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100+ Public Health Dissertation Topics For Top Grades -2023

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Have you ever found yourself blankly staring at the laptop screen, wondering what public health dissertation topics to research? If yes, you probably know the struggle to brainstorm some interesting public health dissertation topic ideas.

The struggle is real for those who are only left with the professor’s instructions and expectations on the dissertation. They have no idea which public health dissertation topics would make a profound contribution to their study field.

Although most students reach out to professional dissertation writers for help with choosing a public health dissertation topic, many don’t have the luxury to avail themselves of such services. They have to find the right public health dissertation topic with suitable examples to craft a good dissertation.

Tips To Find Brilliant Public Health Dissertation Topics

The success of public health dissertations depends on topics, research work, self-analysis, and derivation. Your paper demands flawless writing, extensive research, and thorough knowledge of the methodologies, good planning and complete focus.

Composing a public health dissertation on any topic can get seriously overwhelming, especially when doing it for the first time. If you don’t take the business of finding public health dissertation topics and examples seriously, your paper is deemed to fail.

Only if you can demonstrate your understanding of the public health dissertation topic with peer-reviewed examples and evidence, your paper is worth the time and effort. That’s why keep in mind these tips while searching for public health dissertation topic ideas.

  • Brainstorm public health dissertation topics that interest you. Choosing a tricky public health dissertation topic and examples will make it difficult for you to stay focused.
  • Public health is an elaborate discipline. Pick a particular subfield and stick to the keywords while searching. It will help you explore more and save time.
  • While working on your public health dissertation titles, make sure the topic isn’t too broad or narrow. Go for issues with good existing peer-reviewed literature and helps you create a solid hypothesis.
  • No matter what public health dissertation topics you choose, make sure you gather data and resources from verified and credible websites, peer-reviewed papers, college database, and so on.
  • Always shortlist two or three public health dissertation topics so you can consult with your mentor about the available resources and pick the best one before writing the proposal.
  • Don’t delay your research until the very last day. Realise the significance of your public health dissertation and pick topics wisely. If you need help with finding a public health dissertation topic, inform your mentor at the earliest for proper guidance.

Finding top-notch public health dissertation topics can become less stressful if you consider these tips. Nonetheless, we’ve shortlisted some impressive public health dissertation topics suggested by subject matter experts to inspire you.

100+ Public Health Dissertation Topic Ideas For University Students

Public Health Dissertation Topics

  1. Evaluation of multiple programs to enhance children’s physical activity at home and school.
  2. Examine and compare different public health policies.
  3. Effect of recession on public health and socio-economic conditions.
  4. Disparities in infants survival rates with different congenital disabilities
  5. Identify and discuss the prenatal health disparities between American and African mothers.
  6. Critically analyse the prevention measures taken to deal with cancer patients in the early 2000s.
  7. Critical access hospital legislation and its impact on rural residents
  8. Identify the challenges employees face with changes in telecommuting
  9. How advanced technologies adversely affect public health?
  10. Discuss the necessary measures of tackling the adverse effects of tech advancement.
  11. Analyse the relationships between maternal anthropometric, behavioural factors, dietary conditions and health care systems on an infant’s weight.
  12. Behavioural changes in patients with hypertension and diabetes with the introduction of a healthy lifestyle.
  13. Identify the health-related changes in migrants in the US
  14. Poverty and its effect on public effect in India
  15. Investigating sexual abuse in a public health setting in Mexico
  16. Impacts of Opioid on health and ways to overcome the addiction
  17. Covid-19 vaccines and other preventive measures in the global healthcare system

Biostatistics Dissertation Topics

  1. Australian college campus smoke-free policies – A case study
  2. Psychological and clinical impact on inflammatory outcomes among African women
  3. Relationship between gestational infections and obesity with intellectual disability
  4. Identify the ways contagious diseases spread in developing countries
  5. What factors affect sexually transmitted infections?
  6. Discuss some clinical trials to combat severe illness
  7. Assess the impact of consumption of sugar on the future diagnosis of diabetes
  8. Effect of preterm delivery on the health condition of infants
  9. Maternal thyroid issues and their impact on the unborn child
  10. Elective deliveries in developing countries
  11. Examine the impact of uncontrolled diseases on stubborn patients
  12. Sunlight exposure and its role on skin cancer
  13. Lung cancer treatment and success rates differ between genders
  14. Investigate the chances of passing HIV onto an unborn child from the infected mother
  15. Assess the cause of sleep deprivation and mental illness among men
  16. What are the early indicators of congenital disabilities?
  17. The behavioural science of teenagers and health issues among adolescents

