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120+ MBA Dissertation Topics: The Best Ideas for Students in 2024

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MBA Dissertation Topics

MBA is a field that keeps on evolving. As businesses evolve, the field of MBA witnesses waves of change. This makes it all the more difficult to keep track of the newest changes in the field. Hence, you have to be extremely thoughtful while selecting a topic for your MBA dissertation.

Read on to learn more about how to choose the perfect topic for your MBA dissertation. Also, we have a treasure trove of brilliant topics waiting to be unlocked! 

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Dissertation Topic

If you are an MBA, then choosing topics for your dissertations is not easy. Below are certain key factors that influence your choice of topics for your management thesis.

Understanding the Purpose 

You should be able to understand the topic for researching MBA entrepreneurship in greater depth. Your dissertation should highlight critical prevalent theories or provide innovative solutions to difficulties you may encounter in international business.

Selecting the Appropriate Topic

You must choose the appropriate topic for your MBA dissertation. As a part of your MBA dissertation topics for college, it should match the interests of international students and their career aspirations. They must also be able to fulfill their professor’s expectations.

Conducting an In-Depth Literature Review

Conducting an in-depth literature analysis of the MBA dissertation should help you understand the gaps in knowledge. Asking close-ended questions and providing knowledge would help you remove any gaps that may exist in the field of skills.

Designing a Customized Research Methodology

Your research questions should be relevant to your answers under the theoretical framework. Some usual content formats for which you have to select a topic include case studies, data analysis, interviews, and surveys.

Analyzing and Collecting Data

After you have designed your research methodology, it’s time to elicit data. For this, you must ensure that you derive data from valuable and trustworthy sources. Regarding primary data, you should pay attention to the surveys and interview-taking strategies. Finally, you should conduct an in-depth analysis of the software or tools you are going to use to obtain reasonable insights that you can apply to the results derived from experimentation.

Providing Your Insights on Observations

You must explain your observations in a well-arranged and visually vibrant way, comprising charts, graphs, tables, and more complicated data for your readers. Then, you should draw meaningful results from the data derived.

Identifying the Drawbacks of the Research

Every research paper topic faces certain issues regarding a specific topic, and you must admit them in your dissertation. It portrays how much you comprehend the research procedure and can detect the problems that you may have encountered.

With hard work, consistency and practice you are surely going to come up with unique MBA dissertation topics and their answers.

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An Updated List of MBA Dissertation Topics for College

The MBA dissertation topics you choose decide how much your students can pay attention to. Below are some of the international business dissertation topics.

  • Business Management Dissertation Topics

You can choose topics associated with business management where you can apply the skills in specific domains. Stated below are some of the MBA dissertation topics.

  1. Discuss the scope and the issues of globalization impacting small and medium enterprises
  2. Identify and explain the strategies of management of cultural differences in multinational corporations
  3. Determine the market entry strategies for international business and a comparative analysis of their international business practices
  4. Case Studies for Evolving Markets to analyze the role of Corporate Social Responsibility in international business
  5. Identify the e-commerce strategies and their trends, issues, and scope analysis in developing countries.
  6. Recognize the patterns and trends observed in evolving markets in Foreign direct investment
  7. Find ways to acquire sustainability and efficiency in improving supply chain management approaches in global organizations.
  8. Case Studies in Conflicting Arenas in relation to the political risk faced in international business operations
  9. Recognize the strategies for managing talent through motivating, retaining and developing international employees.
  10. Explain the global marketing strategies for luxurious brands at the domestic level
  11. Find out sustainable practices for business with respect to maintaining the environment and performing social responsibility
  12. Case studies on the role of International financial organizations in promoting the development of the economy
  13. Idenitify the moral conflicts faced in maintaining profit balance and attaining Corporate responsibility in international business.
  14. Find ways to adopt Corporate Finance strategies in International business by boosting the value of shareholders.
  15. Determine ways of implementing various leadership styles in managing the diversity of culture in global business teams.

B. Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The research topics on logistics management and procurement would ensure that you study in depth the importance of the procurement process. Below are some MBA dissertation topics that would make you fit to apply for a role in the specified field.

  1. Identify the risk management techniques and their evaluation in the supply chain.
  2. Derive opinions for joint ventures in supply chain 
  3. Identify the implementation of strategies for environment-friendly supply chain practices
  4. Study the impact of environment management strategies in the integration of supply chain performance and innovation in technology
  5. Develop an association between quality management strategies and their impacts on the performance of the organization
  6. Discuss the role played by outsourced supply chain management in global financial markets
  7. Assess techniques related to reducing operational costs for SCM of products for exports and imports.
  8. Make a comparative analysis of models for forecasting and their demand in multichannel retail businesses
  9. A case study on practices of supply chain practices leading to circular flow in the economy
  10. Identify the moral and judicious practices of procurement and assessment of issues in implementation and their advantages
  11. Study the effect of solutions in mobility related to the latest technologies or transportation technologies on logistics
  12. Explore the difficulties and behavior associated with the supply chain and its effect on digital transformation and globalization
  13. Investigating in the commercial sector, the strategies of procurement management of specialized projects.
  14. Analyze in detail the practical application of logistics in the field of the Internet of Things
  15. Identify the impact of third and fourth-party logistics in the evolution of emerging technologies

C. Entrepreneurship Dissertation Topics

Below are some entrepreneurship dissertation topics that would help you learn your lessons well.

