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150+ Interesting Impromptu Speech Topics To Choose From- A Complete Guide

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Introduction to Impromptu Speech

Imagine you are a performer, but you have been pushed to the stage without prior notice to sing. Even if you are expert in singing, you will get stage fright. Now, imagine how you feel if you are asked to speak about something about which you are completely unaware of. This is what happens while giving impromptu speeches. However, you can overcome this fear, by following a few guides. Keep reading!

What is an Impromptu Speech?

Students are sometimes asked to speak on a topic without any prior preparation to test their general awareness and knowledge about various current affairs or the subject they are learning. They may or may not be given some time to gather data and explain it in front of the class. This “spur of the moment” speech is known as an impromptu speech.

How to Create an Impromptu Speech Outline?

The main challenge of speaking about impromptu topics is that you are completely unprepared. As a result, students end up rambling about random information without making any sense. So, you should be mentally prepared with an impromptu speech outline if you are asked to speak. Having a defined outline in your mind ensures you don’t panic, and you focus on the outlines and decide what to talk about.

There are multiple impromptu speech outlines. You can use any of them to structure your speech –

A. The PREP Outline

The PREP Outline
  • Point – Start the speech by pointing out the topic you want to speak about.
  • Reason – State the reasons for pointing out the topic.
  • Example – Illustrate a few practical examples to validate your reasons.
  • Point – Wrap up your speech by pointing out a few concluding remarks.

B. The Three T’s

Step 1: You should start by telling the crowd the topic you want to speak about.

Step 2: Connect multiple stories by following other impromptu speaking formulas like PERP or STAR. 

Step 3: Wrap up your speech by recapping the stories.  

C. The PCR Method

  • Pros – Start your speech by stating the pros of an object, or service.
  • Cons – Then state the cons, and compare them with the pros.
  • Recommendations – Finally, wrap your speech with your recommendation.

D. The STAR Method

  • Situation – Describe your current situation.
  • Task – Explain the task you have done.
  • Action – List down the actions you took to do the task.
  • Result – Finish the speech by stating how your actions gave you the desired results.

This method, also known as CAR Method (Challenge, Action, Result), is a very effective way to speak on impromptu topics during an interview.

Examples of Impromptu Speech Topics to Ease Your Quick Talk

Impromptu speeches are an effective way of building quick thinking and concise speaking abilities. Typically, you get 1-3 minutes to structure a speech that lasts around 5-8 minutes and is easily understood by the audience. If speaking in public is something you dread, we suggest you refer to these impromptu speech examples to practice and build confidence for all types of speeches.

Impromptu Speech Example

Check This Impromptu Speech Example

View Sample

Top 3 Hacks to Give an Excellent Impromptu Speech – with EXAMPLES!

Here are a few examples of impromptu speeches to help you understand better –

First, Start with an introduction & speak about it for 1-2 minutes

You can speak about a personal experience, like, “I watched a documentary on corruption in politics and dreamt of a similar thing last night. I dreamt that I became the country’s prime minister, and my only motto was to end all corruption in the country. Although I woke up after that, I wondered, what can we do if we really want to take a step against corruption?”

Second, Transition to the main point

Ensure that your story transitions smoothly into your main point. For example, you can continue, “I woke up from my sleep, made my morning Joe, and started wondering what corruptions we usually see around us every day but choose to ignore. I was baffled to see that we most definitely see numerous instances of corruption and malpractice around us every day. From malpractices in the hospitals to schools and colleges charging huge donations, corruption is everywhere.”

You should ideally speak about the main point for a maximum of two to three minutes.

Third, Close the speech

Finish speaking on the topic by connecting it to the main point. Finish it with a sentence that will stay with the audience for a long time. For example, you can close by saying, “But most of the time, we see this and keep silent, unless we are the one who is suffering. This needs to be stopped. We are the ones who make the government. So, instead of relying on the government to notice a flaw, we should raise our voice and point the law in the right direction.”

Finish your closing sentence within a minute or two, and remember to maintain eye contact with the audience the whole time you speak.

If you need some more examples of mastering the art of speaking on impromptu topics, click on the following links and clear any doubts –


70 Trending Impromptu Speech Topics to Spoil You with Choices

Impromptu speech topics for high school

  • The Roman Empire is the most important empire to have ever existed
  • Humans are responsible for climate change
  • Fast foods are damaging our bodies silently
  • Violence in games and movies scars a tender mind
  • Travelling opens our minds than

Impromptu speech topics for college

  • AI will replace humans in workplaces in the future
  • Poverty is a state of mind
  • Role of media in ending corruption
  • What do you want to be – influential or rich?
  • Climate change is a natural occurrence

Funny impromptu speech topics

  • Boys gossip more than girls
  • Why is it not a good idea to take on food challenges?
  • Chicken or Egg – Which came first?
  • Lying is helpful
  • Grown-ups are weird

Christmas impromptu speech topics

  • This is why I still believe in Christmas miracles
  • My most memorable Christmas celebration
  • We should not have a holiday for Christmas!
  • Buying stuffs during Christmas Sale makes little sense
  • If you wanted one gift for Christmas, what would it be and why?

