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How to Write a Claim Letter – A Comprehensive Guide with Examples

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A claim letter is more of a complaint letter that a consumer writes to a company to highlight an issue with the product or service. The primary purpose of a claim letter is to explain a situation with relevant details and to show how an individual is eligible for compensation. Knowing how to write a claim letter is important in order to obtain the intended result. In this blog, we will learn A-Z of writing compelling claim letters, so you get your due.

What Is a Claim Letter?

Before we discuss how to write a claim letter, let’s understand what a claim letter is. A claim letter, also known as a ‘letter before action’, is a formal way of informing a second party why they are disappointed with a product or service. Primarily, a claim letter is written to:

  • Express dissatisfaction with a product/service
  • Request the seller or company to compensate or make adjustments for the inconvenience caused or damaged goods
  • Keep it as documented evidence of the complaint for unsatisfactory products/services

A claim letter is the initial step of legal proceedings against a company for failing to offer satisfactory service or genuine products as per company policies. Various kinds of claim letters are used to communicate the problem and ask for a refund, compensation, or replacement for a defective product in a professional tone. Here are some claims buyers generally make:

  • Full or loss refund of the purchase price
  • Delivery of the right products
  • Replacement of defective or damaged products
  • Reducing the product price
  • Crediting the purpose amount in full
  • Canceling the part or full order
  • Rescheduling the dates of installment payments
  • Correcting mistakes in bills

Types of Claim Letters

  • A claim letter for damaged goods: In case you receive damaged or faulty goods, you have the right to write a claim letter for damaged goods to get a refund or replacement. By documenting your problem, you increase the chances of you getting a replacement. You can also use the same as evidence to file a claim if the seller refuses to pay you.
  • Insurance claim letter: The claim letter is written to inform the insurance company about an accident or a situation explaining in detail why and how an individual is eligible for compensation. Such claims allow one to get reimbursement against losses as per insurance coverage policies.
  • Warranty claim letter: A warranty claim letter is written to request the replacement or exchange of defective products under warranty. A warranty gives customers the guarantee of free repair or replacement in case the product is damaged with no fault of the consumer within the specified timeframe.
  • Claim probated letter: A claim probated letter is necessary when one wants to make a claim on behalf of a loved one’s estate. Probate is important as those applying for probate are the executors of the deceased’s final will. They carry out everything to fulfill the deceased’s last wishes per the legal guidelines.
  • Claim objection letter: A claim objection letter is written when there’s a disagreement between two parties. The letter is usually stated for the legal department of the particular industry to communicate the problems arising. The main focus of a claim objection letter is to express the sender’s reactions to different actions of the authority.
Claim Letter Writing: Techniques and Examples

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Vital Elements of a Claim Letter

Whether you want to learn how to write a letter for an insurance claim or warranty claim, first, you need to be clear about the components of a claim letter. The following are the primary elements of a claim letter:

laimant’s address: A claim letter should start with the claimant’s (the person writing for a claim) address. If you are a claimant, write your address at the top, followed by the street name, city and zip code.

Date: Mention when you have written the claim letter in the expanded form, like 07 May 2022 or May 07, 2022.

Recipient’s address: Write the defendant’s complete address, name or professional title (if the name is unknown), company name, and address.

Subject line: Write a clear and short subject line mentioning the type of claim you want to make

Salutations: Always start your claim letter with a suitable greeting. You can use salutations like “Dear” followed by the name or personal title.

Body: The body of the letter should briefly highlight the purpose of the letter with the important details. Claim letters are formal, so stick to the point and avoid unnecessary details. Break your explanation into 2 to 3 paragraphs to improve readability. Once you are done explaining your issue, end the paragraph by thanking the authority for making time to read your letter. Also, don’t forget to suggest a solution for your claim and the expected date by which you want the settlement.

Closing: Use words like “sincerely” or “faithfully” to end your letter on a formal note. Remember to include your signature below your name and contact information.

Enclosures: If you wish to enclose documents with your letter, you can list out your documents after closing your letter.

