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200+ Accounting Dissertation Topic & Ideas

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The world of finance always has something new to say. Be it about international banking advancements, commercial accounting technologies or trading coins, they are all recent initiatives taken for better accounting.

Now, you need total guidance on which areas of accounting have scope for you to present a better paper. Hence, why not check this blog and get a pack of 200+ accounting dissertation topics and make your dissertation out of the box!

What is an Accounting Dissertation?

You might be pursuing a graduation course in commerce, management or an MBA; there will be an assessment in your final year. Most of this assessment will be based on your dissertation accounting paper on topics of your choice.

You must go beyond basic theoretical research to write a paper like an accounting dissertation. And for that, choosing the topic is a significant step.

Such papers will also include detailed data analysis, a graphical representation of accounting history and other comparative studies of your topic.

How to Select Accounting Dissertation Topics Step by Step?

To make an impressive accounting dissertation, topics are the eye-catcher. An examiner will do an overview of your work based on the choice of your topic itself.

Hence, let’s find out how to do that –

Plan based on evidence

Feeling ambitious about working on trending topics or issues with great history is obvious. But you have to be conscious about topics with adequate research resources. So, study two or three topics and measure the evidence with logical importance. 

Review the literature and identify gap

Next, review the key accounting theories associated with your topic. When reviewing all pertinent information, follow reliable sources, such as academic books and journal articles. But the main purpose of the literature review is to fill in the incomplete information. So, analyse and observe published works and assemble the paper with a new case study. This way, you can finally bridge the gap. 

Consult with your advisor or faculty.

The next important thing is to seek feedback from your experts regarding the preference of your topic. Sometimes, you may choose a topic that can be challenging or bring direct negative comments. Topics like – ‘Should Oil Companies Be Taxed More?’ are debatable issues. But for your academic paper, choose a topic which helps you show your skills and bring positive criticism. Hence, ensure the criteria match what your professor says.

Consider practical relevance

After getting proper feedback on your topic, do a detailed study and check if the topic can bring any development aspects to your paper. This is important because good accounting dissertation topics must have a practical output as well to demonstrate how the topic can contribute to the real industry.

Feasibility of data collection and analysis

To state your argument regarding the topic, you need to have accurate facts, numbers, balance sheet reports and many other accounting data. But, it can be challenging as not all the data are accessible. Hence, ensure you have accessible platforms to gather data for your topic. Use platforms like – Forbes BusinessBusiness News DailyStatista, etc. for approved data. 

Consider future career aspirations

The last thing you must do to choose your topic is to look at the bigger picture, i.e. how the paper can benefit your career. For that, ensure the pattern of your chosen topic is original. 

The topic may have already been worked on. You can show your creativity and alter the style for a unique case. In future, this will impress your recruiters as well when they see you have taken a different angle and provided authentic research.

For example, ‘The impact of tax management on income production‘ is a common topic. You can use this case and present a topic like – ‘How can digital payment system reduce income tax backlog?

List of 200+Accounting Dissertation Topics

Here are lists of accounting dissertation topics that can give ideas on making a unique paper –

Accounting and Finance Dissertation Topics

  • Taking into account digital transactions
  • Municipalities’ ability to perform accounting controls better
  • Using accounting information systems to enhance reporting quality
  • A risk-based approach to control is used in commercial banks to reduce the number of suspicious transactions.
  • Improving accounting procedures for online transactions.
  • Accounting coordination and uniformity in the framework of economic unions
  • Internal control systems’ contribution to encouraging accurate accounting records
  • New accounting practices.
  • First-century double-entry bookkeeping history
  • Accounting data impacts the cost of capital in the context of large businesses.
  • For international cooperatives, the structure of the ideal framework for accounting information systems
  • Data management and cloud computing’s roles in accounting information systems.
  • Important difficulties encountered while integrating finance and management accounting in the service sector.
  • The non-profit accounting financial reporting requirements.
  • The effects of your country’s current tax structure on lower-income groups of people.
  • What are the contrasts between Activity-Based Costing and the Just in Time methodology?
  • Benefits of wise investing: an examination of how it influences a company’s expansion
  • Major factors of valuation for mergers and acquisitions
  • Understanding Financial Statements’ Importance for Corporate Accounting
  • The investigation of how market and public information affect changes in the market share index.

