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Steps to Writing an Essay Introduction That Hooks Your Reader

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You must have come up with fascinating ideas for your essay to grab your reader’s attention. There are situations when you might wonder how to captivate your readers from the beginning so that they continue reading your entire essay. Always remember that to grab your reader’s attention from the beginning, you need to start with a good introduction paragraph. Your introduction is the first step in creating a first impression in the minds of your readers.  

By writing a short essay for your class assignments, you will surely receive the love and appreciation from your professors and become popular among your friends! 

Understanding the Essay Introduction 

Your essay introduction reflects on your personality and writing style. It helps readers identify the nature of your writing. Your introduction introduces your readers to an idea about a particular topic you are going to discuss. Your essay introduction paragraph is a way of establishing a connection with your readers. A good introduction to your essay is the first step in the essay-writing process to win the hearts of your readers. 

To write a good introduction for your thesis, you first need to decide on the topic for your essay. Then, you need to think about which area you want to focus on in your research. Consequently, you need to decide on your thesis statement, which will explain your research. After that, you need to start designing your introduction paragraph by including the background information in your thesis.

 However, a three-step, more comprehensive process will guide you to write a better introduction for your essay topic. Learn them in greater detail. 

Describing your agreement position

You should begin your essay by stating whether you will speak in favor of or against an argument. This type of introduction will give your readers a good idea of what you are going to explain in the rest of the essay. 

Providing a definition of key terms

You must first, in your essay, explain the dictionary definition of the major vague terms that you want to introduce in your essay so that no doubt exists in the minds of the readers regarding such terms. 

Moreover, you should be able to clarify any vagueness or ambiguity regarding an essay topic. 

Explaining your situation with a road map  In this style of writing an introduction, you should begin your essay by stating the mini-argument. Then, in the rest of the body paragraphs, you can explain the main points of your mini-argument into a mega-argument.  

Elements of a Strong Essay Introduction 

Your essay introduction paragraph may be regarded as a strong one if your readers can understand the key idea of the topic. The introductory paragraph of your essay should hook the reader’s attention to read more about the topic. Find out the various ways you can write an appealing essay introduction  A. Hooking the Reader 

Beginning the first paragraph of your essay with your personal experience is a great way to hook the reader’s attention. You can adopt this style while writing a narrative essay. 

Another approach to writing an introduction to your essay involves using a narrative style by describing each scene. Here, the reader should be able to visualize each scene and form an idea of the topic.

B. Providing Context and Background Information  While writing an introduction to your essay, you should make sure that you provide background information. Then, you can continue writing in your introductory paragraph about how relevant your essay context is to the subject.  C. Presenting the Thesis Statement

In the case of academic writing, you can begin to write an essay with the help of a clear thesis statement. Another way you write the first paragraph of your academic essay is by starting with information based on statistics. You can usually adopt this style in an argumentative essay to explain your viewpoint about a subject

D. Outlining the Structure of the Essay 

Whether it is an argumentative essay or a personal essay, you are going to decide the essay’s structure. While writing a strong introduction for your essay, make sure you do not add too many points at the beginning of your essay.

With an amazing essay structure, you are surely going to write a wonderful introduction to your essay that your professors cannot stop themselves from reading and grading you with high scores! 

 What Are the 3 Parts of an Introduction Paragraph? 

If you want to write an awesome essay that your readers would love to read, then you should be conscious of the three parts that are usually present in a strong introduction paragraph. These elements would act as the steps to becoming the attention grabber of your readers. Your introduction to your writing should contain three main elements to draw the attention of your reader. They are:

  • A thesis statement
  • A context to write about
  • A hook that every reader would like to read. 

When you write the thesis statement in the introductory paragraph, then you are writing an argumentative essay, which aims to prove your insights at the end by introducing the main argument. Through the first sentence, you can discuss what is the common belief regarding a particular subject and whether you would be arguing in favor of or against that viewpoint. This is the section where you need to do considerable research to arrive at the accurate thesis statement. 

When you begin your writing process of an introduction of your essay in context to a specific subject, you should explain how a particular belief or question is related to the subject. Then you should continue to write what has encouraged you in beginning to write an essay. Here, you can also discuss issues, doubts, or events that have made you curious to research the essay paper. 

To hook your readers to your essay, you need to begin your opening line with an important angle of the essay you are going to discuss. This is a great way to grab the attention of your readers on the main idea of the topic. The introductory paragraph of your writing should contain the facts of your writing in an interesting way that either makes the readers curious or contains facts the reader wishes to know.

With an accurate essay writing guide, you will surely come up with unique introduction ideas for creating a hook that will keep your readers reading your essay from the beginning to the end.

