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Whenever you enter into a study course, then you surely come across the term “Plagiarism”. Teachers and seniors always suggest avoiding any plagiarism during the coursework. Let’s have a look at the various definitions of Plagiarism.


Stealing is equal to Plagiarism

Plagiarism can be described as the worst kind of stealing as it is taking somebody else’s ideas and flaunting them as your own. It can be compared with cheating. In schools, colleges and Universities, students who are caught in the act of plagiarism are punished severely. Their grades are lowered and at times they are even expelled from their institution. In professional life if you are caught in this act then you can be prosecuted as plagiarism is also now a criminal offense.

Plagiarism and the Internet

The Internet has become a vast source of information and students can get ideas of doing plagiarism with the help of it. They should remember that nowadays even teachers in schools, colleges or universities have started using plagiarism detecting tools to analyze the content of the assignments submitted by students. So if you are thinking of purposely plagiarizing any content then chances of getting caught are bright.

Plagiarism by Accident

Even if a student is not culpable of going for deliberate plagiarism free essay, he or she may land up in accidental plagiarism at times. This can happen if a student carries out extensive research work and starts working upon the assignment in haste, then there may be chances of lifting up notes or parts of it and that content may make the task plagiaristic. The student may tend to forget that where did his ideas stop working and an author’s ideas started working over the assignment content.

Ways of Avoiding Plagiarism

If you want to avoid plagiarism then it is important that you start recording every single reference within your notes. You should also list every single book that you are consulting that too in the referencing style which is required by your institute. Such steps will prevent you from accidental plagiarism and will also help you develop a bibliography style over a period of time. You can also focus on some key areas like Structuring of the essay body, utilizing evidences, developing argument and drawing out conclusions. Lastly, make sure to give credit to all those authors whose quotes and works you are citing within the assignment else change your language to project their ideas. Their names list for referencing should be done in the end within a bibliography.

You will be the Sufferer on Plagiarizing

Always remember that crime never pays. Since plagiarism is also a grave crime, you should follow such guidelines and make sure that nobody can ever accuse you of having committed this crime throughout your academic life and beyond.

Is Buying an Essay also an act of Plagiarism?

If you buy an essay to utilize it for research purposes then it will not be an act of plagiarism as long as you do not copy it totally and submit it to your teacher. If you try to reorganize all the words and copy those from such bought essays then also, you will be accounting for plagiarism. Such an act can invite you for penalties from your teacher.
Let us hope that the students will get a better idea of what plagiarism is all about from this article. This is a crucial thing to keep in mind which all good essay writers always remember.

Plagiarism is a Disease that may Affect many other Assignments apart from Essays.

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