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Best Research Paper Topics for Students

UserThomas Taylor time10 January,2018

Derek lets out an inward groan on reaching his dorm at the end of the day. He had totally forgotten about his research paper that was due a few weeks later. When his dorm mate casually asked after it, Derek realised he had not come up with a research paper topic yet, let alone writing the paper. Derek quickly launches into a panic attack right after this realisation, tossing all hopes of turning in a paper on time into the bin.

Of course, writing research papers can be a tough nut to crack in itself, but figuring out a good topic for the paper can be even tougher at times. If you tend to hit the panic button right after every time you hear the words “research topics”, then you should seriously consider getting some professional help with your studies.

Select a good research paper topic for starters. Once you know how to pick a topic for your paper, you will be able to formulate a plan to complete the paper on time as well.

This blog contains some of the most awesome topics for research papers, categorised as per subjects. Go through the following to choose the one that fits best with your academic interests. Pick one from the list or take a cue from the following so that you end up with a topic that does not cease to impress your professors and peers alike.

Research Paper Topics

Unique College Research Paper Topics You Can Try

The first challenge you must overcome when writing a research paper is knowing which topic to select. You may not have given this much thought, but the process requires careful consideration. The topic of your research paper shows your area of interest in the subject. So, make sure you select the most suitable one. It goes on to demonstrate your strengths in the subject.

If you are running out of ideas for good college research paper topics, then follow these simple tips. And then, do not forget to check out the list of college research paper topics that follow.

  • Know Your Subject

You must get to the bottom of your discipline when trying to pick a topic for your research paper. For example, if you are looking for good research paper topics on business management, then you must at first determine the area you want to work on. Be it finance or marketing, take your pick, and then go about choosing a topic for your paper.

  • Know Where to Look for Ideas

College research topic ideas are not likely to appear in the middle of a pub-hopping spree, you know. Instead, try to get acquainted with the library to find out more about your discipline which can actually lead to coming up with a brilliant idea for your research topic. From articles, journals, and magazines to books and handouts (or this blog, for that matter), make the most of your offline and online resources.

  • Narrow Down Your Topic

Sometimes, the topic may seem to be too vast. The matter of selecting an area within your discipline comes first. Then you must narrow down your topic in accordance with a few important factors. For example, if you want to study the effects of pollution in the environment, then you can narrow down the topic according to factors such as geographical area, timeline, type of pollution, and the like.

  • Know How to Make the Right Choice

Quite a lot of students go for complicated topics for their research papers. When the going gets tough, most of them get confused with why they started the study in the first place. So, our advice is to pick easy research paper topics that go hand-in-hand with your area of interest. That way, you can focus on writing the paper well, fetching you good grades for the same.

Here are a few college research paper topics for you to pick from.

  1. Have frequent texting and rampant Smartphone usage negatively impacted teen literacy rates?
  2. Suggest a few ways to conserve endangered amphibians in high-risk areas from an ecological point of view.
  3. Discuss the impacts of the Paris Climate Agreement all across the world.
  4. Analyse the ways popular media has portrayed people from Islam in the aftermath of the 9/11 incident.
  5. What events led to the consequential downfall of the Roman Empire?
  6. According to nutritionists around the world, which is more effective – low-carb diets or low-fat diets?
  7. Have stringent security checking procedures made airports safer for passengers?
  8. With several states legalising recreational and medical marijuana, discuss the pros and cons of the same.
  9. What are the most effective methods for cutting down bullying rates in school campuses?
  10. Analyse how divorce rates and have changed over the years and discuss the primary causes of the occurrence.
  11. Discuss the impact of the Affordable Care Act on healthcare policies in the USA.
  12. Find out if there is a direct correlation between coming from affluent families and scoring higher marks in standardised tests.
  13. Analyse the factors contributing to the steady decline of global employment rates.
  14. Discuss the evolution of rap music over the years.
  15. How did Abraham Lincoln’s assassination affect the country and the restructuring of policies following the Civil War in the USA?

