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What Are The Guideline To Write a Diagnostic Essay

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The thought of writing a diagnostic essay can instantly terrify a student. This is because they find it challenging to understand the topic and figure out what exactly to write in it. Diagnostic essays are nothing like your typical essays, and it requires a varied set of skills to write them. These essays are given to students to assess the abilities they should possess for that particular discipline.

What Is A Diagnostic Essay?

Most students find it challenging to write this type of essay and often ask what is a diagnostic essay? In layman’s terms, it is defined as an essay that presents known topics in an essay form. These essays are generally given at the beginning of the academic year. It allows the professors to evaluate the knowledge possessed by the student for their selected discipline. However, mostly the time frame is limited with strict deadlines, and there is no space for thinking in between. In such cases, these tests can become extremely challenging as you will not have enough time to do your research.

The purpose of a diagnostic essay is to allow the professors to identify the writing style and the necessary skills. You are not required to read the entire book in-depth, but it’s only about determining your strengths and weaknesses. While assessing your papers, your professors analyze your grammar, sentence structure, and format. It is not necessary for you to be entirely correct but based on your results; your professors plan their work of action regarding future assignments.

How To Write A Diagnostic Essay?

Writing a diagnostic essay is not always easy as students have very limited time to complete it. Moreover, most students often wonder how to write a diagnostic essay? Therefore, while attempting a diagnostic essay, it is essential to create a mind map. In addition, it would help if you kept in mind to formulate the correct structure. Doing this will eliminate any rewriting or editing challenges. However, if you are struggling to write a diagnostic essay, here are specific tips that you can follow.

  • Choose A Topic

Here you either need to respond to a particular topic given to you or choose your own. The subject should include a significant problem. This is so that you can diagnose the problem and then provide a relevant solution or share your thoughts.

  • Build A Strong Thesis Statement

 A thesis statement introduces your topic and gives a direction to your readers. It clearly identifies the topic and includes the points that need to be discussed. A thesis statement is generally of one sentence and acts as the conclusion of your introduction paragraph.

  • Frame An Outline

Building an outline of your essay eliminates the challenges that you might face while writing. It will allow you to organize your thoughts and adequately structure them. Write down the main arguments that you need to mention in your essay and use it as a guideline to frame your content.

  • Introduction

Your introduction should be compelling and attractive. So, start with a hook statement to intrigue the interest of the readers. Then, you can use a quote or a question or even begin with an anecdote. Finally, introduce the topic and explain the relevance of your diagnosis for that particular issue. Your introduction must be in perfect sync with your thesis statement.

  • Topic Sentences

These are the beginning sentences of your body paragraphs. Here you should establish your arguments and back them up with evidence. Also, give examples and justify your examples to make your essay more concrete and convincing.

  • Conclusion

This should provide closure to your essay. First, restate your introduction and summarize all the pain points of your paper. Then, deliver a relevant solution or your thoughts about the issue discussed. In addition, end your essay with a great closing line that will have an impact on the minds of your readers.

  • Proofreading And Editing

This is an essential element as it will eliminate any errors that can prevent your essay from being perfect. Go over your content and look for any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, faulty sentence structures, etc. Make sure to check, keeping your grading rubrics in mind critically.

Some Popular Diagnostic Essay Topics

Every university follows a different standard when it comes to taking a diagnostic test. Most universities prefer to give a specific topic for a diagnostic essay. However, others allow their students the freedom to choose. If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you are to pick your own topic, don’t panic. Students often find it challenging to create, think and analyze good diagnostic essay topics.

Chose something that is relevant to your course content. In addition, find a topic that displays your knowledge and skillsets the best. Finally, to ease your pain, we bring you some famous essay prompts or your diagnostic test.

  1. Is social media damaging our helpful in building physical connections between people?
  2. Should American youth have a reduced age for consumption of alcohol?
  3. Does college life have any impact on the sleep patterns of modern students?
  4. Should you consider to accept traditional medicine practices?
  5. What is the reason for business enterprises to turn to offshore solutions?
  6. List the pros and cons of outsourcing.
  7. Can you achieve political agreements with mediation methods?
  8. Does the transparency of media information allow the TV channels for unbiased coverage?
  9. Is it possible for electronic books to replace print books?
  10. Can digital and blended learning take over physical teachers?

Diagnostic Essay Examples For Your Benefits

Now that you have learned everything about diagnostic essays let us look into some examples. This will help you understand the tone and language. So if you are honing the internet to find the best diagnostic essay example to help you out, you have landed at the right place.

  • “A digital footprint is a total of information shared online. It may be obtained either with search inquiry or shared links.There are several reasons considered by a business when it comes to motoring its online presence. Identity theft online is a major reason for businesses that makes CEOs consider online presence.Weak management of online content or the absence of strict policies may be as damaging as identity theft or financial risks. It is so because….”
  • “Education is important in modern life. Many are inclined to present it as “how life is,” but it cannot be considered basic. This is because it is a social construct at best.  With the advent of technologies that are able to supply information in a matter of seconds, the notion of education can become a source of contention. Yet, education is learning at its core….”

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