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The Art of Developing Social Media Essays – Bonus 100 Topics

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Table of Contents

Networking through social media platforms has become widely prevalent among users globally, affecting different aspects of human life, such as relationships, employment, business, news, and even academics. Unsurprisingly, students are assigned various social media essay topics to develop their analytical thinking and writing skills.

Millions will be an understatement if you wonder how many people use social media. According to Statista, over 4.26 billion people worldwide were using social media in 2021, and the number is projected to spike to at least six billion by 2027! That’s a HUGE count!

Are you stuck in a rut with your social media essay? Need interesting social media essay topics for reference? This blog will give you a lucid view of everything related to social media essays, topics and more. So keep reading!

Social Media Topics – Understanding the Pros & Cons

Before we learn about social media essay writing, let’s quickly understand what social media is and its advantages and disadvantages. The internet and social media are the most popular tools among users for their user-friendly features. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have a massive user base for being the platform for creating, sharing, and exchanging ideas, videos, photos, and different information with others of similar interests. Social media is also hyped for bridging communication gaps and keeping everyone connected despite geographical boundaries.

Upsides of Social Media

Social media platforms offer several benefits to users, regardless of their age and class. Social media has a lot in store, from bringing career opportunities to ensuring seamless communication without the pocket pinch. Let’s look at some more advantages of social media. 

 It makes it easy to spread information even to people in remote areas. 
 Distance is no more a barrier as live, or the latest updates are easily available online. 
 Live sessions, live broadcasts of sports, live news, live classes, and more are available to connect people worldwide simultaneously. 
 Eases the job searching process and opens up more career opportunities through top-ranked job sites like LinkedIn and 
 Acts as the best marketing platform for any business to create brand awareness, promote brands, generate leads, and increase sales, thus, saving the expenses of traditional marketing and advertising 
 Provides a platform for all kinds of aspiring artists, budding businesses, and entrepreneurs to showcase their skills and communicate about their products and create demand without fearing huge investments  
 Targets a vast audience to make it an effective communication tool 
 Social media platforms are excellent learning tools to increase public awareness and educate people about varied societal issues. 

Downsides of Social Media

Social media has a wide array of positive effects, and there’s no denying them. That said, it’s important to acknowledge the negative sides of social media. For instance, if unchecked, the use of social media can become an addiction and increase security threats. Here are a few disadvantages of social media:

 Continuous use of social media can increase health issues and affect mental peace. 
 The use of services from unverified sites can result in scams, and users can fall victim to fraudulent activities. 
 Excessive indulgence in social media sites can be addictive and impact productivity.  
 Access to uncensored, harmful, and hated content can damage the innocence of young minds and increase intolerance.  
 Since the large base of social media users is youth, they can easily get influenced by radical parties and fall prey to religious, political, and social warmongers.  
 Most youngsters stay active on social media sites and are way more focused on their online image than their studies, impacting their grades and overall academic performance. 
 Users are vulnerable to cyberbullying and cybersecurity threats due to the lack of data privacy.  

Social media has its pros and cons. It’s on the users to use it productively and safely to optimise its benefits. Now that you know the benefits and threats of social media usage, let’s talk about the nitty-gritty of social media essay writing and the purpose of working with a wide range of social media essay topics. 

Social Media Essay – Definition, Types & Structure

Social media is the mean of communicating with people, creating, sharing and exchanging ideas and various information and ideas on different virtual platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and other popular platforms. A social media essay is assigned so students can explore the impact of these sites on shaping one’s life. Working on diverse social media essay topics will allow students to learn about the use of this tool for activism, marketing, and various civic activities.

