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200+ Unique Descriptive Essay Topics to Inspire Young Writers in 2023

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“Description is what makes the reader a sensory participant in the story”- Stephen King.

Stephen King penned down the description in stories. However, the same advice applies to descriptive essays as well. The motto is to get your readers engaged by making them sense and connect with everything you’ve presented in the essay. Now, how can you do that successfully? You start by choosing interesting descriptive essay topics that inspire you to write more.

The perfect topics for a descriptive essay should always focus on describing an object, person, place, experience, emotion, or situation. It should also effectively offer a recount of something that occurred or that someone has seen or heard. An excellent descriptive essay topic should offer a detailed and vivid description of the subject so that the readers can completely understand, imagine or visualise it.  

Today’s comprehensive post aims to walk you through everything you need to know to choose an intriguing and perfect descriptive essay topic. It highlights the effective guidelines to select the perfect topics to write a descriptive essay on, along with a list of extensive themes that are sure to make your readers see, smell, and hear remarkably.

What are the Characteristics of Good Descriptive Essay Topics?

The key objective of descriptive essays is to relate to the distinct qualities of persons, objects, or situations vividly and comprehensively to readers. The good topics for a descriptive essay evoke strong emotions and feelings in people. They should be interesting and fascinating to write about.

Here are certain essential attributes of good topics to write a descriptive essay on –

  • Creative – It is essential to take into consideration creativity and originality when choosing your descriptive essay topics.
  • Clear – The theme you choose should always be clear and concise.
  • Interesting – It is vital to choose a topic that you will not only enjoy writing about, but it should also be compelling to your readers.
  • Researchable – The descriptive essay topics you choose should be easy to research.

Now that you have become well-versed with the essential attributes of good descriptive essay topics, let’s proceed to figure out how to go about choosing inspiring and easy descriptive essay topics!

How to Choose Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics?  

Selecting good topics for a descriptive essay can be incredibly challenging. The writing style used for descriptive essays is excessively expressive. Hence, it can be rather arduous to complete your paper effectively if you fail to choose themes that cater to your preference.

Have a look at certain foolproof tips and tricks that will enable you to choose an intriguing title that will make your essay stand out –

Consider the Title that Interests You

Select a subject that you are passionate about. You must never choose a topic for your descriptive essays blindly.

Brainstorm Ideas

When selecting descriptive essay topics, do not hesitate to write down words or phrases that crop up in your mind.

Determine a Reason for Writing the Essay

Try to figure out a reason for crafting your essays. This must be a resolution, an occurrence, or an experience that you can still recall with accuracy.

Research Potential Topics

Start researching potential topics by going through credible resources online. You can also visit a library and skim specialised books or journal articles.

Narrow Down the Topic

Among your list of descriptive essay topics, ensure to select the best idea that you will feel make an intriguing and engaging paper.

As you explore different descriptive essay topics, you must naturally incline towards exciting and intriguing subjects. Writing a descriptive essay on a topic that your educators will love could simply turn out to be inauthentic or monotonous. So, it is always best to comprehend what makes your heart a tad bit fast and follow that curiosity. Also, do not forget to choose themes that will make your readers see, hear, smell and feel.

Having said that, let’s check out a comprehensive list of top-notch descriptive essay topics that are designed to spark creative thinking and sprout flowery language efficiently –

An Extensive List of Inspiring and Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. Who do you consider the most handsome and beautiful among celebrities?
  2. Write  about the most interesting dream you have seen
  3. Discuss the innovative and excellent characteristics of Apple gadgets
  4. Explore the impact of domestic violence on the performance of students
  5. Discuss the great light bulb invention by Thomas Edison
  6. Write your views on the assassination of J.F. Kennedy
  7. Discuss the outstanding moments of personal growth
  8. Write about the essential qualities of an excellent roommate
  9. Present your views on a unique family heirloom
  10. Discuss the significance of summer school
  11. Discuss your journey as an artist and explore the development of skills
  12. Do you think pets look similar to their owners? Write your views on your pet.