Epidemiology Dissertation Topics

  • Optimal pregnancy outcomes and postnatal development
  • Explore breast cancer treatment variations in accredited facilities
  • Epidemiology in developing countries
  • Explain environmental and geographic epidemiology
  • Assess the racial variations in cancer mortality
  • Strategies used for screening for colorectal cancer
  • Medical diagnosis in epidemiology
  • Epidemiology and human obesity – Identify the relation
  • Epidemiology and mental disorders
  • CRND and genetic epidemiology
  • Identify the health challenges between a child and mother’s health
  • Ebola pandemic and similarities with the Covid-19 pandemic
  • How poor management impacts a patient’s treatment?
  • Chaos theory and organisational change
  • Assess the causes and new treatment of brain injuries
  • Causes of rare genetic illness
  • Ageing and its impact on mental and physical health

Gerontology Dissertation Topics

  • Emotional bond of older adult men with their dogs
  • Cognitive abilities in hearing loss in adults
  • Age discrimination at different work sectors in the US
  • Psychological issues among middle-aged men and women
  • Older adults and adopting the latest technology
  • Identify the differences in female and male ageing
  • Middle-aged women and high career success
  • Prospects of the Sandwich Generation
  • Is the US legal system successful at protecting the elderly from abuse?
  • An overview of elderly care in the Australian society
  • Geriatric depression – causes and treatment methods
  • Assessment of the connection between depression and health issues among the older generation
  • The pitfall of the British Retirement System and consequences of it
  • Early signs of ageing and how to prevent them
  • Is there a possibility of eliminating ageing from genetics?
  • Cardiorespiratory fitness among elderly with or without diabetes
  • Role of damaged DNA in early ageing

Environmental Health Dissertation Topics

  • Investigate the success of developing a zero-waste housing refuse policy
  • Sanitation in hospitals – problems and solutions
  • Solid waste management and health hazards
  • Genes coding for antibiotic resistance in Enterococci species
  • Air pollution and the mortality rate in Hong Kong
  • The role of neighbourhood bio-diversity to reduce surface water flooding
  • Broadleaf weed control in the UK
  • Land use in Amazon – A case study
  • A comparative study between air pollution in Western and Northern Australia
  • A critical analysis of the German nuclear policy after the nuclear plant disaster in Japan.
  • Effects of land reclamation on the environment
  • Impact of physic-chemical parameters of water on the growth of Oreochromis Niloticus in Kenya
  • Pesticide drift in the Midwest from 2010 to 2016
  • Low-cost hydrogen sulfide monitor and its use in agriculture
  • Evaluation of low-cost air quality monitors in agriculture
  • Assessment of the level of noise in ICU
  • The health of ill-legal migrants and refugees in Bangladesh
  • Consequences of extended exposure to inhalable dust on dairy parlour workers

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Clinical Research Dissertation Topics

  • A case study on the financial challenges experienced by patients of chronic health conditions
  • Identify the ways to improve the health conditions of vulnerable workers
  • Causes of depression among teenagers and the effect of mental health awareness
  • Implementation of e-Health and its benefits on public health
  • Maternal and childhood vaccination and significant barriers
  • A study on the management of patients with chronic health conditions at home.
  • Tuberculosis patients and antimicrobial resistance patterns
  • An investigation on clinical supervision on mental health patients in the UK
  • A qualitative study of social learning theories and antisocial characteristics
  • Antibiotics and acute respiratory diseases – a critical analysis
  • Risk assessment among older adults in the occupational environments
  • An economic evaluation of medical technology and its assessment in necessary surgeries
  • Improvement in diabetic care through mobile devices
  • Communication about the risks of breast cancer and ways to prevent it
  • Evaluating the primary health care system in African countries
  • Understanding the sociocultural determinants of obesity among African Americans
  • Cancer survivors and the long term effects of the treatment

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