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Category: Dissertation

The ‘Write’ Choice – Get a First-Class Dissertation Essay

UserMark time 24 September,2016

Alistair Brown (name changed on request) recently ordered a custom essay from a reputed online writing agency in UK.  He walked away with A+ grade whereas his peers, who attempted the essay on t...

Expert Tips to Structure a Dissertation

UserMark time 13 June,2016

Ph.D. is considered to be the highest level of hierarchical structure of education system. Ph.D. courses are generally dissertation-oriented. The main objective of Ph.D. courses is to nurture student...

Learn to Write a Dissertation Essay

UserMark time 06 June,2016

Dissertation takes you through the vicissitudes of academic life. You toil at least for two years: listing topics, judging their potential, scouting through meticulous data to get an in-depth knowledg...

International Yoga Day: Yoga Pill for Students to Bust Study Stress

UserMark time 20 June,2015

In an age of intense academic competition, the word ‘stress’ has become synonymous with students. Student life has become more stressful and exhausting than professional life. Yoga, the ancient f...

5 Top Tips to Proofread Your Assignment

UserMark time 18 December,2014

Proofreading makes your copy flawless; it enables you modify your content to perfection. Every student wants to write an error-free assignment. Unfortunately, no one is perfect. We all forget to put ...

How to Formulate a Dissertation Research Question – An Example

UserMark time 06 December,2014

A research question is mandatory in order to maintain a linear path while doing a dissertation. If you move away from the right track, it becomes difficult to complete the task. The research question...

How to Write an Abstract for Your Dissertation

UserMark time 02 August,2014

The abstract of your dissertation can make or break your paper.  The quality of the abstract decides if the reader will spend his/her time to read the dissertation. According to the University o...

How to Proofread Your Dissertation In Simple Steps?

UserMark time 31 July,2014

To avoid the silly mistakes and improve the quality of your dissertation proofreading is very important part before the final submission. This article by best and professional dissertation editors wi...

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