Common Types of Social Media Essay

  • Argumentative Essay: An argumentative social media essay usually defines a strong argument where you should pick one side of the discussion and support the claims with relevant evidence, facts, and details from credible sources. For example, if your topic is “Social media should be banned,” you need to pick “for” or “against” and support your point with evidence.
  • Satire Essay: A satirical essay usually criticises a topic with sarcasm using good humour, creativity, and literary elements such as hyperbole and irony. For instance, if your essay topic is “Social media is a Modern day’s addiction,” you will use humour to express how people are addicted to digital sites with a serious message.
  • Persuasive Essay: A convincing social media essay requires you to persuade your readers of your opinions and viewpoints with logical points. Critical thinking skill is mandatory for writing such essays. If your essay topic is “The positive aspects of social media,” you must list the positive effects while stating some real-time examples.

When writing a social media essay, select any of these three types of essay writing to showcase your writing skills and area of interest. Also, consider the essay typer while shortlisting your essay topics.

Social Media Essay Structure

When you don’t know how to write an essay on social media or a persuasive speech about social media, you will need all the tips you can get to build a strong paper. For instance, writing a social media essay can become manageable when you have the essay structure and know where to write what points. So, to stay focused and convey your message clearly, let’s learn how to form an outline for your media essay.

Here’s a social media essay structure example to help you understand better:

  • Introduction to the essay topic: “Social media and its influence on relationships.”
  • Thesis Statement: Social media has transformed the equation of human relationships with new communication tools, which may leave positive and negative impacts on one’s ability to develop meaningful and lasting relationships.
  • Main idea 1/Positive Effect: Developing new relationships, connecting with people worldwide, improving existing relationships
  • Main idea 2/Negative Effect: Cyberbullying, trolling, unrealistic living and beauty standards, increase in cyber crimes, reduced face-to-face interaction 
  • Conclusion: As claimed earlier, social media has unprecedentedly influenced people’s relationships. It has helped to form new relationships and bridged communication gaps, but at the same time has become a medium for bullying, pretence, and unrealistic life goals.
  • References: List of used references

Social Media Essay: Writing an Introduction

Finding the most relevant social media essay topics from the sea of options is the tip of the iceberg. You have to develop a strong introduction to grab your reader’s attention and hook them to your paper.

The introductory section of your media essay will give the roadmap to your entire paper. You should include relevant background details, examples, and statistics to set the plot for your argument. However, it’s easy to drift apart from your main point while writing. Still, stick to the precise issues and present a balanced view in simple language without overwhelming your readers with unnecessary facts and jargon.

Social Media Essay: Writing the Body Paragraphs

After creating a strong introduction for your essay on social media, it’s time to develop compelling body paragraphs to present unbiased viewpoints. Every section should start with a topic sentence supporting the primary argument of your essay. If necessary, provide social issues examples, data, evidence, and figures to build a connection between your views and convey your ideas.

Once you have presented your opinion of the argument, discuss the opposing ideas. For example, if you are talking about the “benefits of intermittent diet,” you should talk about the benefits and highlight the counterarguments by presenting the diet’s downsides. Leave it to your readers to decide which side they want to be on.

Social Media Essay: Writing a Conclusion

Your social media essay is incomplete without a powerful conclusion. It’s the conclusion that will decide if your paper is worth the read or not. So, to create a memorable ending, start the paragraph by restating the thesis statement to remind the readers what your primary points were and how they have been discussed in the essay. You can emphasise the importance of the key points and end with a call to action.

Social Media Essay: Proofreading the Final Draft

It may seem generic, but you cannot create a top-notch media essay without proofreading and revising it thrice. Proofreading is an integral part of essay writing and helps to make necessary changes to improve a paper’s grammar, structure, clarity, and consistency. Even if you are tempted to turn in your paper without proofreading, don’t! Take time and read through every line to make sure your writing conveys your idea to the right audience.

Writing a Flawless Social Media Essay – 8 Must-know Tips

Draft a social media essay structure to organise your ideas and present them in proper order. Here’s what you should do to make a perfect social media essay structure:

1. The first step to structuring a media essay is to understand what you are expected to do. So before making a structure, check what type of essay writing tutoring your professor wants. Understand the requirements and refer to the examples and reference reads for ideas.

