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130+ Excellent Communication Research Topics for Students

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Your academic career might be capped off with an outstanding communication research paper, which will also help you prepare for your postgraduate work. You can learn new things about human behaviour by exploring a variety of topics and problems related to how people express information through communication research topics.

You can frequently create a good research paper that gets you hired in your field of study if you understand more about communication research topics.

This blog will help you to understand which topics are best for your research paper and how to select them, and you will get a lot of interesting communication thesis topic examples. So, let’s dig in.

How to Find the Right Topic for a Communication Research Paper?

You will have many communication study topics to choose from because communication is a large and wide field. But selecting the best communication research topic from a large pool of options is the actual issue. The following advice should be kept in mind while choosing communication-related topics for a research paper.

  • Pick a topic that interests you, and you can easily relate to that.
  • Let your research paper distinguish itself from the crowd by selecting a topic related to current and popular communication technologies.
  • Choose a topic that has generated a lot of investigation and conversation.
  • Pick a topic that has a lot of references in printed and online sources.
  • Select a specific area of study that will be simple for you to finish.
  • Never choose a broad topic since you risk missing some crucial study areas, and it will be challenging for you to finish the entire investigation on such a topic.

Communication Research Paper Approaches

Four alternative perspectives on communication, which radically alter the topic as a whole, make it a science—even an art form. The following paragraphs outline the four main strategies –

Social Science Approach

The social science approach, which comprises researching and examining it in the context of contemporary times, is the most popular interpretation of this topic as a whole. People who adhere to this philosophy are adamant that culture can be measured. It can play a crucial part in all interactions as a whole, and this strategy is the result of identifying the link.

Interpretive Approach

The second most popular strategy for learning is interpretation. This method goes in-depth to comprehend how information is actually interpreted and processed while also optimising relationships as a whole.

Critical Approach

This one approaches communication from a critical standpoint, including critiques, persuasion, and manipulation of the past or present. The main goal of this strategy is to improve delivery by removing the real raw data from what is being given.

Post Modern Approach

Last but not least, this approach to communication studies aims to enhance data transmission by researching, examining, and developing new forms, styles, mediums, and technologies.

What Should You Do to Write a Really Good Communication Research Paper?

The first step in writing a research paper is selecting a topic that meets your needs. You can choose one of our 130+ topics from a list of 10 distinct subjects below in this blog to do the task.

Before beginning to write your research paper, you should conduct sufficient research on the issue at hand. To do that, you must study other research articles, conduct research, and conduct surveys and studies.

It’s time to compile all the data into something engaging once you get it. Prior to coming up with the possible topics for communication research, it is best to organise and segment your data.

By thoroughly covering every piece of material you’ve gathered for your paper, you will find the next phase to be much simpler.

Finally, it’s time to format your work in accordance with the guidelines of the institution to where you’re submitting it.

Things to Avoid while Writing a Communication Research Paper

When writing a communication research paper, students frequently commit a number of pretty typical errors. Here are some communication research paper mistake examples for you –

Ignoring Formatting Your Paper

Often students structure their papers with long paragraphs, no subheadings, no bulleted lists, text-only data presentation rather than tables or graphs, etc. Stop doing that and follow the university guidelines strictly.

Having No Clear Direction

Text that is badly written and doesn’t follow a logical flow has no value. Make your research paper engaging by adding transition words and phrases. Give your readers a reason to keep on reading.


If the author’s ideas are not substantiated by facts; instead, assumptions are made, your research paper loses its value. And it becomes vague. So, try to compose a fact-based communication research paper.

Poor Grammar

Too much usage of abbreviations (it’s, you’d, etc.), informal writing style, and use of jargon can decrease the standard of your research paper. Make sure that your paper is flawless, with proper grammar and all.


If you are including the same assertions phrased differently, you are ruining the readability of your paper.

No Eyes in Designing

It would help if you used graphs, diagrams, charts, images, etc., in a way that strengthens the base of your communication research paper. Stop taking the design elements lightly.

Improper Citation

Students often forget the value of a proper citation. It not only helps you to prevent plagiarism issues but also helps to create an original and authentic research paper.

What’s the Difference Between a Research Question & Research Topic?