220+ Good Research Paper Topics For All Subjects 

In case you are still in two minds about selecting an interesting research paper topic for your discipline that is relevant to your scholastic requirements, you can refer below to find a list of ideas that our experts have curated for your convenience. Go through the ones that you find interesting and conduct the necessary background research to find out whether you will be able to carry it out with élan. You will also be able to frame a research topic from the ones listed below that guides your paper in the perspective towards that you wish to drive your research.

American History Research Paper Topics That Impress All

Students of history are often confused about the topics for their research papers. The story of how the USA came to be the nation today is diverse and filled with exciting turning points in history. So, one of the best areas to pick good research paper topics on the discipline can begin with American history. American history research paper topics for college students are fascinating enough. But you have to know all about picking the one that hits it right out of the ballpark. And that is exactly where this blog can help you. From easy American history research paper topics to native American history research paper topics, you will find it all right here.

Here are a few interesting American history research paper topics that will set you off in the right track.

  1. Discuss how John Brown revolted against the slave traders and its consequences.
  2. Analyse the clauses in Nebraska-Arkansas Act.
  3. How has the anti-war movement influenced public policy and public opinion about war following the Vietnam War?
  4. Specify the various reasons for and methods of secrecy for the Manhattan Project.
  5. Shed light on the ways of life for Native Americans.
  6. Analyse the legislative response to the Missouri Compromise.
  7. Detail the reasons for the success of the D-Day invasion.
  8. What were the causes and effects of the Haymarket Riot?
  9. Address the concept of the "republican mother" and its impact on the revolution afterwards.
  10. What was the impact of the case Marbury vs. Madison on the American legislative system?
  11. Discuss the main arguments between Federalists and Anti-Federalists just before the ratification of the Constitution.
  12. Define the metaphors of "melting pot" and "salad bowl" in relation to immigration in the USA in later 1800s.
  13. What was the impact of Gold Rush on the development of the state of California?
  14. Analyse the impacts of Reconstruction on the African-American population of the country.
  15. Discuss the social, economic, and philosophical factors contributing to the formation of labour unions in the 1800s.

Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics for Your Assignments

The discipline of criminal justice is one of the most interesting areas in law and legal studies. From determining new policies for incarceration and defining punitive measures in accordance with the law, this subject has plenty to offer for the analytical and keen-minded students. Good criminal justice research paper topics thus also make for interesting papers. However, wrecking your brain for criminal justice research paper ideas will only add to stress, which, in turn, can ruin your paper for good. So, it is best to select one from the list below that helps you wrap up an impressive research paper.

The following are some of the most fascinating topics on criminal justice.

  1. Establish the empirical relationship between crime and employment rates in a country of your choice.
  2. Prepare a comparative study of the prison systems in the USA and Australia.
  3. Discuss the perspectives of the Classical School of Criminology as a pioneer in criminal studies.
  4. Define capital punishment and the ethics of the same in terms of criminal law in a country of your choice.
  5. Prepare analysis of the concept of abuse of power among law enforcement agents like the police in a country of your choice.
  6. Establish a correlation between capital punishment and crime rates in European countries.
  7. What do previous case studies say about the matter of discrimination during negotiation processes for African American convicts?
  8. Illustrate the criminal legal codes for each state of the USA.
  9. What are the pros and cons of racial profiling in relation with criminal justice in the USA?
  10. Compare and contrast between the methods of de-congesting prisons and restrictive housing.
  11. What are the benefits of criminal detention at private prisons? How is this system contributing to the eradication of crime in a country of your choice?
  12. What are the various methods of prevention of substance abuse among juvenile delinquents?
  13. Establish the methods for combating human trafficking cases in the Third World countries.
  14. Illustrate the processes of procedural justice and the prison pipeline.
  15. Is implementing stricter gun control rules an effective way of bringing down school shooting cases in the USA?

Fascinating Sociological Research Paper Topics

The following are some of the most insightful sociology research paper topics examples. You can select from the ones listed below or create one of your own as per your specific requirements.

