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Top 70 Sociology Research Topics

UserLucy Wilson time27 September,2019

Society plays a huge role in moulding our characters and personalities. And that makes sociology one of the fascinating subjects in the United States. However, students find it difficult to fetch good marks in the paper. This is mostly because they tend to choose the wrong sociology research papers topics.

Sociology Research Topics

3 Reasons To Choose The Right Sociology Research Paper Topics

The perfect sociology topics for a research paper can help you fetch at least 80% marks. Here is why you must choose the right sociology research question for your research paper.

1. At least 80% marks

Good sociology research paper topics can fetch you an A+ even if you are not really a good writer.

2. Well-structured research paper

Good topics will help you get as much relevant information as you want for the paper.

3. A chance to learn something new

Unique topics will also help you learn something new in this field.

Many students find it difficult to pick a good topic due to several reasons. We have discussed some of the problems below. See if you too face any of these difficulties.

3 Problems Faced By Sociology Students While Choosing Research Topics

Choosing sociology research paper topics for college students is one of the hardest tasks. Take a look at the three main problems faced by sociology students while choosing their research paper topic.

1. Lack of motivation

Most of the students fail to choose a good topic because they don’t feel passionate about it enough.

2. Too many details

At times, you may come across topics which consist of too much information. It may become difficult for you to restrict the details within your specified word count.

3. Irrelevant information

Some topics may not get you enough relevant details for your paper. You may need to have a good collection of sources to gather information in that case.  

We have crafted some easy steps for you to pick the right topic for the sociology paper with ease. Implement these steps and you will be able to choose a unique paper in no time.

How to choose the right topic for your sociology papers?

The steps given below will help you pick the perfect topic for your sociology paper easily. However, if you have a strict deadline, then I would suggest you get online help immediately.

1. Have a brainstorming session

Write down the things that you find the most interesting around you. Write down all the possible choices and see if anything sparks a creative thought.

2. Choose the topic you find interesting

Finalise one idea that you are interested in. You don’t have to specify the topic right here. Just choose one idea, even if it’s a broad one like music.

3. Get as specific as you can

Extract only a specific element of your research paper topic. You may write about Blues music. Make it more specific by focusing on the location and time such as ‘Blues music in the rural Mississippi during the 1950s.’

That’s it! Now you have the topic and all you have to do is start writing. Research your topic and collect relevant details.

Top 70 Sociology Paper Topics You Can Get Inspiration From

It is not easy to pick a good research topic for the sociology paper. Therefore, we have listed the most trending 2019 sociology research paper topics.

  1. Effects of domestic violence and divorce on children below 11 years of age
  2. Does cross-racial adoption affect society and children?
  3. How is it possible to raise a healthy kid in an unconventional family?
  4. What are the odds of parenting at LGBT families?
  5. Should kids be exposed to gender studies right from their childhood?
  6. How do international marriages affect the national consciousness of children?
  7. Do racial stereotypes influence consciousness and self-esteem?
  8. How do social media affect the way children perceive things that occur around them?
  9. Are social networks really responsible for our security?
  10. How do romantic comedies have a bad influence on women?
  11. How can social media marketing lead to anorexia?
  12. Give some examples of gender inequality in professional activities
  13. What are the characteristics of gender stereotypes in social media?
  14. Assess the history of women’s rights in the Third World War countries
  15. Describe the gender roles in an orthodox family
  16. Why do you think bullies happen?
  17. How can children be taught the real consequence of bullying?
  18. How would you define your hobbies and social group?
  19. Is anonymity on the Internet crucial for every individual?
  20. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence all over the world, it is possible for a robot to run elections in the future?
  21. Describe the online disinhibition effect.
  22. What are the effects of creating fake profiles on social media profiles?
  23. Describe the opportunities provided to us by the online identities.
  24. Can social media be considered as one of the search engines?
  25. Can influencers on social media have an adverse effect on teenagers?
  26. What is the difference between authentic communication and social media?
  27. Why teenagers tend to have difficulties with self-identification?
  28. Analyse the effect of sports on the mental health of teenagers.
  29. Why should sex education be made mandatory for every student?
  30. Describe the peculiar buying behaviours shown by teenagers these days
  31. How to teach children with deviant attitude?
  32. What are the taboos of the 18th century that are not valid today?
  33. How do social norms come into place?
  34. Describe the basic principles of the labelling theory
  35. Can the violations of social norms be considered a positive act?
  36. Why do we consider deviant attitude as a sign of progress?
  37. Compare the different taboos in the Asian and American culture
  38. What are the basic principles of Femvertising?
  39. Highlight the differences and similarities between hipsters and hippies.
  40. Why do you think led to the occurrence of the Ku Klux Klan?
  41. Is it true that teenagers are most likely to belong to subcultures rather than adults? Why?
  42. What is the difference between the free Love Movement and Polygamy?
  43. What is the difference between radical feminism and liberal feminism
  44. Describe the effects of pride parades on social media towards the members LGBT community.
  45. Is it okay for teenagers to belong to a clique?
  46. What do you think is the most important figure of the Civil Rights Movement?
  47. Why do age stereotypes influence employment?
  48. What is the difference between prejudice and stereotype?
  49. How do advertisements influence gender stereotyping?
  50. How would you define ‘stock character?’
  51. Why does a society create a stereotype and how to break the norms?
  52. Analyse the most common stereotypes present among Americans
  53. What are the most common sex issues among people under 18 years of age
  54. Does the concept of hipsters affect the further career choice of students?
  55. What are the influence of music and musical education on teenagers?
  56. How do Americans deal with racism and police brutality?
  57. Who are the multi-ethnic individuals and what is their position in society?
  58. Why do we have a dominant culture in a multicultural society?
  59. How do the media present young women these days?
  60. Who consumes the most Blues music?
  61. How can an individual establish rational relationships with nature?
  62. What is your verdict on the concepts of super-industrialisation, super-militarisation and super-chemicalisation?
  63. Can the ancient Chinese and Indian concepts of the harmony with the world be applied to this date?
  64. What is eco-feminism and what is its impact on social development?
  65. What is the relationship between the intelligence of a person and scientific erudition?
  66. Describe the technology and methods of economic sociology
  67. Analyse the socio-philosophical views of Zh. Zh. Russo
  68. How would you perceive the basic principles of social attitudes in the Middle Ages?
  69. What were the social theories brought forth by S. Montesquieu?
  70. Provide a comparative analysis of Aristotle and Plato

Take inspiration from these interesting sociology topics for your sociology paper. Try to stay abreast of the events that occur in the society around you and see if you can write about those events. Talk to your professors for help.

How To Write A Sociology Paper?

From religion to communities, sociology is basically everything that can connect with people. You may have a hard time creating a sociology research paper outline. Therefore, I have also shared some easy steps for you to write the sociology paper with ease.

  1. Introduce the topic to your readers

The opening paragraph should consist of the main points of your research paper. Your readers should be able to understand what the paper is about through the introduction.  

2. Provide background information

Say your topic is ‘Man’s effect on Global Warming.’ Start with different theories associated with this event. Describe how the world was a couple of years ago and what it is now due to man’s actions.

3. Evaluate your data

This is the ‘meat’ of your research paper. Discuss the methodologies that you have used to prove your hypothesis. State examples and prove your arguments on the topic.  

4. Conclude your research

This is where you have to tie the loose ends of your analysis back to the research question. Restate the key points of your paper and let your readers decide the ending.

Apart from these steps, do not forget to cite the resources in your paper. You can click here to check out the samples of sociology research papers. Go through different sociology research paper writing examples online to know more about the right format.

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