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Lucy Wilson

Hi, my name is Lucy Wilson. I am 26, a successful digital marketer, lifestyle blogger, and a Literature writing expert based in Melbourne. I have loved social media and writing since my teenage days. I am a certified digital marketer with a Masters degree in Literature. Sounds quite wierd? Well, that’s because I can’t be less or more enthusiastic about either of my passions. Additionally, I work part-time as a writing expert for When I am not working, I am probably partying with my friends or listening to my kind of music or simply lazing around.


Correlational Research Design- Definition, Methods and Examples

UserLucy Wilson time27 October,2020

Psychology students are often asked to conduct correlational research to obtain a specific outcome related to their field of interest. The correlational research design refers to a relationship betwe...


A Guide To Crafting A Grade Social Media Essays

UserLucy Wilson time05 June,2020

Social media is a product of the digital age and has now become a key influencer of human society. Technological advancements of the 21st century led to the rise of this phenomenon that took the...


How to Write a Narrative Essay: Beginners Guide with Examples

UserLucy Wilson time15 May,2020

As a student, there are numerous kinds of essays that you must complete. Sometimes it gets a little tricky to identify the differences between two similar types. Many students don’t know how to wri...


Business Studies 101: Inside the BCG Matrix

UserLucy Wilson time26 November,2019

Simon sighs as he puts his satchel down by the bed. Returning to his dorm after a long day at lectures, he has suddenly remembered all about that pending essay on the BCG matrix. With next to nothing...


Top 70 Sociology Research Topics

UserLucy Wilson time27 September,2019

Society plays a huge role in moulding our characters and personalities. And that makes sociology one of the fascinating subjects in the United States. However, students find it difficult to fetch goo...


5 Persuasive Language Techniques to Write a Stellar Paper

UserLucy Wilson time20 March,2019

The act of persuasion is no child’s play. And when it comes to persuading a large group of readers with compelling tones and perspectives for them to buy, implementing the right technique and addin...


Law of Conservation of Energy: An Overview

UserLucy Wilson time01 August,2018

Have you ever wondered why do we start to rub our hands together the moment we start to feel a bit cold? You know the answer, don’t you? That action heats up your hands and gives you a little bit o...


The Best Tips Ever on How to Write Reflective Essay

UserLucy Wilson time07 June,2018

We love to reflect every time we get a chance. You may think about certain things that have happened, why they happened, and whether you handled it well or not. In a reflective essay, you need to for...


50+ Narrative Essay Topics To Improve The Quality Of Your Essay

UserLucy Wilson time15 January,2018

Mike has always been an expert in story-telling and he thought narrative essay might just be his thing. He used descriptive language to narrate the beginning, middle and end of the essay to engage the...


ATAR Results : UAC Have Some Fresh Things in Store for Students

UserLucy Wilson time19 December,2017

Over 57,000 New South Wales (NSW) higher school students received their Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) at 9 PM (standard time) on December 15. Besides, 78,000 NSW high school students also...


Assignment Writing and Its Effects on a Student’s Everyday Life

UserLucy Wilson time28 November,2017

Every day we do a lot of things without knowing how they are going to affect our lives. Starting from brushing our teeth to playing video games – everything that we do on a daily basis has some sor...


Reflective Writing – How It Promotes Quality Learning

UserLucy Wilson time24 October,2017

Every day we are learning something new and adding them to our experiences. Perhaps it doesn’t cross our mind until and unless it’s a major issue, but the process of learning does not stop for on...

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