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Everything You Need to Know About English Language Feature

English was an early mediaeval West Germanic language. Today, most people in several sovereign states, including the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and several Caribbean countri...

Why is the Alphabet Important?

Do you ever wonder why the alphabet is a necessity for us to exist? We have to go back over 37,000 years ago to find the answer because the idea of the alphabet came into the human mind at that ...

What Is A Hyphen and How Do You Use It?

A hyphen is the punctuation sign used to join words together to make a compound, as in ' left-handed'. People also use a hyphen to show&nbs...

Passive Voice Misuse: Examples and Fixes

It is quite unlikely that the classics which students grew up studying in their schools would be selling as good even in the current days. For instance, the books that used to be the best sellers in ...

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What Is Figurative Language? Definition, Types & Examples

So, what is figurative language?  How does one precisely define it? Essentially, figurative languages are typically considered ornamental, making any plain, ordinary language more vibrant and...

Save Your Grades By Using Who vs. Whom Correctly

Of all the English grammatical rules you can find confusing, the who vs. whom debate is always at the forefront. The difference is subtle, making it easy for second language English learner...

Hyperbole Examples

Hyperbole statements are generally used to convey an exaggerated form of an idea. It is used to express the writers' emotions, which is not supposed to be taken literally. It creates a heightened eff...

The Exclamation Mark: How To Use It Properly?

An exclamation point is generally used to emphasise a point or indicate intense emotion or astonishment after a word group or a sentence. But, of course, it's up to you whether or not to use the excl...

A Beginner’s Guide to Demonstrative Pronouns

While speaking and writing, we often use the words "this", "that", these", and "those". While it is evident that these words are pronouns, a lot of us do not know what kind of pronoun these words are...

A Cohesive Guide On Collective Nouns

The English language is marvelous from many perspectives. It is amazingly flexible, adaptive, expressive, and laconic. The Latin and Germanic roots of the modern English language are the reasons behi...

The Key Fundamentals of Passive Voice – A Detailed Overview with Examples

Passive voice is basically a form or a set of different forms of verb where the subject undergoes the action of the verb. The use of passive voice in writing has been introduced to express inter...

Dangling Modifier: Understanding the Basics with Examples

Dangling Modifiers are mostly regarded as grammatical errors. “Dangling” in general means hanging and “modifier” means a grammatical item that makes minor changes. So, a dangling modifier is ...

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