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Hyperbole Examples

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Hyperbole statements are generally used to convey an exaggerated form of an idea. It is used to express the writers’ emotions, which is not supposed to be taken literally. It creates a heightened effect that adds depth to the topic or situation without it sounding real.

A typical hyperbole definition would be “exaggerating something to the point which is either entertaining or portrays the intention of the character or writer”. It is a satirical form of writing which is used theatrically. Hyperbole statement is not figurative language, but if used effectively, it could be a catchy phrase and relatable for readers.  You can get writing service from

50 + Hyperbole Examples to add to your paper

Writers use Hyperbole in poems and books to evoke a particular emotion in a person. It can be used in an exaggerated way to emphasize the point. It can make things sound dramatic and much more extra than they are.

Some of the everyday used hyperbole examples are:-

  1. Her skin is as smooth as butter
  2. The sky looks blue like the sea.
  3. There is enough money to feed my four generations
  4. She is running faster than the wind
  5. That man is as tall as the tree
  6. He is as skinny as a noodle
  7. There could be no worse day than this
  8. I would agree with you, but then we would both be wrong.
  9. The vending machine is the only machine I like for my body.
  10. My heart says pizza, but my jeans say diet.
  11. She is sleeping like a baby.
  12. I am so hungry I can eat a bull.
  13. This actor is the best in the decade, and no one can act like him.
  14. My mom will kill me when she comes home
  15. Your brain is the size of a rice grain
  16. My head feels like it is spinning
  17. My head hurts so bad it feels like it will fall off
  18. Feels like good days are never coming
  19. I have watched this movie a million times
  20. He is stronger than an iron
  21. He is my guardian angel
  22. I am drowning in tears
  23. The leaves are dancing with the wind
  24. He is going to die of embarrassment
  25. I slept like a horse night
  26. You’re as light as a feather
  27. These high heels are killing me to death
  28. I am drowning in my work
  29. He is as slow as a  turtle
  30. It’s like a tornado outside
  31. It was the easiest exam of my life
  32. He drives faster than a bullet
  33. She has made enough food to feed an entire army
  34. I love you to the moon and back
  35. Cry me a river. I still won’t come back.
  36. I would have come back, but you have burned all the bridges
  37. I would move mountains to get a  break right now
  38. The whole world is looking at me
  39. If you are telling the truth, then pigs can fly too
  40. If I eat  that, my tongue will fall off
  41. His breath can kill an elephant
  42. The BBQ chicken wings are so hot that my ears are smoking.
  43. She is on cloud nine right now.
  44. Her soul is so determined she has fireworks in her eyes
  45. I have millions of things to do today.
  46. It’s raining cats and dogs.
  47. My parents are going to kill me if they find out.
  48. Our dream car cost us an arm and a leg.
  49. It’s so hot outside that you can fry an egg on the sidewalk
  50. The movie was so dull, and it went forever.
  51. He is so sweet that you could get a cavity from him.
  52. I can die of excitement.
  53. Her career is going to be as high as Burj Kalifa.
  54. It took forever for them to find you.
  55. He was so angry he knocked him out of the park
  56. I am as thirsty as a camel
  57. It’s been raining forever.
  58. I thought this class would never end
  59. It is the best day of my entire life
  60. I have read that book a thousand times
  61. Feels like we would never reach there
  62. He eats like a  bird
  63. I am not lazy; I like to chill
  64. If plan A does not work, then there are 25 letters in the alphabet
  65. If I can’t have it, I will die
  66. His grandfather is older than hills
  67. It is so cold that even polar bears would be wearing jackets.
  68. It can’t get better than this
  69. She got the best of both worlds
  70. She is more beautiful than the stars in the sky and the waters in the ocean.
  71. This dog is the cutest thing ever.

These are how a good example of Hyperbole would be. However, these are primarily for general speaking and writing. if you are wondering what Hyperbole in literature is, then connect with us, as we have professional  assignment writers who are experts in adding hyperbole statements in the literature.

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