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How to Write an Essay Introduction! – Here are 11 Top Tips

This blog presents some effective tips for students who do not know how to write an essay introduction. Here you can find the stages and phases of writing an essay introduction along with a few essential factors, to recall, during that process.

Get your reader’s attention with a good introductory paragraph!

An introduction is more like an appetizer for your meal or you can call it a starter. Through a crisp introductory paragraph, a writer sets up the palate for the readers giving them a foretaste of what is waiting further. Starting your essay with a positive and alluring style of writing grabs more attention than usual.

Make the introduction more attractive – the effective tips are listed here!

How to write an essay introduction

How to write an essay introduction?

You can compose a compact essay introduction through a variety of ways. Some find it useful to start with a strong relatable quotation, whereas other writers feel a formal breakthrough is more appealing.

Are you facing trouble with how to write an introduction? See through these guaranteed tips of composing an incredible essay introduction –

  • Read the question till you feel confident about it

You must have a clear concept on your essay topic in order to proceed further. Prior to researching, you must re-read the questions to comprehend its hidden facts. Once you permeate through the concept, no one can stop you from composing a solid introductory paragraph.  Your understanding of the subject-line directly reflects on the introduction resulting in a finesse opening for your essay.

  • Keep it simple and concise

Incorporating too many facts in the introductory paragraph leads readers in utter confusion, leaving them to wander about what the exact topic is. You must input hints of data and your arguments in the opening section so, that it triggers reader’s interest. Overwhelming them with explicit data in the very first paragraph is indeed a bad idea. The foremost section should be easy-to-read and easy-to-understand.

  • Grab reader’s attention

Most of the readers are moody and overt in their behavior, that is, they do not read if they do not like it. To grab reader’s eyeballs, you have to prepare a tempting start for your essay. Open it in a more interactive manner so that people can easily connect with your thoughts. You can also drag relation with a distinct context and slowly divulge n your theme. However, make sure, you do not flow away with that concept.

  • Maintain an uncomplicated language

Language proficiency is essential but inserting complicated words is not appreciating in essay introduction. Draft that section with easy words so that it is even comprehensible for a novice. For example, if you serve a spicy and heavy starter to your guests, they may not enjoy the meal or they lose interest in the main course coming up. The situation is precisely similar in case of your essay introduction, so it is wise to keep it light and smooth.

  • Provide a strong thesis statement

Introducing a powerful thesis helps the readers to get acquainted with the essay idea and captivates them to dig deeper into the matter. While writing your thesis, you need to remind of the following factors –

  • It should relate to the topic
  • There should not be any redundant words
  • You should avoid wordiness in it
  • Keep the meaning definite and precise

If you follow these guidelines and prepare the thesis, you can definitely impress your professors.

  • Give hints of your arguments

Students who do not know how to write an essay introduction must apprehend that establishing your arguments without explaining them in the introduction is a clever way to hold your readers. Tell them about your aspects of discussion and let them read the full document in order to find the justifications, evidence and illustrations behind those arguments. To make it more interesting, you can partially present some statistics, facts and figures.

  • Define the key terms according to the aspect of your essay

If your essay includes broader concepts or terms, then you must define those key points. The introduction is not that section, where you have to reiterate all the dictionary definitions. However, if there is critical terminology like scientific terms, or business codes or historical term, then you provide a definition to it under the consideration of your essay theme. Terms also come in handy in political or legal essays, where a particular word has different interpretations. You must also provide meanings for those words in the context of the essay.

  • Present your stance on the topic

Putting forth your viewpoint on the topic allows readers to agree or disagree with you. Those who agree with you, read the paper to understand how you justify the instance and those who disagree with you, read the paper to judge, in what context you disapprove with the instance. Your style of writing must be firm while depicting your stances on the essay theme otherwise people may criticize it as your emotional way of presenting thoughts.

  • Intros should be of limited length – Lengthy introduction is a major drawback while writing an essay. You must keep the paragraphs short wrapping it up in short paragraphs. Only a jest of your discussion is essential in this part so, do not flow with your content. Otherwise, that may impose a bad impression about the writer. Maintaining a formal tone without exaggeration is what exactly an essay introduction requires.
  • You must avoid clichés: For those who do not have an idea about how to write an essay introduction, the old style of writing is no more acceptable. Readers feel like reading when they find an interesting introduction to your essay. The days of starting the introduction with a good definition are long gone in now considered as cliché. The present scenario expects writers to initiate an essay with casual and interactive statements.
  • Convince the readers that the essay is worth reading: Through a solid introduction, a writer’s responsibility is to convince the readers that the document is worth reading. A good introduction always engages more people. It allows the readers to wonder how the writer may prove his or her point. The main purpose of the opening section is to provide a compact overview of the topic along with a strong thesis, a few data and your perceptions.

Besides these effectual tips, it is also essential to understand the strict dos and don’ts associated with essay introduction. Those who are not acquainted with how to write an essay introduction must read the following section.

Dos and Don’ts for essay introduction


  • Make use of specific writing style and let your readers understand your viewpoint
  • Illustrate some of the key terms of your essay in the opening paragraph
  • Mention a counter-argument that you are going to prove wrong in your paper
  • Compose the introduction as a roadmap to your essay
  • Write an impactful hook statement and put it as an opening statement


  • Do not put abundant information in the introductory paragraphs
  • Neither write the introduction paragraph first nor write it at the wee hours
  • Avoid clauses, phrases, and proverbs that are clichés
  • Do not include irrelevant and generalized aspects
  • Avoid meaty citations in the introductory paragraph

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