The focus of the researcher’s study is highlighted by the research topic. On the other hand, communication research questions are focused enough for the researcher to concentrate on a certain area of their profession. They are also sufficiently thorough to enable the investigation of the chosen topic from a variety of perspectives.

However, research questions are usually shorter. They are frequently developed from the research topic of choice and are unambiguous. The study’s goal is revealed through the research questions. They specify the study’s parameters in great detail. They might also shed light on the research techniques used.

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Top Communication Research Paper Topics

The subject of communication now encompasses a wide range of fascinatingly complex areas. This makes it difficult to select the ideal communication research topics for college students. However, we have compiled top-notch 130+ communication research paper topics that span a wide range of communication-related issues. As a result, you can choose from the list of communication studies research paper topics that span all key communication domains. All set to make a decision? Roll on, then!

Interpersonal Communication Research Topics

Each and every one of us interact with other people in some way. The foundation of interpersonal communication is established by this. You could need some interpersonal communication research topics. As a result, we have chosen 10 topics for research in interpersonal communication for you. Let’s have a look –

  1. What Can We Do to Improve the Pandemic Empathy for Tragedy Victims?
  2. Emotions and the Method in Which They Are Expressed?
  3. Is Modern Love Moving Toward a Digital Future?
  4. One-night stands and Sexual Relationships with No Strings Attached
  5. The main factor influencing marriage and divorce: which option is preferable and why
  6. The Effect of Platonic Relationships on the Idea of Romance
  7. What Connections Exist Between Financial and Emotional Dependence?
  8. How to Rekindle the Spark in Long-Term Relationships?
  9. The benefits and drawbacks of friendship in the digital age
  10. Investigating Corporate Employment Practices for Commitment

Intercultural Communication Research Topics

When people from various cultures try to communicate, issues can occasionally develop. Here are intercultural communication research topics ideas for you –

  1. How Rules and Laws Change Cultures
  2. What Binds All Cultures Under One Flag
  3. Investigating the predictions that reflect culture and region to see which ancient customs have survived into the modern era
  4. Religion and Its Impact on Society and Politics
  5. Customs and the Effect They Have on Society
  6. How Cultures Are Connected and Disconnected by Language
  7. The Importance of cultural diversity in contemporary politics
  8. As a form of contemporary communication, linguistics and sign language
  9. The Meaning of Ethnicity to Ethnic Minorities
  10. Comparing Nationality and Nationalism and Their Differences
  11. Race and Modern Communication: Its Effects
  12. How Racism Affected Our Communication
  13. Cultural Appropriation’s Growing Threat in Multiethnic Societies
  14. Globalisation and Cultural Individualism Loss

Social Media Research Topics

We don’t know whether social media is an angel or a curse for us.

It’s still nothing but an interpretation. But these social media research topics can strengthen the base of your research paper. So, let’s have a look –

  1. Is broadcast media losing ground to social media?
  2. How successful social media marketing is
  3. Have WhatsApp and Facebook replaced family time?
  4. Facebook and Crime
  5. What is the social media industry’s future?
  6. An Examination of social media policy
  7. What role does social media play in plagiarism and piracy?
  8. What steps can be taken to stop fake news on social media?
  9. The increase in bogus profiles
  10. Social Media’s Effect on academic development
  11. The rapidity of social media news
  12. Social media’s effects on mental health?
  13. Social media peer pressure and teen sexting
  14. How was a kidnapping caused by social media?
  15. How does social media simultaneously connect and detach people?
  16. Ethics in social media are the responsibility of whom?
  17. Social Media’s Influence on Campaigns
  18. Cons of communicating through social media platforms
  19. How can personal information posted on social media sites be made secure and private?
  20. Does the use of social media contribute to a rise in youth crime?
  21. What Facebook has done to transform marketing?

