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Most Interesting Speech Topics For Students

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100+ Most Interesting Speech Topics For Students

Delivering a speech in front of a live audience can be quite intimidating. However, not having a strong topic for the speech can be even more daunting. At, we don’t just help you choose interesting speech topics but also provide the much-needed speech writing services to help you win your audience.

How To Choose A Great Speech Topic For Your Audience?

You need to be very specific while choosing speech topics for your audience. Since the success of your speech depends on how well the audiences receive it. So, in order to make sure your audience like your speech, perform the following measures:

  • Analyze your audience and try to identify their common interests
  • Look for interesting topic ideas that the audience will love to listen too
  • Make sure you also have an interest in those topics
  • Brainstorm for topic ideas that fulfil all the aforementioned criteria

That you how should choose a speech topic for your audience. However, if you are unable to find the right speech topics with these measures, you can get in touch with the experts at for quality suggestions.

Get Suggestions On Different Types Of Speech Topics At MyAssignmenthelp.Com

We understand that finding the right speech topics for your audience is not at all an easy task. To help you find some inspiration for your speech, we have assembled 100 interesting topics, covering all the major types of speeches.

Entertaining Speech:

  1. My favourite misheard song lyrics
  2. How to get a toddler to go to steps in 539 easy steps?
  3. The time when a monkey snatched my bag
  4. Who came first: The egg or the chicken?
  5. The time when I lied about my granny’s death
  6. Why do I like pineapple toppings on my pizza?
  7. How to control your laugh at a serious moment?
  8. Cinderella teaches us that a pair of shoes can change our lives
  9. How to be the center of attention
  10. The biggest fashion fail of the year

Informative Speech:

  1. Is homeschooling a better option for students?
  2. How to train your dog?
  3. What is foreign policy?
  4. Vampires and literature
  5. Effective ways to study for a test
  6. What are the things that make life meaningful
  7. Is telepathy real?
  8. The differences between boundaries and limits
  9. Is theory more useful than practical knowledge?
  10. The impact of man on nature

Demonstrative Speech:

  1. How to paint a digital photo?
  2. How to prevent injury while playing football?
  3. How to make a kitchen garden in your backyard?
  4. How to apply table manners?
  5. How to secure your home from burglars?
  6. How to lose weight safely and with a lasting effect?
  7. How do antique barometers work?
  8. How to win a scholarship with your essay?
  9. How to plan your week for maximum productivity?
  10. How to perform a simple magic trick?

Persuasive Speech:

  1. Modern art lacks authenticity
  2. Should art be a compulsory discipline?
  3. Brexit will fuel the economy of the UK
  4. Reality shows are a source of exploitation
  5. TV shows reflect the society around us
  6. Beauty pageants for children should be banned
  7. Limiting the use of natural resources and fossil fuel
  8. Carpooling can save the environment
  9. Happiness can be measured
  10. Antarctica should not be open for tourists

Motivational Speech:

  1. The importance of having a positive mindset
  2. Controlling your tongue
  3. Balancing social life with studies
  4. How to achieve targets without exhausting yourself?
  5. Treat others the way you wish to be treated
  6. How staying at home has helped conserve the environment?
  7. How can the smallest changes in your lifestyle make a massive difference?
  8. The importance of kindness
  9. What is common among all the successful people of our generation?
  10. Love what you do; do what you love

Impromptu Speech:

  1. Poor health begins in the mind
  2. Social customs are a waste of time
  3. Climate change is a natural occurrence
  4. Real learning does not occur in a classroom
  5. Future conflicts will be confined to online hacking
  6. Colonizing Mars is essential to ensure the survival of our species
  7. The minimum wage should be doubled
  8. Renting a house is better than buying
  9. A non-biased news site is impossible to exist
  10. Is it better to be influential than rich?
Compelling Student Speech Ideas

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Oratorical Speech:

  1. Euthanasia should be made illegal
  2. Does watching TV shows or movies about teenage suicide encourage it or prevent it?
  3. Should music and art therapy be prioritized over traditional therapy measures?
  4. Is the boom of e-commerce harmful to small communities?
  5. Should working from home be the new standard?
  6. Should there be a mandatory retirement age?
  7. Should classes about mental health and wellness be added to the school curriculum?
  8. How can sex education be taught more effectively in class?
  9. Are grades an accurate representation of learning?
  10. Should hunting be made illegal?