Auditing Dissertation Topics

  • Preparing the analytical and audit procedures
  • The Auditor’s Oversight Bodies’ European Group
  • Marketing Audit of the Dunkin’ Donuts Company
  • The Qualities of a Good Auditor: A Competency-Based Analysis
  • Operational Assessment and Indoor Air Quality Report
  • Florida Corrections and Rehabilitation (FCR) Human Resource Audit
  • Environmental and green management auditing
  • Agile Auditing: Advantages and Negatives
  • Utilising Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Carry Out Audit Tasks
  • Key Auditing Principles: Additional Assurance Services
  • Analysis of the Quality Assurance Council Audit Report
  • Auditor Independence: Is It Really Independent?
  • Hong Kong auditing regulations
  • The Saudi Arabian private corporate sector’s reliance on audit
  • Process of Auditing Gold Airlines Company
  • The Function of Contemporary Technologies in Planning Audits 
  • Internal Risk of Financial Statement Audit for Audit Goals for Segments
  • External Auditors and Corporate Governance: High-Quality Audits
  • Auditing Theory and Practice: A Focus on Professional Responsibility
  • The Approach of Judgment and Decision-Making in Auditing

Environmental Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • The contribution of environmental accounting to the advancement of corporate responsibility and sustainable development.
  • Evaluating the efficiency of carbon reporting and accounting in reducing the hazards associated with climate change.
  • Examining how environmental restrictions affect financial results and disclosure procedures.
  • The contribution of environmental cost accounting to bettering waste and resource management.
  • Investigating how to include financial and environmental performance metrics in sustainability reporting.
  • Evaluating the effects of biodiversity accounting on managing and conserving natural resources.
  • Examining the difficulties and potential benefits of using natural capital accounting in business decision-making.
  • Assessment of the social and economic effects of ecosystem services using environmental accounting.
  • Examining how environmental liabilities affect methods of risk management and financial reporting.
  • Examining how carbon pricing schemes affect financial results and investment choices.
  • Investigating how sustainability accounting might be used to measure and value environmental externalities.
  • Evaluating the effect of corporate reporting practices and comparability on environmental accounting standards.
  • Environmental audit and assurance’s role in guaranteeing the accuracy and dependability of environmental data.
  • Investigating the link between a company’s financial performance and environmental performance.
  • Investigating how environmental footprint might be used to measure and control supply chain environmental consequences.
  • Looking into how to improve corporate resilience through environmental risk assessment and management.
  • Evaluating the use and application of environmental management accounting techniques across various industries
  • A Blueprint of the Product Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework
  • What is the Strategy for Corporate Sustainability?
  • Reasons for and Methods of Investor Use of ESG Data: Results from a Global Survey

Banking and Finance Dissertation Topics

  • An in-depth examination of the economic crisis’ impact on banking and finance
  • An Evaluation of Business Standard Deviation
  • The Political and Economic Risks Associated with Transactions with National Banks
  • An examination of business trends in European nations related to banking and finance
  • Security Measures Adopted in Financial Institutions Around the World 
  • International Banking and Finance Practises
  • An in-depth examination of the WTO’s involvement in banking and finance
  • An investigation of how corporate strategy and capital structures interact
  • contrasting regional enterprises with international, transnational banks
  • Reducing the Risk of Repeated Economic Collapse in National and International Finances
  • The Reasons Why People Become International Expats Around the World
  • Banking and Financial Practises of Other Religious Denominations and Islamic Banking
  • How Can Small-Scale Industries Survive the Demands of International Banking?
  • An examination of the effects of the financial and banking crisis
  • The Effects of Domestic Bank Transactions on the International Stock Exchange
  • A Report on World Trade and Banking Statistics Projected for 2025
  • How Can the Government’s Financial Deficit in Banking Be Addressed?
  • A comparison of modern and traditional business models, as well as the banking and financial practices of companies
  • Which of the following should be the main investment area for the money deposited with the bank?
  • How to reconcile managing depositor trust while investing money in multiple schemes to make a profit?

