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Trending 100+ Marketing Thesis Topics For University Students

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Why You Need Help Choosing Marketing Thesis Topics?

Students pursuing marketing courses in the USA struggle with choosing unique marketing thesis topics that can make their papers stand out. Though choosing a thesis topic might seem inconsequential initially, it is the first step that determines the quality of your writing. For example, if you choose a topic that doesn’t have enough research materials, you’ll struggle to:

  • Complete your paper on time
  • Write high-quality content
  • Find enough evidence for arguments

Thus, at, you can rely on our experts to provide a list of 100+ trending marketing thesis topics that will make your paper the talk of the semester!

How To Pick A Good Marketing Thesis Topic?

When choosing a topic for a marketing thesis, it is important to consider current trends and issues in the field of marketing. You may want to choose a topic that is relevant to your career goals or that aligns with the research interests of your thesis advisor. It can also be helpful to review recent marketing research to identify gaps in the existing literature that your thesis can address. Some potential marketing thesis topics include the impact of social media on consumer behavior, the effectiveness of different marketing strategies, and the role of branding in building customer loyalty. Additionally, you may want to focus on a specific industry or product category, such as fashion marketing or green marketing.

100+ Marketing Thesis Topics For Students

Marketing Thesis Topics Suitable For Beginners

When you don’t have any experience composing a thesis paper, attempting complex topics can be quite challenging. Thus, the following marketing thesis topics are designed for beginners:

  1. The dynamic between gender and purchasing preferences
  2. How can companies improve customer loyalty through branding?
  3. How does hosting charities, and fundraising events influence marketing?
  4. The significance of word-of-mouth marketing
  5. Social media marketing and its influence on modern companies
  6. The effectiveness of a market-oriented approach for product positioning
  7. Customer perspective and its influence on brand positioning
  8. The rise of B2B marketing in the 20th century
  9. Role of product design in boosting marketing
  10. The influence of social media on business marketing
  11. Twitter and Instagram – the new messiah for social media marketing
  12. How do credit cards influence retail marketing?
  13. The role of brand marketing in influencing customer decisions
  14. Difference between online and offline marketing
  15. Do family orientations influence purchasing decisions?
  16. The importance of adding a personal touch to customer service
  17. Relation between innovation and customer retention
  18. How does political climate influence brand marketing tactics?
  19. Is SMS marketing still relevant in 2022?
  20. The role of marketing segmentation on sales channels
  21. How do online reviews influence boomer and millennial shoppers?

 Marketing Thesis Topics Suitable For University Students

 If you’re looking for more challenging marketing thesis topics to impress your professors, has compiled this useful list of possible choices:

  1. Factors influencing customers to switch mobile brands in the USA
  2. The importance of online marketing for startups
  3. Do companies that involve customers when developing new products see more success?
  4. A study on the different buying patterns of men and women
  5. How has introducing more inclusive marketing boosted company sales?
  6. A comparative study of the buying patterns of employed and unemployed women
  7. The role of status in influencing buying choices
  8. An analysis of the buying patterns between Gen Y and Gen Z
  9. How does green marketing influence sponsors to invest in brands?
  10. Discuss Starbucks’ marketing strategies
  11. The role of mental health in promoting impulsive buying – how do brands take advantage of this issue?
  12. How has augmented reality changed marketing tactics for companies?
  13. The influence of online shopping in the USA
  14. What is the importance of customer relationship management in customer retention?
  15. How to build customer trust through online marketing?
  16. Price fairness subjectivity in countries worldwide
  17. What is the role of online communities in boosting marketing?
  18. Influence of brand credibility on customer loyalty
  19. What components influence brand marketing?
  20. The relationship between marketing and company reputation
  21. How does information technology influence supply chain management?
Exploring Contemporary Marketing Thesis Ideas

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Marketing Thesis Topics For Urgent Paper Submission

Since writing a thesis is time-consuming, you need to choose topics that are easy to write but allow you to present a unique perspective on the issue. Thus, has compiled the following list to make your choice easier.

  1. The role of Instagram reels for better marketing for small businesses
  2. A closer look into Facebook marketing for startups
  3. What role does Black Friday play in increasing sales
  4. The importance of customer satisfaction in young adults
  5. Negative marketing is a valid form of marketing – Express your thoughts
  6. How does advertising negatively influence students?
  7. The role of promotional giveaways in boosting word-of-mouth marketing
  8. Tactics applied by companies to increase customer participation in marketing events
  9. Top factors influencing a customer’s decision to trust a brand
  10. Common hurdles every startup must go through to boost sales
  11. The role of strategic planning in boosting social media marketing
  12. How do marketing tactics fall victim to social media algorithms
  13. The difference between the quality of leads from various social media sites
  14. How do companies build emotional connections with customers via marketing strategies?
  15. The declining role of radio in marketing
  16. How does humor play a role in grabbing customers’ attention?
  17. Discuss the role of loyalty programs in retaining customers
  18. How has modern marketing adopted technology within its folds?
  19. Marketing problems faced by family-owned businesses
  20. Direct marketing and its effect on alienating customers
  21. Nike marketing strategies – braving the test of time

Unique Marketing Thesis Topics To Boost Your Grades

The best method to improve your grades is to pick marketing thesis topics that will leave a lasting impression on the readers’ minds. Hence, our experts at has conducted intensive research to discover the best topics you can explore.

