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Controversial Essay: Complete Guidance + Top Essay Topics

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Table of Contents

The hardest part of start writing a controversial essay is its topics! You need to work hard to find the topic that works perfectly for you and makes your paper worth reading! So, when you do that, you get enough confidence to finish the rest of your essay.

So, today, to make things easier for you, we are here with this blog that will give you the ultimate knowledge of controversial essays and the top controversial essay topics. So, let’s begin.

What is a Controversial Essay?

A controversial essay is one that you need to write on controversial topics through in-depth research.

These essays adopt a stance and provide proof in support of it, but compared to other essay types, they are keen on expressing a particular debate that is supported by study and evidence.

Instead of relying solely on your opinions and thoughts, a strong controversial essay will draw support from both current and previous research.

A superb controversial essay is one that captures your attention and offers plenty of potential for writing. In essence, a topic will receive more attention and become simpler to support or oppose the more divisive it is. Heated debate subjects will change people’s perspectives, opinions, and respect for your writing abilities.

Now the question is – What are the best Controversial Essay topics for an essay, and how to find them? You will know it later in the blog. But first, you should know the basic structure of a controversial essay.

Basic Layout of Controversial Essay

To express the concepts completely in a contentious topic essay, a typical structure is needed. These are:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

So, do you wonder how your introduction, body, and conclusion should be in a controversial essay? Here it is –


You need to add the thesis statement in the introduction. And this section will decide if someone is going to read your whole essay or not. Your introduction needs a hook, which you as a writer must include. A hook sentence that would draw readers in and keep them reading.

It’s a common mistake for pupils to only introduce their topic here. In an effort to rapidly and blandly transition into the body paragraphs, where they can more fully defend their position, they do it this way. Yet it’s important to keep in mind that the reader won’t read the arguments if their interest isn’t captured at the start. So, focus on your introduction part.


Strong body: The foundation of an excellent controversial essay. Your arguments are developed in this section, which also makes the most efficient use of the reader’s time. If you want to have any chance of properly elaborating on your points of view, this part should comprise at least three paragraphs. You must provide sufficient proof and research to back up your statements, and each of these points should be broken down into its own paragraph.

The audience might want to conduct further analysis of these concepts. Thus they need to have been previously gathered from reliable sources. Make sure you don’t invent evidence or record fabricated figures either because doing so would mislead your readers.


As they land at this part, learners commit a tonne of typical errors. They consider it this way since, by definition, it refers to the paper’s conclusion. Yet just as with the previous sections, the conclusion needs to be labour- and time-intensive. Do not overlook it, as it’s the final step.

You must pause and reread everything you have written before writing a compelling conclusion. Of course, since you are the author, you should be fully aware of every word you write, but occasionally while you are brainstorming, you might easily overlook some crucial information. If you read the entire essay, you’ll notice that you have a new perspective at the end.

It is not necessary to reiterate things that have already been discussed or to give new information.

You might have doubts after discussing contentious topics for essays, but this is unjustified and does not call for an apology. Avoid sounding contrite; doing so will undermine any compelling argument you may have previously made. It would be best if you confidently expressed your opinions because they matter.

So, this is the fundamental structure of a controversial essay.

What Makes Controversial Essay Topics Good?

It is advised that essay topics be fascinating. Your professor has told you that the subject of your controversial essay should be debatable. So, you search on Google, “What are some decent topics for a controversial essay paper?”

A contentious issue is a great choice for a controversial topic for academic writing. It indicates that different people have different opinions on the matter. But do you know what “a good controversial essay topic” actually means?

You should have certain standards to discern between a good topic and a bad one in order to choose one that is truly engaging.

Here are the characteristics of a good controversial essay topic –

Grow Your Interests

Obviously, your passion for the topic is the primary step. If you enjoy writing about a subject, you will likely be more motivated to learn. You’ll be eager to spread this knowledge to others as well. Alternatively, you might not even want to start writing. Also, when conducting your study, you can eventually get bored. The writing process is going to be substantially longer in this scenario. You’ll probably not be pleased with your paper, which is another strong possibility. So, pick a good topic that interests you as a result.

Relevant to Your Studies

Relevance is another quality of a powerful topic for a controversial essay. Always keep the course in mind while you are writing your essay assignment unless you will face difficulties. For example, if you need to write a controversial essay for your history class and you submit a paper on topics like “Can technology lead to social isolation and loneliness?” it will not work.

