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ABCs of Explanatory Essay, Interesting Topics and Examples

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If you browse the Internet carefully, you will find that the student forums are filled with questions like ‘what is an explanatory essay?’ You will also come across questions regarding authentic formatting and writing tips. In short, an explanatory essay writing tutoring is a form of writing that incorporates the author’s presentation of a viewpoint on a subject matter. The ideologies have to be backed by facts and figures, and you have to elucidate the situation or event without criticizing it.

If you had been wondering what is an explanatory essay, you are going to get a thorough dissection of the topic in this blog. Furthermore, you can refer to the informative explanatory essay examples given in the blog, to sort out your issues.

Explanatory Essay Outline and Format You Must Follow

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of explanatory essay writing, we should know the authentic explanatory essay format. Typically, all essays follow the same structure, except for the writing style and the subsections that you include in the body.

The template is as follows:


In the explanatory essay introduction, you have to start with a hook, where you place a rhetorical statement, or a quote. Next, you have to incorporate a thesis statement, where state your view on the subject matter. Following this, you have to provide a brief context of the topic. Thus, now you know how to start an explanatory essay. 


The body is the major chunk of the essay. Here, you have to cover all the angles you wish to bring to the forefront. You must create separate subheadings to justify your statements and include bullet points to improve presentation. The explanatory essay body structure should be kept as simple as possible.


The explanatory essay conclusion is a precise part of the essay writing. Here, you have to reiterate the thesis statement and highlight only the most crucial points. You can talk about the limitations of the study, and also include a call to action for the readers.

This is the basic explanatory essay outline that must stick to. However, you must pay heed to the instructions provided by your institution.

How to Write an Explanatory Essay and Spice it up?

Writing an explanatory essay is not easy. If you have been wondering how to write an explanatory essay, then you have arrived at the right place. You should:

Focus on the Introduction

In order to spark the interest of the readers, you must commence your essay with interesting quotes, facts or questions. When you do so, you engage the readers with your write-up. Next, you write a debatable thesis statement so that people will be intrigued to find out how you justify your claim throughout the essay. Last but not least, you shed light on the topic in brief.

Gather Information

Next, you have to collect legitimate information to validate your arguments. Hence, you must go through e-books, journals, websites, etc., to acquire statistics, facts, graphs and much more. It is advisable that you go through explanatory essay samples and thesis papers to get accustomed to the writing style.

Work on Word Choice

You must focus on your word choice. In order to spice up your content, you have to know about literary tools like allusion, euphemism, foreshadowing, personification, metaphor, etc. You have to be familiar with emotive words like disgraceful, aggravated, and emaciated. And, to create proper transition between paragraphs, you have to know transition words.

Explain and Cite Examples

If you have chosen one explanatory synthesis essay topic, you must shed light on the subject matter in details. Elaborate the angles you wish to portray and give background information. If possible, you should cite examples and relevant facts as well. To maintain the presentation, you must restrict each paragraph to only three or four sentences.

By this time, you should have a better understanding of what is an explanatory essay. In the next section, we will take a look at some intriguing topics.

10 Interesting Explanatory Essay Topics

Now that you know all about the nuances of explanatory essay writing, you have to focus on topic selection. This is the first hurdle that many students are unable to overcome initially. To get you started, here are some explanatory essay topics and prompts for you.

  1. Compare business firms based on partnership, sole proprietorship and corporation
  2. How countries use diplomacy in foreign policies to de-escalate wars?
  3. How are ransomware and computer viruses spread via network?
  4. How sedentary lifestyle affects individual health?
  5. A historical explanatory essay on how books are made
  6. How medical advancements and technologies can curb infections?
  7. The ugly consequences of leaving a digital footprint
  8. An analogy between the three waves of feminism 
  9. How are laws implemented and executed in states?
  10. Discrimination based on ageism and its impact in worksphere

Hopefully, you should be able to notice the trend or the pattern behind topic selection. But, if you want to get good at choosing topics for explanatory essay, you have to read a lot of books, journals, newspapers and blog posts.

Explanatory Essay Examples that You Can Refer to

Everything looks good in theory, that is, until the point, you have to put your knowledge to the test. It is imperative that you go through certain explanatory essay examples to master the art of writing explanatory essays quickly. If you pore through the different websites, you will come across expository essays, which is another name for explanatory essays.

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