So, based on these elements, a standard claim letter structure should look like this:

Your Name/Company’s Name

Your Address/Company’s Name


Recipient’s Name

Recipient’s Address

Salutation (Recipient’s Name)

Body Paragraph 1

Body Paragraph 2

Body Paragraph 3

Enclosing Statement


How To Write a Compensation Claim Letter – Everything You Should Know

  • Use clear and concise language to convey your message to the targeted reader. Sticking to the main point throughout the letter and providing sufficient evidence to support your claim.
  • Avoid being too specific about facts if you are unsure. Making unsure claims in your letter will jeopardize your case and can make it null-n-void. For instance, instead of The incident happened at exactly 12:05 pm,” you could write, “the incident happened at or around noon.”You can leave out the specific time because if the insurance firm finds details otherwise, they can file a case against you for providing inaccurate information.
  • Be firm with your tone, but not rude or threatening. You, as a claimant, have been wronged and want compensation for the inconvenience caused. It’s completely understood. Don’t weed out unnecessary emotions and turn the case against you.
  • Always be clear about the amends you are looking forward to. Let’s say you have received defective products. Decide what you want, refund or replacement, and state it in your letter. Don’t be vague with your claims and write something like, “I expect you to offer a suitable solution.” Instead, write, I would like the guitar replaced without extra charge within a week. If not, I may have to explore other options.

How to Write a Formal Claim Letter – Important Guidelines

When learning how to write a claim letter, it’s important to master the must-know guidelines. So here’s what you should remember to learn how to write an appeal letter for a health insurance claim:

  • Don’t forget to provide the recipient’s contact information. If you are unsure about the name, call the company and ask the right person of contact. Addressing the point person will get you the attention you deserve. If the name is unavailable, address the letter to the company.
  • In case you don’t find the point person, address your letter as “To whom it may concern” and include your identification number or consumer id so they can connect with you quickly for the next steps.
  • Focus on answering the “what”, “where”, and “when” and share your experience. For example, On the 1st of March, I ordered an ABC 1000 mobile phone (serial number 120007) on your website, and it was delivered on the 5th of March.” 
  • Now state your problem in the next paragraph with relevant details. For example, “I unboxed the product and wanted to plug it in to charge. However, upon plugging in, the mobile didn’t come on. I tried contacting your customer support for help, but everything was unsuccessful.”  
  • Once you have stated the issue, suggest a suitable resolution. You can write something like, “As a resolution to this issue, I request you to send me a new model of ABC1000 at no extra cost. If you want to collect the defective product, kindly carry out the necessary formalities. I have attached a copy of my original receipt with this letter.”
  • Always state a time limit to receive an expected resolution. Avoid mentioning you would hire a lawyer for further steps“, as it will come across as a threat. Instead, state that you will look into other options if the matter isn’t solved within the given timeframe.
  • Complete your letter with a handwritten signature to make a claim valid and convincing.

How to Write an Appeal Letter for Health Insurance Claim – Dos & Don’ts

DO stick to block format and include the mandatory components while maintaining proper spacing, font style, and size.
Don’t make invalid claims without any evidence.
 Do provide complete details of the defective product or dissatisfactory service.
Don’t be rude, sarcastic, angry, or abusive.
Do add details like purchasing and arrival date, model number(s), quantity number, size, colour, the total paid amount it/them, etc., for defective products
Don’t address the company as a whole. Make an effort to find the person of contact.
Do be clear about whether you want a refund or a replacement and mention it in the letter.
Don’t make mistakes while listing your claims if you don’t wish to worsen things.
Do check the terms and conditions before making a claim. Make sure it’s a manufacturing fault and is no fault of your own.
Don’t forget to send your claims within the prescribed time to make sure your claims stand valid.
Do remain courteous and be polite and respectful with your tone.
Don’t be on bad terms with the people involved with the business. Mistakes happen, be positive and try to maintain a good term.

How to Write A Insurance Claim Letter – Example 1

Here’s an example of how to write an appeal letter for an insurance claim denial:

Your name



Name of the company


Dear sir/madam (or name of person);

Re: (Policy number, Claim number)

I am writing this letter in response to your letter dated (the 1st of March), offering $1,999 to fix my claim. The amount is not enough considering the benefits I was promised at the time of buying the policy.

I request you reconsider the offer. If I do not get a suitable offer, I will have no alternative but to approach the Public Financial Service for further action.

I am looking forward to your reviewed offer within the following ten days.

Yours sincerely


(Your name)

How to Write A Letter for Warranty Claim – Example 2

Let’s now check how to write a claim letter for a warranty:

Lisa Gomes


St. John’s School


Date: March 4th, 2022

Jenny Cameron


ABC Equipment Ltd.

