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How to Write a Complaint Letter?

The purpose of a complaint letter is to address a problem. The letter writer can be any customer disappointed with a product or a service. Written complaint letters are mostly used to state grievance...

Journal Submission Cover Letter – Structure, Template, Sample

A cover letter is a one-page description submitted with the actual work. This can be a research paper, journal, or job resume. Since it is only one page, many omit this, while others are confused abo...

A Starter Guide to Writing Top-Notch Thank You Letters

In a world where kindness seems to have become obsolete, and people always prioritise their selfish needs, it feels nice when someone goes out of their way to help you out. If someone's actions or wo...

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Top 100+ Thank You Notes for Teachers

Do you want to appreciate your teacher for going the extra mile to assist you with a task or skill? You may want to express your gratitude to the teacher of your child for all of their time and effor...

How to Write a Bio? A 101 Guide

Writing a proper and correct bio is critical to creating your professional CV or resume. This is because a bio helps you to introduce yourself to hiring managers and potential employers, contacts, an...

How to Write a Claim Letter – A Comprehensive Guide with Examples

A claim letter is more of a complaint letter that a consumer writes to a company to highlight an issue with the product or service. The primary purpose of a claim letter is to explain a situation wit...

A Complete Guide to Writing Personal Letters – Bookmark NOW!

One of the simplest yet purest forms of communicating is through personal letters. It's an easy form of letter writing because all it takes is conveying the desired message. But if you wonder why it ...

A Complete Guide on Professional Reference Letter Writing

It sounds great that you are asked to write a reference letter. It means you have achieved something big in your career, so your endorsement has significant value. Your friends, colleagues, or ...

How to Start a Professional Email?

All day long, email inboxes are overflowing with both incoming and outgoing messages. An email marketing company called Campaign Monitor claims that 121 business and personal emails are sent and rece...

Key Components of an Effective Cover Letter

A cover letter introduces you to an employer through a personalized explanation of your qualifications and interest in a position. While a resume shares the technical details of your skills and work ...

How To Email A Professor Without Annoying Them

Whether you want to request an extension or clarify a query, writing an email to professors can be quite intimidating. You don't have to follow any rules while writing an email to your friends or fam...

How to Write a Power Packed Formal Letter?

Simon, just like any other student, ignored the basic rules and format of writing a formal letter. He thought it to be the same as writing other letters. The real trouble came on the next day he subm...

Ultimate Guide On Business Letter Format

You have an essential business letter to compose, yet you are not aware of the format? Authentic business letter format not only increases the authenticity of content but, provides gravity to the mat...

Guide on Writing a Character Reference Letter

With writing a character letter comes great responsibility, as someone's scholarship, internship or job may depend on it. Apart from including the required background information, a character referen...

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