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A Complete Guide on Technical Presentation & Formatting of Assignments

Do you still remember the instructions from your teacher which she used to give you while assigning homework in the elementary school? If you do, perhaps you will remember that one of her instruction...

Reflective Writing – How It Promotes Quality Learning

Every day we are learning something new and adding them to our experiences. Perhaps it doesn’t cross our mind until and unless it’s a major issue, but the process of learning does not stop for on...

Tips to Write a Good Assignment

Wondering How To Write An Assignment From Scratch To Hatch? Follow The Steps To Perfection Are you pondering over "How to write an academic assignment?” Well, you are not alone. When stu...

4 Basic Tips to Structure an Assignment

Students in higher academia, typically in universities and colleges, spend more time on writing the main body of an assignment than they do on structuring. The result is that professors are often b...

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Frequency Distribution Table Examples for Grouped & Ungrouped Data

Everything is data. Every entity, living, non-living, and artificial, possesses some data. For example, you, dear reader, can have a gigabyte-sized data file filled with your data. The details of you...

How To Improve Your Assignment? 10+ Assignment Writing Rules

Working day and night on your assignments and you still fail to get good grades? This is a major problem for everyone specially those lacking assignment writing skills. Some blame it on the assi...

Creating Your First Assignment Draft- A Students’ Guide!

Commonly known as the sloppy copy, the first draft is a rough copy of your paper assignment format. It is an incomplete piece of writing mainly to sort ideas for the paper.  ...

Everything You Need to Know About Onomatopoeia

“Tring … Tring … Tring …The phone kept on ringing but nobody answered..” Do the above two lines give you an instant visual of a telephone ringing? It's because of the resembling word ‘...

How to Cite a Poem- The Best Guide Ever

Citing poems is an essential practice in academic and literary contexts that allows writers to give proper credit to the original authors and sources of poetic works. When referencing poems, it not o...

4 Easy Ways To Avoid Plagiarism In Your Academic Assignments

In the realm of academia, the integrity of one's work is paramount, and the act of plagiarism poses a significant threat to this fundamental principle. This section of the document lays the foundatio...

How to Write The Perfect Hook for Your Assignment

You must already know how crucial it is to capture the reader's attention with your writing. Readers may become bored and uninspired by stories without powerful beginnings, and we don't want tha...

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

Michael Eugene Porter, an eminent American economist and academic, was the brain behind the Fiver Forces Analysis. This is essentially a framework that he proposed to analyze the dynamics of an indus...

Check Plagiarism In Your Assignments

One must have academic integrity to study and communicate new ideas while respecting the opinions and contributions of others. Academic integrity is the dedication to ethical behaviours and cond...

10 Ways to Solve Accounting Questions

As a student, it’s impossible to avoid writing assignments as they are an integral part of your academic life. And when you are an accounting major, things get very tricky. Needless to say, problem...

Best Guide on How to Write a Business Plan

You can have great business ideas, but there's more to building a business than just innovative ideas. Every business is set on a solid business plan. A business plan is the steppingstone of a busine...

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