Descriptive Essay Topics for Middle School Students (Grade 7 and Grade 8)

  1. Write about your favourite holiday celebration.
  2. Present your views on your favourite food
  3. Discuss the best day of your life so far
  4. Write about an unforgettable moment of wisdom with your teacher
  5. Do you think your best friend is your security blanket? If yes, why?
  6. Present your views on game night experiences with your family
  7. Discuss your favourite subject. Why is it your favourite?
  8. Write about your experience of going fishing
  9. Discuss an important time in history
  10. Write about your embarrassing first days in high school
  11. Discuss the special moments spent with family during Christmas
  12. Write about the most memorable concert that you have attended

Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Write how you choose gifts for your friends
  2. Explain the process of crafting a letter to a friend
  3. Explain the feelings of a person who has fallen in love
  4. Write about the worst winter vacations in your life
  5. Write about your favourite place to be. Discuss why you would like to be there. Explain the ways you feel when you are in that space
  6. Write about the life and accomplishments of Muhammad Ali
  7. Explore the causes of a college dropout and write about your personal experience
  8. Present your views on the fastest travel route from Alaska to Ushuaia
  9. Discuss the things to do when preparing for a date
  10. Discuss the history and consequences of the Holocaust
  11. Describe the inspirational story of Greta Thunberg
  12. Discuss the role of a mentor in shaping your life and experiences

Descriptive Essay Topics for University Students

  1. Write about your dream job.
  2. Write about a paranormal experience.
  3. Discuss the first email that you wrote
  4. Discuss how you generally end your day
  5. Discuss a Halloween costume that you are most proud of
  6. Write about the most scariest experience you have ever had
  7. If you could ever get a tattoo done, what would it be and why?
  8. Describe your most memorable experience with food
  9. Write about your family dynamics. Discuss who you take after and why
  10. Explore your experience at your first amusement park
  11. Describe how your experience on your first day of university was different from your expectations
  12. Discuss your most prized possession

Narrative Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. Discuss the starting of a precious friendship
  2. Write about a day when you changed your perspectives about someone
  3. Write about the day you got a bad grade
  4. Discuss your experience of encountering a heartbreak
  5. Write about the most difficult conversation you ever had in life
  6. Explain a situation where you had to make a challenging decision
  7. Discuss your experience about moving to another country or city
  8. Explain a situation where you needed to act like an adult for your age
  9. Discuss how you overcame the saddest and worst experience of your life
  10. Write about a moment when you ate something that satisfied your soul
  11. Explain a case of misunderstanding
  12. Discuss the moment you realised you have fallen in love with someone

Easy Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. Explain your favourite scene from the most current movie that you have watched.
  2. Explain your views on the emotions portrayed in the renowned Mona Lisa painting.
  3. Write about your favourite fictional character and explain why you loved it.
  4. Discuss the ways your religious book affected your inner thoughts
  5. Select one abstract painting and explain the emotions portrayed in it
  6. Write about your favourite TV series and why did you love watching it
  7. Write about the plot of your favourite movie
  8. Write about the best holiday you have ever celebrated at school
  9. Explain your first or last day at your school
  10. Discuss your favourite kind of dance. Explain your emotions while dancing
  11. Present your views on the writer with whom you can relate the most
  12. Write about a short trip to the mountains or seaside

Descriptive Essay Topics on a Place

  1. Write about Venice in Italy
  2. Describe an amusement park that you visited last month
  3. Write about the overrated magic of Disneyland
  4. Write about London as a global city
  5. Write about the greatest chronograph of the planet and its moon landing
  6. Write about the Pyramids of Egypt
  7. Write about the kind of place you want to live in the future
  8. Explain the most spectacular outdoor attraction that you have seen. Do you tend to visit this area often? Why or why not do you think so?
  9. Write about a place where you can learn the best. Explain your feelings about this special place.
  10. Write about your perfect camping vacation
  11. Present your views on Dubai as a tourist destination
  12. Write an essay on Mexico as an outstanding travel destination