2. You cannot create quality social media essays without compelling topics. Finding the right social media essay topics can be challenging, but browse your reading lists and check sample papers to find inspiration.

3. High-quality research data back a good media essay. Even though you can give your personal opinions and talk about relevant personal experience, give time to research the subject to find concrete data to strengthen your side of the claim.

4. Focus on your theme’s key points, research results, opinions, and relevant details.

5. Your essay is incomplete without a strong thesis statement. It is your essay’s foundation and helps narrow down ideas for your readers.

6. Stuffing your essay with unnecessary details will affect the overall quality of your writing. Instead, double-check all the points and make sure everything fits in with your thesis. Remove irrelevant statements to avoid confusion and unnecessary mark deductions.

7. Develop logical and interesting titles for each section corrected to the primary idea to ensure seamless reading. If something doesn’t make sense, move them around and include them where they fit right.

8. Don’t introduce any new topic into the last section – it will only confuse the readers. The conclusion of your social media essay should be the summary of the main points from the body paragraphs to highlight how it supports a thesis.

100 Trending Social Media Essay Topics & Ideas

Now coming to the last leg of our blog, find the right social media essay topics. You cannot develop an outstanding media essay without a good topic. Hence, you must research and brainstorm topics that help you to connect with your target readers. While searching for topics, consider the following points:

Stick to your area of interest – don’t pick something that’s beyond your interest 
 Select topics with sufficient scope for research and relevant resources and data.  
 Avoid social media essay topics that are too broad or too narrow.  
 If unsure, consult your professor and get your essay topic approved to avoid last-minute changes.  
 Pick a subarea to focus on and conduct productive research regarding broad topics.  
 Check trending hashtags and follow different news and events to identify social issues with real-life examples to develop your essay topic.

Using Social Issues Topics & Examples for Writing

Certainly, thorough research is a critical part of social media essay writing. However, act tactfully while tackling different social issues topics. Here’s what you should keep in mind while writing essays on social issues topics:

  • Specifically, go through the guidelines given by your professor. Since your essay will be based on comprehensive analysis, accurate citations are mandatory to back your opinions.
  • Besides selecting social issues, choose topics that help you to highlight your views. Go through books, academic and non-academic databases, and encyclopedias to shortlist topics and start with your first draft.
  • Simultaneously, analyse how much information you want to share with your target readers and mind your tone and attitude towards the subject in case you are dealing with sensitive social issues and topics.  
  • Stay neutral throughout the essay, even if you have a strong opinion on the social issues and topics. You can present your viewpoint with concrete details and data, but you must leave it to your readers to decide whether you are for or against your views.

Unlike other essays, finding media essay topics is fun as you learn about different trends and updates influencing social media users. Nonetheless, we have put together some interesting social media essay topics to help you figure out your idea for your paper. So what are some social issues? Let’s find out!

Social Media Topics for College Students

  1. Social media and mental health
  2. Social media and its influence on the modern society
  3. Lack of social media marketing impacts businesses
  4. Social media is an effective communication tool
  5. The role of social media in the academic industry
  6. Social media and cyberbullying
  7. Pick a social media site and analyze its management problems
  8. The use of social media to fight social issues
  9. Social media and its influence on activism and revolution
  10. Social media and its role in developing interpersonal relationships

Social Media Essay Ideas

1. How social media improves social relationships?
2. Job opportunities and social media
3. Social media and marketing
4. Social media metrics: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
5. The influence of social media on the changes in political and human rights
6. Apple Inc. – Social media case
7. Social media marketing – Analysing the merits and demits
8. Social media sites and their influence on human life
9. The role of social media in public relations
10. Social media and its influence on marketing

Popular Media Essay Topics

  1. Violence in mass media
  2. Stereotypes in mass media
  3. Social media vs traditional mass media
  4. The role of media on social norms
  5. Media addiction – analysing the cause and effect
  6. Effects of mass media on teenagers
  7. Media and its impact on people’s psychological and emotional health
  8. Effects of media on relationship
  9. Mass media and its influence on daily life
  10. Mass media in recent decades – is it reliable or obsolete?

