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200+ Ideal Construction Dissertation Topics for Student in 2024

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Construction is a large sector that includes many different sorts of construction and civil engineering employment. Carpentry, constructing roads, bridge building, and home design are all jobs in the construction business. This economic sector is one of the biggest in the world since it builds the infrastructure for cities, communities, and even nations.

The Importance of Research in the Field of Construction

There is a long history of research on project design, planning, and execution in the construction sector. In this field of study, traditional research techniques are combined with human research techniques from the social sciences. The scientific field may have a significant impact on the construction industry. It offers a fantastic chance to raise business performance and transform people’s lives in the sector. Additionally, it can help decision-makers and leaders in the sector understand where we are, where we’re going, and any potential risks or opportunities.

Purpose of the Dissertation

The purpose of a dissertation shows what the study will perform, which should be consistent with the problem description. The purpose also covers the methods you’ll use for your research and the kind of assessments you’ll draw.

Research Objectives and Questions

Writing the Research Questions and Hypotheses is the study’s most crucial step in achieving its goals. But your research questions make clear what your dissertation’s specific goals are. In other words, the reader will know exactly what you plan to try to address (or answer) during the dissertation process when they read your research questions.

Literature Review

A literature review is an in-depth analysis and study of the previous writings on the topic you have chosen. The literature evaluation is crucial because it establishes the groundwork for the investigation. It may make up a sizeable chunk of the final content, depending on the specific criteria of the dissertation.

Overview of the Existing literature on construction Management

Over the past two decades, the construction industry has been compelled to give the notion of “performance” a lot more consideration due to increased rivalry, consumer demands, and greater quality requirements in the global market. As a result, the field of construction management has produced a sizable body of literature on performance and performance measurement.

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Now it’s time to get your hands on the blueprint to success with our extensive selection of construction dissertation examples. From innovative methodologies to in-depth case studies, our curated collection provides invaluable guidance for students and professionals alike. You can refer to these examples to harness the expertise of leading scholars to facelift your papers.

Construction Dissertation Topics Example

Check This Construction Dissertation Topics Example

View Sample

Key Theories, Concepts, and Frameworks Relevant to the Dissertation Topic

There are a few basic theories that help to manage a project. Three theories underpin our understanding of construction management:

  1. Planning
  2. Execution
  3. Control

The quality of the project is a major concept that influences a project’s success in the literature (Wanberg et al., 2013; Romeo et al., 2014). According to Arditi and Gunaydin (1997), the concept is defined as conforming to a project’s statutory, aesthetic, and functional standards.

A framework for evaluating quality is required for construction projects to help clients choose quality-oriented companies that deliver higher quality goods and processes on time and within budget (Idrus and Sodangi, 2010; Dina et al., 2010). In managing quality, some organisations put special emphasis on things like training, leadership, and benchmarking, while others take a comprehensive approach to quality elements, according to Porter and Parker (1993).

Analysis of Previous Studies and Their Findings

Researchers in the construction industry frequently oversimplify the client’s involvement in the construction management process. This is partly due to researchers’ predisposition to utilise “broadcast” survey methods, which only really penetrate the client’s reality to a very shallow degree. Access to crucial data necessitates a new arrangement between the researcher and the client. It is stated that construction management researchers must adopt a sound methodological approach that considers both ontological and epistemological points of view if they are to address the issues that the construction industry faces effectively. Only then, it is said, will we completely comprehend the phenomena that affect organisational and project performance in the construction industry.

Identification of Research Gaps and limitations

Construction management research has some restrictions as the survey’s results are solely based on the opinions of architects and contractors. More respondent types, such as owners of construction projects and policy makers, would have improved the study’s conclusions.

The main conclusions might be different if a subsequent empirical investigation took into account small businesses and respondents at various levels. Additionally, this study used a single, knowledgeable respondent from each sampled company because a company-wide emphasis is necessary for the implementation of quality management to be successful. Future research should use different approaches, such as case studies.


Research Approach

This type of quantitative research method is used, usually done by interviewing the construction managers, engineers and labours. The term “quantitative research” refers to the methodical gathering and analysis of data from various respondents that is based on numerical numbers. After gathering the data, it is analysed using various mathematical, statistical, and computational tools to produce the results.

Data Collection Methods

A systematic methodology is used in quantitative research to collect and interpret data in a consistent way using techniques like experiments, surveys, and statistical modelling. Here, questionnaires were administered through structured one-on-one interviews with architects and contractors.

Sampling Techniques and Sample Size Determination

Simple random sampling is used in these types of research, where the researcher precisely defines the population from which the sample is chosen. A framework for population inclusion and exclusion must be provided. Every member of a population has an equal chance of being chosen as a responder when using simple random sampling.

Data Analysis Methods

In the context of the construction sector, delays and hazards were identified, evaluated, and prioritised using statistical analysis using the relative relevance index and fuzzy ranking. The most significant risk, which creates a long-term issue for every building project, was determined. New dangers were discovered throughout the tendering process. All parties involved in the construction sector are expected to use the study’s findings as a manual to evaluate potential delays and risks in their construction processes and take steps to mitigate them.