Descriptive Essay Topics About a Person

  1. Write an essay on the life of Charlemagne
  2. Discuss the contributions of deaf activist and poet Dorothy Miles
  3. Write about the life of Ovid and his renowned work Metamorphoses
  4. Present a descriptive essay on the life of one great man of America – Ronald Reagan
  5. Write a descriptive essay on Al Capone’s personality
  6. Present a descriptive essay on Jimmy Carter and his way of life
  7. Discuss the way of life of Muhammad Ali Jinnah
  8. Write a descriptive essay on Edward Ned Kelly’s life
  9. Write a descriptive essay on Al Capone’s personality
  10. Present your views on Medgar Evers and his eminent activities in NAACP
  11. Discuss the role of Dalton and Democritus in the development of atomic theory
  12. Write a descriptive essay on Sun Tzu and the Art of War

Descriptive Essay Topics about Memories and Experience

  1. Write about a trip that made Vietnam your favourite country to live in
  2. Write an essay on the five constant relationships in the Chines dynasties
  3. Discuss the causes and events of the American Revolution
  4. Write about the life of David Hicks at Guantanamo Bay
  5. Present your view on the experiences during World War II in a place of hiding
  6. Write about your most embarrassing day or moment
  7. Discuss the first concert that you attended
  8. Explain the time you went to a beach on a bright sunny day
  9. Explain a memory that you hold close to someone who has passed away
  10. Explain the time when something completely unexpected caught you off-guard
  11. Describe your personal experience of studying abroad
  12. Explain your personal experience of border-line college  dropout

Descriptive Essay Topics about Processes, Hobbies, and Occupations

  1. Present your views on the idea of Americanism
  2. Write a descriptive essay on volleyball game as your favourite sport
  3. Present your views on American Education System
  4. Write about how playing card games can be a hobby
  5. Describe the things you can enjoy about crafting
  6. Discuss your favourite things about magic tricks
  7. Explore how the process of repairing cars can be fun
  8. Discuss the peculiarities of photography as a hobby
  9. Present a comparative analysis between reading books and listening to songs as hobbies
  10. Discuss the perfect time to end any relationship
  11. Discuss the greatest lessons acquired from your childhood hobbies
  12. Discuss some of the extreme and dangerous hobbies that have been pursued by your friends

Descriptive Essay Topics about Traveling

  1. Write about the tourist destinations that left a long-lasting impression on you.
  2. Discuss an amazing and stunning natural landscape you have ever seen
  3. Write about the spectacular and enchanting views of Niagara Waterfalls in Canada
  4. Discuss the difficulties you faced when travelling through a non-English-speaking country
  5. Discuss the unique souvenirs you brought back from a recent place you visited
  6. Write about the most memorable people you met on your recent trip
  7. Discuss the best yet cheap people you had ever had when you were traveling
  8. Discuss the unfamiliar culture of Amazon tribes
  9. Write about the local cuisine of Istanbul
  10.  Discuss your experience while travelling on the Swiss Alps train
  11. Write  about a European city you would like to visit
  12. Write about the most beautiful tropical island in the world

Descriptive Essay Topics about Books

  1. Discuss the graphic elements used in ‘The Book Thief.’
  2. Write about the novel that resonates with you the most
  3. Write a descriptive summary of the plot of ‘Gone with the Wind.’
  4. Discuss your impression of ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  5. Explain the relationship between the main characters in Pride and Prejudice
  6. Discuss your favourite scene from Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
  7. Explore the key characters from Frankenstein
  8. Write about the theme of dystopia in The Hunger Games
  9. Discuss the central scene in ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’  by Arthur Golden
  10. Present your impression of ‘War and Peace’ by Leo Tolstoy
  11. Write about the character of Huck Finn from the books of Mark Twain
  12. Describe a fictional world where you would love to live