11, Dickenson Street


Dear Miss Jenny,

I would like to inform you that the installation of our water coolers by your company at St. John’s School was supposed to be completed by March 10th, 2022. Your company has failed to install new coolers and upgrade the warranty of the existing ones.  

We bought eight water coolers with invoice no. 1117 dated March 1st, 2022. Out of eight, only two have been installed, and the installation of six other coolers is still pending, along with activating the warranty. We are very disappointed that you failed to meet your commitment.

We request you complete your work by March 15th and upgrade the warranty, or take back the uninstalled coolers and process a refund by March 18th.

Kindly respond at your earliest. If otherwise, we will be taking the necessary steps to resolve this situation.


Lisa Gomes


St. John’s School


How to Write A Diminished Value Claim Letter – Example 3


[Adjuster Name]

[Insurance Company & Address]

Re: [claim number]

Your Insured: 

Loss Date

Claimant Name”

Dear Mr. /Ms.,

As you are aware, on March 11th, 2022, my vehicle was damaged due to a collision by your insured________. All the evidence provided shows your insured’s fault in the cause of the accident and other damages.

Due to the damages, the vehicle’s resale value has drastically reduced. I have enclosed the documents stating the same. I, hence, request reimbursement of the diminished value of my car of $1,200, including the cost of an appraisal and DV.

Please send the payment within a week of the notice to resolve this issue promptly. In case of any delay, kindly contact me directly. I look forward to hearing back from you.  



[Your name]

Enclosure: Diminished value appraisal

Things to Consider When Denying Claims

You must understand that a claim letter doesn’t guarantee the claims you make. If you wish to deny a claim, remember to include the following in your letter:

  • Start your letter stating your regret in rejecting the claim
  • Give your reasons for denying the claim. Attach suitable documents to validate your point.
  • Include relevant information and dates, like the date of resubmission of the appeal
  • Add the contact information of a person for addressing the appeal  
  • Reiterate how much you regret rejecting the offer and assure that you are open to further discussions to solve the issue at the earliest.
  • Close the letter by reassuring the customer that s/he is valued and is a significant part of the business.

By now, you should be clear about writing claim letters. Ensure you give yourself enough time to practice improving your writing skills. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions Search By Students

Q1. How Do You Write A Good Claim Letter?

Ans. If you are wondering how to write an appeal letter for a dental claim or insurance claim, these tips might help you get started:

  • Create a statement focusing on the claim
  • Cite sufficient facts and details to strengthen the purpose of your claim
  • Figure out what outcome you want and by what time
  • Include relevant documents with your letter to support the claim
  • Provide contact details so the recipient can contact you for follow-ups.

Q2. What Is The Structure Of A Claim Letter?

Ans. Here’s what a standard structure of a claim letter looks like:

Your Name/Company’s Name

Your Address/Company’s Name


Recipient’s Name

Recipient’s Address

Salutation (Recipient’s Name)

Body Paragraph 1

Body Paragraph 2

Body Paragraph 3

Enclosing Statement


Q3. What Do You Mean By a Claim Letter?

Ans. Before you learn how to write an appeal letter for a medical insurance claim, it’s important to understand what a claim letter is. A claim letter, or a “letter before action”, is a persuasive letter a consumer sends to a business to highlight an issue with a product or service and demand a resolution for damaged or defective products or unsatisfactory services.

Q4. How Do I Write An Insurance Claim?

Ans. Knowing how to write a letter to claim medical expenses is imperative as it’s a crucial part of the insurance claim process. It enables the insurance adjuster to determine the right amount for your damages. Hence, while writing your insurance claim, be sure to include all the necessary details related to a situation or accident, the date of loss, the policy number, and the amount claimed.

Q5. What Is An Insurance Claim Example?

Ans. An insurance claim is an official request made by the policyholder to the insurer to compensate for the losses covered under the insurance plan. For example, a sudden fire in Southern Australia damaged approximately 100,000 acres of land. The farmers and landowners demanded claims from their insurance companies to cover the unforeseen damages. You can refer to claim letter examples to learn how to write a cover letter to the insurance company for a claim.

Q6. How Do I Start A Claim?

Ans. The steps to start a claim are as follows:

  • Call the police to make an insurance claim, if necessary
  • Document every detail and exchange information
  • Contact the insurance company and take the help of your insurance agent
  • Fill out the forms to file your claim.

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