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100+ Informative Speech Topics to Make Your Speech Memorable in 2023

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When you were in school, at some point, you had to deliver a speech in front of the whole class. Till high school, it would have been a 10-minute speech on how to bake a cake or the impact of fast food on obesity. Both of these are remarkable instances of informative speeches.

Now that you are pursuing a doctoral degree, you have to deliver a 15-minute presentation on an informative topic for which you will be graded. Unlike simple topics in the past, you now have to deliver an intensely informative speech. And that makes your mind crowded with several questions – What are the surefire strategies for choosing informative speech topics and generating new ideas? What are the best and most controversial informative speech topics of 2023?

Well, put on your learning hat and let’s dig deep into these crucial questions.

Informative Speech: A Quick Overview

First things first, before you dive deep to comprehend how to choose an informative speech topic, it is significant to get the hang of what an informative speech is.

Here’s a molecular look at it –

  • The key objective of an informative speech is to instruct or educate the audience about a certain topic. It should provide additional knowledge on a subject they are unaware of or intend to know more about.
  • The speech must include a compelling story-telling, a unique perspective, or a powerful take-away message.
  • Compared to other forms of presenting one view’s and opinions, informative speech must always be backed with reliable and relevant information. It should be the perfect balance between research, data, and statistics, all coming together to enrich the audience’s knowledge.
  • An informative speech is somewhat distinct from conventional speech. Thus, avoiding sharing personal opinions or arguments on a subject is necessary.
  • It must not attempt to convince the audience that one thing is more remarkable than the other. It should never advocate a course of action.

For example, if you are speaking on ‘The Pros and Cons of Peace Lilies’, it is an informative speech. But, once you take a firm stand by speaking on the ‘Virtue of Peace Lilies’, it becomes a persuasive speech.

Clear till now? Alright then, let’s go to the next section to find out the different types of informative speeches.

Informative Speech: What are the Types?

Usually, an informative speech can be classified into one of the below-mentioned six highly recognisable categories –

Definition Speeches

Definition Speeches aim to describe a theory or a vital concept. For instance, if an informative speech topic begins with “What is XYZ?”- It is generally a definition of informative speech.

Explanatory Speeches

Explanatory Speeches give your audience a profound idea of how something works. For instance, a speech that describes the way a human brain processes information or how an electrical automobile works.

Demonstrative Speeches

Demonstrative Speeches demonstrate the ways to perform a task to the audience. For example, flight attendants explaining passengers step-by-step methods to fasten seatbelts on a flight.

Comparative Speeches

Comparative Speeches compare two alternative things to help the audience comprehend the differences and similarities between two subjects. For example, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of public vs private school.

Descriptive Speeches

Descriptive Speeches describe a place, person, or thing and describe why the subject is significant. Like, an entrepreneur giving a speech about the specifics of his/her product idea.

Persuasive Speeches

Persuasive Speeches aim to convince a group of the audience why a specific perspective or method is better than the alternatives. Like, an advocate of mental health giving a speech about doing yoga daily.

These subtle differences between different speech types shape how you approach writing an informative speech. Thus, before you start drafting, take note of instructions diligently to figure out the best ways to go about making a strong informative speech on a topic.

How to Choose an Informative Speech Topic: A Step-By-Step Guide

Regardless of whether you are making a speech at the auditorium of your university or a mind-blowing TED Talk, all top informative speeches have a single thing in common – It never fails to deliver a useful message with a captivating delivery. Hence, it is always crucial to comprehend the basic “Five W’s” (Who, When, What, Where, and Why) to go about selecting an exceptional topic.

Let’s check them out one by one –

  • Who

It is important to develop in-depth knowledge of ‘who’ your audience is before you set off to look at a list of some informative speech topics. For instance, the audience of your university is far distinct from a room of conference attendees.

