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Jack Williams

I am Jack Williams, a Biochemist by profession. However, I developed a flair for writing while working on my Bio dissertations at university. So, I decided to take his passion to another level by stepping into the field of English essay writing. Ever since I have not only been learning the essentials of English writing but also been sharing my learning with students. My blog posts are intended to help not only students learn the technicalities of essay writing but also enable them to face related changes head-on. When I am not researching in my lab or sharing my valuable learning, you can find me playing soccer with my buddies or painting something that touched my heart and inspired me. 

Motivational Speech Topics For Students

Delivering Powerful Motivational Speeches –EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW Motivational Speeches – THE MODERN-DAY MIRACLE MEDICINE For people who require inspiration and confidence to get back ...

Free Dissertation Topics For The Project Management Students

Project Management Dissertation Topics Students obtaining an MBA in project management often struggle to come up with dissertation themes. Keeping this in mind, we've covered a few pointers on how...

150 Word Essay Examples & Topic Ideas

150 Word Essay on Consumer Behavior Introduction Consumer behavior can be defined as the study of an individual or a group of people working in the organization who selects their way and u...

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