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Topic Sentences: Definition, Examples and A Quick Guide

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Wouldn’t it be difficult for you to go down an unknown road, without any directions? Similarly, your professors may find it difficult to follow your write-up without any topic sentence. A topic sentence lets the reader know about the context of your paper. You can even consider the topic sentence as a movie preview or a headline in the newspaper. Your essay can have multiple paragraphs. A topic sentence will inform the reader what to expect in the next paragraph. Thus, it is crucial for every student to know ‘how to write a topic sentence?’

You can write the topic sentences on your own if you are aware of the right tips. You can even use the topic sentence generators in case of tight deadlines. Before diving straight into the topic, let’s understand what exactly is a topic sentence and why it is important.

What are Topic sentences?

A topic sentence is often known as the focus sentence since it determines the context of your paragraphs in the paper. You can organise your paragraphs in the right chronological order with the help of topic sentences. It is usually used at the beginning of a paragraph and highlights the main point of your write-up.

Topic sentences let the readers know about the topic that you have discussed in the body paragraph. You need to keep the topic sentences short, precise and direct. Also, it should have a direct connection with the introduction of your write-up.

Why are topic sentences important?

As mentioned earlier, a topic sentence completes your write-up. It makes your document easier to read and improves the readability of your paper. Some of the most common perks of using a topic sentence are:

  • Introduces the main idea

Say, you want to discuss Global Warming in your essay. Thus, your main idea, in this case, is Global Warming. You can use the topic sentence to let the readers know about your main argument. The topic sentence can also highlight a new aspect of your existing argument.

  • Links the main idea to the preceding paragraph

You can use the topic sentence to connect your main idea with the preceding paragraph. Considering the same example as above, you may want to talk about the causes of Global Warming, followed by its effects. After introducing the main idea, you can use the topic sentences such as ‘Causes of Global Warming’ or ‘Effects of Global Warming.’

  • Orients the readers to the context of the preceding paragraph

Honestly speaking, your professors may not even read the entire paper if it doesn’t consist of topic sentences. You need to orient your readers to the context of the preceding paragraphs through the right topic sentences. Summarise the purpose of the topic sentence in that paragraph.

Now that you know the importance of using a topic sentence, let’s check out the appropriate tips. Try out these tips and see if you can write relevant topic sentences.

Checklist For Topic Sentence Writing

Keep these three main criteria in mind before writing your topic sentences. These criteria will help you craft the topic sentences with the utmost precision.

  • Your topic sentence should determine the main point of your paragraph.
  • Make sure the topic sentence is not too broad or too specific.
  • The topic sentence should be relevant to the supporting details in your paragraph.

Start working on the tips mentioned below once you get a grip of these criteria. Do not forget to ask for help from your professors if you still have confusion.

Tips To Write Proper Topic Sentences

Implement the following tips to craft successful topic sentences in your write-up. Let’s begin with the tips now.

  • State the main idea of your document

Make sure your topic sentence clearly highlights the subject matter of your paragraph. If the paragraph is about the benefits of gardening, make sure you mention that in your topic sentence. It is better if you make your writing intentions clear through the topic sentence without being too wordy.

  • Strike a balance between specifics and general ideas in your topic sentence

Make sure you don’t use a vague or general idea in your topic sentence since that will become very difficult to discuss in a single paragraph. Your topic sentence must not include extremely narrow statements. In that case, you will not have much to talk about in the paper. Therefore, aim for a good balance while writing your topic sentence. Make it relevant to your thesis statement.

  • Hook your readers

Your topic sentence should be interesting enough to hold the attention of your target readers. You can try describing a character or using dialogue to state the purpose of your paragraph. Many students even try portraying a specific emotion in the opening sentence to impress the readers right in the beginning.

Try out these easy tips to see if you are able to write the topic sentences on your own. If not, don’t panic. Instead, get help from your professors or friends. You can also check out topic sentence examples for college for reference.  

Topic Sentence Examples

The following sample topic sentences will help you organise your topic sentences easily. Let’s begin.

1.Topic: Pollution in India is the worst in this world

Controlling idea: Many reasons for the pollution

Topic Sentence: Many reasons have made the pollution in India worst in this world

2. Topic: To be a CEO

Controlling idea: Certain features

Topic sentence: What are the features of a CEO?

3. Topic: Global Warming

Controlling idea: Contributing factors

Topic sentence: The list of contributing factors of Global Warming

4. Topic: Exploring a shipwreck

Controlling idea: Several difficulties

Topic sentence: Several difficulties encountered by hunters during a shipwreck

5. Topic: Dogs are wonderful pets

Controlling idea: Reasons

Topic sentence: Reasons that make dogs wonderful pets

Hopefully, the examples will help you nail your topic sentences like a pro. Don’t worry, even if it doesn’t make things easier for you. Get help from your professors or friends in that case. Do not lose hope and keep trying.

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