Try to understand what your audience is interested in, why they must care about your speech and their knowledge level about the subject. If you speak about something excessively basic, they will be bored. Again, if you speak of a too technical subject, they will struggle to comprehend a word of your speech.

  • When

‘When’ indicates the length of the speech. Remember, the duration of the speech can drastically impact how deeply you will delve into the topic. A seven-minute speech will cover a niche subject or an advanced concept, whereas a half-hour to an hour-long speech can educate about a more detailed subject.

For example, if you are given a topic like ‘Women warriors who made a difference’, it will be a seven-minute speech. Again, if you are given a topic like ‘Ways Egyptian built pyramids’, you may need to give a 30-minute to 1-hour speech, unless instructed otherwise.

  • What

The meat of the informative speech is the ‘WHAT’ factor. Here, you need to consider passions and existing knowledge of a subject.

Picture a 3-circle Venn diagram. The three circles must be labelled – “Subjects my audience are interested in”, “Subjects I am interested in”, and “Things I can conduct extensive research on”.

The three circles tend to overlap in the centre – this is the spot for your topic.

  • Where

It is also crucial to comprehend where you will be giving the speech and the type of technology (huge screen, whiteboard, projector, etc.) you will have at your disposal. The geographic position can also help in figuring out your choice of regional or local topic that will be relevant to the community.

Like, if you are making a speech in a classroom, your performance will be hugely different from speaking on a huge auditorium stage of the community hall.

  • Why

The most significant thing to know before choosing informative speech topics for college or education speech topics is the purpose of the speech. Like, it will help you hugely to pay close attention to the rubric of your educator if you aim to score good grades. However, if you aim to convince the audience to donate for a vital cause, you must draft your speech with the ‘why’ in mind.

As you explore different informative speech topics, you must naturally incline towards exciting and interesting subjects. Making a speech on a topic that your educator or peers will love could turn out to be inauthentic or monotonous. So, it is always best to understand what makes your heart beat a tad bit fast and follow that curiosity.

Having that said, let’s check out an extensive list of some informative speech topics that will compel your audience to break out in loud applause –

An Extensive List of Inspiring and Unique Informative Speech Topics

Informative Speech Topics for College Students

  1. Do you think mastering the English language is the key to being successful in the recent era?
  2. Discuss the remarkable ways to eradicate poverty from the world
  3. Mission and Objective of World Trade Centre – Discuss
  4. Ways educational institutions prepare scholars for real-life challenges
  5. Discuss the advantages of cross-border trade and commerce in international business
  6. Advantages and disadvantages of remote working
  7. Ways to prevent the best five top causes of death in the USA
  8. Emotional support of animals can be helpful for treating depression – Discuss.

Informative Speech Topics About Education

  1. Digital literacy- Advantages and Disadvantages
  2. Reasons why a student must go to college and university every day
  3. Significance of education for professional growth – Discuss
  4. The present schooling system in the US and Europe – Compare and contrast
  5. The bond between educator and students – Discuss the significance
  6. Challenges faced when teaching skills of digital literacy
  7. History of homework and exams – Discuss

Informative Speech Topics on Social Media

  1. Social media – Advantages and Disadvantages
  2. How to use social media to promote a remarkable cause?
  3. Effect of social media on patterns of communication – Explain
  4. Is social media responsible for the death of in-person conversations?
  5. The right age to use social media – Present your views
  6. Ways social media causes rebellious social movements
  7. Social media influences and stars of Tik Tok – Discuss the celebrity status existing among Generation

Informative Speech Ideas on Sports

  1. Coach and Team manager – Explain the difference
  2. Discuss how sports improve the cultural and moral values of a society
  3. Adverse impacts of injecting steroids on athletes
  4. Responsibility of substitutes in a game of football- Discuss
  5. Sportsman spirit – discuss
  6. Development of teamwork skills – contribution of sports
  7. Do you think sports are more than physical fitness?