Debate Speech:

  1. Human cloning should be legalized
  2. All people should have a universal basic income
  3. All high school athletes should be drug tested
  4. Public colleges should offer free tuition
  5. Smoking should be banned in all public places
  6. Social media has improved human communication
  7. Net neutrality should be restored
  8. Governments should invest in alternative energy sources
  9. Bottled water should be banned
  10. All student loan debt should be eliminated

Forensic Speech:

  1. Should interns be paid for their work?
  2. Should teachers have to pass a test every few years to renew their certifications?
  3. Is higher education overrated?
  4. Is equality a myth?
  5. Should voting be made compulsory?
  6. Has freedom of the press gone too far?
  7. Should recycling be mandatory?
  8. How does parental pressure affect young athletes?
  9. Is planetary nuclear disarmament possible?
  10. Does religion have a place in government?

Special Occasion Speech:

  1. A speech at a high school commencement ceremony
  2. A best man or maid of honor’s toast to a wedding couple
  3. Delivering a keynote address to an important gathering
  4. A speech at school’s graduation ceremony
  5. A speech at school’s foundation day
  6. A commemorative speech at the birth anniversary of an American legend
  7. An entertaining speech at a school’s annual day
  8. A speech to celebrate the contribution of teachers in our lives
  9. A speech to celebrate the birthday of your best friend
  10. A speech at an interschool science model competition

Hopefully, these suggestions were useful enough.

Suggestions For School Speech Topics

If you are still looking for more speech topics suitable for your academic levels, here are some more suggestions for you.

High School:

  1. Is climate change caused by human activity?
  2. What is the best way to conserve water?
  3. Are plastic bags worse than paper bags?
  4. Are circuses inhumane?
  5. Has the internet made people less kind?
  6. Should the school day be shorter and more efficient?
  7. Should all citizens receive free health care?
  8. Should illegal immigrants receive the same privileges as citizens?
  9. Are video games bad for kids?
  10. Would a “Green New Deal” help or hurt America?

Middle School:

  1. A celebrity I would like to meet. And why?
  2. My role model and best friend
  3. My last dream
  4. My favourite movie
  5. How to have a productive summer?
  6. Violent games contribute to the youth violence
  7. The worst job from my personal experience
  8. What is the best time for a kid to get a phone?
  9. Animals are stress relievers
  10. How to avoid getting grounded?

Elementary School:

  1. What happened to the dinosaurs?
  2. What planet would you visit and why?
  3. Why should recess be longer?
  4. Who is your hero, and why?
  5. How are rainbows formed?
  6. How to tell time with a sun clock?
  7. What is your favourite sports activity?
  8. What is your favourite kind of music?
  9. How would you make your school better?
  10. What is the best thing about summer?

Now, that’s way too many suggestions for speech topics. Hopefully, you will get the necessary inspiration from them. Otherwise, you can always ask for professional assistance.

Struggling To Find The Right Speech Topics? Choose MyAssignmenthelp.Com

If you still need assistance finding the right topic for your upcoming speech, you can simply get in touch with the experts at to get quality suggestions. You can even find quality speech writing assistance from our team of skilled assignment writers.

Moreover, every time you place an order at, you get to enjoy a number of additional benefits, including:

  • Error-free, well-structured speeches as per your specific requirements
  • On-time delivery of the order, even under tight deadlines
  • Affordable pricing with great deals and discounts
  • Free rework support for unfulfilled orders
  • 24×7 active customer support to respond immediately to your queries

So, why are you still waiting? Click here to find the necessary support for speech topics and writing support now.

Most Popular FAQs Searched By Students:

1.      What Is Speech Writing?

Speech writing is the art of conveying your message to the readers through words. It is not much different from essay writing. You must understand the purpose of the speech you are writing, its ideal length (or time limit while orating), and the audience. It is always helpful if you outline the major points of the speech before you start writing it.

2.      How Many Types Of Speeches Are There?

While there is a lot of debate regarding the number of speech types there is, it is important to understand that there are only four basic types of speeches. The rest are the only derivation of the four. These four types are:

  • To inform
  • To instruct
  • To entertain
  • To persuade

3.      What Is The Format Of Speech Writing?

The format of speech writing is quite similar to essay writing. It has three sections – introduction, main body, and conclusion. Each of these sections has different goals. For instance, the introduction should talk about who you are and what you want to talk about. The main body is where you make your arguments. And the conclusion should sum up everything you wrote in the speech.

4.      What Is The Importance Of Speech Writing?

There are several reasons that make speech writing so important.