  1. Prepare a comparative study of the American and Asian taboos and their roles in the social conditioning of children.
  2. Describe the significance of the biggest social movements in the 21st century.
  3. What are the effects of terrorism on children from war-ravaged countries?
  4. How can deviant behaviour be considered as the engine of progress within a backward society?
  5. Define the concept of 'femvertising' and its underlying principles.
  6. Analyse the case of class inequality in terms of the geographical difference in food distribution.
  7. Discuss the impact of sports on adolescent mental health.
  8. Ethnicity and race: what is the correlation between the two, and how are they different from each other?
  9. Define Spencer’s principle of survival of the fittest in the light of the college admission process.
  10. What are the factors that contribute to the formation of social norms in society?
  11. How have disabled individuals been portrayed on popular media over the ages, and what are the implications of the same on the social perception of the individuals?
  12. Discuss the importance of social networking in the new millennium.
  13. How does the concept of stereotypes work? Do they affect interpersonal communication among individuals?
  14. Analyse the basic principles of the labelling theory.
  15. Provide your opinions on the concept of intersexuality and the need for better visibility for the same.

Controversial Research Paper Topics for An Unconventional Paper

Some among you may be the conventional goody-two-shoes in class, always toeing the line whenever required. Then there are a few who like to ruffle a few feathers, unsettle the matters, shake things up, or rock the boat – however you want to put it. For them, easy controversial topics for research papers are just the thing.

Here are a few good controversial research paper topics that are sure to stir up debates and discussions.

  1. Male and female athletes should have the same salaries and opportunities – discuss.
  2. Analyse the controversial and unconventional presidential campaign adopted by Donald Trump’s PR team.
  3. Conduct a study on same-sex marriages – the concept, controversies, and legality of the same.
  4. Are single parents discriminated against in the country of your origin? Analyse the norms and prejudices at play behind such discrimination.
  5. Discuss the ethical dilemma of considering euthanasia as a palliative treatment.
  6. Can all religions be merged together to form a unified one that ends all religious rife and war all around the world?
  7. Studying a second language is good for the brain and for developing the pupil’s social skills – discuss.
  8. Deep state – define what it is, how it works, and the recent reports that can conclusively prove its existence in the state machinery of the USA.
  9. Analyse the real relationship between food, fitness, and weight, especially among the teens and pre-teen population.
  10. The legal age for smoking and drinking in countries with high crime rate should be raised – discussed.
  11. Discuss the ethical perspectives of animal testing for cosmetics and medical products.
  12. Provide your views on Roosevelt’s judgement on the construction of the Panama Canal.
  13. Formal education in schools should be made free for children all over the world as it is a fundamental right for humanity – discuss.
  14. Censorship and national security – can it be justified when the state is at real threat?
  15. Define the “social standard” of beauty and how it pressurises youngsters to attain certain attributes and causes severe body image consciousness issues from a tender age.

Chemistry Research Paper Topics to Strike the Right Balance

Chemistry assignments can actually give you nightmares. Some may like poring over pipettes and flasks at the chemistry lab, but not everyone feels the same vibe. We were not all a bunch of nerds in high school, and for some of us, chemistry caused plenty of stress. Hence, trudging our way through the subject was enough to rob our sleep at times. However, for the fortunate few, solving chemistry problems came as second nature. We used to rush to them for ideas whenever we needed to write a Chemistry research paper ideas, they would help us out most of the times.

The following are a few interesting chemistry research paper topics for high school.

  1. Briefly discuss the history of alchemy and the development of chemistry as a singular discipline of study.
  2. Discuss the contributions of chemistry in human health and medicine.
  3. Analyse the patterns present in the periodic table.
  4. Discuss the electrolytic dissociation theory in terms of chemical reactions.
  5. Analyse the general characteristics of metal with special focus on three metals of your choice.
  6. Provide a study on the acids, their compositions, chemical properties, and uses.
  7. Define alkaline earth metals and discuss their properties and characteristics.
  8. Do chemicals have the ability to trigger food allergies? Discuss.
  9. Discuss the bonding of fluorine and other inert gases.
  10. How can hydrogen be used to discover the presence of oxygen?

