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Jack Williams

I am Jack Williams, a Biochemist by profession. However, I developed a flair for writing while working on my Bio dissertations at university. So, I decided to take his passion to another level by stepping into the field of English essay writing. Ever since I have not only been learning the essentials of English writing but also been sharing my learning with students. My blog posts are intended to help not only students learn the technicalities of essay writing but also enable them to face related changes head-on. When I am not researching in my lab or sharing my valuable learning, you can find me playing soccer with my buddies or painting something that touched my heart and inspired me. 


Dangling Modifier: Understanding the Basics with Examples

UserJack Williams time21 April,2020

Dangling Modifiers are mostly regarded as grammatical errors. “Dangling” in general means hanging and “modifier” means a grammatical item that makes minor changes. So, a dangling modifier is ...


How to write a memorandum?

UserJack Williams time03 July,2019

As a student, if you harbour the big 9-to-5 dream, then there is one skill that you absolutely have to master, and that is communication. In this case, a huge part of professional communication happe...


The Importance of Exocrine And Endocrine Glands In Human Body

UserJack Williams time22 April,2019

Before understanding the endocrine and exocrine definition, you need to know what a gland is and how it is an essential part of the human body. A gland is a group of cells in a body that synthesizes ...


Everything you need to know about the 4 types of sentences

UserJack Williams time05 March,2019

Sentence structure is to words what a brushstroke is to colour. Did you know that on a daily basis we use 4 types of sentences to express what we want to say? Sentences are the essence of writing. Th...


Everything you need to know about English Language features

UserJack Williams time03 November,2018

Ever wondered about the secret of achieving high grades in your English language paper? The proper usage of language features is the untold secret. Wondering what language features are? Every word th...


How to Cite a Poem- The Best Guide Ever

UserJack Williams time05 June,2018

“How to cite a poem?”- This one question takes away the night’s sleep of many students. There are so many types of referencing styles that it becomes too overwhelming for students. Among them, ...


167 Attention-Grabbing Persuasive Speech Topics to Ensure Academic Success

UserJack Williams time17 May,2018

The quality of your persuasive speech solely depends on the topic you choose. When given a task to come up with an impressive speech, the students in most cases have to select the theme on their own....


It is Always Wise to Choose Dissertation Writing Services for a Perfect Dissertation

UserJack Williams time05 March,2018

'Dissertation' is one of those terms, which are very common among the students who are attending college or university. Dissertations are of course the most important paper for students who are pursu...

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