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Public Health Dissertation Topics: A Comprehensive Guide

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Are you struggling to find suitable public health dissertation topics? 

The field of public health involves safeguarding and enhancing the well-being of individuals and their localities through scientific means. We will help you embark on the journey of crafting a paper on public health dissertation topics. This task involves encouraging healthy habits, studying methods to prevent illnesses and injuries, and identifying, stopping, and reacting to contagious diseases. To get more ideas about public health dissertation topics, keep reading.

How to Choose Catchy Topics for Your Public Health Dissertations?

Choosing public health dissertation topics requires a lot of research, analysis, and determination. It allows students to understand all of the elements that influence public health and make recommendations for interventions and policies. All these issues are derived from scientific knowledge and proof. Public health research explains how to improve health and reduce inequities.

Many students struggle with starting and structuring public health dissertation topics. We are here to discuss some strategies that might help you choose good public health dissertation topics:

Check Programs Requirement:

The first step towards preparing a dissertation is to check the requirements of the research topic. Understand the scope of the research from the research process and data collection. You should also consider the budget constraints, timelines, population of the study, proposed sample size, research methodology, etc. Along with that, you need to focus on maximum word count, whether there is any fieldwork, and the instructions provided by instructors.

Broad Spectrum of Research:

Once the requirements are checked, choose subjects that offer a broad spectrum of research and creation opportunities for your public health dissertations. You can brainstorm ideas related to public health topics that interest you.

Research from Authentic Resources:

When you are researching a potential topic, look for recent incidents from journals. The topic can be related to public health interventions, policies, health care, maternal and child health, or any other topic related to public health. If you want to do in-depth research, check Google Scholar or other authentic resources. Always shortlist the possible topics to narrow down your research.

Look for a Niche:

A niche is a specialized area in a broader field. It helps define expertise, roles, and the targeted audience within those domains. Choosing a niche is a gradual process, and here, you need to be more specific as you go. You will find a huge amount of resources for your topic. However, choosing a specific niche can help you to create a mark.

Involve In Thorough Research:

Involving in thorough research is important for public health dissertation topics. You can create a research design to make multiple decisions about the type of research you want to do. You can focus on collecting original data, analyzing existing resources, interpreting objects, and comparing methods and interpretations.

Understand the Relevance:

Make sure that the topic that interests you for public health dissertations is relevant socially, academically, and practically. Social relevance refers to the ability of research to enhance our comprehension of society and contribute to promoting social change. Academic significance refers to how research can address a knowledge gap or add to a scholarly discussion in your area of expertise.
Practical significance implies that the study is relevant for addressing specific issues or enhancing practical procedures in reality. It should be directly connected with the research problem. Here, you need to understand the practice problems that can help bring about change or theoretical issues that can help increase understanding.

Get Your Topic Approved:

Most universities ask you to submit a brief description of your dissertation. That is called a research proposal. It is important to structure the dissertation. You can consider these elements: the title page, abstract and table page, introduction, literature review, research design and methods, implication and contribution to knowledge, reference list, research list, and budget.

The strategies mentioned above will assist you in finishing your dissertation topic. If you are still struggling to finish your public health dissertation topics and need assistance, you can seek help from professional writers who can provide sample papers for reference.

Find Brilliant Public Health Dissertation Topics

Here, you will find a wide array of public health dissertation topics that will inspire you for your academic journey. 

We have created categories and listed the best public health dissertation topics under the particular niche for you. 

Let’s dig in, shall we?

