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The processes of gender socialization starts even before the child is born and their parents start preparing for their child’s arrival. After a child is born, the parents remark and react to the origins of the child and their behaviours and it is seen that the child’s behaviour is related to the manner in which their parents treat them or it is related to the genes and personality.  The developmental scientists are concerned with the aspect of how and also why the behaviours of children change and emerge over time. The gender developmental scientists make their focus narrower to the study of the main origins of the gendered thinking as well as gendered behaviour. Thy focus on the enquiries of change over the course of time. The questions that concern the researchers are the aspect of how the children learn to identify themselves as well as others in a particular gender and the consequences of learning the gender and recognising by it. The questions of the time when children develop the sense of a particular gender and diverge in their interests that are linked with their genders and why the gender differences emerge. This paper will explore the changes I the perspectives of gender and the expression of gender and the changes it has gone through from 1880 to 2000.

Gender History is still not a particular designation. The term itself has raised several questions and the main question emerges in the context of the history of gender, the roles of men and women. Gender history is an abrupt manner of saying the gender conscious history which takes the gender centrality into account.  The human understanding of the sexual differences and the different manners of existing aspects of the make and the female is figured in different social relationship, practices, beliefs and institutions. This is an aspect of gender. Because humans are a product of their culture, the ideas of gender are dynamic but also specific from time and place. This means that gender is an inherent historical topic. The definition of gender is always there and present in all spheres of time and it is ever changing. Even inside the given time and place, the labels of masculinity as well as femininity are in the process of being formed, deconstructed, contested, rectified and restored. Some of the historians believe that gender history is a synonym for the history of women and other believe that the gender history minimizes and also ignores the history of women.

Gender history expresses the core intention of the aspect of women’s history since it’s commencement and it shows the understanding of the past which cannot be acquired without paying attention to women and also men and the systematic and calculated differentiation of womanhood as well  as manhood as well as masculinity and femininity.  The main impulses as well as ambitions in the history of women was to make women the main topic and make women visible and enable their  voices to be heard and to listen to them and also show their perspective. Gender is directly referred in  a significant sense and it describes how the sexual bifurcation is understood in the social hierarchy. Even so, the gender differences, metaphors and the rhetoric reach beyond the relations and the descriptions of woman and men. The aspect fo gender division is very basic and it has always been understood as a ranking in a hierarchy, the relation of gender is not only of difference but is of domination. This gender becomes the field of signifying power.   The aspect of gender divides within groups and the employment of conflict is the first and foremost aspect of the studies of gender. The political realm being the biggest field of power has always engulfed in gender rhetoric and symbolism. The usage of gender as an analytic category has always possessed a big deal which has to do with the rebirth since the 1980s of the political history. There were studies on the core public concerns which were war, polity , diplomacy presidential and partisan governments and those also got revived by asking new questions about masculinity and the way in which women were involved. There were famous political figures such as Theodore Roosevelt who had become the face of the utility of gender in foreign policy history. The book by Hoganson named Fighting for American Manhood: How Gender Politics Provoked the Spanish American and Philippine-American Wars is extremely important to understand the history of foreign policy and the international relations in the context of gender.  His simple research had found out the imagery of gender and the huge differences which had executed the public debate over going to war against Spain to liberate Cuba. The factions of power had claimed that USA had the men as the backbone who would lead the nation in the path of honour. They considered United States as if the country was a male citizen, father, husband which was engraved large and that dictated who must exercise the paternal protectiveness in taking over Spain  and their former colonies.  The history of industrial revolution and the integration of history of women have revived the questions about the aspects of industrialization and the formation of class. The industrial revolution that would show the division of class, working areas, economy and labour had to how the division of labour in the families and also between man and woman. The construction of gender and the differentiation of gender throughout the classes was being re imagined and reformed in the industrial era. The history of gender has also illuminated the level to which the New Deal policies that seemed very modern and progressive and were conservative with the economic roles of men and women. The New Deal had reformed the asset of citizenship in the United States but in a manner, the reform was a setback. The image of the wage earner, in every agency and in the provision of work was always a male. Only the provision of men was glorified and presented.  Women were included in the New deal programs but as people who were only potential wage earners and only received a minute part of the reward than what women did. While the area of race, sex can be differentiated and thorough to be apart, they cannot be apart in the living aspect and context from each other. The aspect of white supremacy in the United States has always been situated in gender/sex. It took the history of gender to speculate and point out. 