So, even if it’s your passion, please be careful. When selecting a topic, take into account the audience, the course, and the stated directions. If you are unsure about the topic of your controversial essay, you can always ask your professor to explain.

Comprehensive Essay Topic Selection Guide

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Up – to – Date Events

Every day, thousands of events take place in every layer of our lives. There is, therefore, a tonne of discussion-worthy ideas. Reading about current events that you have an opinion on is always more engaging. Some historical topics may appear dull to write about. Think about current events, popular topics, and your present interests. 2022 was a busy year. There were many political occasions, movements, and world issues. Consider the yearly patterns and significant events. Some of them might make excellent subjects for argumentative essays.

Focused on Specific Issues

You can’t really make a strong argument either way if your topic is too general. Should we protect the animals more effectively? Depending on whether rhinos or mosquitoes are being discussed. And whose responsibility is it to protect—governments or us, the common people? Focus on a single aspect of your specific topic in order to make a clear statement.

Enough Resources

A controversial essay needs to be supported by thorough research, which should be mentioned throughout the paper. Search for supporting evidence in academic journals, studies, and newspapers using your argument before essay writing help.

Focus on choosing an alternative topic for your controversial essay if, after executing in-depth research, you still feel you lack sufficient proof in favour of your topic and/or argument.


The most apparent and suitable choice for topics for controversial essays is controversial issues. On these matters, different people hold divergent opinions. Issues that spark controversy are considered controversial. As a result, you will be able to select from a wide variety of arguments. Therefore, avoiding contentious moral matters is advised. They lack supporting information from facts and are overly focused on personal views. Such topics might work better for compelling presentations. Choose contentious social problems over others.


What’s the use of talking about something if nobody objects to your position? It is a waste of effort to spend time convincing your readers that texting and driving are dangerous because it is assumed that most individuals are already persuaded. Picking a topic that has some merit on both sides is essential for this reason.

So, now you know how your topic should be. Let’s find out what you should avoid while writing controversial essays.

What Should You Not Do While Writing a Controversial Essay?

You should strictly avoid the following points in a controversial essay –

❌ Don’t Skip the Outline

Some students disregard the significance of outlining and frequently omit this significant step in the writing process as a result. This is a serious error, particularly when writing a challenging assignment like an argumentative essay.

Despite the appearance that omitting the outline will save time, the result is actually the complete opposite. It is more difficult and takes longer to create a document with coherence when there is less structure. 

❌ Don’t Write a Generic Thesis Statement

A strong thesis statement is crucial because it comprises the position you will defend throughout the essay. It will be difficult for you to prove your argument and difficult for the readers to comprehend what you mean if your thesis is nebulous or imprecise.

❌ Don’t Take Research for Granted

Another bad time-saving strategy is to sacrifice the research process. All argumentative essays involve in-depth research, and if you don’t have enough proof to back up your claim, your essay may not meet the standards expected.

Making notes and modifying the quotations to fit the sections in your structure are the appropriate ways that can save effort and time at this point. This will guarantee that when you start writing, you won’t have to scour the same sources once more.

❌ Don’t Write Conclusions when in a Hurry

It is essential that the two claims concur because a conclusion often restates the opening thesis. But occasionally, you could become bogged down in your justifications and reach a conclusion that deviates from your premise.

If this is the case, you’ll need to change your starting statement or the arguments. Lastly, keep in mind that the paper’s conclusion is not the place to introduce any fresh concepts.

❌ Don’t Neglect Your Arguments

Argumentative essays are essentially about making arguments, and these arguments should typically be supported by adequate evidence from reputable sources. Some students, however, overlook this crucial detail, which makes their arguments weak.

A typical error is to ignore the opposing points of view. Including counterarguments are crucial for this type of essay because a controversial essay must examine the topic from all sides.

Top 150+ Controversial Essay Topics

Controversial essay topics are the ones that induce various kinds of opinions. Often, these topics generate heated arguments. So, it’s not easy at all to handle controversial essay topics. Here we have gathered unique topics for writing powerful and effective controversial essays. We have divided the topics according to the subject. And you will find more than 100 controversial essay topics here. So, please take a look at them and choose your essay topics wisely.

