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Extemporaneous Speech – Sample & Writing Guide

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Extemporaneous Speech

You have been pushed to participate in the competition for extemporaneous speech, and now you are worried you would not be able to hold your ground for the span of 2-3 minutes.

Well, this has happened to one and all!

But now it is time to flush out your worries for we have a detailed guide to help you learn how to write and deliver any extemporaneous speech presentation.

So, let us get down to the basics.

What Is An Extempore Speech?

An impromptu speech or extemp questions speech is delivered without prior planning. Sometimes, only a few minutes, i.e. two or three minutes, are allotted to prepare for a topic. Extempore is used to understand various points, so a candidate must face many challenges.

Extemporaneous speeches are frequently delivered as impromptu speeches with little advance planning on the presenter’s part.

Since the speaker doesn’t have time to plan or prepare, the extemporaneous speech writer is unique. The person is immediately given a subject, and they speak about it in accordance with the ideas that occur to them naturally.

This is another factor that adds to the speech’s difficulty.

It aims to educate and persuade the audience, and speeches like this are frequently included in public speaking contests and events.

As an extemporaneous speaker, you’ll need to quickly arrange your speaking topics and present them concisely and professionally.

Examples of Extemporaneous Speeches to Help You Stand Out

Crafting an impressive extemporaneous speech demands a unique skill set – the ability to think on your feet, articulate thoughts clearly, and engage your audience effectively. Read through the extemporaneous speech samples to master the art of structuring your thoughts effectively, maintain confidence under pressure, and achieve eloquence and proficiency in impromptu speaking.

Extemporaneous Speech Example

Check This Extemporaneous Speech Example

View Sample

Why Are Extemporaneous Speeches Important?

Imagine a situation where highly qualified candidates for positions in business show up for their interview but fall short of impressing the board of directors due to a lack of confidence and poor speech patterns. It can be unprofessional to be unable to organize your thoughts constructively. That’s how extempore speeches train you and help you in situations like these. The more you deliver extempore speeches, the more you get to improve your communication abilities and self-expression skills.

What Are The Elements Of An Extemporaneous Speech?

The following are some important components of an extemporaneous speech:

Discussion Of A Pressing Issue

Make sure you choose a significant and valuable topic when preparing for the Informative Speech Topics. The objective is to leave the audience with something to think about after you finish speaking. Understanding how the topic will affect you and your audience should be your priority.


Making your audience believe what you say is crucial when giving a speech. Your audience is smarter than you might think. When you are sincere or lying, they will be able to tell immediately. So, be sincere in all of your communication.

A Natural And Distinctive Style

Speaking spontaneously means that you are not attempting to mimic anyone else’s style. Think about it and work on refining your individual presentation and debate style.

What Are The Challenges Of An Extemporaneous Speech?

Thinking Instantly

As the candidate has to speak within a restricted time, they must immediately gather their speech ideas. This is where you will be tested since coming up with points to talk about in that little time can be challenging.

Analyzing The Topic

Always evaluate what the extemporaneous delivery topic attempts to explain. If you do not understand the situation, avoid making the closest assumption.

Identifying The Problem

If any issues need to be addressed after analyzing the subject, note them in detail. Always double-check and identify the primary matter to be discussed. Stick to the main point, as there is a chance a candidate will stray.

Generating Ideas

The greatest difficulty lies in generating easy topics to debate. Come up with the topic’s most frank suggestions. This can occasionally be accomplished by reading and keeping up with various global issues.

Arranging The Points Logically

Speaking logically within a specific time frame is crucial, but how the points are prioritized and organized is also crucial. This is a particularly difficult part because there is a chance that one will become disoriented while speaking.

Connecting With The Audience

It’s crucial to connect with the listeners and maintain their attention, no matter how excellent the content is. If you don’t do this, you have no control over the extempore. It isn’t easy to connect due to the short time frame, but this depends entirely on the content’s interest.

Communicating Clearly

These are the most crucial and fundamental components of an extempore. Stay on top of your vocabulary and speak clearly. Maintaining a high energy level will help you make your content engaging and grab the audience’s attention.

Making An Impactful Presentation

In addition to the points mentioned above, one should be confident, keep a good posture, and be composed. This will significantly enhance the entire impromptu presentation.

The Steps To Build A Proper Timeline

Before delivering your extempore speech, you will get 30 minutes to prepare yourself. To make sure that you cover all of your ideas during the extempore speech, you must make an instant timeline.

As soon as you get the topic, you must divide your 30 minutes into three parts:

First 10 minutes: First of all, you need to evaluate the type of audience for whom you will speak. Then according to age group or job, you must decide what to present in front of them according to the provided topic.

Next 10 minutes: Then you need to do a quick research about the topic and not down some important points that pique the audience’s interest.

Final 10 minutes: The last 10 minutes are the most crucial and challenging part, as, during this time, you need to revise the points you have noted. In addition, you must also practice and prepare for what you are going to say in your speech.