  1. Public health interventions dissertation topics
  2. Maternal and child health dissertation topics
  3. Noncommunicable diseases dissertation topics
  4. Environmental health dissertation topics
  5. Biostatistics dissertation topics
  6. Epidemiology dissertation topics
  7. Health systems and policies dissertation topics
  8. Chronic diseases dissertation topics
  9. Emerging infectious diseases dissertation topics
  10. Gerontology dissertation topics

Public Health Interventions Dissertation Topics:

Public interventions refer to the steps taken by public health nurses to help individuals/families, communities, and systems. They are an ongoing, systematic process of gathering data for disease and health event investigation. Let’s check the public health dissertation topics  in detail:

  1. Write a Dissertation On Quality Improvement Initiatives In a Primary Care Setting
  2. Research on the Challenges of Night Shift Work and Health Consequences
  3. A Critical Review on Food Labeling and Consumer Understanding
  4. How Does Ageing Impact Mental and Physical Health?
  5. What are the key components of social determinants of health?
  6. Adults tobacco use and its bad effects on health
  7. Assessment of public health intervention in developing countries
  8. Explore the meaning of substance use and its co-occurring mental disorders
  9. The effectiveness of the treatment of those adolescents suffering from anxiety and stress
  10. How socioeconomic status reflects quality of life

Maternal and Child Health Dissertation Topics

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that each year, approximately 295,000 women pass away as a result of complications during pregnancy and childbirth, with 94% of these fatalities taking place in low- and middle-income nations.
So, we all have to keep in mind that maternal health plays an important role because it reduces the risk of infant mortality and morbidity. It ensures the well-being of the mother and child. So, a healthy pregnancy is required for the development of the fetus. There are several factors, like social, economic, or cultural, that influence maternal health. Let’s check the public health dissertation topics for the maternal and child health dissertation:

  • Explore the trends in maternal health and psychological distress during pregnancy.
  • Discuss the importance of maternal health and the factors that affect maternal health. How can we improve the maternal and fetal health outcomes?
  • Explore the innovations in women’s health- from menstrual care to postpartum mental health to menopause.
  • Case study on the impact of breastfeeding on infants’ health development
  • Why is health literacy required during pregnancy in rural areas?
  • Is teenage pregnancy increasing? Write its long-term consequences
  • What are the outcomes of sustainable development goals for maternal mortality?
  • How both communicable and non-communicable diseases can hamper the health of a mother?
  • Why is the perinatal period important for both mother and child health?
  • Case study on birth control and its reducing risk of pregnancy

Noncommunicable Diseases Dissertation Topics

According to the World Health Organization, The global epidemic of noncommunicable diseases has terrible health effects on families, communities, and the public. It threatens to overwhelm healthcare systems. NCDs are a group of medical disorders that are not caused by acute infections and typically have long-term health consequences. It necessitates continual treatment and care. These include cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and long-term lung diseases. The five major risk factors for NCD are physical inactivity, usage of tobacco and alcohol, and air pollution. Let’s check the public health dissertation topics related to noncommunicable diseases:

  • How is air quality closely linked to Mother Earth’s climate? Air pollution is now changing the ecosystem globally. Discuss.
  • What are the digital innovations and diagnoses for noncommunicable diseases?
  • The biggest health threat facing humanity is climate change. Discuss how climate impacts NCDs
  • The effectiveness of dietary interventions in combating NCDs
  • Research on healthcare policy started for promoting physical activity to prevent non-communicable diseases
  • Write about the strategies of public health interventions for improving the status of healthcare services and medication for the patients affects by noncommunicable disease
  • Why health education is required to address mental health as a component of noncommunicable disease management
  • Discuss the importance of public health in the role of dietary intervention to control NCDs
  • Understanding the system of ongoing monitoring and evaluation of NCD risk factors
  • Prevention of NCDs and promotion of healthy lifestyle

Environmental Health Dissertation Topics:

The environmental risk factors are continuously increasing, thus creating impacts on global health. Pollutants in the environment, as well as climate-related events, can have serious consequences for our health. These include air and noise pollution, and the usage of heavy metals like mercury impacts our health. The outcomes are health problems such as heart disease, asthma, hearing loss, and dehydration. Check the public health dissertation topics  related to environmental health:

