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Jack Williams

I am Jack Williams, a Biochemist by profession. However, I developed a flair for writing while working on my Bio dissertations at university. So, I decided to take his passion to another level by stepping into the field of English essay writing. Ever since I have not only been learning the essentials of English writing but also been sharing my learning with students. My blog posts are intended to help not only students learn the technicalities of essay writing but also enable them to face related changes head-on. When I am not researching in my lab or sharing my valuable learning, you can find me playing soccer with my buddies or painting something that touched my heart and inspired me. 


Save Your Grades By Using Who vs. Whom Correctly

UserJack Williams time10 September,2021

Of all the English grammatical rules you can find confusing, the who vs. whom debate is always at the forefront. The difference is subtle, making it easy for second language English learner...


Hyperbole Examples

UserJack Williams time25 August,2021

Hyperbole statements are generally used to convey an exaggerated form of an idea. It is used to express the writers' emotions, which is not supposed to be taken literally. It creates a heightened eff...


How To Use Colons And Semi Colons?

UserJack Williams time07 August,2021

The colon and semicolon are commonly used incompetent English writing. Although they appear to be the same and have similar names, their functions are vastly different. The functions of the colo...


The Exclamation Mark: How To Use It Properly?

UserJack Williams time31 July,2021

An exclamation point is generally used to emphasise a point or indicate intense emotion or astonishment after a word group or a sentence. But, of course, it's up to you whether or not to use the excl...


A Beginner’s Guide to Demonstrative Pronouns

UserJack Williams time28 July,2021

While speaking and writing, we often use the words "this", "that", these", and "those". While it is evident that these words are pronouns, a lot of us do not know what kind of pronoun these words are...


Guide to Prepositional Phrases: Definitions and Examples

UserJack Williams time06 July,2021

Your article will have more impact if you use prepositional phrases. You may construct an entire universe of detail instead of basic, boring phrases that lack colour. Here's a look at prepositional p...


A Cohesive Guide On Collective Nouns

UserJack Williams time18 June,2021

The English language is marvelous from many perspectives. It is amazingly flexible, adaptive, expressive, and laconic. The Latin and Germanic roots of the modern English language are the reasons behi...


A Brief Glance Into Seven Major Alphabetical Systems From Around The World

UserJack Williams time14 June,2021

Linguists define alphabets in a language system as a collection of basic written symbols, which define a phoneme in a particular language system.  A phoneme is the smallest unit of sound in...


The Key Fundamentals of Passive Voice – A Detailed Overview with Examples

UserJack Williams time27 April,2021

Passive voice is basically a form or a set of different forms of verb where the subject undergoes the action of the verb. The use of passive voice in writing has been introduced to express inter...


Dissertation Vs Thesis – Understanding The Differences & Similarities

UserJack Williams time15 March,2021

As a postgraduate student, you will have to work on many complicated assignments and projects, such as writing a Ph.D. thesis or dissertation. A dissertation or thesis is a significant project that c...


A Quick Guide to Impromptu Speech

UserJack Williams time03 October,2020

An impromptu speech is something that you do on the spot without taking any preparation.   The speaker will be given topics presented as an object, one-word abstract, proverb, or a quotation. Thoug...


Dangling Modifier: Understanding the Basics with Examples

UserJack Williams time21 April,2020

Dangling Modifiers are mostly regarded as grammatical errors. “Dangling” in general means hanging and “modifier” means a grammatical item that makes minor changes. So, a dangling modifier is ...

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