An Example Of Extemporaneous Speech

An extemporaneous speech is different from a manuscript speech in terms of delivery. In an extemporaneous speech, a person speaks in a conversational manner to the audience, but in manuscript speech, the speaker recites word to word written in the manuscript.

Here are extemporaneous and manuscript speech examples to help you differentiate between the both:



Extempore Speech Topics: How To Choose With 100 Prompts

Choosing speech and debate topics in schools and colleges can be difficult for students. You need the best topics for speeches for effective extemporaneous speaking. So, how do you make a good choice?

  • Choose a relevant and trending topic to deliver your speech in an extemporaneous style.
  • The topic can cover everything from general subject matter to current affairs.
  • Make sure you have a basic understanding of the topic to perform better.

On that note, here is a list of approximately 100 topics for public speaking.


  1. The reality of microplastics and potential substitutes
  2. The communication styles of men and women differ
  3. The contribution education makes to a nation’s economy
  4. Artificial intelligence ethical issues
  5. Ingenious methods to halt climate change
  6. The reality of American foster care
  7. How can the top 5 killers in America be avoided?
  8. How can college students who invest regularly become millionaires by the age of 50?
  9. The history of America as seen by a minority
  10. If everybody produced their own food, what would happen to the economy?
  11. Genetic modification: Science and Morality
  12. The ocean’s most dangerous creatures
  13. How do elephants use plants for self-care?
  14. The scientific basis for the world’s fastest animals
  15. Can emotional support animals be used in the treatment of depression?
  16. How can travelers discover the local culture?
  17. How have female executives changed corporate leadership?
  18. The influence of social media culture on self-esteem
  19. Podcasting’s emergence and its influence on contemporary culture
  20. How do immigrants uphold their native cultures in their new countries?
  21. How did colonization affect Native Americans’ way of life?


  1. Have gas prices increased as a result of the Biden administration’s energy policies?
  2. Will Pete Buttigieg become a more influential figure in Democratic circles than Vice President Kamal Harris as a result of the recently passed infrastructure bill?
  3. Were prosecutors in the Rittenhouse case ineffective?
  4. Has corporate merger and acquisition exacerbated America’s inflation problems?
  5. Should the TSA be eliminated in the US?
  6. What actions can the United States take to support African democracies?
  7. Would President Biden’s social infrastructure bill’s passage improve or hurt Democratic prospects in the 2022 midterm elections?
  8. Should the Federal Reserve participate in the fight against climate change, if at all?
  9. Would the United States’ diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics be meaningless?
  10. Will American transportation be dominated by electric vehicles?
  11. Will the omicron variant lead to an increase in COVID lockdowns in the United States?
  12. How can the Biden administration persuade Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema to support the Build Back Better Act?
  13. What explains the decline in American college enrolment?
  14. Are equity policies harmful or beneficial to the groups they are meant to assist?
  15. Is there still a place for the United States in Afghanistan?
  16. Has the Biden administration helped organized labor enough?
  17. Will long-term gasoline price reductions result from releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve?
  18. What can cities in California do to stop “smash-and-grab” thefts?
  19. How far should the US defend the territorial integrity of Ukraine?
  20. Is Vice President Kamala Harris’ dismal polling performance attributable to President Biden?
  21. Do current disciplinary policies make American schools less secure?
  22. Will the omicron variant doom democratic efforts to retain control of Congress in 2022?
  23. What should the Biden administration do if the Supreme Court reverses Roe v. Wade?


  1. An open immigration policy will wreck the economy.
  2. The decline of manners is reflected in action movies.
  3. There has been an increase in social activism.
  4. Discrimination against African Americans and Hispanic Americans still exists.
  5. Corporate corruption is the main factor contributing to weak economies across the world.
  6. Never take your right to privacy for granted.
  7. Guns don’t kill people. People commit murder
  8. The purpose of beauty pageants is unclear
  9. The number of spoiled children has increased due to media violence.
  10. The world’s largest population has lost its sense of cultural identity.
  11. Stopping the maiming and mistreating of schoolgirls is necessary.
  12. China’s one-child policy is acceptable
  13. The right tipping behavior and procedures in contemporary society
  14. Without technology, what would life be like?
  15. The right to vote in national elections ought to be extended to immigrants.
  16. Bullying has been linked to an increase in suicide cases.
  17. How can we shield LGBT children from harm?
  18. Taking care of and empowering women is a positive way to improve lives.
  19. For the working class city living is simpler and more affordable.
  20. The main reason why marriages end is because of media bias.
  21. The main factor causing high levels of corruption in governments is media bias.
  22. Families with only one parent need more than just financial support.