Controversial Essay Topics on Education

Here are some education-related controversial essay topics. Let’s have a look –

  1. Is doing the homework necessary for students?
  2. Is sex education compulsory for students?
  3. Free education for everybody
  4. Can teachers be political in school?
  5. Schools should avoid religious biases
  6. School cafeterias should provide both veg and non-veg food
  7. School computers must block specific websites

Controversial Essay Topics on Social Media

Let’s find some controversial social media essay topics here –

  1. Social media is nothing but a productivity killer
  2. Is it safe to make friends on social media?
  3. Social media promotes security breach
  4. Social media is evoking our narcissistic side
  5. Social media fame is destroying normal lifestyle
  6. Without social media, there is no life
  7. Social media promotes fake news and rumours

Controversial Essay Topics on Feminism

Here are the most controversial feminist essay topics to talk about –

  1. Only women get affected by sexism
  2. Women’s empowerment can change the structure of the society
  3. Hijab is a major example of female oppression
  4. Advertisements that sexualise women’s bodies should be banned
  5. If there were no gender stereotypes, human beings would be more developed
  6. The gender pay gap should be abolished
  7. Anti-feminist women support patriarchy

Controversial Essay Topics on Politics

Take a look at the most controversial political essay topics –

  1. War is a political decision
  2. Marijuana should be legalised
  3. Basic healthcare services should be free
  4. Society needs revolutions
  5. Nothing can stop corruption in the society
  6. The voting age must be lowered
  7. Government should invest more money in fighting poverty
  8. Do ecclesiastical movements start wars?
  9. Celebrities frequently have unsuccessful political careers.
  10. The current scenario in which the system operates has become too corrupt.
  11. Whenever you look, politics is a “dirty” game.
  12. Trump may be a better choice to lead the Country.

Controversial Essay Topics on Mental Health

Here are a few exclusive controversial essay topics on mental health –

  1. Overcoming teenage mental issues never gets sorted
  2. Mental illness is a genetic disorder
  3. Do celebrities have mental issues?
  4. Is it okay to abandon people with mental issues?
  5. Digital communication is increasing social anxiety
  6. The victims of childhood abuse are now mental patients
  7. Online therapy has no effectiveness

Controversial Essay Topics on Criminal Justice

Look at these top examples of criminal justice essay topics –

  1. Private prisons need to be outlawed
  2. Male and female criminals should be punished differently
  3. Drunk drivers need to be punished more
  4. Is there any efficacy of prison rehabilitation?
  5. The criminal justice system is racist itself
  6. Inmates should not be allowed to vote
  7. Child soldiers should not be trialled

Controversial Essay Topics on Philosophy

Have a look at the smoking hot philosophy topics for controversial essays –

  1. Certain universal truths are untrue.
  2. Everybody ought to be able to rebel against the government.
  3. Love Is Not More Important Than Being Loved.
  4. Emotions may prevent a successful life.
  5. Violence and bigotry are now part of the feminist movement.
  6. Some issues cannot be solved.
  7. Not All Mysteries Are Suitable for Human Solving.
  8. In any relevant way, animals and people are the same.
  9. Philosophy is underestimated because its truth terrifies us.
  10. Societal expectations are the root cause of existentialism.

Controversial Essay Topics on the Environment

Here are a few environmental topics for controversial essay –

  1. Environmental law violators should no longer be allowed to operate.
  2. The current state of the air in major cities is unacceptable, and this problem needs to be fixed.
  3. No nation could be permitted to possess nuclear weapons.
  4. Individuals Should Be Paid for Their Active Environmental Protection Efforts.
  5. In their current form, alternative fuels are ineffective.
  6. The danger of global warming is greater than we realise.
  7. Pollution prevention is not feasible under the present circumstances.
  8. Animals should not be eaten by humans.
  9. Every person’s life must include recycling as a necessity.
  10. Deserts should be forcibly transformed into green spaces.