  1. Discuss the importance and ways of reducing the gender gap in capital through entrepreneurial procurement of funds
  2. Explain in detail the common objectives of finance and intellectual property procurement by entrepreneurs
  3. What are the effects of international economic policies on raising funds for enterprises?
  4. Discuss the finance models of sustainability for ventures in social enterprises
  5. What are the ways of relationship development and networking to obtain an entrepreneurial mindset?
  6. Define the ways in which social media marketing can be beneficial in an entrepreneurial atmosphere
  7. What are the ways in which trust can be developed with new entrepreneur ventures using ethical practices of marketing.
  8. How is content marketing revolutionizing the era of digital entrepreneurship?
  9. How can the strength of outreach and advertising be gained through the medium of storytelling?
  10. How can alternative choices of finance models be utilized for contributing funds for social innovation?
  11. What are the opportunities available, and how is it beneficial in promoting entrepreneurship chances in cybersecurity for the protection of digital assets
  12. Identify what are the trends in consumer behavior for product development in small businesses
  13. Recognize the advantages of cooperative business models and their impacts on contemporary entrepreneurship
  14. Study the impact of sustainable tourism on domestic entrepreneurial activities
  15. Investigate the importance and operations of customer service for improving the e-commerce business performance

D. Healthcare Management

Healthcare-related topics regarding patient care mention how healthcare becomes important in promoting the well-being of the patient. Stated below are some MBA thesis topics related to healthcare management that would help you to form a clear idea about the subject.

  1. What are the social and economic hurdles to vaccination equity and internal healthcare?
  2. How can technology play a crucial role in healthcare management systems with the help of artificial intelligence technologies?
  3. What moral and legal diagnosis should you adopt for patients who are reluctant to accept medical treatment?
  4. Develop a case study on analyzing the impacts of different psychological, economic and social needs of young adults on the mental health of the public in general
  5. Analyze the different norms and guidelines used by therapists for curing patients
  6. What are the factors to consider and ways to map the pathophysiology of patients when treating their complicated medical needs associated with vascular dementia?
  7. What are the impacts of environment-friendly approaches in HR management in managing performance in the healthcare sector?
  8. How can the communication of the staff and the management in the healthcare sector be analyzed that would help in the management of the patient?
  9. What are the ideal steps you must take in managing the healthcare to rectify the previous medical errors consequently after follow-up?
  10. Explain in detail whether the level of satisfaction is higher in lower-income families of patients than in higher-income families.
  11. Identify and elaborate on the techniques and tools used to provide support with computer-assisted models and techniques to improve the quality of healthcare management systems and systems for making policies.
  12. Provide a detailed analysis of the effectiveness of one and many tablet medical prescriptions in the diagnosis of HIV in patients.
  13. Elucidate how records in the clinical sector play an important role in administering healthcare and decision-making in emergencies during a pandemic.
  14. Investigate the impacts of performance assessment and culture of the organization for assessing the process of managing knowledge in healthcare organizations.
  15. Observe what are the conditions that impact the waiting times of the patients in primary care facilities.

E. Human Resource Management

You must be able to bring out employee motivation, manage talent, and develop a culturally inclusive work environment. 

Below are some human resource management dissertation topics that would help you develop a concept in HR.

  1. How to coach employees to improve their performance?
  2. What are the different stages of the recruitment process?
  3. What are the key performance indicators in HR management strategy?
  4. How to effectively inspect and assess the work of the employees?
  5. What role does an HR contribute in the acquisition and merger process?
  6. What are the difficulties faced by HR management in influencing the behavior of the teams?
  7. How to properly manage relationships with the employees?
  8. What are the influences of politics on human resource management?
  9. How to obtain accountability for resources in human resource management?
  10. What are the ways Artificial Intelligence can be used in human resource management?
  11. What are the ways of designing efficient performance appraisal systems for developing the skills and motivating employees?
  12. How to design effective training and development programs that foster the productivity and performance of the employees?
  13. Analyze the relationship between employees’ work-life balance and employee well-being programs and how these programs contribute to their job performance.
  14. Assess how HR Analytics play an important role in driving data-associated decisions in human resource development strategies

F. Finance Management

With some sample finance management dissertation topics, you will surely get a chance to practice and score high marks in your examinations. Below are a few of the MBA dissertation topics for you to have a clear idea.