  • A complete analysis of the quality of water and gastrointestinal diseases in rural area
  • Assessment of the impact of light pollution on the patterns of sleep in urban population
  • Write about the outcomes of green building design and employee well-being in the workspace.
  • Research on the environmental factors on the prevalence of diabetes
  • Write a dissertation on the quality of food hampering climate change
  • The importance of macro and micro measures to improve agricultural health and productivity
  • Why environmental health education is required for today’s teens?
  • How does firefighting affect the physiological and cognitive responses? How do heat and circumstances affect mental health and raise the health risks for firefighters?
  • Research on the environmental exposure and vaccine response on child health
  • Brain development in children: The contribution of environmental health literacy in it

Biostatistics Dissertation Topics:

Biostatistics is the branch of statistics that deals with data in biology. It helps to gather, analyze, and interpret biologically based scientific data. This information may be utilized to create programs, campaigns, and other methods that will lead to better lifestyles. Find public health dissertation topics related to biostatistics dissertation:

  • Dissertation on immunotherapy and drug combination therapy for cancer treatment
  • The child population has specific characteristics and health needs that require extra care; explain why.
  • Biostatistics has made a great contribution to public health issues, such as human growth and development and chronic disease. Write a dissertation on it
  • Dissertation on clinical and psychological impact on inflammatory outcomes among rural women
  • Research on the success rate of lung cancer treatment. How does it differ in gender?
  • Determine the causes of sleep deprivation and mental disease among men
  • How do UV rays affect human skin? Discuss the effects of skin cancer in it.
  • How does biostatistics aid help in the development of data management and identify the flaws in data collecting
  • Public health administrators can control the alert velocity in biostatistics, write how it is happening,
  • write a dissertation on how biostatistics and technology are contributing to the healthcare industry

Epidemiology Dissertation Topics:

Epidemiology is the part of public health. So we can include it in the public health dissertations. Epidemiology is the science of studying disease. It is part of public health. You will find a detailed discussion of the spread of disease among human and non-human populations. The goal of researching and discussing epidemiology is to control the spread of pathogens along with other negative health problems. Check the public health dissertation topics related to epidemiology:

  • Research on the study of cancer prevention, causes and control
  • Write about the effectiveness of infectious disease and its quick spread in the workspace
  • The impact of epidemiology on diabetes patients
  • Write about the evidence found in the research on the factors causing lower respiratory infections.
  • Research on environmental and occupational epidemiology professional development
  • Research on the evaluating and developing factors of intervention to reduce the spread of infectious disease in public transport
  • Why health literacy is required to prevent breast cancer, show the analysis of the last five years of those women who have breast cancer.
  • Write about the impact of diabetes mellitus in developing countries
  • Explore the guidelines and mixed methods for a potential research project on anal HPV infection and HSIL in MSM or trans women with and without HIV
  • Examine the utilization of Nutritional epidemiology and pharmacology in the healthcare industry.

Health Systems and Policies Dissertation Topics:

Health systems and policies are important because they establish the guidelines that help healthcare organizations, patients, and the entire healthcare system. They have certain protocols and rules to avoid miscommunication and human error. Political processes that regulate health systems impact health systems and policies. 

Understanding these processes is crucial for designing effective policies and developing evidence to support those policies. Health policies and health systems are not distinct; HPSR acknowledges that everything is interconnected. 

Let’s check the public health dissertation topics  related to health systems and policies:

  • Access the importance of health systems and policy on healthcare resource allocation.
  • Evaluating the equity and accessibility of healthcare privatization of every healthcare service
  • The Affordable Care Act: write the implications and outcomes of vulnerable populations of it
  • Write the dissertation on intense care of mental healthcare services and the role of health policy in it.
  • Research on the public health system and policy on healthcare innovation and access to cutting-edge treatments
  • Why health literacy is required to promote equity and inclusion in healthcare for LGBTQ+ individuals? Discuss the role of health policy in it.
  • Public health vs human rights issues: write the role of health policies into it
  • What is the effectiveness of digital health technologies in improving public health and patient engagement?
  • Analyze the importance of public healthcare reforms on access to HIV in rural areas.
  • Medical malpractice: Why are the health system and policy important immediately?