Descriptive Essay Topics about Object

  1. Choose ten objects from the kitchen and explain their appearance
  2. Explain a room in your house and why it’s your favourite corner
  3. Discuss the objects you would bury in a time capsule
  4. Write about the role of computers in your life
  5. Write about the favourite outfit that you can never remove from life
  6. Write about your safety blanket
  7. Write about an object that will make you think about your best buddy
  8. Write about an object that you remember from the house of your grandparents. Describe the memories that are associated with this object
  9. Write about an object that you are willing to buy. Discuss how you will work towards achieving your goals
  10. Describe a piece of technology that you will not be able to live without
  11. Write about the first time you drove a car or rode a bicycle. Can you describe what happened and how you felt?
  12. Write about a lucky object. Do you believe it will bring good luck in your life?

Descriptive Essay Topics About Art

  1. Describe the peculiarities of abstract paintings.
  2. Discuss the main features of the still-life genre
  3. Explain the variations of texture in art
  4. Write the ways a person can appreciate a painting
  5. Describe the things you like about the art of Van Gogh
  6. Describe the primary colours of Mona Lisa by Da Vinci
  7. Discuss your impression of Greek mythology
  8. Describe a piece of art that influenced you hugely
  9. Explore the artwork of your favourite album
  10. Discuss the things that make Corradini’s Dama Velata beautiful.
  11. Describe the crucial elements of sculpting
  12. Write about your impression of The Kiss by Klimt

Descriptive Essay Topics about Associations

  1. Describe your feelings when you listen to your favourite song or watch a favourite movie.
  2. Describe the things that come to your mind when speaking about your family
  3. Describe the images you get in mind when thinking about travelling overseas
  4. Describe the emotions you connect with sports activity
  5. Describe the mental image you have of yourself
  6. Explore the memories connected with your childhood house
  7. Describe your favourite painting. What does it remind you of?
  8. How does snow or rains make you feel?
  9. Describe the things that can be associated with your name
  10. Describe what you tend to associate when saying goodbye
  11. Write about things you think of when eating your favourite foods
  12. Discuss the things that crop up in your mind when speaking of love

Funny Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. Write about the love-hate relationship with your alarm clock
  2. Discuss the weird and funny habits of your pet dog
  3. Discuss the never-ending battle of trying to find matching socks or gloves
  4. Discuss the funny and bizarre world of conspiracy theories
  5. Describe different hilarious ways people try to stay healthy and fit
  6. Explain the fun and silly words of the child’s imagination
  7. Write about the humorous side of workplace dynamics and office politics
  8. Discuss the funny and weird habits of your pet dog or cat
  9. Explain the humour in miscommunication and barriers to language
  10. Write about the ridiculousness associated with different fad diets and health trends
  11. Write about the threats and joys associated with the addiction to online shopping
  12. Present a humorous take on the awkwardness of first dates

Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. Write about your all-time favourite movie character
  2. Describe the first time you went shopping on your own
  3. Discuss the most-heart touching poem you have ever read
  4. Write about the ways you reacted to a surprise
  5. Describe an emotion you would hate to feel
  6. Discuss the things that influence you as a person
  7. Describe a horrifying experience in a graveyard at night
  8. Write about a person who makes you laugh the loudest
  9. Discuss your experience of field excursion
  10. Write about an imaginative friend whom you never met
  11. Write about your encounter with an online criminal
  12. Describe your experience when you were alone in a locked room