Here are a few Chemistry research paper topics for college.

  1. Describe the chemical process of turning yeast into bio-fuel.
  2. What are the processes of using bioluminescence from jellyfish for medical applications?
  3. Discuss the chemical composition of five random items from your makeup bag.
  4. How can the use of metal oxides improve mobile phones?
  5. Define the various uses of boron nitride (the hardest crystal) in chemical processes.
  6. Prepare a study by comparing and contrasting ionic and covalent bonds between chemical compounds.
  7. Define bio-macromolecules and discuss their significance in chemical research.
  8. Developing biodegradable plastic for daily usage – discuss the challenges and possible methods.
  9. Analyse the chemistry behind liquid bandages and dental fillings.
  10. Discuss the use of the atom-thick graphene in the invention of new technologies.

Some Easy Research Paper Topics For International Business

  1. The ways that multinational enterprises and global institutions can contribute to the fishing industry
  2. The definition, products and perspectives of Baidu
  3. The business strategies implemented by Netflix for developmental markets
  4. The issue of tax frauds and profits among big corporations
  5. The definition of Ethereum and its usages in business processes
  6. The retail assortment management strategies implemented by Amazon
  7. The causes of global computing companies moving centres into developing countries
  8. A comparison between the distinctive features of Internet in China and the USA
  9. The issues faced by Uber and the strategies implemented to overcome them

Some Good Research Paper Topics For History 

  1. The cause and effects of the Vietnam poverty in the 1600s
  2. The reason why Italian cities started minting gold in the 13thcentury
  3. The conventional theories and causes of the Great War
  4. Etymology and history of the origin of a word
  5. The influence of American Revolution on the battle for women’s rights and gender equality
  6. The backdrop and effects of the Battle of Jerusalem in 1917
  7. The significance of the chivalric code and the ways it worked
  8. Analysing the history of Christianity
  9. The territorial and religious aspects of the ancient Amazonian culture
  10. Tracing the history and evolution of Japanese food and culture

Unique Research Paper Ideas For Marketing 

  1. The relationship between cultural indicators and attitudes towards advertisements
  2. How to overcome the characteristic features while following trends for marketing in the healthcare industry
  3. A study of consumer attitudes towards food and beverage advertising
  4. The influences of nostalgic trends in consumer behaviour for retro design and nostalgic marketing of products and services
  5. The use of symbols for marketing with examples drawn from the marketing and advertisement policies of Starbucks, Shell, Nike, and leading brands
  6. The commodification and marketing of religious traditions for tourism marketing
  7. Analysing the marketing strategies in the video game industry
  8. The factors of sporting event marketing and promotion of tourism through sports
  9. A detailed marketing analysis of the intelligence property market

Good College Research Paper Topics For Sociology 

  1. The impact of movies on the value systems of people
  2. The impact of overcrowded prisons on the society
  3. The issue of invasion of privacy through backup cameras inside cars
  4. The effect of commercialisation of organ transplants on the number of people saved due to organ transplants
  5. A detailed study of the driving laws – taking sides with the driver or the pedestrian?
  6. Is Islamophobia a form of religious discrimination?
  7. The issue of data and information security in the era of social media
  8. A debate on censoring Facebook
  9. The influence of politics and business on democratic journalism
  10. The issue of homeless children and government-sanctioned compulsory education
  11. Evolution of feminism in the last decade

Easy Research Paper Topics For Economics 

  1. The main causes of Asian currency shortage in Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, and Korea
  2. Describing the Sino-Pakistani cooperation and the history of rapprochement between Pakistan and India
  3. The influences of the federal reserve system on the economy of the USA
  4. Intelligence-led policing (ILP) and its strengths and weaknesses
  5. The role of WTO in freeing world trade over the last decade
  6. Analysing the debate over the legitimacy of classifying Bitcoin as a legal currency
  7. Analysing the factors for competitive risk assessment and estimated target market
  8. The principles, functions and regulatory problems associated with a monopoly
  9. The economic perspective of the food policy and how it would be helpful to prevent world hunger
  10. The Real Estate Bubble or Sub-prime Crisis: Causes and effects