Persuasive Speech Ideas About Social Media

1. Should cheerleading be considered a sport?
2. Should schoolgoers get tested for drugs?
3. Should education be free till the undergraduate level?
4. Is the traditional education format obsolete?
5. Are GPAs useful?
6. Should one choose a major based on their interest or potential salary package?
7. Should the government make capital punishment ethical?
8. Is using drones for military warfare legal?
9. Is social media distorting people’s right to speech?
10. Are traditions important?

Interesting Essay Ideas On Social Media

1. Black Lives Matter – Effectiveness of the movement on social media platforms
2. Social media has increased child trafficking
3. The role of social media in promoting unrealistic living/beauty standards
4. Influence of social media in reducing real-life interactions
5. How social media influences customers’ buying behaviour?
6. Explain how social media promotes radicalisation.
7. Why are social media sites such as LinkedIn popular among job hunters?
8. Social media and its role in increasing online prostitution and sexual abuse
9. Social media as mass surveillance- Is it ethical/unethical, and why?
10. Children should not have accounts on social media sites. Explain with reasons

Social Media Issues & Topics

1. Social media is the best platform for brand promotion
2. Which is the best social media site to earn money, and why?
3. The right age to join social media
4. Why are teenagers more comfortable conversing online than having face-to-face interactions?
5. Social media and its impact on delinquency
6. Do social media pry one’s security?
7. People should join social media. Yes/No?
8. How safe is it to share your personal details on social media?
9. How has social media influenced the fashion industry?
10. Can promoting a cause on social media bring positive results? Support your answer with real-life examples.

Social Issues Topics & Examples

1. Effectiveness of social media during the Covid-19 pandemic
2. Remote learning and its challenges
3. Modern society and the healthcare issues
4. Technology addiction with reference to the internet and social media
5. Social media dependency among young adults – analyse its downsides
6. Effects of social media dependency
7. Is it ethical for employers to check their employees’ social media accounts?
8. The relationship between modern society and social networking
9. Pornography and children – the role of social media
10. Analyse the repercussions of identity theft

Brilliant Social Media Essay Topics

1. Social media has changed people’s traditional thinking
2. Social Media as a learning tool: how it’s changing education
3. Social media and its impact on international politics
4. How has social media influenced activism?
5. Social media dating – pros and cons
6. Social media has increased the ‘influencer’ economy
7. Social media and its influence on identity shaping
8. How to fight social media addiction?
9. How has social media influenced one’s food culture?
10. The future of social media in reference to AI technologies

Top Social Media Topics

1. Social media and tourism
2. The use of social media in fighting political conflicts
3. Social media is the modern source of depression and anxiety
4. Social media and its role in consumer culture
5. Social media fame- Is it long-lasting?
6. Social media and pop culture: pros and cons
7. Meme culture and its effect on mental health
8. Effectiveness of social media in social movements
9. The role of social media on brand activism
10. The use of social media platforms to promote awareness

Must-know Social Media Essay Topics

1. Social is the new source of spreading fake news
2. Do social media connect or isolate people?
3. Social media and its role in increasing narcissistic behaviour
4. Social media and its effectiveness in crime investigations
5. How is social media used to promote self-care?
6. Social media and its role in building STEM careers
7. Social media and its negative influence on women’s self-image
8. The role of social media in today’s economy
9. Explain how social media promotes diversity
10. How to develop social media marketing strategy?

Now that you have the list, don’t forget to bookmark it for future reference. You will find sample information on each topic to develop a well-researched paper from the start.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Has Social Media Affected Communication Patterns In Society?