 Findings and Discussion

The results reveal that architects and contractors agree that customer happiness, human resource management, and construction-specific characteristics are the most critical elements determining quality. The results also imply that strategic planning, ongoing improvement, and resources are the least crucial elements. Additionally, a conceptual framework encapsulating the primary quality characteristics is created.

Presentation and Analysis of the Collected Data

The researchers used A census sampling strategy, “where the sample size equals the population size.” To address the research topics, this study used a variety of statistical methods and processes. Cronbach’s coefficient was used for this test, and descriptive statistics and reliability analysis were used to evaluate the internal consistency of the questions.

Interpretation of the Findings in Relation to the Research Objectives

Researchers found that in order to achieve the goal of continuous improvement, contractors should focus more on the factors of strategic planning, human resource management, and leadership before turning their attention to the factors of process management, market focus, customer, analysis, measurement, and knowledge management.

Discussion of the Implications of the Findings for the Construction Industry

The means, techniques, methods, procedures of construction, and sequences, as well as safety measures and programs throughout the construction process, are all under the constructor’s control. The main elements that determine quality in the construction process are project needs. According to a review of the literature on quality elements in construction, not all of the criteria are as frequent and important as one another, but they all work well together.

Comparison and Integration of the Findings With the Existing Literature

Studies emphasised the elements influencing construction quality. Each study has helped to clarify some elements influencing quality. However, there aren’t many published books that thoroughly discuss the elements, especially influencing the standard of construction around the globe. Researchers continue to have varied opinions about which of the various aspects affecting quality should be highlighted the most.


Summary of the Research Objectives and key findings

According to the findings of this study, quality can be described as how closely a project complies with its specifications and meets the demands of the owner, the designer, the builder, and any applicable regulatory bodies.

Contributions to the Field of Construction Management

The research’s conclusions have ramifications for decision-makers in the construction sector, including contractors, architects, and owners. The current findings should serve as the foundation for future plans and prospective innovations aimed at improving quality in the building industry.

Limitations of the Study

There are several limitations to the current study. The survey’s results are solely based on the opinions of architects and contractors. The findings of this study have significant ramifications for various levels of management at construction firms. To preserve a balanced and integrated quality strategy, managers can focus on the highest aspects and catch up with their lowest significant factors by knowing the quality factors.

Recommendations for Future Research

If more owners of construction projects and policymakers were included as respondents, the study’s conclusions would be more accurate. The scope of the future study should include additional project kinds, such as public initiatives.

Now that you have an idea about what to include in the construction management dissertation, here is an extensive list of topics curated to spoil you with choice.

Construction Engineering Dissertation Topics:-

  1. Making use of renewable energy sources to build sustainable dwellings
  2. Visualising a positive future; sustainability and its effects on societies.
  3. Sustainable development using concrete’s inherent qualities; evaluation of current research and innovations.
  4. The building industry’s use of management and lean manufacturing techniques
  5. Should construction safety practises and laws be revised or remodelled in light of recent trends in accidents and the function of laws?
  6. A study of the effects of cutting-edge technologies on the construction sector
  7. Procurement methods; evaluations of the best procurement tactics for the construction sector
  8. Building management, emphasising best practices in contemporary building projects
  9. Using technology to create zero-carbon buildings, zero-carbon structures
  10. Determining the best practices for waste reduction in construction projects
  11. How demolition might be modelled to build new structures; Waste in Construction
  12. Timber, steel, or concrete: assessments of construction materials? Investigation of materials to determine the best use of materials
  13. Creating efficient ventilation systems for high-rise structures
  14. Investigation into the economic and employment crisis brought on by the coronavirus.
  15. Describe how Covid-19 has affected the UK or any other country of your choice’s construction engineering.

 Eco-Friendly and Environment-Safe Construction Dissertation Topics:-

  1. The role of environmentally friendly building practises in enhancing life on Earth 2. A critical examination of the reasons why people are switching to modular homes
  2. The use of sun-cooling methods in contemporary architecture
  3. The adoption of photovoltaic technology in the construction industry and its impact on the world at large
  4. What part does waste management play in the building industry?
  5. How can space be created for new projects when every convenient location is fully utilised?
  6. The function of “green technology” in contemporary architecture
  7. How sustainable development affects the building sector
  8. How important is pollution control in the building industry?
  9. The harm that was utilising low-quality materials causes to the environment
  10. Building Green: Environmental Management Perspectives in Construction
  11. Simulating the flow of rainwater over unsaturated green roof substrates
  12. The significance of eco-friendly building practises and waste reduction
  13. Are the client’s design preferences influenced by the environmental evaluation methods?
  14. Does the ideology of conservation in buildings affect how conservationists actually make decisions?