Controversial Essay Topics on Relationship

Here are a few controversial relationship topics for essays –

  1. Can relationships with big age disparities indicate predatory behaviour?
  2. Do men always have the upper age limit in relationships?
  3. Nursing homes: Are they moral?
  4. Describe the potential for polyamorous partnerships.
  5. Can a married person have sex?
  6. Reasons to wait until marriage before having sex.
  7. Is the institution of marriage outmoded today?
  8. Is feminism harmful to conventional marriages?
  9. Who is a partnership in charge of contraception?
  10. Ethical objections to the use of dating applications.
  11. Is religious affiliation required for marriage?
  12. Benefits and downsides of cohabitation versus marriage.
  13. When a child is born, which parent should remain at home?
  14. Is it difficult to balance a family and a career?
  15. Emotional abuse committed on women by their close partners.

Controversial Essay Topics on Ethics

Let’s have a look at the best controversial ethics essay topics –

  1. When is it okay to lie?
  2. Is keeping pets at home improper?
  3. Should zoos be made illegal?
  4. Is torture justified in any way?
  5. Discuss Western ideals of beauty.
  6. Address issues that arise during charitable giving and service.
  7. Can someone ever truly be neutral?
  8. What is the origin of human life?
  9. Acknowledgement of cultural identity in a society.
  10. Is it required of you to stop harm from happening?
  11. Anti-Nationalism: Is it moral?
  12. Why was slavery tolerated for so long while being immoral?
  13. Does a crime have any honour?
  14. Is cancel culture morally right?
  15. How should a present be used if you don’t like it?
  16. Consider moral considerations when choosing a career.
  17. Would legalising prostitution be advantageous to society?
  18. College students are being bullied online.
  19. Should parents be permitted to adopt children from other ethnicities?

Controversial Essay topics on Nutrition

Here are a few most excellent controversial essay topics on nutrition –

  1. Analyse how a gluten-free diet affects your health.
  2. Is going vegan the answer?
  3. Do we need to consume less bread?
  4. Are protein drinks healthy for a person’s body?
  5. Talk about limiting food advertising to reduce childhood obesity.
  6. Discuss whether a world diet would be successful.
  7. Is fruitarianism harmful?
  8. Using additives in food.
  9. Discuss whether the Keto diet is effective.
  10. Is fast food a healthy option?
  11. What is the risk of caffeine?
  12. Should people stop cooking traditional meals?
  13. Is fish a viable substitute for beef?
  14. Examine whether fruit juice is healthy.
  15. California almonds: commercial interests versus water shortage.
  16. Differences in culture and national identity related to food.

Controversial Essay Topics on History

Here are a few history topics for controversial essays –

  1. How much are African Americans still affected by slavery today?
  2. Is colonialism acceptable?
  3. Despite his Great Purge, does Stalin merit praise?
  4. Could the US have maintained its neutrality during World War II?
  5. The Vietnam War: Was it necessary?
  6. Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech is seen as one that altered the course of history
  7. Is it appropriate for Germany to be investigating the Nazi guards who supervised the death camps eighty years ago?
  8. The women’s suffrage campaign was the first step in defending women’s rights
  9. Has society undergone just good changes as a result of the civil rights movement?
  10. The Civil War was mostly caused by slavery
  11. The Holocaust catastrophe is a national tragedy that has had an influence on the entire world.
  12. The fundamental reasons for the French Revolution and its successful effects.

Controversial Essay Topics on Pop-Culture

Here are a few hot pop-culture topics for controversial essays –

  1. Why is Lady Gaga a contemporary icon? Discuss.
  2. What physics lessons does The Big Bang Theory teach us?
  3. Asian culture is shown racially on television.
  4. A real-world Jurassic Park—wouldn’t that be a terrific idea?
  5. Examine how popular culture affects children’s development.
  6. Is it true that American pop culture has practically taken over pop culture all over the world?
  7. Is the role of “The Bond Girl” an honour or a vestige of sexism?
  8. Discuss the portrayal in advertising.
  9. Are older books more valuable culturally than current best-sellers?
  10. Do superheroes provide positive role models, or do they raise the bar too high?
  11. Describe the ways in which popular culture affects our morals.
  12. Which film, Star Trek or Star Wars, had a bigger impact on society?
  13. What occurs at Inception’s conclusion?
  14. Does the media’s representation of violence inspire viewers to act violently?

Controversial Essay Topics on Art

You will find the best controversial essay topics on art here –

  1. Should films with female directors get greater attention?
  2. Is it inappropriate to mock religion?
  3. To what extent should satire be permitted?
  4. Is it acceptable to destroy slave owner statues?
  5. What could render a piece of art inappropriate?
  6. Should certain locations permit graffiti?
  7. Is it feasible to distinguish between the artist and the art?
  8. Discuss Leni Riefenstahl’s impact.
  9. When does censoring make sense?

