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An argumentative essay is one in which the writer takes a stand in favor or against a topic and justifies his stand or point of view using valid arguments or pieces of evidence. Argumentative essay writing is like a debate where the writer puts forward both sides of the issue and defends the side that he/she feels is the correct representation/cause/effect of the issue. If students read previously written argumentative essay examples, they will understand the structure, language and approach required to write the essay.

Students should also seek argumentative essay help and argumentative essay writing tips from their professors or seniors so that their essay upholds their arguments perfectly. 

Argumentative essay examples

Argumentative essay examples are a great way to learn the essay writing art -

Title: Fast-Food and Obesity Have a Hand-in-Glove Relationship

Fast-food is exactly what its name suggests – it is food that is prepared quickly. It has mesmerized the student population since its inception and is showing no signs of slowing down. Do you know what else is showing no signs of slowing down because of fast-food? You will not get any prizes for guessing that Obesity is the collateral damage borne from fast-food. About 33 percent of children between the ages of 6 to 19 are either overweight or obese and the chief cause of this horrible situation is the alarming intake of fast-food. 

A McDonald’s Big Mac gives you 563 calories worth of energy, but most of this energy is in the form of fat. The Mac has 33 grams of fat which is almost two to three times more than your average home-cooked meal.  

Fat does provide the human body with energy to do all possible tasks and has even helped people to lose weight through a high-fat and low-carbohydrate diet, but if it is consumed in large quantities, these situations will arise – 

• An alarming rate of weight gain is the first situation. The consumed fat in a high-fat fast-food diet remains in the stomach if equivalent fat-burning activities are not carried out. The blood stream is flooded with broken down glucose that is not being used. This unused glucose is stored in cells, and mostly, it is stored in your abdominal cells since they are the closest. Thus, it increases the belly fat and makes you overweight and obese.
• Consumption of fatty fast-foods and processed meat products greatly increases the cholesterol levels in your blood. This cholesterol blocks the heart’s veins and arteries leading to fatal heart diseases.
As we have discussed, fast-food does, in fact, provide you with an abundance of energy which is not utilized because of the modern customs. Children like to stay indoors and play video games rather than burn all the extra fat while playing outside. These unhealthy practices and the deceitfully great taste of the fast-foods combine as a deadly duo to continue making people obese.

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Argumentative essay writing tips on structure of the essay

Looking at the sample given above, we can see that this essay has almost the same structure as most of the other essays. The structure comprises of three principal components –

• Introduction

The introduction of the essay should contain a background of the issue and how your argument justifies the issue. It should also contain your thesis statement that introduces the readers to your argument on the issue. In the above example, the thesis statement is, “Obesity is the collateral damage borne from fast-food.”
Seek argumentative essay help for better introductory statements. 

• Body

The body of the essay should be a continuation of the thought process from the introductory paragraph. You should explain your argument further and provide evidence (preferably in point form as in the above sample) in its support. The body paragraph(s) should form the bulk of your essay as it explains what you are trying to prove.


• Conclusion

The conclusion paragraph should contain the closure for the introductory paragraph and it can also be written to summarize the whole essay.

Seek argumentative essay help for better conclusive statements. 

Expert argumentative essay writing tips

Students should take note of these tips on how to write perfect argumentative essays:
• Spend at least 60 percent of your allotted essay writing time in conducting research.
• Create and utilize an essay outline. This outline will ensure that you do not miss any crucial part of the essay.
• Always select a topic that you have prior knowledge about. If you select a topic that you are passionate about, that will be the best possible scenario because your essay will be perfectly genuine. Also, the essay will become an effortless task if the topic is of value to you.
• Write your essay keeping the readers’ perspectives in mind. If you write your essay in informal language to be submitted to an academic, the reader will become disinterested.
• Ask your friends, family and teachers to review your essay. They are a source of invaluable feedback to improve the essay. 

Final check for errors

Students should perform a final check on their argumentative essay and ensure that these mistakes are corrected – 

• Avoid emotional language

Since this essay is argumentative and not a persuasive one, you should always write it with minimum emotion. The focus should be on facts, figures and evidence. You do not have to convince someone to do something, rather you are supposed to argue for a stand on an issue and justify it. 

• Never provide false evidence

The whole base of an argument is to provide correct evidence so that your argument is justified. If you provide false evidence and it is detected by the evaluator, you may have to write the essay again or have to provide true evidence. Either way, you will have to work extra, and that is highly undesirable in your hectic life. In the worst case scenario, you may even face severe punishment. 

• Citations are necessary

While writing the essay, make sure you give proper references and cite all the sources of information that you have taken help from. If you have paraphrased an article or quoted from a book, do not forget to provide citations for all of them. The citations will depend on which format you are following. 

• Check for grammar and spelling errors

With the advent of modern computers, submissions of coursework papers that contain spelling mistakes have reduced drastically. Yet somehow, students manage to overlook spelling and grammar errors due to sheer carelessness. Never submit your argumentative essay without running a spell-check and checking for grammar mistakes. 

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