Media Research Topics

It’s no exaggeration to say that the media plays a major role in how we receive and interpret information. Because of this, you can explore the following fascinating communication phenomenon topics –

  1. How to Stop Media Manipulation?
  2. The Impact of Phrasing on a Broadcast
  3. Opinionated Content in the Delivery of Information and Data
  4. Information manipulation and Communication Monopolies
  5. How do Current Events Influence Our Memory and Communication?
  6. How Historical Events Alter Our Understanding of Communication Controversies, Discrimination?
  7. How Does History Affect Communication Development?
  8. Copyright Concerns in the Future Cyberspace
  9. Censorship of Literary Works and How It Shows Up in Real Life
  10. Biased media outlets’ historical development, current state, and future

Mass Communication Research Topics

It’s fascinating to think about how connected our globe is to one another as more and more people communicate with one another. The following are a few of the top mass communication research topics –

  1. Modern Political Systems’ Surprising Lack of Democracy
  2. The Benefits of Innovation for Contemporary Communication
  3. How is Technology Transforming Communication?
  4. Ancient Communication Techniques and Their Use Today
  5. In the US, there is freedom of speech and expression.
  6. How Shadow-Authoritarianism Is Spread Among the Masses
  7. Politics: Examining Integrity, Morals, and Ethics
  8. Population Control Through Media Manipulation
  9. How Phrasing Modifies the Situation
  10. Global Virtual Communication and Digital Cognition

Journalism Research Topics

The communication topics for your research paper should ideally mirror the three defining characteristics of journalism—truth, exposure, and integrity—which is why the following research topics in journalism, media and communication are ideal –

  1. American Politics’ Division at the Moment
  2. Perspectives of Voters and Socioeconomic Factors
  3. Journalism and Emotional Manipulation
  4. How prejudice altered journalism in crisis-stricken areas, lies and half-truths persist forever?
  5. The Unsettling Presence of Virtual Propaganda in Everyday Journalism
  6. How does the media manipulate trends and make money off of them?
  7. Instability in Areas Affected by War
  8. How is Information Access Affected by Technology?
  9. The Chances of Fraud in Developing Nations
  10. The Long-Term Damage of Gossip

Public Relations Research Topics

Public relations describe how various cultures interact and have an impact on individuals, much like how culture shapes who we are. It covers a vast area, which is why you might consider several communication research topic suggestions like the ones listed below –

  1. How Public Relations Is Affected by Corporate Reputation
  2. The Practice of “Corporatespeak” as a Cult and How It Creates Confusion
  3. Demographics and Backgrounds: What They Mean for Public Relations
  4. What Do Demographics and Backgrounds Mean for Public Relations?
  5. Aspects of Character Influence Public Relations
  6. How Comedy and Communication Complement Tragedy
  7. Do contemporary media platforms affect how we communicate with one another?
  8. The impact of administrative and menial work on interpersonal relationships
  9. Whether or not characterisation should affect public relations
  10. The Data-Driven CMS Solutions Industry and How AI Is Transforming Human Communication
  11. How Education Affects and Modifies How We Interact with One Another
  12. The Magnificent Influence on Transmitting Ideas

Advertising Research Topics

When all people think that money runs the world, you know that the world revolves around advertising and marketing as communication students. So, here are a few advertising research topics for you –

  1. Involving the public in communication through advertising
  2. How do demographics and statistics affect advertising?
  3. Research’s significance in advertising
  4. Big data is used to create marketing campaigns
  5. Utilising advertising to communicate ideas effectively
  6. Enhancing a company’s reputation through advertising
  7. Advertising’s Effect on Consumers
  8. Technology’s Effects on the advertising sector
  9. Using advertising to manage cultural differences
  10. Digital-era targeted advertising
  11. Adopting the geofencing concept for marketing
  12. Mobile device use and the Impact of Advertising
  13. How to get viewers to participate in interactive advertising?
  14. Advertising and Romance in the digital era
  15. Ethics and messaging for audiences centred on children
  16. How romantic imagery in advertising has evolved?
  17. Using social media instead of traditional media for ad campaigns
  18. Predicting the direction of advertising
  19. Advertising’s evolution and its connections to developments in communication
  20. 21st-century trends in advertising

Negotiations Research Topics

Since the dawn of civilisation, negotiation and diplomacy have been essential components of communication. Any of these wonderful communication research paper topics is a perfect choice for studying negotiations –

  1. How the media impacts the results of negotiations
  2. Utilising persuasion in negotiations
  3. Negotiation as a linguistic activity
  4. Negotiation intercultural dialogue
  5. Modern Communication with the curse of corruption
  6. Political and commercial conversations have different dynamics
  7. Settling environmental conflicts
  8. Managing prejudice in negotiations
  9. Establishing a negotiation procedure
  10. Using diplomacy to forge connections
  11. Language to employ when negotiating effectively
  12. Tools for Framing a Negotiation
  13. Social change through negotiation and mediation
  14. Business negotiation strategies that work
  15. Reducing bribery in contemporary communication