Final Thoughts,

Topics are important, as you can see. As your ultimate success depends on them, you should be particularly careful while selecting them. Think carefully as you dedicate your time. Try applying the advice we provided above if nothing immediately occurs to you. Nonetheless, we are aware that composing an essay is a challenging process. But have patience and give this blog a read!

Most Frequently Asked Questions By Students

Q.1. What are rare Controversial Essay topics?

Controversial essay topics make students adaptable and enhance their public speaking skills. Here are a few rare topics that you can write an essay about. Let’s have a look –

  • People can choose their religion
  • Everyone should get an education for free
  • Importance of normalising same-sex marriage
  • Public place smoking must be banned
  • The death penalty must be abolished

Q.2. What is a good Controversial Essay question?

There are thousands of important controversial essay ideas. Here are a few where you can strongly put your points. Let’s have a look –

  • Animal testing must be banned
  • Abortion should not be legal
  • Using chemicals in beauty products must be banned
  • Artificial intelligence is a curse to mankind
  • Death penalty laws must be abolished

Q.3. What things do you need to avoid while writing controversial essays?

You can’t write a controversial essay if you don’t conduct in-depth research because your arguments will stand on your research outcomes. Also, never avoid writing an outline before you start a controversial essay and stop writing vague thesis statements.

Q.4. What are the Controversial Essay topics that should be avoided and why?

You need to understand which controversial topics you can’t use before you start conducting research. You need to avoid such topics because most of them are cliché, risky and inappropriate, and there is no place for showing your creativity. Here are a few of the topics that you should avoid –

  • Religion independence
  • Sexual abuse
  • Bullying
  • Pornography
  • Sexting

Q.5. What are Controversial Essay Topics for School?

Writing controversial essay topics make students aware of the other side of society. Here are some controversial essay topics for school students –

  • Is Global Warning a Myth?
  • The idea of exams must be abolished
  • The necessity of wearing school uniform
  • Animal testing needs to be stopped
  • Which one is good – Public or Private school?

Q.6. What is a Controversial Essay Topic for Public Speaking?

Here are a few controversial essay topics that you can use for public speaking. Let’s have a look –

  • Workplaces should not have age discrimination issues
  • The relevance of feminism in today’s society
  • Voting should be compulsory
  • Limiting screentime is a must for kids
  • Polygamy is a curse for the society

Q.7. How Do Controversial Essay Topics Need to be Addressed?

When you are writing on a controversial essay topic, you can’t take any sides. You need to be neutral and clear about your objectives. So, what you do is – address the issue, identify the results, and provide enough reasons why you are writing about the topic. You also have to set the discussion parameters that you must not cross.

Q.8. What are the Benefits of Controversial Essay Topics?

Writing controversial essay topics make students well aware of the other side of the coin. In this way, they learn about different lifestyles and backgrounds. Students learn to accept them and work peacefully. Controversial essay topics also make students learn to listen to each other so that they never disrespect others’ feelings.

Q.9. Does a Controversial Essay Use Facts?

One writes controversial essays so that one can convince the readers with their thoughts on a topic. So, you must provide sufficient fact-based proof and flawless logic to prove the acceptability of your essay. A controversial essay needs to be accurate and well-researched to prove its points.

Q.10. What is the Purpose of a Controversial Essay?

Controversial essay topics help you to present your point of view on out-of-the-box topics. And with a controversial essay, one can persuade the readers that they can at least give a thought to your ideas or acknowledge them. So, while you write a controversial essay, you need to provide credible facts, reasons, and enough proof regarding your ideas.

Hi, I am Mark, a Literature writer by profession. Fueled by a lifelong passion for Literature, story, and creative expression, I went on to get a PhD in creative writing. Over all these years, my passion has helped me manage a publication of my write ups in prominent websites and e-magazines. I have also been working part-time as a writing expert for for 5+ years now. It’s fun to guide students on academic write ups and bag those top grades like a pro. Apart from my professional life, I am a big-time foodie and travel enthusiast in my personal life. So, when I am not working, I am probably travelling places to try regional delicacies and sharing my experiences with people through my blog. 

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