Persuasive impromptu speech topics

  • Churches also need to pay taxes
  • Immigration laws should be more flexible
  • We learn more outside classrooms
  • Painkillers should be classified as prescription drugs
  • Social media creates sociopaths

Business impromptu speech topics

  • Internal auditors are crucial for business
  • E-marketing as strategic solutions
  • How to get the best ROI from a business
  • Government policies should be more business-friendly
  • Decrease production costs for higher profit margins

Impromptu speech topics for Debate

  • Government jobs are better than private jobs
  • Plastic production should be completely stopped
  • Schools should embrace digital classroom models completely
  • Being an adult is harder than being a child
  • Democracy is overrated

Impromptu speech topics for Critical Analysis

  • Racism is sports
  • Doping is Olympics
  • Gender roles should be abolished
  • Atheism decreases crimes
  • Veganism isn’t the solution to world hunger issues

Impromptu speech topics for Problem-Solving

  • Adopting puppies is better than buying one
  • Get a pet to tackle anxiety
  • Education can solve generational poverty
  • The one-child policy should be made mandatory to tackle overpopulation
  • It is the best time to switch to battery-powered cars

Impromptu speech topics for Job Interview

  • What animal do I most resemble and why?
  • How I transformed my personal trauma into my biggest strength
  • A song that best describes my personality
  • How to explain database management in two sentences to a layman?
  • How do I dream of my career progression?

Spontaneous Response impromptu speech topics

  • Rented house or bought house
  • Being vegan is healthy
  • EDM is not a true form of music
  • Sexual orientation should be determined at birth
  • Cricket should be included in the Olympics

Reflection impromptu speech topics

  • The time you first voted
  • The first vacation
  • One time when you got lost
  • The best birthday you ever had
  • First trip to the beach

Q&A impromptu speech topics

  • Who is your favourite superhero?
  • What is your biggest fear?
  • If you had a superpower, what would it be?
  • What is your favourite holiday destination?
  • Who is one person you look up to?

Valedictorian impromptu speech topics

  • A song that inspired you
  • A movie that inspired you
  • Personal accomplishments
  • Humorous experiences during the course
  • People you are grateful to

What Makes an Ordinary Impromptu Speech Great?

We have discussed what an impromptu speech, its various methods, and examples are. Now let us shed some light on the tips that elevate a speech from good to great!

Always tell the truth

You should stick to true facts while speaking on impromptu topics because you don’t get any time to think about them. So, if you are speaking about true incidents from your own life, you won’t have to think about what to tell.

Choose topics you are familiar with

Well, not every time, you will be lucky to choose your own impromptu speech topics. However, don’t be overambitious if you can choose your own topics. Stick to topics you know well. It is always better to state accurate information on a common topic rather than providing wrong information on an existing topic.

Share personal experiences

Sharing personal experiences during impromptu speeches only makes them sound more credible. So, one should dig deep into their memory to find out any experience that they can talk about. For example, if you are speaking about the meaning of life, you can state if you have faced any near-death experiences. Stating such instances makes the audience ponder for a long time, thus making your speech a success.

Practice speaking out loud

It is always better to prepare yourself for impromptu speeches. Since speaking in front of a class, or audience can be overwhelming, you can practice speaking it out loud, in front of a mirror. It will help you understand how to modulate your voice and make the speech more attractive.

Steps to Remember While Speaking on Impromptu Topics

  • Anticipate scenarios where you most likely be asked to talk about and prepare accordingly.
  • Keep a sample template ready in your mind.
  • Try to frame the speech in the Q&A form to be more direct.
  • Try to tell a story instead of hard facts.
  • Don’t stress too much about a single point.
  • Set realistic standards for yourself.
  • Regular practice is the key to overcoming discomfort while speaking.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Speaking on Impromptu Topics

Always be prepared.Keep rambling aimlessly.
Determine the purpose of your speech while selecting a topic.Show your nervousness in front of the audience.
Plan about what you want to speakThrow your opportunity to speak, being afraid
Keep practising regularly with the help of simulation tools.


If you go through the blog, you can find that we have listed all the major points you need to know before delivering an impromptu speech. We understand that this is a high-stress situation, and it is difficult to succeed in an impromptu speaking session without proper guidance.


How do you prepare for an impromptu speech?

Follow these steps to prepare yourself for an impromptu speech –

  • Prepare yourself mentally for such situations with a set template
  • Use personal stories and examples to make the speech more hard-hitting.
  • Don’t drag the speech session
  • Don’t put yourself under too much pressure

What are the rules of impromptu speech?

The rule of an impromptu speech is simple –

  • There won’t be any notes to prepare yourself beforehand.
  • You need to make a point and prove it logically in a few sentences.
  • It can be both serious or light-hearted

How to start an impromptu speech?

You can start an impromptu speech writing with a famous quote, a question, or stating any “what if” scenarios.

What are the steps of an impromptu speech?

  • Decide on a topic
  • Make it your thesis statement
  • Choose supporting points
  • Take a deep breath and speak!

How long should an impromptu speech be?

Usually, an impromptu speaker gets two to three minutes to complete an impromptu speech.

How is an impromptu speech delivered?

Impromptu speech means saying something on the spur of the moment. You get two minutes to prepare yourself, and then you have to speak about it.

How impromptu speech helps students?

Impromptu speech helps to improve –

  • Body language
  • Confidence
  • Vocal variety
  • Ability to express
  • Creativity

It also helps them to build social competence.

Can impromptu speech be casual?

Depending on the situation, an impromptu speech can be professional and casual.

Can I use impromptu speaking skills in real life?

Yes. You can put your skills to good use while networking in formal and informal events.

What value will I get from doing impromptu speeches?

Impromptu speech teaches you to be organised with your thoughts and sound coherent, even if you are not prepared.

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