Informative Speech Topics on Science

  1. Ways to isolate the cell from a DNA – Discuss
  2. 5G technology and its predecessors – Present a comparison of the speed
  3. How to develop a vaccine with the use of antibodies?
  4. Prediction of earthquakes – Discuss how it’s done
  5. Ways solar panels work
  6. Discuss the probable cures for cancer
  7. Usage of technology in exploring space and making new discoveries – Discuss

Health Informative Speech Ideas

  1. Discuss the treatment for chronic diseases.
  2. Impacts of radiation on the health of human beings – Discuss
  3. Altruism – Explain the psychological impacts
  4. Social media encourages the image of a healthy body – Present your views
  5. Alternative medicine – Facts and myths
  6. Ways healthcare has improved quickly due to developments in technology
  7. Marijuana in medicine – Advantages and Disadvantages

Informative Speech Topics on Psychology

  1. Mother and sister – Discuss the psychological relationship
  2. Ways to develop sensitivity
  3. What are the ways the brain adapts to solving tricky and straightforward problems?
  4. Discuss the psychology behind waking up early or staying late at night to study.
  5. Significance of career counselling for college and university students
  6. Discuss the psychology behind insomnia
  7. Write about the difference between empathy and sympathy

Informative Speech Ideas on Technology

  1. Machine learning is distinct from AI – Discuss
  2. IoT changes the way human beings work – Explain
  3. Explain the procedure of designing a robot that can think like a human being.
  4. Discuss ways to boost effective teaching with virtual reality mediums
  5. Significance of mastering how to code
  6. Discuss – Cyber-security is a concern for students
  7. Explain the working of microchip technology inside the body of a human

Informative Speech Topics on Environment

  1. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – Discuss
  2. Pros and cons of the Greenhouse effect
  3. Impact of using inorganic and organic fertilisers – Discuss
  4. Discuss the safety issues of nuclear power plants
  5. Significance of sustainable development for future generations – Explain
  6. Thousands of species are going to be extinct by 2060 – Is there any truth behind this?
  7. Depletion of ozone in the stratosphere of the Earth – Explain.

Entrepreneurship Informative Speech Ideas

  1. Character traits of an entrepreneur
  2. Entrepreneurship or a corporate job – Which will you choose and why?
  3. Write about the challenges that come with entrepreneurship
  4. The exponential growth of start-ups – Discuss
  5. Significance of entrepreneurship for economic growth – Explain
  6. Entrepreneur – Remarkable incentives for becoming one
  7. The exponential rise of start-ups: Causes and Impact

Informative Speech Topics on Business

  1. Ways to align business objectives and passion
  2. Employee engagement and success – Discuss
  3. Describe ways to begin a new business
  4. Role of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)
  5. How to back up the secrets of a trade with a signed confidentiality agreement?
  6. Role of customer surveys in enhancing business
  7. Significance of strong union in times of economic growth – Explain

Informative Speech Topics for Animals

  1. Do human beings need to take immediate initiatives to protect dolphins?
  2. Reasons for certain animals becoming extinct
  3. Is the process of dissection of animals justifiable as a learning tool for students?
  4. Discuss the historical importance of cats
  5. Animal rights protection – Discuss the significance
  6. Say NO to palm oils and save orang-utans – What do you think?
  7. Venomous vs Non-venomous snakes

Informative Speech Topics for Literature

  1. Works of Shakespeare and the modern language – Discuss the impact
  2. Present the views of Ernest Hemingway on the concept of masculinity
  3. Romeo and Juliet – Present the depiction of death
  4. Usage of imagery in plays of Shakespeare
  5. I have a dream – Present a rhetorical analysis of the speech
  6. How is technology impacting the literature?
  7. The portrayal of  classic literature in modern films

Funny Informative Speech Topics

  1. Ways to be lazy like a champion
  2. Female vs male brain – Present a comparative analysis
  3. The things Tibetan monks would say about shopping habits
  4. Bread always tends to fall with butter downwards – Discuss
  5. Thumping your head against a way enables you to minimise stress, but striking balance is crucial – Discuss
  6. Present your views – Behind every man in this world is a woman rolling her eyes
  7. Is there any truth behind – If you aim to know your truth, have a child?