Social media has completely transformed traditional communication patterns. Now people are more interested in communicating on different social media platforms than in face-to-face interactions. Even though face-to-face communication is important for skill development, it has lost its charm. It has resulted in changes in moral values, as this has increased unfiltered conversations where people have this misconception of saying anything without fear of repercussions.

2. What Are The Negative Effects Of Social Media On Mental Health And Well-being?

Social media has several negative aspects on mental health and personal well-being. For instance, excessive use of social media can become an addiction and increase anxiety, depression and various physical ailments. Youngsters who are unable to lead the life they see of others on social media tend to get depressed and suffer from stress and loneliness, which triggers various mental health challenges.

3. How Has Social Media Impacted Political Discourse And Activism?

Social media platforms are primarily used for communication. It helps to communicate with others of similar political views and interests. Speaking on such forums can help to change, persuade or influence others’ views on different political matters because of abundant ideas, opinions and thoughts circulating on various social media platforms.

4. What Are The Ethical Considerations Of Using Personal Data In Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing ethics are crucial for businesses to grow. Companies using personal data for social media marketing should not engage in any activity that is likely to harm the participants physically or mentally. The businesses are advised to be neutral without affecting anyone’s perception of things.

5. How Has Social Media Influenced The Way We Consume News And Information?

As a matter of fact, social media has greatly influenced the way we consume news and information. People are now more inclined to read news and information on social media platforms. Many even subscribe to digital news channels to get timely updates and breaking stories. In fact, survey reports suggest that there has been a 57% increase in traffic to different news sites thanks to social media.

6. What Role Do Social Media Play In Shaping Cultural Norms And Values?

Social media gives access to information with limited access. It helps people to learn about different societies, cultures, and values. Learning about other cultures, norms, and values helps to promote diversity and increase cultural and social tolerance.

7. How Has Social Media Changed the Way Businesses Operate and Market Their Products/Services?

Social media has greatly changed how businesses operate, promote and market their products and services. With social media, companies can now promote their brand without investing thousands of dollars. They can do it for free or through paid ads to target a specific group of customers. Because of social media and online cookies, businesses can easily reach out to their target audience and reconnect with potential customers visiting their websites.

8. What Is The Impact Of Social Media On Relationships And Social Behaviour?

Excessive use of social media can affect personal relationships and social behaviour. Constantly using social media sites will reduce the quality of time between partners and family and create unnecessary conflict. Irrespective of the type of relationship, it is doomed to suffer from decreased emotional wellness and relationship satisfaction.

9. How Has Social Media Changed The Way We Perceive Ourselves And Others?

Undoubtedly, social media has had its influence on the way we perceive ourselves and others. While countless campaigns promote positive body image, social media has negatively affected people’s self-perception and mental health. With beauty, lifestyle, and fitness influencers setting unhealthy and unrealistic beauty, health or living goals, more and more people are drifting from accepting themselves as they are and giving into negative self-perception and of others.

10. What Measures Can Be Taken To Address Cyber Bullying And Other Negative Behaviors On Social Media Platforms?

A few things can be done to fight cyberbullying and other negative behaviours on social media sites, such as:

  • Investigate and learn everything about the privacy settings of a particular website like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and make the most of them.
  • Be careful of what you post online. Think and decide before you make anything live.
  • Educate yourself and others about the downsides of social media and various precautionary measures to increase social safety.

Keep all your information personal. Update your password regularly, and don’t hesitate to get help or speak out if you find something suspicious.

Lucy Wilson

Hi, my name is Lucy Wilson. I am 26, a successful digital marketer, lifestyle blogger, and a Literature writing expert based in Melbourne. I have loved social media and writing since my teenage days. I am a certified digital marketer with a Masters degree in Literature. Sounds quite wierd? Well, that’s because I can’t be less or more enthusiastic about either of my passions. Additionally, I work part-time as a writing expert for When I am not working, I am probably partying with my friends or listening to my kind of music or simply lazing around.

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