Fund Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Analysis and enhancement of municipal control accounting organisations’ performance
  • Analysis of the elements that create shareholder value while taking stakeholders’ needs into consideration
  • Control of budgetary settlements based on analytical processes
  • Accounting for multiple dimensions: theory, methods, and instruments
  • Using accounting information systems to enhance reporting quality
  • Information and methodological support for an economic entity’s strategic accounting development
  • Controlling and monitoring suspicious transactions in commercial banks using a risk-based approach
  • Taking into account digital transactions
  • Accounting synchronisation within the framework of economic unions
  • Accounting and internal control procedures for social obligations
  • Corporate treasury operations accounting methodology development in leasing firms
  • Creating and analysing IT company segment reporting
  • the development of audit theory and practise
  • In its first century of usage, double-entry accounting developed
  • Internal review of liabilities and reserve formation risks in commercial organisations
  • Instruments for calculating and recognising intangible asset impairment in reporting
  • Review of the consolidated financial statements of the electric power industry
  • Consolidated financial statements auditing procedures and organisation
  • Organisation and development of accounting procedures for outsourcing costs
  • Organising and procedural backing for the forensic audit

Internet Banking Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Understanding the Sector’s Influencing Factors Through Mobile Banking in Saudi Arabia
  • Crisis Management: Online Banking Security Lapse
  • Easy-pay’s mobile banking solution uses a customer-focused marketing strategy.
  • Banking Innovation on Mobile
  • The E-Business Strategy and Capabilities of Citibank
  • Internet-based banking and shopping
  • Internet banking with Ameribank
  • Mobile Banking via Safaricom
  • Internet banking’s Effects on Banks’ Profitability
  • How to Maintain Client Loyalty with Online Banking
  • Operational Risk in Conventional and Online Banking in Kenya, a Global Leader in Mobile Banking
  • Banking Sector Online Activity in the UAE
  • Position of the Chief Information Officer in E-Banking
  • Adoption of Mobile Banking: Problems and Solutions
  • “Data Mining and Customer Relationship Marketing in the Banking Industry” by Chye & Gerry discusses the transition from traditional personal banking to online banking.
  • Effects and outcomes of Internet banking, 
  • Biometric scanners in the banking sector, and 
  • Integration of e-commerce websites with banking systems
  • Issues with Online Banking and Cryptography
  • Online banking’s effects on Dubai International Bank

Management Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Analysis of Managerial Accounting Can Help Managers With Product Costing: Mid-Term Practise Solution
  • The Benefits of Managerial Accounting for Managers
  • Financial and managerial accounting: the role of ethics in accounting; application; and specific managerial accounting issues
  • Analysis of Budget Variance in Managerial Accounting
  • How Managerial Accounting May Be Affected by the Marriage of GAAP and IFRS
  • Administrative Accounting: Cost Accounting and Managerial Accounting Differences
  • Insurance Australia Group Limited Financial and Managerial Accounting Comparison
  • Role Perspective on Managerial Accounting Systems and Organisational Control
  • How Managerial Accounting Is Included in Merger Models Managerial Accounting and Its Methods Analysis
  • Organisational controls and managerial accounting are compared.
  • Managerial Accounting’s Importance in the Business Environment
  • Management Accounting Principles and Concepts
  • Managerial Accounting Performance Measures Illustrated
  • Service Cost Allocations in Management Accounting
  • Effects of Technology Tools on Managerial Accounting
  • Organising the Provision of Public Goods: Managerial Accounting Lessons
  • Student Attitudes Towards Computer-Based Testing in Managerial Accounting
  • Justification of the Need for Managerial Accounting Systems: Financial 
  • The Connection Between Managerial Accounting and Controllership
  • Total Quality Management’s Importance in Managerial Accounting

Financial Economics Dissertation Topics

  • Financial markets’ response to COVID-19
  • How do mutual funds alter their risk-taking tactics in response to various incentives?
  • How did the financial markets respond to Biden’s victory?
  • What impact do Fintech firms have on the financial services industry?
  • The most recent developments in financial engineering
  • What impact does IT have on financial services competition?
  • Corporate Governance practises’ impact on emerging nations’ capital structures
  • How do interest rates impact the FTSE?
  • Does IT development affect businesses’ R&D spending?
  • Decisions about investments are influenced by behavioural finance.
  • An investigation into British investors’ motivations using behavioural finance
  • The factors that determine business debt in the UK
  • The importance of debt markets and private equity in SMEs financing in the UK
  • Do SMEs in the UK have higher profitability rates than big businesses?
  • British companies’ financial structures are compared to those of the EU
  • In the UK, financial markets and financial intermediation
  • components of asset prices that are both transient and permanent in the UK
  • UK companies’ capital and financial setup
  • Corporate governance and investor protection in the EU and US financial markets
  • Influence of politics on asset values