Research Paper Topics For Computer Science And Information Technology

  1. Mechanical engineering and the effects of technological innovations
  2. The definition and effects of net neutrality
  3. Identifying and analysing the problems of the mobile payment systems at departmental stores
  4. The effects of “NextGen” in business aviation
  5. Analysing the Big Data technologies and the opportunities they bring to the market
  6. The effects of automation and smart services in the improvement of human resource development sectors
  7. The strategies implemented for the sharing of intellectual property worldwide
  8. Analysing the opportunities presented by virtual reality business
  9. The prospects and feasibility of an online security model
  10. The scope of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Unique Research Paper Ideas For Medicine

  1. The influences of epidemiological monitoring on the treatment of asthma
  2. How can children’s paintings help with the diagnosis stage for somatic as well as psychological ailments?
  3. The issue of handling pain among newborns and ways of prevention of pain and minimising of discomfort
  4. The evaluation of risk factors of osteoarthritis and the prescriptions for contemporary therapy
  5. The features of alcoholic and viral cirrhosis and the different approaches to managing the disease
  6. The most effective treatment for blunt chest trauma care in acute nursing
  7. The development of dementia and the influences of healthy dieting and proper nutrition
  8. Therapies for functional digestion disorders among children
  9. Treatment practices for HPV patients in the reproductive age

Art History Research Paper Ideas 

  1. The functions of Egyptian art
  2. The representation of the human body through art in the Renaissance
  3. The typology and study of mosque architecture
  4. The depiction of life scenes of Jesus Christ in medieval Europe
  5. 20thcentury and the politicisation of futurism
  6. The historical significance of “The Death of General Wolfe” by Benjamin West
  7. The influence of Francis Bacon and scientific revolution on art
  8. The similarities between ancient Greek art and art during the time of French Revolution
  9. The influence of Andy Warhol’s work on advertising
  10. Impressionists and their role in changing the hierarchy of subject in art

Research Paper Topics For Business Studies 

  1. The effect of bonuses in increasing sales
  2. Building trust and bidding for a price in business negotiations
  3. Collaboration among competitors of the same industry
  4. The role of gender diversity in increasing the financial success of a company
  5. The effects of inaccessibility to a company’s mobile application
  6. Create a new product or announce it to the consumers – which comes first?
  7. The factors that help companies to withstand the negative macro shocks
  8. Is incorporating young minds into the administration a good boost for companies?
  9. The strategy that saved IBM from insolvency
  10. The goods and their prices – a consumer perspective

College Level Research Paper Topics For Literature

  1. Tracing the role of dream in Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
  2. The role and symbolisation of size in Gulliver’s Travels
  3. The theme of alienation as depicted through the plot and characters in Crime and Punishment
  4. The author’s take on marriage and patriarchy in Pride and Prejudice
  5. The role of Mama’s plant and the development of the symbolisation through the narrative of A Raisin in the Sun
  6. The setting and backdrop of The Great Gatsby and its influence on the perception and storyline
  7. The literary works referred to throughout Fahrenheit 451 and the deeper significance
  8. The theme of superiority and beauty as depicted in The Picture of Dorian Gray
  9. Analysing the theme of animal instinct in All Quiet on the Western Front
  10. Claude Frollo’s role as a not-so-typical antihero in The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Research Topics For Sports Management

  1. Betting on sports should be prohibited as it promotes gambling tendencies among the youth
  2. The prohibition of cruel sports
  3. Aging and its effects on the performance of the athletes
  4. Is cheerleading before the age of 18 promoting sexualisation of sports?
  5. The impact of the athletes’ sexual orientation on their reputation, career, and image
  6. Reasons to include chess as a sport
  7. The issue of fan aggression – myth or media-enhanced sensationalisation?
  8. The disparity of wage gap between male and female athletes