Other Communication Research Topics

If you are one who loves to think outside the box, then we have some interesting communication topics for you –

  1. How to Express Yourself and Do It Right
  2. Can Technology Induce Phenomena?
  3. The Constant Fear of False Stereotypes in Chat Rooms
  4. Using Virtual Reality as a New Form of Communication
  5. The Emancipation of Augmented Reality from Real-Life Communication
  6. Influencers and Their Agenda Communication Strategies
  7. Do Sexts Alter Our Kinks?
  8. Peer Pressure’s Negative Effects on Youth
  9. Influence of non-political individuals on politics and their rhetoric
  10. The Institutionalised Abuse of National and Ethnic Minorities in Modern Digital Communication
  11. Verbal Abuse Being Prioritised in the Education World
  12. Catfishing and Lies in the Wild World of Chat Apps
  13. Observational Eyes in Private Communication
  14. Fear, paranoia, and a general lack of confidence while speaking with authorities

Wrapping Up,

Choosing a unique and strong communication research topic consumes a lot of time and effort. But it’s a very sensitive task because the future of your communication research paper will totally depend on it. So, choose your communication research topics very carefully and get the score that you desire the most!

Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes a Strong Communication Research Topic?

Answer: While you are selecting a communication research topic, you need to be careful about a few things to make it strong. Here are they –

  • It needs to be relatable
  • Easy to understand
  • There is no jargon
  • Has a personal touch
  • And great for the target audience.

What’s the Difference Between a Communication Research Topic and a Communication Research Question?

Answer: The main difference between a communication research topic and a communication research question is the focus area. The focus of the researcher’s study is highlighted by the research topic. Typically, research questions are focused enough for the researcher to concentrate on a certain area of their profession.

What Are the Common mistakes to avoid when writing a Communication Research Paper?

Answer: There are a few things that you must avoid while writing a communication research paper. Here are they. Let’s have a look –

  • Don’t ignore the formatting step if you want your research paper looks professional.
  • Don’t forget to add a logical sequence
  • Don’t make your paper vague
  • Avoid using jargons
  • Don’t repeat the same thoughts and phrases again and again

What are the types of communication research?

Answer: There are primarily two types of communication research, such as –

  • Qualitative Research
  • You are creating materials and preparing a communication program.
  • When investigating a subject or concept is your research’s objective.
  • Quantitative Research
  • You are either developing a communication program or evaluating an existing one.
  • Your research’s objective is to measure specific factors.

What is the role of communication research?

Answer: You will be introduced to the most recent theory and research in every aspect of communication through Communication Research. It serves as the global venue for academics and professionals interested in the most recent studies in communication and fields closely related to it.

What are the five levels of communication research?

Answer: Multiple layers of communication take place between two persons at once, each with its own nuances and complexities. There are five levels of communication research. Here are they. Let’s have a look –

  • Verbal Communication
  • Physical Communication
  • Auditory Communication
  • Emotional Communication
  • Energetic Communication

What are the primary channels of communicating research?

Answer: If we are talking about effective communication, then there will be five types of primary channels for communication research. Here are they. Let’s have a look –

  • Verbal Communication Channel
  • Non-Verbal Communication Channel
  • Written Communication Channel
  • Visual Communication Channel
  • Audio-Visual Communication Channel

What are the key components of communication research?

Answer: The majority of definitions, however, focus on five fundamental communication research components. They are –

  • Sender
  • Receiver
  • Context/environment
  • Medium
  • And message

In general, communication research looks at these components, posing questions about each one and attempting to find the answers.

What are the parts of a communication research paper?

Answer: An effective communication research paper has various critical parts. Here are they. Let’s have a look –

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Refined Research Question
  • A Proposed Method for Analysis
  • Conclusion

Also, to stay away from plagiarism issues, you need to cite all the sources and include a reference list with your communication research paper.

How do you write a short communication research paper?

Answer: The overarching heading “Findings” should be the sole one used in brief communication research papers. The backdrop and purpose should be briefly explained in the first section, which should then be followed by sections that mention the materials, methodology, results, and how they were discussed, and finally, a brief conclusion.

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