Corporate Finance Dissertation Topics

  • Application of the Continuous-time Model in Various Financial Environments
  • An analysis of a case study on the factors influencing financial policies about banking and non-banking institutions
  • What Effect Does Firm Size Have on Financial Decision-Making?
  • An Examination of the Financial Decision-Making Process at Family-Led Institutions
  • A thorough investigation of the life cycles of several financial products in the banking industry
  • What Aspects Should Be Taken Into Account When Making Corporate Finance Decisions Under Uncertain Market Conditions?
  • Explain the effects of technological advancement on traditional contracting methods and crowdfunding
  • An in-depth analysis of how culture affects the sole proprietor’s business decisions
  • An in-depth analysis of current trends in corporate finance
  • A quick analysis of multinational corporations’ financial management using UK data
  • Bitcoin: A boon or a curse?
  • Brexit’s impact on personal pocket portfolio maximisation: successful or unsuccessful?
  • Investor Sentiment & Stock Volatility Walk hand in hand. Exchange Opinions
  • Within the Next Ten Years, Internet Banking Will Change
  • A Philosophical and Empirical Analysis of Taxation Fairness
  • A Summary of China’s Fiscal System Factors Affecting Public Debt in the Eurozone in the Wake of COVID-19
  • The Impact of Demography on Investments in Public Infrastructure
  • Bringing Attention to Debt Sustainability Issues in Emerging Countries
  • How Has Globalisation Affected Public Finance?
  • The Theory & Implications of Optimal Capital Taxation

Retail and Commercial Banking Dissertation Topics

  • Consumer Search, Electronic Commerce, and Lowering the Cost of Retailing
  • Parking taxes are used to control retailing.
  • Online vs. In-Store Shopping in E-Business & Traditional Retailing
  • Early-modern London’s Consumption, Retailing, and Medical Systems
  • Amazon and its rivals in the world of online book sales
  • Why Is Human Resources a Vital Part of the Retailing Marketing Mix?
  • Retailing Public Goods: The Economics of Corporate Social Responsibility: Business Etiquette and Manners
  • Methods for bringing in new customers to Internet banking
  • Concerns about fraud in online banking services
  • Dual-factor authentication and security for online banking
  • Internet banking services have unstated drawbacks
  • Especially when it comes to bank-to-bank electronic transactions.
  • Internet banking’s effect on a rise in account openings
  • Investors from wealthy nations’ perceptions and attitudes regarding investment prospects in emerging markets
  • Methods for bringing in new customers to Internet banking
  • Concerns about fraud in online banking services
  • Dual-factor authentication and security for online banking
  • Internet banking services have unstated drawbacks
  • Especially when it comes to bank-to-bank electronic transactions.
  • Internet banking’s effect on a rise in account openings

Microfinance Dissertation Topics

  • The international microfinance industry is growing quickly.
  • How crucial are credit availability and other financial services to investment and growth?
  • The role of microfinance in national savings.
  • Does microfinance merely give the appearance of reducing poverty?
  • An investigation into how interest rates affect stock prices.
  • Microfinance for the growth of the national economy.
  • Effects of microfinance in agriculturally developing nations.
  • Factors that affect capital structure in a particular industry.
  • Compared to the interest-based banking industry, microfinance.
  • A comparison of rural support programmes, microfinance banks, and financial institutions.
  • A study looking at the connection between stock market development and economic growth.
  • Gauging the level of societal acceptance of micro-lending organisations.
  • The prevalence of microloans in emerging markets and their effects.
  • Microfinance’s role in fostering sustainable development
  • Microfinance’s effect on income disparity
  • Peer-to-peer microfinance platforms are used.
  • The effect of microfinance on child labour.
  • Microfinance is a component of the national savings.
  • Effect of the world recession on microfinance organisations.
  • Impact of microfinance on disaster preparedness.

