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How To Write A Thesis Statement – Step By Step

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Imagine yourself to be a jury member present in the courtroom, listening to a lawyer who is making an intriguing argument. Now, you are eager to know soon if the lawyer considers the accused to be guilty or innocent and how he plans to persuade you. Readers of academic papers are similar to jury members. Before they have delved too deep into the paper, they will want to know what the paper argues and how remarkably the writer aims to make the argument.

This form of persuasion, often known as the academic argument, is a thesis statement, which is often summed in one or two simple sentences. Without a strong thesis statement, the argument of your academic papers will fall flat, and the information you present will remain unfocused.

Since a thesis plays such a critical role in an academic paper, you are perhaps flustered with the concern, “What is a thesis statement? anyway.

 If you are also unsure how to write a good thesis statement, you have landed on the right page. To put a stop to all your academic concerns, in today’s well-detailed post, we will walk you through certain significant guidelines along with unique thesis statement examples that will help you nail your thesis statement writing task like a champion.

Let’s discuss in details the intricacies of ‘how to make a strong thesis statement’ in any kind of academic papers.

Thesis Statement Definition: A Quick Overview

Now, before you plunge deep to learn ‘how to write a brilliant thesis statement for a research paper’, it is vital to develop a deeper understanding of what thesis statements truly are.

A thesis statement is a remarkable sentence that sums up the central points of an academic paper or an essay. It usually comes at the end of the introduction of your academic paper. An accurate thesis statement should always do the following-

  • Inform the reader how you will interpret the importance of a subject matter under discussion in your academic paper.
  • Create a road map for the paper.
  • Answer the question of the paper directly. It is an interpretation of a question or a subject, but not the subject itself. Like, the topic of your paper can be The Civil War. The thesis should offer a unique way to comprehend the war.
  • Make a claim that others might not agree with.

Categories Of A Thesis Statement Sentence: Persuasive And Informative

Now that we have defined the thesis statement for you, it is time to understand the different types of thesis statements you can present in an academic paper. It should match the kind of the essay or the assignment.

While writing an informative assignment or an essay, you should always formulate a strong informative thesis statement (instead of an argumentative). You will want to declare your intentions in the paper and guide the readers to the conclusion that you will reach in the end.


To make a delicious chicken sandwich, you must procure the ingredients, find a sharp knife, shred the chicken, and spread the condiments.

Usually, the most kind of papers or essays, whether argumentative, compare/contrast, or narrative, includes thesis statements that take a specific position and argue it. These will include persuasive thesis statements.  A persuasive thesis statement is one that generally incorporates an opinion and the reason why your opinion is true.


Chicken sandwiches are the best kind of sandwich as they are easy to make, versatile, and tastes amazing.

How To Write A Strong Thesis Statement: A Step-By-Step Guide

Writing a brilliant thesis statement is all about figuring out the primary idea for your academic paper or essays and then informing the central idea to the readers. It is important to come up with an initial thesis, often known as the working thesis, early in the writing phase.

To help our readers craft the best statement possible, we have provided certain essential steps that will help you take your thesis statements to the next level. Have a look-

  • Begin With A Question And Answer It

Irrespective of how complicated your paper topic is, almost any thesis statement can be formulated by simply answering the question.


Question- In Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Fin, why does the Mississippi River play such a crucial role?”

Thesis Statement Example“The river in the book stands as a symbol for both progress and division. It separates the characters and country while still offering the brilliant opportunity for Jim and Huck to be well-acquainted with one another.”

  • Tailor The Thesis To The Kind Of Paper You Are Drafting

As you have seen above, not all assignments are meant to persuade or teach. The objective of your paper will help you come up with the best thesis statement possible.

Like, in an expository essay, the thesis statement should be crafted in such a way that it illuminates or teaches a point.

Example of a thesis statementThe explosion of the philosophies like Marxism, Positivism, and Darwinism in the 1800s undermined and refuted Christianity. It compelled the religion to concentrate on the tangible and real world.”

  • Assume A Particular Stance To Make The Statement Robust

While formulating your thesis statement, you should always address a single issue in details so that you can support the points you present in your paper entirely. Look at the example below-

“The main problem the American Steel Industry faced is the lack of adequate funds to renovate the age-old equipment and plant.”

  • Propose An Argument That No One Has Heard Before

If you go through exemplary ‘how to write thesis statement examples online, you will find that the best thesis statements always finds an exciting and inspiring way to approach the assignment topic. They are always dynamic and fresh, which contributes further to craft an effective academic paper.


“The advancement of internet technology has made copyright laws irrelevant. Every individual in this world should get access to literature, movies, music, and arts for free.”

  • Make Sure Your Thesis Can Be Proved Efficiently

It is never wise to come up with your thesis statements and then look them up later. The thesis statement you present in your academic papers should always be the endpoint in your research, not the beginning. Thus, you need to make use of a thesis statement that you can truly back up with the evidence. 

Here are some more thesis statement examples for you to consider- 

  • BadEvery person in this world should exercise 

Good- Americans should always add exercise to their daily morning schedule. It not only helps in maintaining the healthy weight of their body but also helps in reducing the risk of high blood pressure.

  • Bad- High levels of alcohol consumption can prove to be incredibly harmful to you.
  • Good- High levels of alcohol consumption leads to having detrimental effects on your personal health, like heart disease, liver complications, and weight gain.
  • Get The Tone Of Your Thesis Right

You must want to make your thesis statement to be identifiable. To accomplish this, it is vital to take a specific tone and use certain kinds of phrasing and words. Try to make use of words like ‘because’ and language that is firm or definitive.


Due to William the Conqueror’s campaign into the country of England, the nation developed the strength and culture it would require to eventually build the British Empire.”

Wrapping Up,

Undoubtedly, crafting the perfect thesis statement does take a bit more time than other parts of an academic paper. However, since a thesis consists of an entire argument summed up in just a few words, it is worth investing adequate time to compose this sentence. Take the help of this lucid guide of ‘write my thesis for me ’, implement the remarkable guidelines, and draw inspiration from the unique examples to nail your overly tricky thesis writing task like never before.

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