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How to Write a Short Essay: Your Guide to Writing Brilliance

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Writing an essay is a common task in high school, college, and university assignments. It is also required for college admissions and scholarships. Sometimes, essays with fewer words seem much more complicated than longer essays. Here, you need to express your thoughts succinctly and clearly.

So, learning how to write a shorter essay is crucial in today’s fast-paced academic environment.

Read on to know more!

Definition and Purpose of a Short Essay


A short essay is a type of essay that concisely showcases the most important elements. There is no particular number of words for the length of an essay, but it is estimated to be between 250 and 750 words. The subject can be complicated, but you have to interpret it in such a way that it does not exceed the word count.


There are numerous advantages to writing a short essay. The purpose of writing a short essay is to elaborate on the ideas and frame them in a few words. You can take the concepts from other sources but use the key ideas in your language.

Let’s check the main point in detail:

  1. Developing Writing Skills: Essays with fewer words provide an excellent platform to refine your penmanship skills. Here, you will learn how to include words for all kinds of essays.
  2. Professional Communication: Writing briefly is an effective skill that enhances the ability to communicate in corporate or professional sectors. Whether you are writing a persuasive email or a project proposal, you need to convey the information effectively to grasp the reader’s attention.
  3. Critical Thinking Abilities: When you write an essay in a few words, it demands the ability to think critically. Otherwise, it will become very difficult for you to prove your argument.
  4. Effective Communication Skills: There is nothing to blabber about. Simply research the topic, take the main purpose, and start writing from the introductory paragraph. Don’t use unnecessary words to make an effective essay.

What is the Short Essay Format?

Are you struggling to format your essay in fewer words? Don’t worry at all. Most students face these difficulties due to a lack of knowledge about structuring and formatting an academic essay. But it is not as tough as you think. Let’s check in details.

The format of an essay is the set of guidelines that will help to create an overall structure of an essay. It is the important element that will showcase how you present your academic paper.

A short essay format follows the basic structure of an essay. Here are a few things to remember while you start your writing:

  • A linear approach should be followed while you write academic essays, scholarship essays, or any other kind of academic writing.
  • Try to showcase your ideas in such a way that the content develops the reader’s interest,
  • Keep in mind who are your readers. Research on the topic from relevant sources. Prepare in such a way so that your reader understands what you want to convey.
  • All these will help you to grasp readers’ attention.

Now let’s check the formatting of an essay, which we can include shortly:


The introductory paragraph is where you can introduce your topic. Include the background information or context in a summarized way. Don’t forget to incorporate a strong thesis statement based on the central idea. That is the central argument of your short essay.

Body Paragraphs:

The paragraphs in the body are the place where you can support and develop the thesis statements. You can include multiple paragraphs in this main body part. However, each paragraph should contain the main point or idea to support the central thought of the essay.


The final paragraph is the concise summary of every previous paragraph of the academic essay. You can restate the thesis here in a new way. It should also bring closure by expressing some final thoughts or views on the subject. Avoid including new material or arguments in the conclusion; instead, concentrate on completing the essay and leaving a lasting impression on the reader.

Key Elements of Short Essays

Even when you write an essay in a few words, you need to ensure that you tick off all the main elements tin the checklist. Let’s check them out!

  • A strong short essayshould have a clear introduction, thesis, topic sentence, and conclusion.
  • The body paragraphsshould contain the text that is connected to the thesis.
  • The essay should have a good flow with a transition. You can use transitional phrases and words to connect one paragraph to the next.
  • When you write the first paragraph, include an attention-grabbing hook and state the clear thesis in the essay introduction. You can include a preview of subtopics that you will discuss in the main body of the essay.
  • An integral part of a good essay in fewer words is the thesis statement. It is the central argument. Since there is limited scope for word count, make sure the statement is no more than two to three sentences.
  • Gather relevant information and evidence from books, journals, websites, newspapers, and magazines. Then, organize the data so you can fit it all into the essay.
  • The conclusion of the academic essay should be short enough not to exceed the word limit but also comprehensive enough not to miss any pertinent points.

Tips for Effective Short Essay Writing

Writing an effective essay in fewer words requires a number of main points. Maintaining the short essay format is also required in scholarship essay, admission essay, and more. Here are a few tips to follow:

Understand the Prompt:

Read the prompt thoroughly. Note down the important phrases which will help you to understand the essay.

Plan Your Writing:

Before you start writing, understand the question. Note down the brainstorming ideas and create a plan. That will help you to enhance your writing abilities.

Create a Draft:

Create an outline with the central points, background information, a short introduction, topic sentence, body, and conclusion.

Make a Strong Thesis:

Think about how to present the main argument with a strong point.

Prove the Thesis:

Stay focused on the purpose. Include transitional phrases, and use facts and statistics along with visuals.

Proofread Your Text:

Read the entire text carefully to ensure that there are no mistakes. If necessary, use a grammar checker tool to correct your text.

Some Examples of Short Essays

We have already mentioned everything about short essays. Here are some examples to check:

Topic: Health Benefits Of Writing Positive Emotions

Example: ”The majority of research papers about the writing experience are linked to writing about negative feelings. The literature makes it clear that writing about negative emotions has no positive effects on improving one’s health (King, 2002). However, studies have shown that using more words that express positive emotions and fewer ones that express negative emotions improves health. The experience of gathering evidence and telling it is one of the benefits of writing. Studies have also demonstrated a correlation between the use of positive language in writing and expression and a longer life span (Isen, 1999; Isen, 2001)……………..”

Topic: The Great Recession: Causes, Effects and Models

Example: ”The global financial crisis, which started with the collapse of the US housing market, affected numerous nations between December 2007 and June 2009. Known as “The Great Recession,” it was the worst economic downturn ever. Because of the steep drop in the national economy, this was thought to be the biggest following the Great Depression. This phenomenon started with the collapse of the US housing bubble, which led to a significant loss in value for mortgage-backed securities and derivatives.”