  • It helps you organize your ideas
  • It helps you memorize the speech
  • It allows you to stay on track
  • It helps you time your speech
  • It is a way of filtering out the filler words

5.      How To Identify A Speech Topic?

Perform the following steps to identify the right speech topic:

  • Identify the nature of the speaking event
  • Know your audience
  • Consider your personal interests, knowledge and experience
  • Identify any relevant, latest news
  • Brainstorm all possible ideas
  • Shortlist those possible topics
  • Make a decision and commit to it

6.      What Is The Purpose Of Your Topic?

If you are asked to write a speech on a given topic, you need to study the topic question thoroughly to understand its purpose. Usually, your speech topic prompts you to write the speech for one of the four things – to inform, to instruct, to entertain, or to persuade.

7.      Why Is The Topic Of The Speech Talk Important?

The topic gives the audience a brief idea about what the speech is going to be about. In fact, the reception of the speech depends a lot on what topic you choose for it. If your topic is not interesting enough for the particular audience, it is not going to work.

8.      What Is The Main Topic Of The Speech Informative Talk?

An informative speech topic can be written on any topic that has enough depth. As long as you can provide some good insights into the topic, it can be a good topic for your informative speech. You may want to conduct a quick research on the topics on Google Scholar to see whether there is enough information available on the chosen topic or not.

9.      What Makes The Speech Effective?

Your ability to connect with the audience through your writing is what makes a speech effective. Also, you should try to make your speech informative, entertaining or a bit of both in order to have an impact on your audience.

10.  What Are The Elements Of Speech?

While writing a speech, you need to include the following elements in your content –

  • The hook or attention grabber
  • Subject
  • Message
  • Theme
  • Structure
  • Call to action

11.  What Are The Principles Of Speech Writing?

There are 7 principles of speech writing:

  1. Relate the topic to the audience
  2. Question the audience
  3. State the importance of your topic
  4. Start with a quotation
  5. Startle the audience
  6. Tell a story
  7. Arouse the curiosity of the audience

12.  How Can I Make A Powerful Speech?

Here are some useful tips to help you produce a powerful speech:

  • Consider the need of your audience
  • Catch the attention of the audience
  • Keep on sharing interesting facts or experiences that hold your audience’s attention for the next 15 minutes
  • Offer a solution to their problem
  • Provide a call to action

13.  How To Select A 1-Minute-Speech Topic?

If you have only one minute to present your speech, it is important that you choose a topic that you know like the back of your hand. This will ensure that you speak fluently through that one minute and provide all the major information to the readers in that short duration. Also, consider the interests of your audience while choosing the topic.

14.  What Is The Best Topic For A 2-Minute Speech?

When you have a 2-minute speech to deliver, it is always recommended to choose a topic that you are familiar with. However, you should also consider what your audience would like to hear. Also, since you will be speaking for 2 minutes, try to talk about some interesting information, facts, or experience that you think can keep the audience hooked to your speech.

15.  How To Find Good Topics For Informative Speech?

In order to find good topics for your informative speech, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • Identify your speech purpose – which, in this case, is to inform the audience
  • Know your audience and learn what they are interested in
  • Have clarity of the instructions and limitations you have been given
  • Brainstorm for potential topic ideas
  • Narrow them down on the basis of your interest and availability of information
  • Make sure the one you choose also seems interesting to the audience

16.  Can You Provide Some Persuasive Speech Topics?

If you are looking for persuasive speech topic ideas, you can visit and ask the experts for persuasive speech topics. They will help you with a number of suggestions based on your requirements and speech guidelines. You can pick any topic from those suggestions.

17.  Do You Provide All Types Of Speech Topics?

At, you can get expert assistance on all types of speech topics. In fact, if you are looking for speech topic ideas, the experts at the website can also provide you with numerous suggestions on that. You can also check out the repository at and get free access to study materials and sample speeches for reference.

18.  Can I Get An Expert’s Assistance To Write My Speech? is one of the leading academic writing companies in the business. You only need to submit your requirements and make the necessary payment. The qualified and skilled individuals at will produce a quality speech for your reference within your preferred time. You can study it and develop a speech on your own.

19.  Is MyAssignmenthelp.Com Reliable For Providing Speech Topics? is one of the longest-running academic writing companies in the business. It currently has an average client rating of 4.9/5, which speaks volumes about its quality of service. So, if you are looking for suggestions for speech topics, you can rely on the experts at for unmatched support.

20.  Why Should I Choose Myassignmenthelp.Com For Speech Topics?

There are several additional benefits of choosing for speech topic support:

  • Assistance from qualified and knowledgeable experts across different fields
  • Support for all kinds of speech topics for all academic levels
  • On-time delivery of the requested support, even under urgent deadlines
  • Free rework support if the initial requirements are unfulfilled
  • Affordable pricing with great deals and discounts for everyone

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