Chronic Diseases Dissertation Topics:

Chronic disease is the major concern for death and disability in developing countries. The cost of chronic disease is continuously growing. These diseases are mainly cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and a sufficient sleep cycle can prevent the incidence of chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are considered a global problem now due to the profound changes in consumption patterns. Get public health dissertation topics related to chronic diseases:

  • Why are researchers using mixed methods in public health research topics? How does it enable investigators conceptually and analytically to integrate qualitative research and qualitative data?
  • The major aspect of public health in substance abuse prevention and treatment
  • The importance of a vaccination program for children in rural areas
  • Research on the barriers to healthcare for LGBTQ+ populations
  • What is the link between public health and health education? Write the outcomes of it
  • Address food insecurity and its impact on public health
  • The public health promotion strategies for aged individuals
  • The effectiveness of nutrition labeling on the choice of consumers
  • Address the impact of air and sound pollution on respiratory health
  • The usage of e-cigarettes among youth and its bad impact on public health

Emerging Infectious Diseases Dissertation Topics:

Emerging infectious diseases are infections that have recently appeared within a population and are rapidly increasing in geographic range. These are the outcomes of new diseases that have not existed before. Global travel is one of the most eminent factors in infectious diseases. Other important aspects are sexual contact, the usage of drugs, and urbanization. All these factors matter a lot in creating emerging infectious diseases. 

Check the public health dissertation topics in detail to write more about infectious diseases in your dissertation:

  • There is a link between the usage of the COVID-19 vaccine and fertility in men and women- discussed in detail.
  • Write a dissertation on the experimental malaria drug AQ 13 and its implication on public health.
  • Why routine vaccines are important for public traveling health while you are traveling
  • Ecological changes like agricultural practices, reforestation, dam building, and deforestation- explain in detail.
  • Write a research paper on the important factor of personal protective equipment in public places to avoid infectious diseases.
  • Management of antibiotics resistance- what is the role of nurses in it?
  • Analyze the utilization of digital health technologies in managing emerging infectious diseases.
  • The research topic on the effectiveness of cultural competency training on emerging infectious diseases in diverse communities and population
  • What is the importance of hand hygiene in nursing homes, hospitals, and home settings
  • How should nurses be prepared for public infectious disease crises?

Gerontology Dissertation Topics:

Gerontology is the study of aging and elderly people. The science of gerontology has progressed as longevity has increased. Researchers in this subject are diverse, with backgrounds in physiology, social science, psychology, public health, and policy. It is described as an increasing average age within a population, which is an unavoidable consequence of longer life expectancies and lower birth rates. 

Let’s check a few public health dissertation topics  to discuss in detail:

  • Research on the cost-effectiveness and decision-analysis in the treatment of older cancer patients
  • Research on sleeping disorders in older adults
  • Public health policies on the quality care indicators for older women with incontinence
  • Write the psychological intervention on rheumatoid arthritis
  • Insights into pharmacotherapy for Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease through understanding pain in the neurodegenerating brain
  • Write a dissertation on the global aging population and its effect on public health
  • What is the psychology of aging? Explain the physical exercise program
  • Research on the early signs of aging and how to prevent them
  • Discussion on the connection between health issues and depression among the older generation
  • Dissertation on the web-based data collection methodology in oncology practice and its impact on public health


Dissertation is a part of academic life. Students often find it difficult to complete public health dissertations as the subject has a lot of things to research. Public health is the subject that deals with the art of preventing disease and promoting health. It includes organizations, society, and both private and public sectors. The subject helps to understand the population’s health outcomes. There are three major functions of public health: assurance, assessment, and policy development. In the blog mentioned above, we discussed a lot of aspects of public health. Here, you will find more than 100 topics to write about public health dissertation topics. If you want to know more varieties of public health topics, reach out to us.

Still Confused about Selecting a Public Health Dissertation Topics?

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