Therefore, the aspects of gender are ever changing and the aspects of social roles are also changing and it is a dynamic concept. What appears to be stability is the result of the ever changing processes that happen all the time and the events of social production. Every single time, a girl enacts her mother’s dress up or a boy enacts the posture of their father, there is a gender difference reproduction and the relation between gender as well as the style of behaviour is implicated. Even so, a boy playing with dolls or a girl playing with cars is also a part of the history of gender even when their actions are not so widely adopted or accepted in the social practice. Life is dynamic and the most innate part of life in both the natural and the social way, which is gender, is also very dynamic. 

Most Popular Questions Searched By Essay Students

Q.1. What Is A 1250-Word Essay?

Ans: A 1250-word essay is a moderately long essay that teachers assign students to test their knowledge of a subject and general English skills. In a 1250-word essay, students need to write about a specific topic in moderate detail, following the correct grammar. Most term papers and some research papers can be classified as a 1250-word essays.

Q.2. How Many Paragraphs Should A 1,250-Word Essay Contain?

Since a 1,250-word essay can be moderately long, you can make up to 8-9 paragraphs. Usually, each paragraph may contain 120-150 words in an ideal 1250-word essay. Students can find numerous such examples by accessing the virtual library of

Q.3. How Long Does It Take To Write A 1,250-Word Essay?

On average, students can type a 1,250-word essay on a computer within 50-60 minutes. While writing on a paper, students may take up to 1.5 hours to complete the essay. However, this time is estimated, assuming you have all the details. If students need to research first and then write, the total time required can rise to 6 to 7 hours.

Q.4. How Long Would It Take To Create The First Draft Of A 1,250-Word Essay?

The first draft of an essay usually contains the raw data about the topic. Students can find out the various data, figures, and evidence for a 1250-word essay within two to three hours. Then they may need another couple of hours to construct the first draft.

Q.5. If A Professor Says To Write An Essay That Is 1250 Words, Does That Mean I Can Stop At 1250?

In most universities, the professors give clear orders about the essay’s word limit. Students are asked to follow those orders to the tee. So, if students are instructed to stop at 1250, it is wise to finish the essay within that word.

Q.6. If I Wrote More Than 1250 Words For A 1250-Word Essay, Would I Get A Good Grade?

Universities have strict policies against word count for essays. Universities may cut your marks if you don’t follow the rules carefully. So, if students write more than 1250 words, they may get bad grades.

Q.7. How Difficult Is It To Write A 1250-Word Essay In A Day?

It is possible to write a 1250-word essay within a day. However, it is not easy. Students can take up to 7-8 hours researching the content. Then they have to be careful about the referencing and citations. So, if they feel unconfident, students can always seek help from to finish essays within a day.

Q.8. How To Write A 1250-Word Essay In One Night?

Completing something as complex as a 1250-word essay within a night can be quite strenuous. Understanding the concepts and compiling the data and figures can take time. So, although students can attempt the essay themselves, it is wiser to hire an expert from

Q.9. How To Write A Good 1250-Word Essay In Two Weeks?

Two weeks is enough time to write a flawless 1250-word essay. Students get enough time to plan how to write the essay. They get the opportunity and time to figure out how to proceed. Finally, they can take their time to approve their content and write the essay with enough time in hand.

Q.10. Will My Professor Be Impressed If I Write More Than 1250 Words?

Your professors will not be at all impressed if you don’t listen to their instructions and write more than 1250 words. You may end up losing marks for the same.

Q.11. How Long Should An Introduction Be For A 1,250-Word Essay?

On average, the introduction of a 1250-word essay should be within 200-300 words. You can ask an expert at how to write one if you are unsure.

Q.12. How Long Should A Conclusion Be For A 1,250-Word Essay?

On average, the conclusion of a 1250-word essay doesn’t exceed 200 words. You can refer to a sample from and write it perfectly.

Q.13. I Have A 1,250-Word Essay Due. What Should I Do?

Do not worry if you have a 1250-word essay due. You can go through the instructions carefully and attempt it on your own. Instead, you can also pay and ask them

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