  1. Math and science education should take precedence over music and the arts.
  2. Schools ought to be free of fast food.
  3. Girls should be strongly encouraged to pursue careers in STEM.
  4. Homeschooling is superior to conventional education.
  5. Colleges in the Ivy League are inherently superior to other institutions.
  6. Public education is superior to private education.
  7. Schools ought to teach religion.
  8. Should schools provide free STD testing?
  9. Must more pupils enroll in community colleges?
  10. Two-year terms should be the maximum for presidents, not four.
  11. The wealthy and big businesses should be taxed more.
  12. Should unauthorized immigrants be considered criminals?
  13. Employers should be required to hire an equal number of men and women.
  14. Instead of punishing drug addicts, could you help them?
  15. Drug use should be viewed more as a mental health problem than a crime.
  16. Taxes should be imposed on businesses based on their carbon emissions and other harmful environmental effects.
  17. The use of nuclear energy can offset the excessive use of fossil fuels.
  18. Individuals can best fight climate change by lowering their carbon footprints.
  19. Has social media helped or hurt people’s ability to interact with others?
  20. Will technology save or destroy the world?


  1. What comes to mind when the word “December” is mentioned?
  2. What are your thoughts on December?
  3. What positive events take place in December?
  4. What routine December activities do you engage in?
  5. How do you feel when you hear the word “December”?
  6. What are the characteristics of December babies?
  7. What do you think of the weather this December?
  8. Where does December rank among “the best months”?
  9. Are there any negative aspects of December?
  10. What are your plans for December of next year?
  11. What kind of holiday celebration would you create if you could?
  12. Do you indulge in any delectable dishes in December?
  13. How are people supposed to celebrate in December?
  14. What well-known holidays fall in December?
  15. How will you be feeling in December?
  16. What would you include in a video about December?
  17. How will you be feeling at the end of December?
  18. Which three words, and why, best sum up December?
  19. What positive events from December come to mind?
  20. Why is there a good symbol for December?


  1. How social media affects dating and relationships?
  2. The advantages of having an open mind
  3. The value of keeping a sense of humor
  4. Social media’s effect on the entertainment sector
  5. The advantages of forgiving others and letting go of resentments
  6. The significance of workplace mental health support
  7. How social media affects trends in fashion and beauty?
  8. The advantages of having a positive outlook on getting older
  9. How social media affects elections and political campaigns?
  10. The value of resources for college students’ mental health
  11. Rote or hands-on learning—which is superior?
  12. Why are boarding schools superior to day schools?
  13. Does skipping a year benefit students?
  14. Does PowerPoint show waste your time?
  15. Is it fair to use the same grading scale for all students?
  16. Should all schools be required to have a canteen?
  17. How does offline education aid in the social skills development of students?
  18. Do boarding schools offer advantages over regular schools?
  19. Is it a waste of time to learn how to create a PowerPoint presentation?
  20. All students should be subject to the same rating system.
  21. Do a child’s test scores alone determine their value?
  22. Is repetition-based learning or hands-on learning preferable?

Frequently Asked Questions With Answers

What Is An Extemporaneous Speech?

Ans: An extemporaneous speech includes a delivery of an instant speech, which involves very little preparation. While delivering an extemporaneous, you are unable to deliver a monologue or memorized speech.

What Is The Purpose Of An Extemporaneous Speech?

Ans: An extemporaneous speech gives freedom to explore different ideas, develop your opinion and share your views with the audience.

How Do You Prepare For An Extemporaneous Speech?

Ans: You will get a limited time of 30 minutes to prepare before delivering an extemporaneous speech. During this time, first, you must brainstorm about the topic, then research to note down the main points and finally revise the things you will speak about.

What Are Some Tips For Delivering An Effective Extemporaneous Speech?

Ans: Some tips for delivering an extemporaneous speech are:

  • Speak about some important points.
  • Remain sincere while speaking about the points.
  • Talk in your natural tone.

How Do You Handle Nerves During An Extemporaneous Speech?

Ans: First, find a silent place, and sit there by closing your eyes. Then you must focus on your breath and relax by releasing the air from your lungs, simultaneously relaxing your muscles. With your relaxed, you can now focus on the topic and deliver your speech fluently.

How Long Should An Extemporaneous Speech Be?

Ans: Extempore speech is a short speech that is delivered within 3-5 minutes.

What Are Some Common Mistakes To Avoid In An Extemporaneous Speech?

Ans: The common errors that a speaker commits while delivering an extemporaneous speech is:

  • Lack of gestures
  • Lack of energy
  • Lack of connection with the audience
  • Writing important points on hands
  • Rushing about your lines

How Can You Improve Your Extemporaneous Speaking Skills?

Ans: One can improve speaking of an extempore speech by doing it again. If you want to speak fluently in your extemporaneous speech, then go on practicing as it will improve your skills.

Lucy Wilson

Hi, my name is Lucy Wilson. I am 26, a successful digital marketer, lifestyle blogger, and a Literature writing expert based in Melbourne. I have loved social media and writing since my teenage days. I am a certified digital marketer with a Masters degree in Literature. Sounds quite wierd? Well, that’s because I can’t be less or more enthusiastic about either of my passions. Additionally, I work part-time as a writing expert for When I am not working, I am probably partying with my friends or listening to my kind of music or simply lazing around.

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