Controversial Informative Speech Topics

  1. Discuss – Many people are seen speaking about climate change due to politics.
  2. Do you think corruption occurs due to the police?
  3. Is castration justified as a punishment for offenders of sex?
  4. Present your views on medical experiments done on humans. What are the risks involved in it?
  5. Do you think the legal drinking age should be lowered?
  6. The challenges of gaining world peace
  7. Discuss – The night shifts are reducing almost ten years of life.

Informative Speech Topics 2023

  1. Nuclear power – advantages and disadvantages
  2. Can the eternal discussion between pro-lifers and abortions be settled?
  3. Ways you can live to reach the age of 100
  4. Present your views on the history of the USA from a minority point of view
  5. Do human beings use 10% of their brains: Myth or truth?
  6. How did Elon Musk gain ultimate success in life?
  7. Present proof that aliens are real or fake

List Of Some Informative Speech Topics Sample Examples-

Learning Process In The Educational Organization

A teacher is responsible for developing the guidelines for the learning process in the educational organization. The learning support practitioners do not make any rules for the learning process. They follow the guidelines developed by the teachers and support the students in their learning process. Read More…

Social Media And The Modern Impact Of Informatics

Social media is an important aspect of our lifestyles. Technological innovations have brought gadgets at our exposure that have access to the internet which makes social media easy to access. Social media has been used to keep tabs on each other. This has also come with its shortcomings as people have violated the freedom that has come with social media (Edosomwan et al. 2017).

Social Media Marketing

a) Analyse the new media landscape and social media strategies
b) Create engaging multimedia content using a range of social media platforms to reach target publics
c) Analyse, evaluate and adapt social media campaigns
choose an existing business that requires improvement on its social media presence and base your proposal around this. A deep understanding of target audiences is required to ensure the social media proposal and respective posts are engaging and relevant to the public. Avoid large companies that already have a strong and established online presence.
1. Background Of The Clients: 
Nike is primarily famous as one of the most recognizable American multinational companies occupying immense recognition in manufacturing, designing and developing footwear, apparel and other necessary accessories. Read More…

Business Plan Strategy Of A Sports Retail Store

Write an essay about the “Business Plan Strategy of a Sports Retail Store”.
1.0 Business Details
“Sports Wear” is the men’s aerobic sports retailer that is located in Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore. Sports Wear should offer most comprehensive selection in Singapore. The retail shop provides with wide variety of male only clothing for the aerobic sports including of cycling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing as well as running.

Project Management: One-Day Sports Tournament

Discuss about the Report for Project Management:of One-Day Sports Tournament.
Introduction Of The Project
A one-day sports tournament will be arranged for P & L Pvt. Ltd. Being the project manager in-charge of this arrangement, the most important duty is to make proper planning and organisation so that the one-day sports tournament can be arranged successfully. Read More…

Role Of Science And Inclusion In Primary Education

Discuss about the Role of Science and Inclusion in Primary Education.
Science And Its Importance In Today’s World
In everyday life, people apply technologies and use products produced scientifically. According to the study by University of Texas Arlington (2017, September 8) public policy for solving life issues are passed on the basis of scientific evidence.

