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Grammar can Help in writing an Essay

Help in an essay with Grammar

Grammar: Adverbs and Adjectives:- Many people often get confused between an Adjective and an Adverb although they know what does an Adjective stand for. Some people do not have an idea of what an adverb exactly is and then they interchangeably use it in place of an adjective. The main aim of both these words is to describe a particular place, situation or person.

Grammar: Letters in Capital:- A student is taught when and where to use Capital letters while writing right from the school days. At times a confusion remains on specific usage of capital letters.

Grammar: Words which are confusing:- Words that tend to confuse are similar sounding words, but they are different in meaning and spelling. They are known as Homonyms alias Homophones. Examples of Homonyms are “Here”, “There” and “Where”.

Grammar: Words which are confusing:- Words that tend to confuse are similar sounding words, but they are different in meaning and spelling. They are known as Homonyms alias Homophones. Examples of Homonyms are “Here”, “There” and “Where”.

Grammar: Sentences which are Incomplete:- Incomplete Sentences that are also known as Fragments are usually subordinate clauses of a complex sentence. Since these sentences obstruct clarity, so they are also categorized into grammatical errors and are hence considered as incorrect.

Grammar: Prepositions:- Prepositions are the words that show the relationship between nouns.

Grammar: Pronouns:- A Pronoun is a word used in place of a noun within a sentence.

Grammar: Verbs and Subjects:- Every sentence that contains a subject must also contain a verb. A verb and subject are always connected to each other. In simple words, we can say that a Subject is the person interacting with a Verb within a sentence.

Grammar: Who and Whom:- The terms “who” and “whom” are both Pronouns but they are often meant to replace the Noun within the sentence interchangeably. Usually, “who” is used for the Subject of the sentence whereas “whom” is applied for the Object of the sentence.

Grammar: Who, Which and That:- At times, students tend to misapply these terms in sentences. The word “who” applies to a person, “which” applies to things and “that’ can be used for either people or things.

Grammar: Whoever and Whomever:- “Whoever and whomever” can be used similarly to “who and whom”. The term “whoever” can be used for the subject and “whomever” can be used for an object.

Help in an essay with Punctuation

Punctuation: The Apostrophe:- An apostrophe can be used in two ways. It can indicate a missing letter in compound words, or it can even be used to indicate possession.

Punctuation: Brackets:- Brackets are used to add information that is supplementary to a sentence or clause.

Punctuation: The Colon:- In an essay, a colon can be used to introduce lists or explanations. A colon can also be used to add emphasis to a point being made.

Punctuation: Dashes and Hyphens:- A Hyphen is a Single Horizontal Line, which is used to combine words into Compound Words. A Dash, on the other hand, is a Double Length Hyphen used to separate clauses and sentences instead of using a colon, semi-colon, comma or a full stop.

Punctuation: The Question Mark:- A Question Mark is used at the end of a sentence to reflect it as an Interrogative Statement.

Punctuation: The Quotation Mark:- There are two types of Quotation Marks used in sentences. They are single and double.

Punctuation: The Semi-Colon:- Similar to colons, even semi-colons are used to reflect the relation between sentences or clauses. If they are not used then these sentences or clauses will be treated as distinct.

Punctuation: Termination Marks:- Termination Marks are used to terminate alias end a sentence. The three types of Termination Marks are Full Stops, Question Marks and Exclamation Marks.
If students can use these tips in an appropriate manner then they can work on assignments related to any essay topics given by their teachers.

Grammar and Punctuations are important in all types of writing work apart from an essay

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