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Hi, I am Mark, a Literature writer by profession. Fueled by a lifelong passion for Literature, story, and creative expression, I went on to get a PhD in creative writing. Over all these years, my passion has helped me manage a publication of my write ups in prominent websites and e-magazines. I have also been working part-time as a writing expert for for 5+ years now. It’s fun to guide students on academic write ups and bag those top grades like a pro. Apart from my professional life, I am a big-time foodie and travel enthusiast in my personal life. So, when I am not working, I am probably travelling places to try regional delicacies and sharing my experiences with people through my blog. 


What is Cross-Sectional Data? The Lesser-Known Facts

UserMark time22 February,2021

Cross-sectional data is an important aspect of study when it comes to pursuing degree courses in econometrics and statistics. It basically refers to the cross-section study of a given population in o...


How To Calculate Percent Error

UserMark time19 February,2021

Percentage error identifies the difference between the experimental values to its exact values. The simple per cent or percentage error formula helps calculate the error between the experimental...


Stepwise Guidelines For Writing An Impressive Personal Mission Statement

UserMark time15 February,2021

From billboards to promotional brochures, you must have seen mission statements everywhere. For example, consider JetBlue’s mission statement- “To inspire humanity- both in the air and on the gro...


An Insightful Analysis of Hypothesis

UserMark time12 February,2021

Avail the ultimate guide on writing a perfect hypothesis for your paper. From an in-depth understanding hypothesis to finding a perfect hypothesis example, this blog will give you everything you need...


A Quick Guide To Creating A Flawless Chicago Style Cover Page

UserMark time02 February,2021

Chicago style is a version of the Turabian formatting style used by teachers and students to format academic papers and essays. When you submit a report, your teacher expects a paper adequately forma...


ABCs of Opinion Essay Writing

UserMark time22 January,2021

An opinion essay is self-explanatory. When you are given a topic, you have to provide your opinion on the subject matter, based on facts and figures. However, most students struggle to write it as t...


200+ Controversial Topics For Every Noteworthy Debate & Essay

UserMark time18 January,2021

Interestingly, controversial topics are the primary step for debates or essay writing. Controversial college topics are suitable for debates because they evoke strong opinions. Choosing to speak on m...


Learn All About Essay Titles in Under 10 Minutes

UserMark time15 January,2021

When the teachers sit down to check your essays, they first observe the essay title. As you can imagine, a good college essay help create a first-hand good impression. However, if you are not awar...


The 6 Secrets About Thesis Defense Only A Handful Of People Know

UserMark time11 January,2021

All university research scholars know that they have to deliver a high-quality thesis paper to complete their degree program. A thesis is an extended research work, which the students develop after t...


The A to Z of Essay Starters – A Comprehensive Overview

UserMark time04 January,2021

Do you know what the primary purpose of drafting an essay is? It is basically a form of storytelling where the essay writer involves in placing his/her opinion regarding a particular topic or subject...


A Descriptive Overview Of The Ladder Of Inference

UserMark time02 January,2021

Imagine a situation in which you’ve found yourself perplexed by how someone else has interpreted something you did or said in a manner that you never intended. Or maybe you got offended by someone...


Why Narrative Convention Is Important In Literary And Narrative Works

UserMark time28 December,2020

Generally, when a writer develops a story, he/she follows specific techniques to present interest to the write-up. Narrative conventions are those techniques used to impart sense to a story. Keeping ...

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