Good Research Paper Topics For Psychology

  1. The issue of gender-oriented toys and its effects on the psychological development of children
  2. The impacts that molestation faced in childhood can have on personal relationships in adulthood
  3. The causes and effects of self-harming
  4. The issue of identification of gender for children with ambiguous genitalia
  5. The psychological traits observed among prematurely born children
  6. The influences of same-sex parenting on a child’s psychology
  7. The regulation of family affairs through imposition of laws
  8. The connection between crying and maltreatment among children
  9. The contrast between children growing up in nuclear and extended families
  10. The many selves of the person affiliated to a large number of groups

Education Topics for Research Paper

  1. A detailed study on the issue of bullying among high school students
  2. Adolescent psychologyand the influences of education
  3. The role of modern technology in improving the performance of the students
  4. The effects of prayers and assemblies in the schools
  5. The future of pedagogy in the age of digital learning
  6. Cognitive psychology and its uses in the learning process
  7. Public schooling and the impact of team sports among teenagers
  8. Peer groups and their effects on adolescent learning in the schools
  9. Homeschooling vs. public schooling
  10. The impacts of standardised testing systems on the educational process

Research Topics Ideas For Drug Abuse

  1. The issue of prevention of drug abuse through counselling among teenagers
  2. Treatment procedures for adolescent substance and drug abusers
  3. Heroin addiction and the pathological impacts on the users
  4. The principles of drug abuse treatment in accordance with the lawmaking process of a country
  5. The impacts of the abuse of prescription drugs and overdose
  6. Doping drugs and their abuse among athletes
  7. Should a regular drug-screening test be in place for college students?
  8. Is marijuana a ‘gateway’ or “stepping stone” drug?
  9. Substance abuse and the study of users among the LGBTQ community
  10. Alcohol abuse and addiction among homeless, dropout, and truant teenagers

Unique Research Topics For Religion

  1. Sex abuse and Church
  2. ISIS: Islamic fundamentalism – The origin
  3. How the condition of Muslims changed after 9/11
  4. Spread of Christainity in the world
  5. Religions at loggerheads ; A critical analysis

College Level Research Paper Topics For Environment

  1. Paris Climate Agreement;How is it going to affect environment initiatives?
  2. Carbon Emissions Cut; How far it is successful?
  3. Global warming; Threat to polar regions
  4. Saving endangered species
  5. Rising Pollution levels; threat to human existence

The Research Topics

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Summing Up

That was all about intriguing topics for your research paper. Selecting a research paper on your own may seem like a big thing to do, but it is a start at getting better at writing research papers.

Keep this blog handy for those streaks of indecision or unproductive phases when you have a hard time coming up with a unique and easy research paper topic on your own. Not only will this blog give you insights on how to structure your thoughts the next time you get assigned a research paper, but will also help you find out about the various areas on interest in your subject.

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Thesis: 1 Page, Deadline: 2 days

Good job, the writer is experienced, right format delivered, will be recommending to others. delivered on time too.Welldone

flag User ID: 7***38 Canada

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22 May 2022


Programming: 8 Pages, Deadline: 26 days

As always very happy with the results, all the points very well explained . Very happy to keep on recommending your team.

flag User ID: 8***08 Great Britain

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22 May 2022


Thesis: 7 Pages, Deadline: 3 days

I got an A. The response time was timely and the assignment delivery was on point. There was an adequate knowledge of the subject.

flag User ID: 8***46 Lagos, Nigeria

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22 May 2022


Assignment: 13 Pages, Deadline: 9 days

Thank you so much for your help and support .the assignment was on time and very professional .

flag User ID: 9***34 As Salimiyah, Kuwait

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22 May 2022


Assignment: 3.2 Pages, Deadline: 2 days

Good understanding of the topic and how it links to the theories or concepts as per the requirements of the assessment. However, could improve the app ...

flag User ID: 3***72 Oak Park, Australia

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22 May 2022


Assignment: 2 Pages, Deadline: 2 days

"Overall reasonable infographic. More detail in the supply chain and connecting the Pestel elements will further improve your story."feedback from m ...

flag User ID: 3***72 Oak Park, Australia

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