Good Topics for a Descriptive Essay

  1. Explain the storyline of your favourite movie.
  2. Discuss the psychological incidents that created a negative influence on your personality.
  3. Present an example of a significant occasion that transformed you
  4. Choose a single abstract picture and describe the feelings it expresses
  5. Explain the ways every household can regulate carbon emissions to minimise the effect of climate change
  6. Explain your experience of watching a horror movie for the first time in a movie theatre
  7. Discuss the storyline of your favourite animated film
  8. Discuss your first concert experience
  9. Write about a lively sports game. Present your views on the players, fans and excitement that prevails.
  10. Describe a colourful market. Write about the products, culture and vendors
  11. Write about a charming small town. Present your views on the people, buildings, and community
  12. Present your views on a picturesque village. Explain its architecture, history and importance
  13. Explain how cloud seeding can be a remarkable solution to address droughts
  14. Explain an incident of gender equality program in your society
  15. Present a description of the foods you love, explaining their appearance, flavour and aroma
  16. Discuss the top twenty ideas for sparking creativity and advancing in your professions
  17. Explain the importance of continuing a healthy habit even with a difficult job
  18. Discuss the ways to deal with the strain of a deadline
  19. Write your views on the actual location of the TV commercial for your favourite soft drink
  20. Write about the cultural differences you notice in people

Frequently Asked Questions by Students

What is the difference between a narrative essay and a descriptive essay?

The key difference is that a narrative essay is designed to narrate a complete story. On the other hand, a descriptive essay aims to convey an intense explanation of a specific place, concept, or object. A narrative essay uses logic and comes in chronological order, but a descriptive essay doesn’t take the time factor into consideration.

Further, the first person is generally used in a narrative essay, while both first and third person is used in a descriptive essay.

  • How do I come up with a topic for my descriptive essay?
  • Choose a subject that seems intriguing to you
  • Opt for a theme that offers a wide space for you to describe
  • Select a subject that charms each of your five senses (touch, taste, see, hear, and smell)
  • Choose a topic that is exciting and informative

Does a descriptive essay need a conclusion?

A descriptive essay should always incorporate a conclusion. Here’s how to write an effective concluding paragraph of a descriptive essay –

  • Present a summary of all of the key points presented in the body paragraph
  • Reflect on the initial purpose of the work
  • Signify the importance of the details
  • Prepare the audience for the clincher statement

Does a descriptive essay need a title?

A descriptive essay requires a title. The title of the essay depends on the specified topic. It is a description that you use as a heading for the essay. A good example of a title of a descriptive essay is ‘my best friend’.

Can a descriptive essay be subjective?

A descriptive essay can be of two kinds – objective and subjective. Subjective descriptive essays help in conveying emotions, feelings and opinions about a person, place, or thing. This is used to evoke feelings in the minds of the reader. Again, you can mix both objective and subjective descriptions while crafting the descriptive essay. However, this mainly depends on the objective of the writing.

What are the rules of descriptive writing?

Good descriptive writing requires being specific, believable and evocative. It should also have these essential attributes –

  • Vivid details that paint a picture in the mind of the reader and appeal to their senses
  • Figurative languages like analogy, simile, and metaphor add depth to the descriptions of the author.
  • A precise language which gives life to the picture being painted in the minds of the reader
  • A thoughtful organisation  that includes chronological, spatial and order of importance

What should you avoid in descriptive essays?

  • Being vague
  • Not making use of the senses
  • Not making use of a viewpoint character
  • Not incorporating descriptions in dialogue
  • Repeating the same words
  • Making all the sentences seem the same
  • Over-suing the verb to be

Georgia Taylor

Hi, I am Georgia Taylor. I am a certified midwife nurse. Though I am a nurse by profession, I could never let my passion for reading and writing subside. Caring for ailing people gives me as much joy as does helping out students trying to earn their degrees. While working hard during my MSN days, I saw how my non-native batch mates struggled to work on English essays and assignments. As much as their dreams of getting into the medical field mattered to them, their struggle with English essay tasks was real and challenging. That's what ignited the desire to be a guide to such people. From helping my fellows to becoming a part-time English essay writer, the journey has been quite exciting. As my profession teaches us for being kind, that's my way of abiding by this responsibility. 

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