 Techniques for Writing Effective Essay Introductions 

Are you wondering how to begin the introduction of your writing so that every reader remains glued to your writing? You are not the only one since many eminent writers face the difficulty to write a striking introduction to their essay. You just only need to be aware of the various strategies you can adopt to come up with an interesting introduction to your essay. It only depends on the type of essay you are going to write and the type of topic you may encounter while starting with your essay. 

Depending on the type of essay you are going to write, you have to decide who your readers will be. When analyzing your audience, you need to understand the age group and geographic location of the average person who will be your readers.  Moreover, you also need to discover the aims of your writing and the direction your essay will take.  

The first stage of writing a lovely introduction includes what are the beliefs with which most people agree. Then you can continue to explore the ideas with which some people disagree and some create doubts in people’s minds. This understanding would help you develop the thesis statement for your argumentative essay. Consequently, you would continue in your pursuit of trying to establish credibility over your research proposition from the beginning. In this kind of writing, you can also use some references of statistics in connection to the subject to explain your specific observation. 

Another way of writing an introduction to an essay involves beginning with a striking incident. Then, the rest of the essay would continue narrating the tale of the story. This is an effective way to hook readers so that they feel an emotional connection with the story narrated to them. Here, you can also ask your readers questions regarding the incident to create an effective hook for your writing. This is a very common approach that is used in narrative essays that aim to discuss essays of human interest. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Essay Introductions 

Know about your common weaknesses that would cause you to arrive at erroneous essay writing introductions for which your reader might never read your complete write-up. 

Inability to identify the question

In your thesis, you must first provide background information on the subject. Then, in the next line, you should continue explaining your contention regarding the subject that you believe to be true. Then, in the final paragraph of your introduction, you should explain your overall argument on the subject. 

Deviate from the central point of the topic

While writing your research paper, you must keep your essay to the point and not deviate from the topic. Your essay should provide the truth behind all the facts in your write-up with a reason. Moreover, you should not write a particular thesis statement in your conclusion and something else in the introduction. Both propositions for your thesis statement should match.

Excessive usage of informal language

You should write in formal language and avoid using a casual writing style. Also, avoid using too many lightweight words and instead use heavy-weight words. Do not ask too many rhetorical questions that distract readers from the main point of the essay. When writing an academic paper, it is believed that you should never use a second-person narrative.

Avoid using literary terms or colloquial terms in your research paper. Too many colloquial terms in your paper symbolize that you are narrating facts to your readers that your readers already know.  Lack of proper references 

You should provide secondary references for your thesis whenever you refer to their corresponding resources. Using other authors’ concepts and ideas and describing them as your own may be considered an academic offense.  

If you are still not confident about what thesis statement or if you are facing difficulty with referencing, then you can have a look at the essay format

Examples of Effective Essay Introductions 

Are you brainstorming for a good introduction but finding it difficult? With some good introduction examples, you are surely going to make your gateway to the top of the class! Grab Your Reader’s Attention Immediately  You can begin your essay introductions with a thought-provoking question. Do you think it is necessary and reasonable to charge money for works of art in a museum compared to street art? Develop the Interest o through Interesting Quotes

You can quote an eminent author or celebrity. Here is an example. 

A famous American thinker once said,” Every artist was first an amateur,” but in reality, every artist does not have a professional approach.

Begin Your Introduction with Your Topic Sentence

For writing powerful essay introductions, you can begin with some information. Here is another example.

For many centuries, Western art was defined by the limitations of religious practices like the church. In other centuries, art was defined as an expression of the elite class. According to contemporary graffiti, art cannot be judged and limited.

Design Your Thesis Statement with Particular Details

While writing various thesis statements, you should provide relevant background information. Have a look at an example mentioned below 

It can be argued that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder which is not in contrast to the beauty that exists in a canvas in a museum or the ceiling of a Sistine Chapel.

Explain Your Thesis Statement with a Clear Argument 

Your thesis statements should be clear and provide main points in the form of an argument in your page paper. Go through the example below to have a clearer sense of what key points to include.

Murals, graffiti, and other forms of street art have historically been categorized as part of the fine arts. This practice defines true art.


It cannot be denied that writing the beginning paragraph of your argument to draw the attention of your readers instantly is quite a difficult task. But, once they find your write-up appealing, they are surely going to continue reading it. Hence, with all the tricks and tips to write an appealing introduction and with examples of other essays you are surely going to be able to write a lovely introduction for your assignments.

With MyAssignmentHelp, you will receive plagiarism-free solutions for your assignments from our qualified experts. We are here to help you experience a variety of assignment services, including editing, rewriting, and first-writing your assignments. MyAssignmentHelp aims to offer you dissertation help, homework help, coursework help, and help with your academic essays! Do not hesitate to contact us! We are always ready to help you!

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