Risk Management in Construction Projects Dissertation Topics:- 

  1. Earthquake risk management: Pay attention to potential obstacles and advantages.
  2. Sustainable risk management: an analysis of the actual data.
  3. A thorough review of risk management in the construction industry
  4. Global comparison of industrialised and developing nations’ approaches to geotechnical risk management
  5. Researching the rules and norms related to the field of risk management.
  6. Researching the connection between risk management and consumer safety.
  7. A futuristic examination of the field of risk management: a survey of empirical data
  8. Security risk management for smart grids: a brand-new area to research
  9. SME risk management: concentrate on the effective methods.
  10. A correlational analysis of risk management and population health
  11. Researching the relationship between performance assessment and supply chain risk management.
  12. A survey of the literature on a worldwide catastrophe risk management system
  13. Being aware of the connection between risk analysis and risk management.
  14. Enterprise risk management: concentrate on possible obstacles and remedies.
  15. Focus on X countries in relation to corporate governance and risk management.

 Technology-Related Construction Dissertation Topics :-

  1. A critical review of cost control in the construction of buildings, roads, and bridges
  2. The many building methods and technology utilised to build airports, harbours, and train terminals
  3. BIM’s (Business Information Modelling) impact on the building industry
  4. The significance of robotics and automation in modern infrastructure
  5. Emphasising the value of information systems used in construction management and how they affect the progress of the construction.
  6. Examining the function of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in managing building projects
  7. How technology is affecting how building projects are managed
  8. Using drones to inspect construction sites
  9. 3D printing’s effects on the building sector
  10. Using virtual reality to supervise building projects
  11. Researching the relationship between performance assessment and supply chain risk management.
  12. A survey of the literature on a worldwide catastrophe risk management system.
  13. Being aware of the connection between risk analysis and risk management.
  14. Enterprise risk management: concentrate on possible obstacles and remedies.
  15. Focus on X countries in relation to corporate governance and risk management.

 Dissertation Topics For Modern Structural Design:-

  1. To examine high-durability materials for earthquake-proof structures and their integration with current systems
  2. To develop and test structural designs for very sensitive environments that are blast resistant to military standards.
  3. To assess the use of recycled plastic waste in brick production and the related economic factors
  4. To assess the usage of graphene in the production of high-quality, affordable steel and its application in offshore design
  5. To develop affordable dams to address seasonal flooding issues in Pakistan and lessen their environmental impacts.
  6. Using six different methods, you may assess the asphalt content and the state of the road.
  7. Structural issues with the underground city train system and how spatial stress analysis can be used to solve them
  8. Advanced risk assessment techniques are being developed to analyse the stability of dynamic and complex structures utilising simulation models.
  9. An Indonesian port called Patimban Seaport serves as a case study for the significant arrangements needed to develop megastructures in coastal settings.
  10. Use of concrete made from Oobleck for the construction of highly resistant structures and its financial effects.
  11. An investigation into the traditional methods for assessing the condition of the asphalt and roads
  12. An original examination of the evolution of structural engineering in the information era
  13. A thorough examination of the part structural engineers plays in advancing medical treatments and technologies.
  14. A review of third zone engineering’s networking principle
  15. An examination of the application of uncertainty quantification and geo-mechanical inverse modelling in structural engineering

Sustainable Construction and Architectural Dissertation Topics:-

  1. Investigating the financial effects of green technology
  2. How do local, state, and federal politics influence the sustainability of the environment?
  3. How sustainable is the environment now and in the years to come?
  4. Low-end consumers using green energy
  5. How green technology may impact business operations
  6. How much of a contribution does green technology make to environmental sustainability?
  7. Global environmental sustainability frameworks and green technology
  8. Using green technology in poor nations
  9. What role do policies have in a nation’s adoption of green technology?
  10. Green technology and environmental sustainability incentives
  11. What functions do NGOs play in green technology and environmental sustainability?
  12. Green thinking with real impact on sustainability
  13. A comprehensive strategy for environmental sustainability
  14. Is it possible to strike a balance between green technology and lifestyle?
  15. How do businesses view green energy and environmental sustainability?

Civil Engineering Dissertation Topics on Construction:-

  1. Remote sensing application research to support the growth of sustainable business
  2. Research to explore and create water treatment methods
  3. Research to examine sustainable construction technologies and materials
  4. Sustainable engineering research: new goals for construction projects
  5. Analysis of granular material micromechanics.
  6. Research into converting a manufacturing facility into a sustainable business.
  7. Investigation of the link between sustainability and learning organisation.
  8. Research to examine the effects of sustainability concepts on organisational development and growth.
  9. Research to ensure sustainable heat conservation generated by compressors within a manufacturing site.
  10. Studying and creating waste reduction strategies to implement sustainable concepts
  11. Concrete properties are being researched in order to achieve sustainability.
  12. Lean manufacturing and sustainable manufacturing: Research into their Interaction.
  13. Studies on sustainability’s effects on learning organisations
  14. Use of renewable energy sources in the construction of sustainable homes.
  15. Cold-formed steel structures with seismic design for residential applications

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