Topic: Essential Irony: Story Elaborates

Example: ”Author Allan Poe wrote the short stories Tell-Tale Heart in 1843 and Cask of Amontillado in 1846, respectively (Hammond). These two short stories share a gothic style and a strange mood that is created by the plot. The Tell-Tale Heart differs in that it explains the unity theory, the murdering of an innocent man, and the idea that people shouldn’t take revenge for wrongdoing. It explains how the persona known as Montresor intends to exact revenge on Fortunato for vague taunts by enticing him to check the wine he bought in the family vaults. Poe claims to have highlighted a special possibility for examining how people behave……..”

Short Essay Writing Topics

Here is the list of topics to get you started with the writing process:

  1. Women in Leadership
  2. The Power of Education
  3. Shed Light to Empower Rural Women
  4. Education Should Be Free-Why?
  5. Stress, Worry, and Tension-Leading Causes of Illness and Disease
  6. What are the side effects of packed and processed food and beverages?
  7. What is the importance of time management in students’ lives?
  8. How does being involved in extra-curricular activities improve health?
  9. How many types of unemployment are there? What are the government initiatives regarding unemployment?
  10. Types of earthquakes and their side effects
  11. The Dying Habit of Reading Newspaper
  12. Teach Your Child How to Complete Their Work
  13. What is Personalized Content? What Should be the Tone and Style of it?
  14. Describe the Significance of the Reference List or Bibliography
  15. Write the five steps for providing task instructions
  16. The Usage and Advantages of Online Messaging Apps
  17. Outline Your Ideas about the Importance of Wildlife Conservation
  18. The Power and Importance of Reading- How it Creates an impact on childhood
  19. Write a Formal Essay For Your College Admission
  20. Write an Assignment on The Impact of Global
  21. How to write a formal essay? What are the elements used here?
  22. How can children learn from their own mistakes?
  23. Teach your child to complete their work alone
  24. Research on the reason of unemployment in today’s generation
  25. Gender equality refers to equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities for both women and men- Outline an essay based on this
  26. What is the picture of gender equality in the USA?
  27. Draw your ideas on Moral values and Ethics
  28. How to Write a Scholarship Essay?
  29. What should the format of your research paper be?
  30. Portray Your Idea about Pollution Due to Urbanization.

In Conclusion

An essay is a form of writing in which you can demonstrate your original thinking and showcase academic flair. Sometimes, writing a short essay is challenging for students. It requires proper academic research and creates interesting arguments. Focusing on the word count for the short essay is also important. Writing a topic concisely is one of the best skills that will help you in the long run.

So, make sure to bookmark and follow this detailed guide to elevate your writing game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.What makes a short essay different from a longer form of writing?

Ans.A short essay is a form of writing where you need to be more focused, straightforward, and specific about the topic. But, while writing a longer essay, you find a broader approach to writing more. However, staying focused on the topic is the same for both forms of writing.

Q2.What elements are crucial for a strong introduction in a short essay?

Ans.There are three major elements to create a strong introduction. Here it is:

  • A hook- A hook is something that helps to capture the reader’s attention
  • Background- The background is the first part of an introduction. It is the context for your study. The background helps the reader to understand why the research topic is important.
  • State the thesis—The thesis consists of the purpose of your piece. It can be a short or long form of text. The thesis helps the reader focus on the main point of the argument.

Q3.Any tips for selecting a compelling and manageable topic for a short essay?

Ans.Here are a few tips to consider while selecting a compelling and manageable topic:

  • Try to choose a topic that interests you. Through this process of writing, you may increase the reader’s interest,
  • Understand who are your targeted audience,
  • Know the purpose of writing the topic,
  • Involvement in researching the subject. That will help you to gain a better understanding of the topic,
  • You can include a question to stay focused on what you are trying to prove.

Q4.Can you share examples of well-crafted short essays for reference?

Ans.Yes, we can share multiple examples of well-crafted short essays for your reference. Our writers are here to provide essay writing help within a short period. Simply log in to MyAssignmentHelp and get a plethora of essays related to almost every subject.

Q5.What common pitfalls should be avoided when crafting a short essay?

Ans.If you understand some common pitfalls, it would be easy to create a short essay. Here are a few tips to strengthen your essay writing process:

  • Don’t copy and paste from other resources. That goes under plagiarism. Instead of that, enhance your writing skills,
  • Avoid passive voice. Use active voice, which acts like a direct object,
  • Don’t make the first sentence clueless.

Q6.How can I edit and proofread a short essay effectively for clarity?

Ans.To edit and proofread any kind of essay, use some free tools to avoid uninterrupted penalties. Use Grammarly for ethical, adaptable, error-less essays. Check whether the essay is plagiarized or not. You can use free tools like Dupli Checker. Now, the age of AI is upon us. Don’t copy sentences from any AI tool. Write simple sentences to avoid AI. Use ZeroGpt to detect whether the text is AI-written or not.

Q7.Are there different styles of short essays, and how do they differ in structure?

Ans.Yes, there are four styles of short essays. Those are :

  • Argumentative essay- This kind of essay outlineis related to extended and evidence-based arguments.
  • Expository essay- This essay type provides a clear idea with a focused explanation of the topic.
  • Narrative essay- You will find a storytelling approach that is engaging and well-structured in the narrative essay.
  • Descriptive- Here, you can explain the main argument in a more detailed way.

Q8.What role does the thesis statement play in a short essay?

Ans.The main role of the hypothesis statement in a short essay is to narrow down your writing to a specific claim that you can develop or prove. First, create an essay outline. Then, organize your essay assignment to showcase the main arguments of the topic.

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