  1. Technology and its role in the successful destruction of market monopoly
  2. How do customers view direct marketing in 2022?
  3. Does SEO hold back companies from effective marketing?
  4. How does corporate responsibility influence brand development?
  5. Comparative study of customer retention tactics in the retail sector vs private businesses
  6. Companies tapping into customers’ private buying history is unethical – Do you agree?
  7. Factors resulting in negative word of mouth and their influence on a company’s success
  8. Marketing tactics companies apply to enter a new market in a foreign country
  9. How do companies use Pinterest as an effective marketing tool?
  10. Compare and contrast email marketing and SMS marketing
  11. The role of influencer marketing in 2022
  12. Disadvantages of over-dependence on marketing
  13. Can successful marketing gloss over issues with the product quality?
  14. The role of modern technologies in influencing customer’s purchasing decisions
  15. Snatching customers in 5 seconds: the role of brand marketing
  16. What role does product packaging play in securing an edge over the competition?
  17. How does marketing take advantage of the balance between pricing and product quality?
  18. Compare and contrast B2B and B2C marketing
  19. Examine the effects of bad customer ratings and reviews on new customers
  20. Does unethical company behavior play a role in affecting customer loyalty?
  21. The role of marketing in surpassing language barriers

Top Marketing Thesis Topics Of 2023

Coming up with marketing thesis topics that will genuinely interest your readers in the paper is quite a tall order. But worry not! At, we have compiled trending issues in 2022 for you to highlight.

  1. Best marketing tactics to minimize the instances of cart abandonment
  2. Analyzing competitors – the importance of remaining ahead in a competitive world
  3. The role of content in increasing chances of customers opening promotional emails
  4. Small businesses just need one viral moment on social media – explain your thoughts on viral media marketing
  5. Do customers prefer more personalized services even though it gives more power to the company?
  6. Analyze the impact of targeted marketing using Facebook ads
  7. How did Instagram Reels become the marketing go-to for companies?
  8. The importance of social media marketing for small vs big companies
  9. Do present-day customers make more rational or irrational purchasing decisions?
  10. How does online consumer behavior influence marketing tactics?
  11. Explore success stories of businesses thriving because of social media marketing
  12. Does the advent of social media marketing mean the death of traditional marketing?
  13. Challenges faced by any company with a niche target market
  14. Approaching the introduction of a new product with no marketing plan
  15. Why do customers switch companies? Importance of customer satisfaction
  16. Quality control and its influence on purchasing decisions
  17. The role of market surveys in developing better marketing tactics
  18. Marketing food vs technology – common factors binding both
  19. Role of inconsistent communication in butchering marketing tactics
  20. Is the use of visually attractive elements in marketing more important than the content?
  21. The difference between marketing and sales teams in any company

Exploring Contemporary Marketing Thesis Ideas

Receive high-quality, original papers, free from AI-generated content.

What To Consider When Choosing A Marketing Thesis Topic?

Choosing one out of all these marketing thesis topics can be overwhelming. So, our experts are here to offer a few tips you can follow when taking your pick:

  • Always choose a topic you’re interested in
  • Calculate the time you’d need to complete the paper
  • Avoid spending hours worrying about quality
  • Construct an outline for the thesis

If you’d like to consult our professional marketing experts regarding any topic, feel free to drop a message on We’ll get back to you within seconds.

Most Popular Questions Searched By Students:

What Is The Best Thesis Topic?

If you’re tormented by the thought of choosing the best thesis topic for your marketing paper, you can follow these helpful tips:

  • Find a topic where you can conduct extensive research
  • Avoid choosing subjects you’re unfamiliar with
    At, you can check our list of the best marketing thesis topics if you’re out of ideas.

What Is The Best Thesis Topic For Marketing?

The best thesis help for marketing is entirely subjective. However, any good topic should cover pressing issues in the industry and provide readers with a unique perspective on the subject. The best topic (for you) is one you are personally invested in from the start.

What Are The Marketing Topics For Writing A Thesis?

While you can choose from hundreds of marketing thesis topics, you must keep in mind that your topic should maintain a healthy balance between being too vast and too narrow. At, you can find many options for you to choose from, especially dealing with social media, consumer behavior, etc.

What Are The Top 10 Marketing Thesis Topics?

The top 10 marketing thesis topics that enjoy the most engagement from students deal with consumer behavior, social media, marketing strategies, content marketing and digital marketing. At, we have compiled a list of more than 100 topics to help you choose the best topic for your paper.

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