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A Referencing Style Guide

Citing your sources while writing an essay or article is a must if you have drawn inspiration from other people’s work. However, it is not an easy task. There are literally hundreds of referen...

IEEE Citation & Referencing According to IEEE Format by Citation Generator

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is the world’s largest professional association of engineers and technical professionals. With more than 427000 members from 190 countries, IEE...

A Detailed Guide To ASA Referencing & Formatting

The ASA (American Sociological Association) citation style is a common referencing format in humanities. Primarily used by sociology and social science scholars & researchers, it is different fro...

In-text – The Quick Guide To MLA Citations

The Modern Language Association is a globally recognized professional association for language scholars. Based in the US, the MLA was founded in 1883 and acts as a hub for language & literature p...

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The Complete MLA Citation Guide

The Modern Language Association citation style is a popular referencing format. Mostly used in humanities, it formats in-text citations using parentheses. And a separate works-cited page lists all th...

An Insight into AMA Citations: Definition, Uses, Format, and Examples

Did you ever come across superscripts beside a word or term while reading a book? If yes, then you can relate to the topic we are about to discuss today. If not, don't worry; the blog here will help ...

Chicago Citation Style – A Student’s Guide to Producing Chicago Style Cited Essays

A Synopsis – (Chicago Referencing Style) The Chicago referencing style is among the most popularly used citation systems among academic students. It aptly embodies the US English style and is pr...

A Quick Guide on How to Reference a Blog in Harvard Style

Harvard referencing is one of the most common referencing styles used by several universities across the globe but majorly in the UK universities. So, if you are planning to study abroad in your drea...

Differences Between MLA and APA Format Style

Referencing is a huge responsibility. The better you do, the better becomes your academic paper's quality. Proper referencing abiding by all the rules and regulations of the particular style makes th...

Guidelines for Chicago Style Referencing

Chicago style is a kind of referencing that students are allotted to cite original sources in a document. Citation is giving rights to the original owner to avoid plagiarism which can help the reader...

How To Cite Quotes In Essay: A Concise, Student-Friendly Guide

Citations and quotations are an excellent way to showcase the scope of one’s research and the extent of one’s knowledge. Excerpts and quotes from different information sources enhance the quality...

A Guide on Using Parenthetical Citations in Various Citation Styles

A parenthetical citation is a referencing system in which in-text citations are made using parentheses. These citations follow a complete alphabetized list of citations in references. It also contain...

How to Do Chicago In-Text Citation Styles

In its most basic form, the Chicago style provides a short citation comprising of the original writer (or writers) and the date of publication when pointing to a source of information inside the...

Step-By-Step Guide To Prepare An Annotated Bibliography

Do you often find yourself wondering, “How I wish someone could tell me how to write an annotated bibliography remarkably?” Do not worry; you are not the only one contemplating this question...

Learn How to Cite a Dictionary

If you explore online, you might come across the question 'how to cite a dictionary in APA style.' Well, if you have been wondering about the same, you have come to the right place. In this blog, you...

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