Introduction To Psychology

Wriyte to analyze the psychological basis for behaviour by considering theories of learning, theories of emotion, personality disorders, stress, and group influence.
The incident involves a 58-year old man named Udo Haan from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, who was charged with the death of Edra Haan, 58, his wife. The incident took place in Kitchener on August 22 when the quiet residential area was rocked with an explosion (, 2018). Read More…

Innovation Entrepreneurship And The Market

Innovation is about big leaps forward, ‘eureka’ moments and radical breakthroughs –or is it? Using examples from a sector (zoom into the sector from an organization) of your choice (an organization) make a case for the importance of incremental innovation.
Importance Of Incremental Innovation In Technology Industry
Innovation is a procedure of converting creative ideas into reality to improve existing product, service and process. In recent years, the role of innovation has grown substantially, and corporation uses it to gain competitive advantage and sustain their development in the market. Read More…

Most Popular Questions Searched By Students:

Q.1. What are some good topics in an informative speech?

Here are certain outstanding informative speech topics –

Advantages & disadvantages of purchasing a car for yourself

Types of best cheese around the world

Character traits that all high-ranking students share

Ways physical activity impacts our health positively

Speak on how and why professional athletes use steroids

Q.2. What should you avoid in an informative speech?

The first and foremost step towards giving an excellent informative speech is awareness. Here are certain crucial aspects you must completely avoid when crafting your informative speech –

Expressing opinion

Sharing excessive information

Usage of distracting mannerisms

Using filler words

Speaking excessively fast or slow

Q.3. Can an informative speech have pros and cons?

Yes. As a matter of fact, informative speeches must always offer the pros and cons of a subject from a neutral vantage perspective.

Q.4. Should informative speeches include opinions?

No, an informative speech should offer factual and unbiased information on a subject, person, event or concept. The key objective is to educate the audience without any judgments, opinions, or intentions to change the attitude of the audience.

Q.5. How do you make a strong informative speech?

The process of writing a strong informative speech may seem an uphill task to many. Here are certain effective strategies to know to deliver a remarkable informative speech every time-

Assess the group audience

Use appropriate language

The show, simply doesn’t tell

Be specific

Consider your tone

Include subtle repetition

End with a call-to-action

Q.6. Can you share an opinion in an informative speech?

An informative speech must never include an opinion as its basis. Hence, you must never include statements like- “I believe that”, “I think that”, or “In my opinion”.  

Q.7. What influences an effective informative speech?

There are three crucial elements that influence the effectiveness of an informative speech. These are –

The information must be communicated clearly

It should be communicated accurately

It should be intriguing and meaningful for the group of audience

Q.8. How do you end an informative speech?

Implement the below-enlisted guidelines to end the informative speech effectively –

Write a restatement of the thesis of the speech

Present a review of the key points discussed within the speech

Introduce a concluding device that helps in a creating a long-lasting image in the minds of the audience

Q.9. How long does an informative speech last?

An informative speech must be no longer than ten minutes in length.

Q.10. Where can we use informative speech?

Since informative speech topics can be anything that is educational and fact-based, take a look at various people who can use these speeches to benefit their fields of work- 


Elected officials

Scientific researchers

Marketing mentors and experts

CEOs and high-level executives of a company

Q.11. How do you introduce yourself in a speech?

Have are certainly outstanding and strong ways to introduce yourself in a speech –

My name is Y, and I’ve been asked to speak about A and B

Good afternoon, my name is Y. Maybe you came across a newspaper headline a couple of days back about….

Hi! My name is Y. Let’s start today with a question: How many of you have ever given it a try to A?

Q.12. How do you start a speech with a quote?

Starting an informative speech with a quote can be incredibly effective. However, do not presume any quote will captivate the attention of the audience. Thus, try to open with a relevant quote that can help in setting the tone for the rest of the speech. For example – “It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech”- Mark Twain.

Q.13. What should we say before starting a speech?

Here are certain things you can say before beginning an informative speech –

Thank the audience and organisers

Begin with a positive statement

Compliment the audience

Refer to current or historical events

Make a shocking statement

Use humour or quote

Open with a problem

Q.14. What type of gestures should be avoided in a speech?

Here are certain kinds of gestures you must completely avoid while giving a speech –

Shield chest

Turning back to the audience

Slanting your body

Hiding the palms of hands


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