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Hi, my name is Lucy Wilson. I am 26, a successful digital marketer, lifestyle blogger, and a Literature writing expert based in Melbourne. I have loved social media and writing since my teenage days. I am a certified digital marketer with a Masters degree in Literature. Sounds quite wierd? Well, that’s because I can’t be less or more enthusiastic about either of my passions. Additionally, I work part-time as a writing expert for When I am not working, I am probably partying with my friends or listening to my kind of music or simply lazing around.

The Best Tips Ever on How to Write Reflective Essay

Are you wondering how to write a reflective essay? This all-in-one guide is specially curated for you, where you can dive headfirst into the captivating world of extraordinary reflective essays. I...

Correlational Research Design- Definition, Methods and Examples

Defining Correlational Research Correlational research is used to establish a logical relationship between two variables. It also investigates the relationship without manipulating or control...

130+ Excellent Communication Research Topics for Students

Your academic career might be capped off with an outstanding communication research paper, which will also help you prepare for your postgraduate work. You can learn new things about human behaviour ...

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Over 57,000 New South Wales (NSW) higher school students received their Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) at 9 PM (standard time) on December 15. Besides, 78,000 NSW high school students also...

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