any. You should also check out the bibliography you have included at the end of your essay, citing all the references and quotations used within the content body.
You should follow all these mentioned guidelines to engage the interest of the reader towards your essay. Various essay examples are given by reputed essay writers over the Internet to help you out in this direction.

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