Forensic Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Accounting: The Forensic Accounting Who Fought White Collar Crime 
  • Forensic Accounting’s Benefits and Drawbacks
  • Commercial Damages Calculation Using Forensic Accounting
  • Procedures for Forensic Accounting and Income Recognition
  • Making the Switch to Forensic Accounting Successfully
  • The Calculation of Personal Injury Damages Using Forensic Accounting
  • Forensic Accounting and Corporate Failure
  • Court-related forensic accounting duties of the forensic accountant Syllabus
  • Technology and Forensic Accounting
  • Forensic Accounting and Terrorism: A Relationship
  • The Future of Forensic Accounting: Past, Present, and Future
  • Problems with Forensic Accounting
  • Infringement on Intellectual Property and Forensic Accounting
  • Investigation of Fraud and Forensic Accounting Assurance and Forensic Accounting for Students
  • Hidden Philippine Balance of Payments in Forensic Accounting
  • Forensic accounting skill set
  • Forensic Accounting: The Accounting Profession
  • Forensic accounting and fraud auditing
  • Future of Forensic Accounting concerning CFRA and Computer Use
  • The Relevance of Teaching Forensic Accounting and Auditing to Unintentional Blindness

Are You Looking For Help for Accounting Dissertation Topics?

To make an authentic accounting dissertation paper from scratch, your goal must be to choose the right accounting dissertation topic. But, to choose a topic, you must know your goals, objectives and how the topic can help you in a broader way.

However, do not worry, as 5000+ experts are waiting for you at to guide you!

So, reach the professionals today and explore diverse topics now!

Most Popular Questions Searched By Students

Q. Can you provide examples of accounting dissertation topics related to auditing?

Yes, you can find various accounting dissertation topics related to auditing curated by our in-house experts.

Q. Are there any accounting dissertation topics related to financial management?

Of course! To get ideas on accounting dissertation topics related to financial management, visit our website and go through our free samples. You can see the most recent work by our experts.

Q. Can you suggest some unique and emerging accounting dissertation topics?

Here are popular accounting dissertations topics you can work on –

  • Effective strategies for planning income.
  • The effect of tax administration on the generation of income.
  • Benefits of stock control in cost management.

Q. What are some trending topics in accounting for a dissertation?

To get a detailed idea of trending topics in accounting, you can check our blog above and explore the list.

Q. How do I choose a suitable accounting dissertation topic?

The steps for choosing a right accounting dissertation topic are

  • Choose a topic you find interest in
  • Research to know if there is enough data available on the topic
  • Choose an issue that isn’t too broad or too narrow.
  • You can also connect to our experts for detailed guidance.

Q. Are there any ethical considerations when selecting an accounting dissertation topic?

Yes, you must choose an accounting dissertation topic that is ethically correct to research. Moreover, the topic must not hurt the sentiments of others. 

Q. Can you provide some examples of research questions for an accounting dissertation?

To learn through examples of research questions on accounting, you can head to our ‘Answers & Samples’ section and unlock free guidance.

Q. What are the challenges in conducting research on accounting topics?

Here are common challenges in conducting research on accounting topics –

  • Inadequacy of data
  • Too many ideas 
  • The outline and topics do not match 

Q. How can I narrow a broad accounting topic into a manageable research question?

You can narrow down a broad accounting topic by deciding which topic has better research scope. 

Q. Are there any specific requirements or guidelines for selecting an accounting dissertation topic?

Yes, there are certain requirements for selecting an accounting dissertation topic. For that, check the guidelines as explained above in the blog.

Q. Can I explore interdisciplinary topics in accounting for my dissertation?

Yes, you can definitely explore interdisciplinary topics in an accounting dissertation. 

Q. What are some potential research areas in forensic accounting for a dissertation?

The areas of litigation support, investigation and dispute resolution include potential research areas in forensic accounting.

Q. How can I incorporate real-world case studies into my accounting dissertation?

You can incorporate real-world case studies in your accounting dissertation by including interviews, surveys on the case, or analysing the pros and cons through hypothesis.

Q. Is it necessary to conduct empirical research for an accounting dissertation?

Yes, it is highly necessary to conduct empirical research to make your accounting dissertation logically right.

Q. Can I explore the role of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in accounting practices for my dissertation?

Yes, you can explore the role of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in accounting practices for your dissertation.

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