  1. How does the World Trade Organization play an important role in contributing to the economy of the global fiscal market?
  2. Discuss what are the impacts of the crisis of credit in the fiscal market
  3. Explain in detail the level of fiscal stability in the system of banking in the developing countries
  4. Provide a detailed explanation of the retirement plans offered by local financial institutions in developed countries
  5. Discuss the techniques of fiscal risk management in the maritime financial field.
  6. Find out the ways in which there is an increase in the development of microfinance globally
  7. What are the ways in which fraudulent activities can be prevented in banking systems?
  8. Identify the perks associated with mutual funds, who they are advantageous to, and how they can help you.
  9. Elucidate in detail what are the kinds of abnormalities in the structure of the assets in the firms and the management procedures for foreign capital
  10. Describe in detail the changes in the emergence of commercial banking systems and preferences associated with it
  11. Choose and provide a reason for selecting financial sources that provide financial aid to unique projects
  12. For high-risk investments and expansion, how important is it to receive access to other credit sources and financial services?
  13. Explain how the corporate strategy and capital structure are associated with each other.
  14. Discuss in detail the reinforcements and risks that global banks usually face

G. Retail Management Dissertation Topics

Stated below are some retail management dissertation topics that would help you gain specialized knowledge in that field.

  1. Analyze how social media plays an important role in shaping consumer behavior in retail organizations
  2. Discuss how acquiring augmented reality frameworks helps in the economic growth and expansion of retail organizations
  3. Discuss how you can implement retail inventory management strategies for the purpose of optimization
  4. Find out the reasons why consumers change their purchase decisions in the retail sector
  5. Understand how and identify the ways subscription-based models have evolved in retail business
  6. Measure how globalization impacts local retail brands in a great way
  7. Assess how e-commerce has impacted the traditional retail sector
  8. How does Artificial Intelligence play an important role in providing customized retail suggestions?
  9. What are the rules and regulations to be followed for the purpose of managing retail businesses?
  10. What is the role of mobile technology in influencing consumer behavior in retail businesses?
  11. How do unique pricing techniques influence the behavior of consumers in the retail sector?
  12. How can integrations of big data analytics be applied to decision-making in retail businesses?
  13. How can you provide your consumers with a customized shopping experience and obtain customer loyalty in retail businesses?
  14. How can you motivate your employees and promote job satisfaction of your employees?
  15. How do you measure the effectiveness of the impact of loyalty programs in the retail industry?

H. Risk Management Dissertation Topics

The strategic risk management topics would reflect your understanding of the power of devising a strategic plan and executing it to achieve your goals in an organization. Stated below are some risk management topics that would help you to gain skills in the relevant field.

  1. How do you develop an association between organizational performance and risk management?
  2. How do insurance organizations develop risk management strategies in particular organizations?
  3. How can you manage risks related to your organization in association with environmental and social factors?
  4. How can you implement operational techniques and financial tools for obtaining supply chain risk management mergers?
  5. Identify what are the factors that contribute to providing financial services to the organization for executing operational management system frameworks?
  6. What are the particular difficulties and interferences faced by an organization in relation to risk management by an enterprise?
  7. Investigate in detail the importance of risk management for providing consumer safety
  8. Compare the differences between modern and traditional strategies in risk management
  9. Make a descriptive analysis of strategies in risk management in the pharmaceutical industry
  10. Analyze the impacts of disaster and implement its management strategies for reducing the risk faced by an organization
  11. What is the importance of Six Sigma quality principles for the goal of portfolio risk management?
  12. Identify the risk management strategies and their practical applications followed in organizations of developing countries
  • Marketing Dissertation Topics

Below are some interesting marketing topics that will surely give you a chance to apply your concepts in the professional field.

  1. What is the importance of social media marketing in developing brands?
  2. Why is brand management important in generating revenue?
  3. What role do Amazon and Google ads play in contributing to online e-commerce?
  4. How do smart devices help in increasing the sales of an organization?
  5. Why is it important to analyze the impact of consumers’ psychology on an organization’s marketing?
  6. How do landing pages play an important role in contributing to marketing?
  7. Why is email marketing strategy still important for organizations in current times?
  8. How do customer demographics influence their purchase decisions?
  9. What are the issues related to dealing with unhappy customers, and how to overcome abandonment of the purchases obtained?
  10. How can marketing strategies through online content develop a greater brand presence and obtain greater customer loyalty?
  11. What are the strengths and weaknesses of digital marketing and mobile marketing?

Where and How to Secure Outstanding MBA Dissertation Topics?

Choosing a relevant dissertation topic that is also interesting is not an easy task. Again, zeroing down on broad yet focused MBA dissertation paper topics can be quite a challenge. If you cannot figure out which MBA dissertation topics to choose from the list of ideas we have compiled, come to us. Our MBA-qualified experts will help you pick the ideal topic that will make your MBA dissertation stand out in the crowd.

We also offer dissertation and research paper help. Our experts can also help you with every stage of the dissertation writing process, including researching, drafting the paper, citing the sources, and editing the content. 

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By following the necessary tips and tricks for choosing an MBA dissertation topic and through the specified topic ideas provided, you will surely master the concepts! So, go on! Dig deep and choose from our wide variety of research paper topics

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